18:00:30 <kital> #startmeeting famsco-meeting 2010-April-26
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18:00:45 <kital> #topic Roll Call
18:00:51 <kital> Joerg Simon
18:00:55 * tatica = Maria Gracia Leandro
18:01:03 <ke4qqq> David Nalley
18:01:07 <kital> #chair spevack
18:01:07 <zodbot> Current chairs: kital spevack
18:01:55 <kital> hi RodrigoPadula ;) just in time for Roll Call
18:02:08 <spevack> Max Spevack is here :)
18:02:21 <RodrigoPadula> I'm here!
18:03:30 <kital> ok - like sumit suggested we will move to have a short meeting - agenda is short and we all have pending tasks
18:03:36 <kital> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_agenda
18:03:59 <kital> lets start reviewing old action items
18:04:04 <kital> #topic reviewing old action items
18:04:39 <kital> spevack: i saw that you closed a lot ticket in famsco trac
18:04:56 <kital> spevack: can we close "Delete old tickets with private info, then open famsco's trac instance to the public. "
18:04:59 <kital> ?
18:05:15 <spevack> kital: not yet, actually.  I went through all of my tickets and closed a bunch for FLISOL, but I still need to look at private info
18:05:28 <kital> ok!
18:06:15 <kital> ke4qqq: David thanks for clarify the Campus Ambassadors Issue
18:06:16 <kital> http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/famsco/2010-April/000157.html
18:06:50 <ke4qqq> I saw rsc's question as well
18:07:02 <ke4qqq> but based on how Jack set things up - I don't think we have oversight
18:07:50 <spevack> anything Jack did can be undone.  The question with Campus Ambassadors should always be "what's the best model for this *TODAY* and then go from there.
18:07:52 <kital> yes - even if they have ambassadors in the name famsco is not responsible for this group
18:08:27 <spevack> As a leadership body in Fedora we should ask "who does have accountability for Campus Ambassadors, and do those people have the resources they need?"
18:08:34 <spevack> what's the answer to that?  do we know?
18:08:42 <kital> despite emea Ambassadors have a consens that it is waste of ressources
18:08:55 <kital> i believe to sence the same from the indian community
18:09:11 <susmit> yes
18:09:42 <ke4qqq> spevack: my understanding was that commarch had them as a separate budget. I assume the people doing the work there are responsible
18:09:48 <ke4qqq> is the budget issue not the case?
18:10:09 * ke4qqq doesn't want to burden a budding group with unnecessary overhead
18:10:13 <spevack> ke4qqq: if someone asks me for budget, it will be found, but I don't have a specific campus ambassadors line item.
18:10:14 <kital> from what i could see at one of the last famsco meetings - biertie is the president?  of that group
18:10:22 <kital> 20:12:31 <biertie> We are starting the campus ambassadors program again
18:10:25 <kital> 20:12:40 <biertie> and I am elected as the 'president'
18:10:31 <kital> spevack: http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2010-02-17/fedora-meeting.2010-02-17-20.05.log.html
18:10:44 <spevack> well, ok then :)
18:10:50 <kital> spevack: there was a long discussion about it in several meetings - emea and famsco
18:11:51 <kital> spevack: most emea ambassadors share rsc question
18:11:52 <kital> 20:23:16 <rsc> I don't really get why we need "campusambassadors"? Why can't regular ambassadors do that as well? And how will you ensure that "campusambassadors" are knowledged enough?
18:12:50 <spevack> I share that question as well.  I think we're making some arbitrary distinctions.  In my mind: Campus Ambassadors are Fedora Ambassadors who happen to focus their work at the university, college, or high school they attend.
18:12:55 <kital> but ke4qqq checked back with them and we are out of this issue - they have own budget outside from the famsco budget
18:13:06 <spevack> If someone like Bert wants to have a leadership role and try to keep those ambassadors organized, that's great!
18:13:11 <spevack> but there should be a lot of overlap.
18:13:21 * ke4qqq really hopes we don't go down this rabbit hole again - no one has asked us for anything. (aside from the question from rsc) so there isn't really a decision here to be made I think - I think if they ask for something we tackle it, but they haven't to my knowledge
18:13:42 * spevack is not trying to drag us down a rabbit hole :)
18:14:01 * ke4qqq isn't infering that you are - but we spent 30 minutes on this last meeting - with no resolution
18:14:05 <kital> ke4qqq: if you read the log you see it is an issue in emea and this was the reason to clarify it
18:14:20 <kital> and ok - famsco is out of business here!
18:14:21 <spevack> I missed last week due to my speech to college students going 2 hours instead of 1 :P
18:14:52 <spevack> kital: i think for now we can set this aside, yes.  Let's give Bert and others a chance to lay out their vision.  When they need resources, they'll get what they need.  That's no problem.
18:15:05 <ke4qqq> I don't think they are doing anything at this point that we think we need to get involved in. at least that's my standpoint - they have some leadership trying to jumpstart things - lets encourage and offer assistance if they ask for it, and move on otherwise.
18:15:25 <kital> spevack: from what i can read they have a clear agenda https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Campus_Ambassadors
18:16:15 <kital> but again - i see only a smaller scope - but in india 90% of Ambassadors would match this scope - universitiees
18:16:18 <kital> ...
18:17:04 <ke4qqq> is there something for us to decide here?
18:17:15 <spevack> I don't think there is.
18:17:27 <kital> ke4qqq: no thanks for clarification
18:17:35 <kital> ke4qqq: no, thanks for clarification
18:18:24 <kital> susmit lfoppiano any progress with Call for action F13 Release Parties - http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/ReleaseParty
18:18:27 <kital> ?
18:18:44 <susmit> kital, not yet.
18:19:09 <kital> susmit: maybe draft a call for action to post on planet till next week?
18:19:12 <susmit> But I have some time tomorrow and work on it
18:19:23 <kital> super - any feedback from lfoppiano
18:19:23 <susmit> and will work on it
18:19:24 <kital> ?
18:19:26 <tatica> I can start help with F13 RP
18:19:35 <tatica> I'm done with FLISoL, so I can giva hand here
18:19:49 <tatica> *give a
18:19:57 <spevack> tatica: were you happy with FLISOL?
18:20:20 <tatica> 2200 people make my day happier :D and 60 new users too
18:20:22 <kital> tatica: all help is welcome, susmit please involve tatica ;)
18:20:26 <spevack> tatica: WOW!!!!!
18:20:30 <susmit> sure
18:20:49 <ke4qqq> tatica: that's awesome
18:21:36 <kital> super tatica!
18:21:42 <tatica> I still don't have the resume yet... I'm still working in some issues about that, but this week I should send the data
18:21:51 <tatica> also the recipes to you spevack (sorry the delay)
18:22:02 <kital> was RodrigoPadula also involved in flisol (sorry for having no idea ;) ?
18:22:21 <RodrigoPadula> about flisol
18:22:38 <RodrigoPadula> I request to all brazilians that participated to write a blog post and add to the planet
18:22:38 <tatica> spevack, we had +6000 people in venezuela.. so I'm really happy :D
18:23:04 <spevack> tatica: that's incredible.  I'm happy for you!
18:23:10 <spevack> RodrigoPadula: i hope you were also successful with FLISOL?
18:23:12 <RodrigoPadula> this week we will have some neus about
18:23:21 <RodrigoPadula> spevack, yes
18:23:29 <RodrigoPadula> we participated in many states in brasil
18:23:29 * ke4qqq is amazed at the draw conferences outside NA are able to have
18:23:36 <RodrigoPadula> from the north to the south
18:23:42 <kital> great to collect all these reports for our FAmSCo Report next Week!
18:23:52 <susmit> yeah
18:24:12 <kital> what brings us to my next topic (i will connect my old action item with another agenda topic)
18:24:27 <kital> #topic FAmSCo Report April
18:24:29 <RodrigoPadula> ahhh we are working in a complete report for the entire region woo
18:24:30 <RodrigoPadula> http://proyectofedora.org/wiki/Reportes
18:25:21 <susmit> nice it is.
18:25:51 <kital> i suggest to setup and fill the April Report with all content till 2010-05-02 - so we can approve it on our next meeting?
18:25:58 <spevack> I hope we will have a lot with FLISOL in our April report.
18:26:02 <spevack> kital: that is a good deadline
18:26:10 <tatica> yes
18:26:17 <tatica> I point that out into the list
18:26:28 <tatica> (latam list)
18:26:37 <kital> #action all fill the April Report with all content till 2010-05-02 - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_report_2010-04
18:27:28 <kital> susmit: will we procuce a publican version as well this time?
18:27:35 <kital> produce
18:27:59 <susmit> off course, yes
18:28:04 <kital> cool
18:28:19 <kital> spevack: can you setup the page on FAmSCo_report_2010-04?
18:28:25 <spevack> kital: yes
18:28:27 <susmit> I meant 'of course'
18:28:30 <susmit> :)
18:28:37 <ke4qqq> spevack: you don't need one more thing on your plate
18:28:39 <ke4qqq> I'll take that
18:28:39 <spevack> doing it now
18:28:41 <spevack> I'm doing it now
18:28:42 <ke4qqq> and get it done tonight
18:28:44 <ke4qqq> ohhh
18:28:46 <ke4qqq> ok
18:28:48 <kital> thanks ! ;)
18:28:52 <spevack> ke4qqq: if I can do it immediately, I just do it :)
18:29:25 <kital> lets move to the next topic
18:29:25 * ke4qqq is thinking about scripting that away using mw-render
18:30:14 <kital> ke4qqq: i need a intro to our survey software to create the mentoring survey ;)
18:30:33 <ke4qqq> kital: lets talk right after the meeting if that's ok - we can knock that out quickly
18:30:46 <kital> #topic next Ambassadors Mentors meeting
18:31:00 <kital> ke4qqq perfect
18:31:40 <kital> i just wanted to clarify that we had not a mentors meeting in April
18:31:41 <kital> #
18:31:54 <kital> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Mentors_Meeting_agenda
18:32:56 <kital> i just wanted your ok that we can take one hour from our meeting time - so the meeting can take place 19:00UTC on 2010-05-03
18:33:10 <kital> ok for all ?
18:33:26 <spevack> fine with me
18:33:32 <susmit> ok for me..we don't have long agenda anyway
18:33:46 <ke4qqq> kital: /me looked at the agenda
18:34:02 <ke4qqq> and don't see anything that we need to really decide - is that just discussion points for the mentors meeting?
18:34:30 <kital> ke4qqq: 20:32 < kital> i just wanted your ok that we can take one hour from our meeting time - so the meeting can take place 19:00UTC on 2010-05-03
18:35:12 <kital> and of course - want to take all your points to these meeting that famsco wanted to raise there
18:35:42 <kital> is there something that famsco want the mentors working on?
18:35:56 <spevack> hmmm
18:36:18 <ke4qqq> I guess my question is - what are we hoping to accomplish - if it's just to promulgate policy (which most of those points like talking to parents of minors seem to be) why are we having a meeting - do those points require explanation or??
18:36:39 <tatica> I will like to add a page to review
18:36:41 <ke4qqq> are we looking for feedback?
18:36:45 <tatica> is in spanish
18:36:47 <tatica> for mentors
18:37:10 <kital> ke4qqq: meetings are done to stimulate and evolve
18:37:19 <tatica> this is the mail that I send to all the kids who ask me for mentorship
18:37:48 <tatica> I would be happy if someone could read it this week and maybe, make a faq http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:tatica/Mentor
18:37:56 <kital> ke4qqq: to have a forum where you get heared
18:38:12 <kital> tatica: thanks!
18:38:33 <kital> ah i can not help you
18:38:39 <kital> i can not read it ;)
18:38:49 <tatica> jejejej I can translate when the meeting is over
18:38:52 <spevack> tatica: i can read it :)
18:38:58 * tatica now have time!!! flisol IS OVER!
18:39:21 <kital> ok lets have open floor if nothing more is to add here
18:39:23 <spevack> #action spevack read over http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:tatica/Mentor
18:39:33 <spevack> I have a topic
18:39:37 <spevack> F13 media.
18:39:46 <kital> #topic F13 Media
18:39:52 <spevack> We're in process of sorting it out in NA with Clint Savage and EMEA with Sascha Spreitzer
18:40:01 <spevack> But I don't know what the plans are for India, APAC, and LATAM.
18:40:10 <tatica> !
18:40:14 <spevack> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Media_production
18:40:18 <spevack> tatica: go ahead
18:40:43 <tatica> see this => http://www.flickr.com/photos/deivinsontejeda/4546494367/in/set-72157623791441105/
18:41:23 <tatica> those are the paper case that RodrigoPadula gave me when I was at Brazil... we print them and they look nice
18:41:31 <tatica> and cheap than print a dvd
18:41:35 <spevack> pretty nice.  I wonder what tatica and RodrigoPadula think about how we should produce F13 media and spread it around LATAM.
18:42:03 <tatica> I think is better to let the people but their own dvd and send other item
18:42:05 <tatica> for example
18:42:35 <spevack> tatica: so, just set aside budget for when people need it, but not make any centralized giant pile of media?
18:42:45 <RodrigoPadula> I think we can talk again to all ambassadors in latam
18:42:52 <tatica> yes, but to provide the items
18:43:07 <RodrigoPadula> so one ambassador for each country will be responsible by produce media and share locally
18:43:16 <RodrigoPadula> like we did in FLISOL
18:43:29 <RodrigoPadula> people interested can request budget directly to famsco
18:43:31 <tatica> hmmm
18:43:32 <RodrigoPadula> will be better
18:43:50 <RodrigoPadula> in the region we have some problems with custons
18:43:56 <RodrigoPadula> and taxes
18:44:11 <tatica> spevack, I try to help some guys with their budgets
18:44:18 <RodrigoPadula> the shipment to foreign countris are very expensive in the region
18:44:27 <tatica> spevack, did you had any problem with any of them? everything work well?
18:45:12 <tatica> hmmm I got a better idea
18:45:14 <spevack> everything went really well.  Assuming everyone eventually gives me their receipts, it will be great.  Right now I have about $3k USD out of my own pocket waiting for receipts so Red Hat can pay me back, but I am confident that it will all work out :)
18:45:28 <tatica> document on the wiki all the ideas to make things work and discuss on the next meeting
18:45:48 <tatica> I can take some of the experiences from this event and try to make plan A, B... to the Z
18:46:20 <tatica> but if we are already making latam grow... we should not stop argue this, just have several plans to solve any situation
18:46:41 <kital> tatica RodrigoPadula can you give us numbers till next meeting?
18:47:12 <tatica> the next meeting, sure
18:47:14 <tatica> :D
18:47:15 <RodrigoPadula> kital, numbers of ?
18:47:27 <tatica> Neville is already working on the expenses of everything we request for flisol
18:47:33 <kital> estimated budget
18:47:33 <tatica> that can give us some estimated
18:47:38 <RodrigoPadula> I dont know
18:47:57 <RodrigoPadula> if all interested people reply our email, sure
18:47:59 <kital> i know that for emea 1600 medias are ok!
18:48:11 <kital> maybe some more but that is a estimated number
18:48:12 <tatica> great
18:48:31 <RodrigoPadula> if we will work with local production
18:48:37 <tatica> but like I said, I know some guys will rather that money on some other expenses... like t-shirts, flyers, ...
18:48:46 <RodrigoPadula> we will need a local feedback from each contry
18:49:12 <spevack> I think the model of just getting budget into the hands of community members in different countries and letting them do what is best is working fine.
18:49:13 <kital> tatica RodrigoPadula - ok lets try to get it done till next week
18:49:19 <spevack> kital: can I ask one other question?
18:49:20 <RodrigoPadula> ok
18:49:22 <kital> spevack:
18:49:25 <kital> sure
18:49:28 <tatica> :)
18:49:47 <spevack> Remember the thread about 500 F12 CDs for Ghana?  You mentioned that we should wait to see what you have left.
18:50:37 <kital> spevack: i have only minor numbers left
18:50:45 <spevack> ok.
18:50:46 <kital> i told you the next day
18:50:50 <spevack> kital: i forgot :)
18:50:58 <kital> i send 100 to an event in praque
18:51:01 <spevack> right!
18:51:02 <kital> last weekend
18:51:40 <spevack> ok -- I know how I will get the 500 CDs :)
18:51:42 <kital> spevack: i will send all what i have left to Pierros
18:51:44 <spevack> end of topic :)
18:51:50 <kital> another 100 maybe
18:52:07 <kital> spevack: did oyu find a way to send the idlelo people the money
18:52:16 <kital> it was a bit strange right ?
18:52:19 <spevack> kital: i will follow up on that this week.
18:52:34 <kital> spevack: cool ;)
18:53:03 <tatica> btw, I save some money for the 12 conferences I will give this next 3 months spevack
18:53:22 <spevack> that's fine, tatica
18:54:29 <kital> other points to raise before we end?
18:54:51 <spevack> nope
18:54:55 <tatica> nu
18:56:13 <susmit> no
18:56:23 <kital> oki
18:56:26 <kital> #endmeeting