18:02:38 <kital> #startmeeting famsco meeting 2010-05-31
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18:02:51 <kital> #topic RollCall
18:02:55 <susmit> Susmit Shannigrahi
18:03:00 <ke4qqq> David Nalley
18:03:00 <kital> Joerg Simon
18:03:07 <tatica> Maria Leandro
18:03:33 <kital> the inner circle ;)
18:04:43 <kital> hello tatica ke4qqq susmit
18:04:53 <susmit> ???
18:05:04 <kital> susmit: yes?
18:05:28 <susmit> no, nothing, I was looking for the agenda
18:05:41 * kital was waiting for more famsco members attend
18:05:46 <kital> but seems that is all
18:05:50 <kital> what we get today
18:05:57 <susmit> kital, seems so
18:05:57 <tatica> I'm in a work meeting, but I'm here :\
18:05:57 <kital> Agenda today
18:05:58 <kital> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_agenda
18:06:56 <kital> current action items
18:07:07 <kital> #topic current action items
18:07:36 <kital> Max is not here - we skip famsco trac instance
18:07:50 <susmit> I am not yet working on  it, but I hope to complete it this week. I was busy attending FADs and all.
18:08:10 <kital> susmit any news to ambassadors faq and to the release parties
18:08:11 <kital> ?
18:08:13 <susmit> I was referring to FAQ
18:08:19 <kital> ok ;)
18:08:25 <kital> understood
18:08:51 <susmit> the release  events are going on nicely
18:09:15 <susmit> I shall waiting for a few weeks before all the events are done
18:09:22 <susmit> eof
18:09:30 <kital> seems the link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/ReleaseParty is refering to F12
18:10:04 <kital> ah here it is https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F13_release_events
18:10:38 <kital> seems apac is on top by the numbers
18:11:06 <kital> anyway - thanks susmit for working on it
18:11:07 <kital> ;)
18:11:51 <kital> survey draft - i hope to work on it pretty soon
18:12:04 <kital> but is not my top priority
18:12:08 <kital> right now
18:12:42 <kital> new business
18:12:57 <kital> #topic Ambassador topics for future Release Schedules
18:13:26 <kital> we agreed to collect input from all the regions
18:13:51 <kital> i have to admit that i could not bring it to a emea meeting till now
18:14:17 <kital> anyone more input on that so we can bring it up to a discussion with john
18:14:21 <kital> ?
18:14:25 <susmit> nothing from me
18:14:38 <kital> ke4qqq tatica ?
18:14:41 <ke4qqq> none from me
18:14:52 <tatica> nop
18:15:07 <kital> ok lets keep it as a action item for june?
18:15:20 <susmit> yes
18:15:25 <ke4qqq> worksforme
18:16:42 <kital> #action famsco members collect regional input for special Ambassador topics for future Release Schedules
18:17:09 <kital> #topic can the famsco report be moved into a generic location?
18:17:25 <kital> this was raised by mether during the last africa meeting
18:17:45 <susmit> only if someone finds a more suitable location. I have no time/energy to look or the same
18:17:55 <susmit> but migrating is very easy
18:17:57 <kital> from my pov we have a generic location in the wiki with the wiki version
18:18:36 <kital> and the location for the "beautified" version is ok for me because the other reports are not lost, they stay in the wiki
18:18:56 <kital> right?
18:19:39 <susmit> I have no option, others may be able to say
18:19:52 <kital> ke4qqq tatica?
18:20:07 <ke4qqq> those doing the work make the decisions, so susmits opinion works for me
18:20:30 <kital> ok than we leave it as it is!
18:20:46 <susmit> ok...let's move
18:21:09 <kital> #agreed famsco report is produced with an "official" Report in the Wiki
18:21:26 <kital> #topic SOP might be useful similar to how infrastructure and marketing documents the steps
18:21:40 <kital> this was also raised by mether
18:21:55 <ke4qqq> sops for what?
18:22:03 <kital> famsco report
18:22:45 <susmit> and what does that mean??
18:23:01 <kital> honest - i do not know
18:23:03 <susmit> I mean how is it going to hepl?
18:23:06 <susmit> help
18:23:32 <kital> as we have a template for the report we have a Standard operating procedure
18:24:05 <kital> #action kital ask mether for clarification on SOP for famsco report
18:24:30 <kital> #topic Discussion on Additional Restrictions on Ambassadors Membership
18:25:00 <kital> David raised this to the famsco list - and i would love to see what all the others think of this
18:25:12 <kital> ke4qqq: want anything to add to your email
18:25:18 <kital> http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/famsco/2010-May/000187.html
18:25:23 <susmit> I shall reply
18:25:25 <ke4qqq> generally that I am against raising additional barriers
18:25:28 <susmit> on the list
18:26:11 <kital> susmit: yes we should use the list more than to announce the next meeting
18:26:18 <kital> ;)
18:26:43 <susmit> yes, but I was busy with some personal things
18:26:46 <susmit> so could not
18:26:52 <susmit> but I promise I would
18:26:55 <susmit> :)
18:26:56 <kital> susmit: no no i mean this in general
18:26:58 <kital> including me
18:27:03 <kital> ;)
18:27:12 <susmit> yes, that I got :)
18:27:58 <kital> i am honest i feel that we lose the drive we had in the first two month
18:28:08 <susmit> yes, indeed
18:28:33 <tatica> sorry, back
18:28:37 <susmit> but I am responsible for it too,
18:28:41 <kital> this may be owed to the f13 release and the work we all have done related to it
18:29:04 <susmit> kital, may be
18:29:05 <kital> we all are
18:29:23 <susmit> for me, it;s not the reason, but I was busy anyway :)
18:29:59 <kital> ke4qqq: i also think it is not necessary to raise the barriers
18:30:12 <susmit> ke4qqq, kital I agree
18:30:38 <ke4qqq> at the same time, I worry about whether the mentor program is sustainable if it's nothing more htan a filter
18:30:41 <ke4qqq> for 90%
18:30:54 <kital> ke4qqq: if you write frustration than it means - the mentor invests a lot of time and the mentee just disappears?
18:31:13 <ke4qqq> kital: exactly - that frustration seems to be demoralizing
18:31:40 <kital> ke4qqq: the filter is that someone has actively to choose a mentor and start the communication
18:31:44 <susmit> I shall write on the list in details
18:31:50 <kital> mentoring is different from that
18:31:59 <susmit> I think we can improve upon it
18:32:12 <ke4qqq> kital: yes, but even once the get to having chosen a mentor and communicated we still lose 80-90% of those people as well
18:32:21 <kital> yes lets discuss more on the list about this topic
18:32:26 <ke4qqq> +1
18:32:27 <tatica> it is
18:32:30 <susmit> +1
18:32:33 <tatica> and more when you see those new ambassadors claim that they create X thing on the community... and they don't
18:33:16 * tatica have a huge lag
18:33:31 <kital> #agreed to proceed the discussion on Discussion on Additional Restrictions on Ambassadors Membership - on the famsco mailing list
18:34:08 <kital> i also suggest if we have stated our opinions we should invite the Mentors to a next Mentors Meeting
18:34:34 <susmit> and when it is?
18:34:51 <kital> because i see that there are also regional differences - in EMEA Robert is doing the most mentoring work and has other expiriences
18:34:55 <ke4qqq> we should likely have this discussion on f-a-l as well - to get mentor and member input before springing it on them in a meeting
18:35:30 <kital> ke4qqq: i am not sure
18:35:54 <kital> because most ambassadors do not really know - and also not care - about the membership process
18:36:34 <kital> i also think too much people involved in membership discussion and self  is distractive
18:36:40 <kital> oh moment
18:36:47 <kital> was not ready
18:38:00 <kital> i also think too much people involved in membership discussion can be distractive from the purpose to be Ambassadors
18:38:23 <kital> but i really think that the input from all mentors is very valuable
18:38:37 <kital> so the discussion could proceed on the mentors list?
18:39:08 <susmit> wherever
18:39:30 <susmit> but mentors list seems reasonable
18:39:44 <kital> s/valuable/imperative to make a decission
18:39:54 <kital> ke4qqq: ? ok for yo
18:39:56 <kital> u
18:40:10 <susmit> kital, I am sorry, but I have to goo now
18:40:18 <susmit> do you mind?
18:40:21 <kital> susmit: i wish you a good flight
18:40:30 <susmit> kital, thank
18:40:32 <susmit> bye
18:40:36 <kital> we proceed on the ml anyway thanks for being here
18:41:51 <kital> ke4qqq tatica should we finish?
18:42:08 <tatica> sure
18:42:54 <kital> thanks all for attending
18:42:58 <kital> #endmeeting