17:06:20 <adamw> #startmeeting Fedora QA Meeting - Part Deux
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17:06:32 <adamw> #topic F17 pre-planning: anaconda UI rewrite
17:06:37 <adamw> #meetingname fedora-qa
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17:06:49 <adamw> okay, continue!
17:07:21 <adamw> j_dulaney: so in your case - can you use VM for testing, or is that impractical too?
17:07:32 <j_dulaney> I can indeed
17:07:36 <j_dulaney> Use a VM
17:08:19 <adamw> okay
17:08:30 <brunowolff> Do you guys know if Live installs are going to change with this?
17:08:34 <adamw> so access to a VM via a web interface wouldn't help you much, i guess
17:08:38 <kparal> some people might have too old CPU for KVM. if you don't have hw virt support, it almost doesn't work
17:08:42 <adamw> brunowolff: yes, live install uses the same UI as regular install.
17:08:52 <adamw> kparal: yeah, that's a consideration
17:09:03 <j_dulaney> adamw:  I think that would work
17:09:10 <adamw> kparal: what we're trying to weigh is whether it's worth tflink's time to set up this thing
17:09:24 <kparal> i understand
17:09:31 <kparal> what about some survey first?
17:09:42 * j_dulaney has no hard drive in his VM capable box
17:10:07 <tflink> kparal: yeah, the plan was to ask test@ if that would increase testing
17:10:21 <tflink> but I thought we were going to wait to see what the anaconda devs had planned first
17:11:07 <adamw> okay
17:11:09 <robatino> it could allow faster testing - my machine only has 1 CPU, and even if it didn't it would probably thrash if i tried to do more than one
17:11:15 <adamw> so the idea's there and seems like people are interested
17:11:34 <adamw> so we should probably take a look at how much work it's going to be, and what resources we'd have available on the back end
17:11:39 <robatino> plus it would avoid the downloading step
17:11:45 <adamw> if we could make this work nicely it'd actually have uses beyond QA, really - could be good publicity
17:11:57 <tflink> robatino: that's a good point, I hadn't thought about that
17:12:08 <adamw> ubuntu has this kind of faked up html5 thing on their site somewhere which lets you play around with a desktop a bit without downloading ubuntu
17:12:11 <adamw> we could go one better =)
17:12:15 <tflink> adamw: yeah, it could be used as a "look at Fedora X, try it through the interwebs"
17:13:10 <adamw> http://www.ubuntu.com/tour/
17:13:11 <kparal> adamw: actually that's not that good, they have better one inside their software center - you can try almost any application remotely
17:13:26 <kparal> using nx
17:13:42 <adamw> kparal: that's a slightly different case, though.
17:13:47 <kparal> definitely
17:14:21 <red_alert> nirik has some test systems for package maintainers up and running, maybe it'd be easy for him to set up a couple more for QA folks?
17:14:23 <adamw> anyhow, yeah, let's say we see possibilities =) tflink can you look into it a bit more and report back?
17:14:42 <tflink> yeah, can do
17:14:44 <tflink> s/can/will
17:14:48 <adamw> okay
17:14:48 * kparal notes fesco is just talking about "fixing critpath process"
17:15:11 <adamw> #action tflink to evaluate his remote-VM idea some more and report back on how much work it'll be to implement, and available resources
17:15:21 <adamw> tflink: obviously sounds like you'd want to talk to infra
17:15:51 <tflink> yeah, HW would be a limiting factor
17:15:57 <adamw> okay, so before we move on, anyone aware of any other f17 stuff we should plan for?
17:16:17 <adamw> i've got notes-to-self to look into the btrfs migration and whether this crazy /usr change is actually likely to happen
17:16:33 <tflink> those are the two that came to mind for me
17:16:36 <j_dulaney> I don't see btrfs happening
17:16:43 <j_dulaney> Still no fsch
17:16:51 <j_dulaney> c/fsch/fsck
17:16:59 * j_dulaney can't type sometimes
17:17:15 <adamw> well, they have a few months to get it.
17:17:41 <red_alert> 2D gnome shell will need much QA love too
17:17:56 * tflink is looking forward to that
17:18:17 <red_alert> but with all you folks using mostly VMs to test, that should be taken care of :)
17:18:24 <adamw> yeah, apparently we can start testing that now
17:18:32 <adamw> i was gonna set up a rawhide vm today, because you know, shiny is shiny. =)
17:19:01 <j_dulaney> Upstream in btrfs there is a lot of pressure for an fsck
17:19:11 * nirik couldn't get it to work here, but I might have missed something.
17:20:02 <adamw> #info we're tracking btrfs migration, /usr move and 2D shell support as significant features that would be in need of testing
17:20:07 <adamw> alright
17:20:09 <adamw> #topic autoqa update
17:20:18 <adamw> do we have much on the autoqa front or still just getting back in gear?
17:20:34 <tflink> getting back into gear, mostly
17:20:40 * j_dulaney has nothing
17:21:12 <tflink> trying to get new features done so that we can start testing them
17:21:13 <adamw> okay
17:21:30 <kparal> adamw: do you think we are superhumans like you? we just got back to autoqa today!
17:21:43 * kparal has no news to share
17:21:56 * kparal expects being fired
17:22:12 * j_dulaney is surprised he hasn't been, yet
17:22:35 <adamw> fired! fired! you're all fired!
17:22:38 * adamw chomps on cigar
17:22:48 <adamw> #info autoqa is getting back into gear after f16, so no news yet
17:23:08 * j_dulaney likes big cigars...
17:23:08 <adamw> alright, so i think that's all
17:23:10 <adamw> #topic open floor
17:23:19 <adamw> any other business? did i miss anything? is anyone dead of boredom yet?
17:23:35 <j_dulaney> Do we want to start thinking about Blacksburg hackfests?
17:23:43 <j_dulaney> Or make that an item for next week?
17:24:48 <adamw> seems like a next-week kinda thing
17:24:52 <adamw> since we're 25 mins over time
17:25:09 <adamw> i'll try and remember to put it on next week's agenda, if i forget can you let me know?
17:25:17 <j_dulaney> Indeed
17:27:48 <adamw> okay
17:27:54 <adamw> let's finish this thing!
17:28:00 <adamw> 3...
17:28:01 <adamw> 2...
17:28:04 <adamw> 1...
17:28:09 <adamw> FATALITY!
17:28:11 <adamw> #endmeeting