19:00:01 <stickster> #startmeeting Insight (Agenda: http://ur1.ca/3oyi6)
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19:00:07 <stickster> #meetingname Insight
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19:00:11 <stickster> #topic Roll call!
19:00:12 * stickster 
19:00:16 <asrob> heyyo :)
19:00:16 <pcalarco> is here
19:01:02 <stickster> Hi y'all! I think averi cannot make it, but I think I'm up to date on everything he and I have been doing
19:01:07 <stickster> #chair asrob pcalarco
19:01:07 <zodbot> Current chairs: asrob pcalarco stickster
19:01:22 <stickster> #link http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-1/2011-03-21/insight.2011-03-21-19.00.html <-- Last meeting's notes
19:01:41 <stickster> #topic Last week's action items
19:02:11 <stickster> #info 1 - asrob and stickster worked together to make some regex for Upstream Release Monitoring
19:02:31 <stickster> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Upstream_Release_Monitoring <-- see page, some Drupal 6 packages are there now!
19:03:22 <stickster> #info 2 - cron job is fixed, not really an upstream problem at all; puppet also fixed
19:03:36 <stickster> #info 3 - AnujMore transcribed last week's agenda, we'll see if he comes back to do this week's too
19:03:52 <stickster> #topic Production work remaining
19:04:01 <stickster> That brings us smack dab up to date for production! WOOOO!
19:04:18 <asrob> \o/
19:04:29 <AnujMore> stickster: He is going to do it this week too ;)
19:04:41 <stickster> AnujMore: AWESOME!
19:04:51 <pcalarco> that's great news!
19:05:53 <stickster> averi is working with smooge on figuring out how to test proxies, but we are pretty much ready to go.
19:06:15 <stickster> averi and I have killed and rebuilt our staging host (which is really another publictest host) several times, and it works properly.
19:06:52 <stickster> #info stickster just found out how to properly enter our Insight DB username and passphrase into a secure puppet repo on the side, so we don't have to tinker with it to make it work.
19:07:11 <stickster> #action stickster ensure Insight DB username + password get into the secure puppet repo for use later
19:09:31 <stickster> pcalarco: Did you notice any problems on the publictest03 (staging) box?
19:10:11 <pcalarco> no problems at all, I do have one question regarding RSS feeds
19:10:43 <stickster> pcalarco: Hit us!
19:10:57 <pcalarco> do we have a feed that we can provide readers to subscribe to the issue in full or specific beats?
19:11:28 <pcalarco> people have been clamoring for RSS for FWN for a long time and it is something we have discussed
19:11:31 <asrob> do you want to subscribe a specific beat?
19:12:14 <pcalarco> I would say the primary need is to subscribe to new FWN issues, and secondarily (non-critica) subscribe to individual beats
19:12:41 <stickster> asrob: That should be possible easily through Views, correct?
19:12:53 <asrob> I think yes, it is correct
19:14:27 <pcalarco> this, from my perspective is the only thing we need before going to production for FWN on Insight
19:15:59 <stickster> pcalarco: Sorry for the delay
19:16:09 <stickster> I was looking at views to try and figure this out
19:16:13 <stickster> I think it's quite possible
19:16:41 <stickster> pcalarco: The way I see it, we don't have much to do this week other than keep after the last couple of things we know need to be done. What if we spend the balance of the hour working on that?
19:17:13 <stickster> asrob: Is it OK if I try my hand at this? If I fail, I'll let you know and you can do your magic :-)
19:17:20 <stickster> It would be a good thing for me to practice working on views.
19:17:24 <asrob> stickster: :)) okay, go ahead
19:17:33 <pcalarco> sure, whatever you guys would like to do
19:17:43 <stickster> #topic Working meeting, open floor
19:18:01 <stickster> #agreed spending the rest of the hour working on pcalarco's request for a beat-specific rSS
19:18:06 <stickster> #undo
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19:18:10 <stickster> #agreed spending the rest of the hour working on pcalarco's request for a beat-specific RSS
19:25:38 <AnujMore> The fact that we have just one to-do finalized for the week means we are really close to the real thing?
19:28:09 <asrob> stickster: a possible solution, http://www.timtoon.com/2009/05/27/customizing-an-rss-feed-using-drupal-and-views/
19:28:10 <asrob> ;)
19:28:13 * rbergeron peeks in, sorry for being late
19:28:29 <asrob> hi rbergeron
19:28:34 <stickster> AnujMore: That's corerct
19:28:54 <stickster> asrob: Actually, I think I may have something... just need to confirm how field_beat is stored
19:29:19 <asrob> stickster: I see
19:32:47 <stickster> asrob: http://publictest09.fedoraproject.org/drupal/fwn/beat/Announcements
19:32:57 <stickster> http://publictest09.fedoraproject.org/drupal/fwn/beat/Announcements/feed
19:34:09 <asrob> stickster: it looks good, great work
19:34:27 <stickster> asrob: I discovered one problem though
19:35:02 <stickster> asrob: The beats with a space in their names could be problemtic
19:35:05 <stickster> *probelmatic
19:35:09 <stickster> argh!!!! problematic.
19:37:43 <asrob> stickster: where?
19:38:52 <stickster> asrob: You can't set a feed name for those... like "Planet Fedora"
19:39:21 <stickster> I think I may need to diddle with this to have the feed selected on an alternate name for each beat_name value.
19:39:26 <stickster> er, field_beat
19:40:46 <stickster> asrob: Any ideas on how to do that cleanly? I would like pcalarco and other writers to have the drop down for field_beat be in nice plain English
19:41:01 <stickster> But yet have a value stored that would make more sense in a URL, like 'planet-fedora' or 'security-advisories'
19:42:56 <asrob> hm hm
19:45:21 * stickster thinks
19:45:30 <stickster> pcalarco: Isn't it fun watching people think on IRC?!?
19:45:45 <asrob> stickster: http://publictest09.fedoraproject.org/drupal/node/109 == "260-Announcements"
19:46:14 <asrob> stickster: do you want to rename that? I mean, pt09.fp.o/drupal/260-announcements
19:46:16 <asrob> ?
19:46:43 <stickster> asrob: Don't we have pathauto on the Insight system? I thought so...
19:47:03 <asrob> stickster: yeah, we have
19:47:18 <asrob> it is pathauto settings problem
19:47:19 <stickster> asrob: Ah, I figured it out
19:47:27 <stickster> not pathauto -- the values list
19:47:31 <stickster> I'm an idiot, fixing now :-)
19:47:42 <asrob> oh, okay :)
19:48:54 <stickster> asrob: I have to tinker with the DB for a sec, hang on
19:49:03 <asrob> okay
19:53:25 <stickster> asrob: I fixed the field_beat input -- I hadn't included a key|value listing there, just a "key" listing
19:53:37 <stickster> asrob: Now I need to go back and change all the beats to update their stored key values
19:54:11 <asrob> I see
19:57:05 <stickster> asrob: OK, fixed!
19:57:22 <stickster> asrob: I'm fixing the view for titles, etc. now
19:57:46 <asrob> it is great
19:58:37 <pcalarco> apologies, everyone, I am across campus and got disconnected :(
20:00:20 <stickster> pcalarco: It's OK, still working on your request :-)
20:00:29 <stickster> Let's vamoose and go to #fedora-mktg to make way here
20:00:47 <stickster> #action stickster and asrob continue working on pcalarco's request for a beat-specific RSS feed... almost there!
20:00:57 <stickster> I'll end meeting in 30 sec
20:01:54 <stickster> #endmeeting