19:01:26 <rbergeron> #startmeeting F15 Beta release readiness meeting
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19:01:28 <jsmith> rbergeron: Here?
19:01:38 <rbergeron> Here, there, anywhere!
19:01:41 <jsmith> rbergeron: Perfect timing :-)
19:02:10 <rbergeron> Yup.
19:02:23 * rbergeron will hang on a few minutes for people to join and for them to interrupt the infra meeting (sorry, guys)
19:02:39 * CodeBlock here-ish, found out about it by accident/from the infra meeting conflict :P
19:03:16 <rbergeron> Codeblock: Who you representin'?
19:03:41 <rbergeron> #info Present: jsmith, rbergeron (for mktg)
19:03:48 * nirik is lurking around.
19:04:06 <rbergeron> #info present: nirik for infra, emichan for design team
19:05:07 <rbergeron> #info present: noriko for translation
19:05:16 <noriko> hi
19:05:26 * rbergeron is waiting on other folks / hunting them down.
19:06:03 * jsmith just put out the call in #fedora-docs
19:06:54 * rbergeron nods
19:06:56 <rbergeron> thanks
19:07:05 * rbergeron is finding dgilmore, QA (jlaska)
19:07:05 <CodeBlock> rbergeron: not representing anything per se, just lurking around/watching :P
19:07:10 <rbergeron> codeblock: sweet
19:07:14 <rbergeron> lurking is awesome
19:07:31 * rbergeron looks for ambassadors representation as well
19:07:43 <rbergeron> nirik: are you also being fesco now too? :)
19:07:45 <CodeBlock> rbergeron: I can represent the ... irc meeting lurkers team? :)
19:07:59 <rbergeron> lol
19:07:59 <rbergeron> YES
19:08:14 * sijis is around for web
19:08:18 <rbergeron> Alrighty, let's get started with who is here.
19:08:26 <rbergeron> #info sijis is here representing websites
19:08:28 <rbergeron> thanks!
19:08:42 * nirik is wearing several hats. Thats ok, as long as the fit. ;)
19:08:47 <rbergeron> well. let's start with websites then :)
19:08:54 <rbergeron> #topic Websites team
19:09:04 <rbergeron> sijis: How are you guys coming along? Ready for Beta on tuesday?
19:09:17 <rbergeron> Anything you need from anyone else?
19:09:34 <sijis> we honeslty don't have all the changes done in our repo for the websites.. but we should be able to get that done in a next couple of days
19:10:03 <rbergeron> is there any concern abou thte ability to get that done?
19:10:20 <rbergeron> or are you guys pretty confident about it? :)
19:10:28 <sijis> no. i'm not concerned that it won't get done
19:10:55 <rbergeron> okay. any other questions or needs from websites team? does anyone *need* anything from web folks?
19:10:56 <sijis> let me better state that... it will be done before Tuesday. i'm 100% confident
19:11:01 <rbergeron> :)
19:11:12 <dgilmore> .
19:11:22 * rbergeron wonders if that's a yes, no, or maybe from dgilmore :)
19:11:32 <sijis> dgilmore: i assume you have links for beta ready :)
19:11:58 <dgilmore> rbergeron: that was a typo
19:12:05 <dgilmore> sijis: i will soon im staging it now
19:12:13 <rbergeron> ah ;)
19:12:19 <rbergeron> okay. cool :)
19:12:20 * rbergeron shall move on
19:12:25 <rbergeron> #topic Translations
19:12:39 <rbergeron> noriko: how is everything? are you guys just about ready?
19:13:14 <noriko> yeah, I see no problem so far.
19:13:51 <sijis> noriko: i apologize for not being very good with string updates for the website :(
19:14:29 <noriko> sijis: np. any specific date you have?
19:15:22 <sijis> well. i have sat dedicated to make all website changes needed for release
19:15:40 <sijis> i can only think of 1 string update that's going on
19:15:59 <sijis> and i *think* it may have already been pushed to tx. if not, i can do that tonight
19:17:11 <noriko> sounds great, thank you
19:17:27 <rbergeron> all set?
19:18:01 * rbergeron will move on unless anyone else has questions
19:18:15 <rbergeron> #info jlaska present for QA
19:18:23 <rbergeron> #topic Release Engineering
19:18:29 <rbergeron> dgilmore: how are things shaping up?
19:18:43 <dgilmore> rbergeron: fine. getting everything in place now
19:18:46 <dgilmore> will be staged soon
19:19:13 <rbergeron> excellent. anyone have questions for rel-eng (or does rel-eng need anything from anyone else)?
19:19:31 <dgilmore> nothing more to see here :)
19:19:44 * rbergeron moves along, moves along
19:19:49 <jlaska> I have a quick on
19:19:50 <jlaska> one
19:19:59 <jlaska> may have already been asked+answered, so apologies ...
19:20:00 <rbergeron> go for it :)
19:20:32 <jlaska> has the freeze on 'stable' been lifted already, allowing tested updated in 'updates-testing' to transition.  Or does that come later?
19:21:01 <dgilmore> jlaska: it will be lifted today
19:21:17 <jlaska> dgilmore: cool, thanks
19:21:20 * jlaska done
19:21:30 <rbergeron> ohh no you're not!
19:21:32 <rbergeron> #topic QA
19:21:50 <rbergeron> jlaska: I take it we haven't had any 99th hour blockers pop up mysteriously. :)
19:22:07 <jlaska> no, thank goodness!
19:22:16 <rbergeron> Excellent.
19:22:26 <jlaska> only thing on our plate now is to triage incoming issues, and get them on the Common_F15_Bugs page if needed
19:22:34 <rbergeron> Do you have anything you need from other teams, or do any of the other teams have questions for QA? :)
19:22:42 <jlaska> which also involves, documenting bug that have been flagged for CommonBugs
19:22:51 * rbergeron nods
19:23:05 <rbergeron> are you feeling pretty good about getting that done between now and tuesday?
19:23:13 <jlaska> oh yeah, those aren't too much trouble
19:23:28 <jlaska> half of them are usually already fixed, just had stale CommonBugs? requests
19:23:36 <jlaska> and then adamw and I knock out the remainder
19:23:50 <jlaska> of course, we welcome feedback/entries from anyone :)
19:24:14 <rbergeron> :)
19:24:23 <rbergeron> All is good then?
19:24:28 * rbergeron looks around the room
19:24:53 <jlaska> any questions/comments/concerns?
19:25:01 <jlaska> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_15_QA_Retrospective
19:25:10 <jlaska> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Common_F15_bugs
19:25:25 <jlaska> rbergeron: it's no longer smiling ...
19:25:25 <rbergeron> (unless we've already killed it off with final bzs)
19:25:34 <jlaska> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Current_Release_Blockers
19:25:37 <rbergeron> man. the beefy miracle is having a rough week.
19:25:47 <coolmadmax> thanks for everything f15 look great
19:25:57 <jlaska> current proposed blocker list - There are 41 bugs affecting 28 components.
19:26:03 <jlaska> ^^^ for Final (not Beta)
19:26:14 <rbergeron> omg, i didn't want to see that proposed list
19:26:16 <jlaska> This friday will be the first of the rough final blocker review meetings
19:26:38 <jlaska> bring food and drink (emphasis on drink)
19:26:47 <jlaska> soda, water, $other
19:27:07 * jlaska has no other items, but available for questions/comments/concerns
19:27:32 * rbergeron nods
19:27:39 * rbergeron shall move on, nobody has raised their hand
19:27:42 <rbergeron> #topic Marketing
19:27:45 * rbergeron looks at herself
19:28:11 <rbergeron> I'm in the middle of writing the beta announcement - dgilmore, I'll send you a plain text model of it with the links un-embedded.
19:28:43 <rbergeron> Other than that, I'm fine, I still need love on the Talking points but I'll hopefully get there today after this meeting. :)
19:28:55 <dgilmore> rbergeron: gracious
19:28:56 <rbergeron> anyone have any questions for me? :)
19:29:41 <rbergeron> #topic Infra / FESCo
19:29:56 <rbergeron> nirik: i know you're running a meeting - so I'll get you in two places at once - everything kosher for beta?
19:30:12 * rbergeron relayed the dropped/added features over to marketing (ha) and docs
19:30:15 <nirik> I know of no concerns. ;) Everything looks ok for beta to me.
19:30:28 <rbergeron> anyone have anything they need out of infra?
19:30:43 <nirik> If there are folks who would like to seed torrents, let us know the day before or so.
19:30:52 <dgilmore> right
19:31:02 <dgilmore> nirik: do you still have access to do that?
19:31:31 <nirik> dgilmore: I can ask tummy folks to do it... or they were talking about leaving me access to do it, but not sure if that happened. ;)
19:31:51 <dgilmore> nirik: ok cool. well i have the ability again
19:31:56 <dgilmore> but more the merrier
19:33:06 <lcafiero> someone looking for a famsco member?
19:33:13 <rbergeron> i will be :)
19:33:24 <rbergeron> anyone else with anything for infra or fesco?
19:33:30 <lcafiero> I thought this meeting was in #fedora-meeting
19:33:40 <lcafiero> No wonder none of what they were discussing made sense there
19:33:58 <rbergeron> it was, i forgot they had a meeting at that time now
19:34:05 <rbergeron> there had never been a conflict in the past for that slot :)
19:34:11 <rbergeron> alrighty, moving on
19:34:23 <rbergeron> #topic Docs
19:34:35 <rbergeron> jjmcd: How is it coming? :D
19:34:43 <jjmcd> well
19:34:56 <jjmcd> We need to quivk do some touchups on release notes
19:35:01 * rbergeron nods
19:35:13 <jjmcd> But the main issue we have is that the user guide doesn't reflect Gnome 3
19:35:20 <jjmcd> So we won't have a UG for beta
19:35:32 <jjmcd> Of course, that's probably the guide we need most
19:35:48 <jjmcd> The good news is that Shaun did a good job with the help
19:35:56 * rbergeron agrees
19:36:01 <jjmcd> So I don't see Docs being a blocker
19:36:08 <jjmcd> Just not the quality we would like
19:36:19 <rbergeron> okay.
19:36:28 <rbergeron> Does anyone need anything from/have questions for docs?
19:36:41 * jlaska not from me
19:36:52 <rbergeron> jjmcd, sorry it's not going as well as you'd like, but I'm glad to hear it's not completely disastrous. :)
19:37:06 <rbergeron> "always look on the bright side of life"
19:37:11 <lcafiero> heh
19:37:23 <rbergeron> :D
19:37:36 <rbergeron> thanks jjmcd.
19:37:40 <rbergeron> #topic Design
19:37:43 <jjmcd> thanks robyn
19:37:54 <rbergeron> emichan: how are things going?
19:38:02 <rbergeron> ready for beta beta beta?
19:38:07 <Emichan> afaik
19:38:17 * Emichan has been out of the loop for the past few weeks
19:38:35 * rbergeron nods
19:38:42 <Emichan> pretty sure the only thing left to do before beta is the beta website banner
19:38:54 <rbergeron> Is someone taking that on?
19:38:58 <Emichan> schendje said he would do that
19:39:00 <rbergeron> or still seeking volunteers
19:39:02 <rbergeron> okay, sweet
19:39:24 <rbergeron> anyone have any questions / needs from design?
19:39:25 <Emichan> he said he'll post it to the design and website list on Saturday
19:39:32 <jjmcd> RNs needs icons
19:39:33 <rbergeron> cool, very nice.
19:39:41 <sijis> Emichan: i'll ping schendje on that banner
19:39:41 <jjmcd> But planned to wait for mo to get back
19:40:09 <rbergeron> jjmcd: is that something needed for beta? or can wait
19:40:17 <sijis> unless you are talking about the small banner button
19:40:21 <jjmcd> Can wait. we have temp icons there for now
19:40:26 <rbergeron> okay.
19:41:01 <Emichan> okay?
19:41:03 <jjmcd> unless design cracks out knuckles for ugly
19:41:16 <Emichan> not for beta ;)
19:41:20 * rbergeron grins
19:41:37 <rbergeron> all good then?
19:41:52 <rbergeron> last, but not least
19:41:56 <rbergeron> #topic Ambassadors
19:42:04 <rbergeron> lcafiero: all ready?
19:42:10 <lcafiero> Oh, least would suffice.
19:43:02 <lcafiero> I'm not sure what is required of us prior to a release -- pierros would probably know but he's not here.
19:43:36 <lcafiero> Other than setting up events for F15, that is.
19:44:36 <rbergeron> so when we're closer to the end - it's more of the "do we have PO's ready for media" and "do ambassadors know where to look to get information about the newest release" and so forth
19:44:43 <lcafiero> So perhaps you should ask me what we're supposed to have done, and perhaps I can answer whether it's done or not.
19:44:43 <rbergeron> for beta, not quite so much.
19:45:27 <lcafiero> I can tell you that currently I believe the NA PO has been either made or in the process of being made by nb and herlo.
19:46:10 <lcafiero> And that I know the POs for other areas are being gathered, per an famsco e-mail, and this will probably be discussed at length on Saturday at the FAmSCo meeting
19:46:11 <rbergeron> there's nothing really *blocking* the beta, per se, but things like - have you guys started filing tickets for media design/posters/artwork for release, doing calls for release events, etc.
19:46:14 <jsmith> We may want to see if it's going to be feasible to make up some F15 discs to take to FUDCon Panamá  -- might be too tight on time though
19:47:20 <lcafiero> To my knowledge, no, there has been no tickets filed for artwork regarding events.
19:47:22 <rbergeron> jsmith: i think the only way to make them is if you're making them yourself
19:47:43 <rbergeron> that's what we're doing for SELF
19:47:53 * lcafiero will make this an item on the FAmSCo meeting Saturday.
19:48:10 <rbergeron> lcafiero: basically just check in on the schedule with them - I know that usually happens there anyhow
19:48:18 <lcafiero> Ah, OK.
19:48:55 <rbergeron> anyone hav eany questions / needs for/from ambassadors?
19:49:31 <rbergeron> #topic Open Floor
19:49:37 <rbergeron> Did I miss anyone or anything?
19:49:40 * rbergeron looks around
19:49:51 <rbergeron> Otherwise, it sounds like we are all set for Beta on tuesday.
19:50:12 * jsmith cheers!
19:50:18 <lcafiero> thanks, jsmith, for pointing out where the meeting was in #fedora-ambassadors.
19:50:30 <jsmith> lcafiero: No worries... glad you could join us!
19:50:34 * lcafiero was sitting in #fedora-meeting going "huh?"
19:50:57 <rbergeron> lcafiero: I told them to send people over - I would have found you if I had known you were coming for pierros :)
19:51:07 <lcafiero> I wasn't.
19:51:13 <rbergeron> oh :)
19:51:25 <rbergeron> Alrighty.
19:51:27 <rbergeron> Thanks, everyone!
19:51:30 <rbergeron> #endmeeting