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20:00:50 * rbergeron looks around
20:01:09 <rbergeron> I know i'm here - mchua is afk, stickster is out, rrix is out.
20:01:13 <rbergeron> Is anyone here ? :)
20:01:54 * rbergeron will wait a bit - if nobody is around, I'll cancel.
20:02:04 <rbergeron> #info mchua has sent mail to the list to look for a better meeting time.
20:07:39 <rbergeron> mchua :)
20:07:39 * mchua waves
20:07:47 <rbergeron> hai!
20:07:52 <mchua> I'm briefly here, multitasking a bit, but... what's up?
20:07:59 <rbergeron> nobody else is here. i'm talking to myself. :)
20:08:24 <rbergeron> i do believe i am going to cancel this in short order - we really dont' have anything terribly pressing going on.
20:08:30 <rbergeron> other than finding a new meeting time, it looks like.
20:09:29 * mchua grins
20:09:38 <mchua> well, what's the big goal for mktg this release cycle?
20:09:49 <mchua> I know we have a couple potential ones... we are in pretty good shape wrt deliverables
20:09:53 <mchua> but for instance, FI
20:09:57 <mchua> marketing research?
20:09:57 <mchua> brand?
20:10:07 <mchua> going to mktg events? (oscon bof == milestone for that)
20:10:17 <mchua> rbergeron: what's the vision o' pwniehood, o fearless leader?
20:10:22 <mchua> and how do we get people to help us with it?
20:10:23 <rbergeron> yeah - FI is ... in sort of limbo, a bit.
20:10:27 <mchua> (oh, and microblogging and whatnot!)
20:10:44 <rbergeron> So - you'll notice that all those things you just mentioned are very tools-oriented
20:10:50 <rbergeron> FI = drupal or zikula
20:11:00 * mchua /is/ an engineer. ;)
20:11:05 <rbergeron> We pretty much didn't do so well with zikula there - I think we'll do drupal better.
20:11:13 <mchua> Yeah, I'd love to play with Drupal.
20:11:17 <rbergeron> Marketing Research = limesurvey, which still needs packaging.
20:11:19 <mchua> Although the Zikula folks have been pretty helpful!
20:11:22 <rbergeron> drupal is awesome.
20:11:27 <mchua> Ouch. Limesurvey packaging... eeeeee.
20:11:44 * rbergeron won't dig up the mails from this time last year when she came to marketing and wanted to do limesurvey ;)
20:12:01 <rbergeron> Branding, i think is not so tools-oriented, but may be more so once we get into it.
20:12:21 <rbergeron> I think the goals for this cycle should be twofold:
20:12:58 <rbergeron> #1: We really need to get tools off the ground for us to do a better job
20:13:32 <rbergeron> #2: Figure out the OMNOM (open marketing, not obscured marketing!) - and figure out how we can use that in many places.
20:13:35 <rbergeron> including
20:13:43 <rbergeron> * upstream / downstream marketing, which is a topic for next week
20:14:06 * ke4qqq is late - sorry
20:14:10 <rbergeron> and generally throughout what we're doing.
20:14:46 <rbergeron> ke4qqq, ianweller said he'd take 3 boxes of cookies for packaging cassandra (2 for him, one to convince max to let him have the time)
20:14:52 <rbergeron> how many cookies can i send you for limesurvey? :)
20:16:41 <ke4qqq> I'll take a single box at FUDcon
20:16:55 * ke4qqq is cheap -
20:17:00 <rbergeron> or alternately, i will also give out cookies or donuts for packaging redis (since it's in C, it might be easier and less suck) orrrrrrrr, or, figuring out the mongodb ticket
20:17:07 <rbergeron> can i give you a half-box deposit at OLF?
20:17:42 <ke4qqq> we'll talk payment later
20:17:53 <rbergeron> mchua: anyway - I think that's pretty much it.
20:17:57 * mchua nods.
20:18:10 <mchua> OMNOM is the best acronym ever.
20:18:20 <mchua> rbergeron: Are we thinking about another FAD, maybe a tools-focused one?
20:18:26 <mchua> package festivities and all that?
20:18:37 <rbergeron> well - i know you mailed about doing something for etherpad, which is great
20:19:12 <rbergeron> honestly - I would love to have a limesurvey packaging FAD - a drupal / FI / get this crap up and running FAD
20:20:04 <mchua> all three? :)
20:20:23 <rbergeron> at once?
20:20:33 <mchua> in the SAME PLACE??!!??
20:20:41 <mchua> partay?
20:22:03 <ke4qqq> one at a time /methinks
20:22:24 <mchua> Well... do we want FI up and running for F14?
20:22:31 <mchua> (I mean, we wanted it for F12 and F13, so...)
20:22:46 <mchua> Can we get Drupal going in, say, a month? Know what modules we need, get them packaged, etc?
20:22:54 * ke4qqq begs the - does FI have an owner question
20:25:18 <rbergeron> sorry
20:25:26 <rbergeron> so - I don't know that FI has an owner, exactly.
20:25:42 <rbergeron> stickster said he was willing to work on it - probably 20% of the time as part of his new role, and that he really wants it up and running.
20:25:58 <rbergeron> as do i - but unfortunately all I can do is crack whips, the technical stuff is just beyond me.
20:26:24 <mchua> I've done Drupal a bit before, but not packaging.
20:26:39 <rbergeron> drupal is packaged, I believe.
20:26:45 <mchua> I liked Drupal. I'm not a guru, but it's something I'm willing to relearn a bit... I can't really run point well or for an extended period of time, though.
20:26:47 <rbergeron> ke4qqq, smooge ^^^^^ - is that right?
20:26:55 <mchua> Modules, though? Do we have all we need?
20:26:55 <ke4qqq> drupal is packaged (and EPEL packaging is in progress - I am doing the review)
20:26:58 <mchua> Do we know what we need?
20:27:23 <rbergeron> cookies? I have the cookies!
20:27:38 * rbergeron promised ianweller some bacon maple bars, too, in portland. mchua: you have to go with
20:27:42 <rbergeron> :)
20:28:02 <mchua> rbergeron: oh wow yes please thank you!
20:28:11 <rbergeron> voodoodoughnut.com
20:28:12 <rbergeron> mmm
20:28:22 <rbergeron> i can't stop thinking about that place
20:28:24 <rbergeron> anyway -
20:28:27 <ke4qqq> assuming it's going to be on EL5/6 - even any currently packaged modules will have to be repackaged.  (drupal6 is parallel installable with drupal5)
20:29:15 <rbergeron> how is the packaging? do you know? is it more or less painful than average?
20:29:41 <ke4qqq> rbergeron: based on past experience about as easy as php libraries - so pretty easy
20:30:11 <ke4qqq> might need some conditionals added (it'd be nice to have Jon Ciesla involved in this conversation)
20:30:17 <rbergeron> I just hesitate to say, let's package and deploy in one weekend.
20:30:24 <rbergeron> whois jon ciesla?
20:30:25 <rbergeron> err, who is
20:30:45 <ke4qqq> guy who is packaging drupal6 for EL6
20:30:51 <rbergeron> i think we could deploy fairly easily in a weekend if we have the appropriate people from design, websites, etc. all in one place
20:30:56 <rbergeron> docs, etc.
20:31:09 * ke4qqq would far rather smooge make the above pronouncement
20:31:09 <rbergeron> but i don't want to get a bunch of people together and have half of us be like... oh hai, i can't package
20:32:22 <rbergeron> that wouldn't be awesome.
20:32:48 <rbergeron> if we have it all ready to populate - and, AND, we have the fas authentication piece working
20:33:13 <rbergeron> which stickster is working on - he's posted some mail on it, or maybe a blog post, my sad brain can't remember
20:33:22 <rbergeron> i think if that stuff is knocked out, we are good.
20:33:29 <rbergeron> that's mostly what hung us up with zikula.
20:33:57 <rbergeron> authentication issues, packaging issues, and then ... not being able to have things straight on the pt machines.
20:34:04 <rbergeron> changing things live, etc.
20:34:51 <mchua> Is there an event where people will be coming together anyway?
20:34:56 <mchua> That could co-host a FAD and just Get It done?
20:35:16 <rbergeron> maybe OLF - don't know how many are going there.
20:35:35 <rbergeron> i have to see if (a) i get accepted and (b) if god willing my sister doesn't schedule more wedding-related crap that weekend.
20:35:39 <rbergeron> :)
20:36:06 <rbergeron> At some point, fingers crossed, we will be having some sort of FAD in Phoenix for FUDCon. I don't know how many of those people would be cross-related.
20:37:04 <rbergeron> my time is going to suck through september 17 - I have week+ of vacation in wyoming, wedding stuff here and there, kids go back to school, etc.
20:37:58 <rbergeron> and in general i'm pretty sure nobody in their right mind would want to come to az at this point anyhow. ;)
20:38:10 <rbergeron> OLF is the best bet - but I don't think we'd be able to have enough concentration to get it done.
20:38:13 <rbergeron> Too much other stuff going on.
20:38:23 <rbergeron> ke4qqq - would you agree with that statement
20:38:37 <rbergeron> i should say, best bet as far as event where other people would be.
20:39:12 <rbergeron> I say we wrap it up in a bow, stick it in a fedex box and ship it to Chile RIGHT NOW - "please work on me during FUDCon ;)"
20:40:58 <ke4qqq> yeah too much stuff going on IMO, unless we stay a day late
20:41:07 <ke4qqq> but then only a day to do the work
20:41:49 <rbergeron> yeah
20:43:08 <rbergeron> and i think htat's sort of the same for everything
20:43:18 <rbergeron> i don't want to short us on time - we need to work on having more successful fads
20:43:46 <rbergeron> if we want to do it we need to be really realistic that it can be done
20:46:13 <rbergeron> anyway.
20:46:23 <rbergeron> i guess that's something to discuss at the next FI meeting, which i presume is next week.
20:46:33 <rbergeron> since stickster is holding the pony on that one.
20:48:50 <rbergeron> anyway.
20:48:54 <rbergeron> anything else? :)
20:49:15 <rbergeron> same goes for Branding FAD - we have a lot of prework to do there.
20:49:42 <rbergeron> Ian's looking at queuing us up a branding SIG, where we can work more closely with design folks without it being a big ping pong back and forth
20:49:50 <rbergeron> and eventually that could be a good fad, to knock out a book.
20:51:16 <rbergeron> hiya sparks :)
20:51:30 <Sparks> rbergeron: Opps...  I knew there was something I was forgetting.
20:52:12 <rbergeron> s'okay.
20:52:22 <rbergeron> you can bring my box of candy next time :)
20:52:29 * rbergeron grins
20:52:34 <rbergeron> okay, i'm going to call this one as done. :)
20:53:07 <rbergeron> thanks for coming, guys :)
20:53:10 <rbergeron> #endmeeting