18:03:31 <shaiton> #startmeeting FUDCon EMEA 2012
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18:03:44 <eseyman> let's go, let's go, let's go !
18:03:46 <shaiton> #meetingname FUDCon EMEA Paris
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18:03:53 <shaiton> #chair eseyman
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18:03:59 <kwizart> yep
18:04:00 <eseyman> .fas eseyman
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18:04:05 <kwizart> .fas kwizart
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18:04:08 <shaiton> I am going to spread the word on other chans, see you in a minute
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18:06:20 <zoltanh7211> hey
18:07:06 <shaiton> hi guys
18:07:07 <rbergeron> bonjour, yo!
18:07:13 <shaiton> .fas shaiton
18:07:13 <zodbot> shaiton: shaiton 'Kévin Raymond' <kraymond@shaiton.org>
18:07:14 <rbergeron> :)
18:07:28 <pingou> bonjour rbergeron :)
18:07:46 <number80> hullo
18:08:05 <shaiton> ok, we should be ready to start :)
18:08:13 * shaiton reading the amazing agenda
18:09:21 <shaiton> do the agenda works for you guys or you want to add a topic now?
18:09:31 <pingou> url ?
18:09:32 <rbergeron> can you link the mail with the agenda?
18:09:40 <shaiton> sure, looking for it now
18:10:03 <shaiton> http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/fudcon-planning/2012-August/003882.html
18:10:37 <rbergeron> looks good to me.
18:11:06 <shaiton> #topic hotel
18:11:54 * rbergeron hopes this isn't a "hotel is sold out" because she needs to book. I think a LOT of people need to book. :)
18:12:00 <shaiton> I don't know how many rooms are registered yet, but we have them for registration until the end of August (reminder)
18:12:12 <shaiton> getting the link… :)
18:12:46 <shaiton> http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/fudcon-planning/2012-June/003699.html
18:12:47 * rbergeron nods
18:13:17 <shaiton> to make the reservation, as told by others in the devel mailing list, it could be done online…
18:13:23 <rbergeron> it would probably be useful to do a blog post on that, and perhaps some reminders (EMEA ambassadors meeting, for one)
18:13:42 <pingou> shaiton: we should make an announcement/reminder
18:13:46 <shaiton> I have already blogged about that rbergeron but I agree, a reminder is always good
18:13:51 <rbergeron> #link http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/fudcon-planning/2012-June/003715.html
18:14:02 <rbergeron> yeah, doing it a lot is helpful. :)
18:14:13 <rbergeron> we might see if we can get a list of who is already booked at this point.
18:14:20 <shaiton> sure
18:14:20 <rbergeron> oh, wait
18:14:25 <rbergeron> #undo
18:14:30 <rbergeron> oh, i'm not a chair.
18:14:36 <shaiton> #chair rbergeron
18:14:36 <zodbot> Current chairs: eseyman rbergeron shaiton
18:14:38 <shaiton> ;)
18:15:05 <rbergeron> http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/fudcon-planning/2012-June/003716.html
18:15:10 <rbergeron> has the website instructions, I believe.
18:15:34 <rbergeron> Perhaps when we send out a mail about getting subsidies/funding we can remind people to book rooms if they have not.
18:15:43 <rbergeron> That will go to announce lists, so lots will see it.
18:15:43 <pingou> reminder to the amba list and maybe devel ?
18:15:58 <pingou> ah, then as rbergeron said :)
18:15:59 <shaiton> announce is great
18:16:12 <shaiton> pingou: could you make the blog post?
18:16:29 <shaiton> and rbergeron the announce to announce? (I could provide more info if needed)
18:16:35 <pingou> shaiton: put me on the action, we'll talk about it later
18:16:35 <rbergeron> but I'm not doing it until we know when we want to open subsidies - and we'll want to have some info in mind for budget, etc.
18:16:49 <rbergeron> shaiton: i'll do it when we do subsidy opening announcement - need to determine when that will be :)
18:16:55 <rbergeron> in the funding part of the agenda
18:17:00 <shaiton> sure
18:17:09 <rbergeron> :)
18:17:38 <shaiton> #action rbergeron to make the hotel reservation announcement to the announce mailing list (once funding is open)
18:17:50 <shaiton> #action pingou to blog post about the hotel reservation
18:18:34 <shaiton> #action shaiton to get the number of reservation already made
18:18:48 <shaiton> next topic unless someone has anything to add
18:18:50 <rbergeron> If we only have 3 rooms left, we'll need to come up with another plan. :)
18:19:03 <rbergeron> So let's just make sure
18:19:04 <pingou> shaiton: maybe do that before I write the blog post :D
18:19:15 <shaiton> sure
18:20:06 <shaiton> oh, we have put 30 twins aside, should be fine ;)
18:20:31 <shaiton> #topic funding
18:20:59 <shaiton> as discussed rbergeron, better would probably to open the Trac now, right?
18:21:14 <rbergeron> Yes. With an announcement. But I also want to check on a few things -
18:21:21 <shaiton> To have the reservation made by the end of August
18:21:25 <rbergeron> how long do we want to keep it open - we should definitely have an opening and closing date
18:21:43 <thunderbirdtr> end of august ?
18:21:46 <rbergeron> We could open it tomorrow - and close it in 1.5 - 2 weeks.
18:21:51 <shaiton> how long it will take to handle queries? Who are doing that?
18:22:16 <rbergeron> Well, the people who show up do that, and it's usually the FPL and people from the team or region.
18:22:37 <rbergeron> We have $20k USD, so we need to have a good idea of how much a shared room is for a person so they know if they can afford that or need help.
18:22:46 <rbergeron> (For however many days they will likely be there.)
18:23:09 <shaiton> rbergeron: do the $20 USD is only for the hotel funding?
18:23:17 <rbergeron> And starting to get a good idea of other expected costs is wise as well - so that as soon as we close, we can move into granting subsidies.
18:23:19 <shaiton> Or does it includes meals, fudpup…
18:23:23 <rbergeron> the 20k USD is for EVERYTHING.
18:23:23 <shaiton> fudpub*
18:23:27 <shaiton> ok ;)
18:23:40 <rbergeron> FUDCon. Subsidies, fudpub, airfare, food, rooms, power, whatever.
18:24:07 <rbergeron> Shirts. Did i mention drinks? Drinks.
18:24:10 <rbergeron> :)
18:24:24 <number80> ok 20k$ ain't enough
18:24:29 <shaiton> so we should have all the fees clear by the time we close funding
18:24:32 <shaiton> requests
18:24:37 <eseyman> FYI, I've talked to the Parinux board and they're willing to sponsor FUDCon
18:24:49 <pingou> eseyman: nice
18:24:54 <rbergeron> number80: that's the amount, outside funding is welcome.
18:25:54 <number80> i could pay for a few beers :]
18:26:02 <pingou> number80: got a raise ? :D
18:26:02 <shaiton> thunderbirdtr: end of August is the time where we won't be able to keep rooms free for us, we need to make the more reservation possible by that time
18:26:16 <rbergeron> So: We can open up subsidy requests - shaiton, do you know how much in euro or $ a room will cost (shared) for one person?
18:26:42 <thunderbirdtr> shaiton,  I see
18:26:43 <rbergeron> How many days do we expect people to be there? starting night before, leaving on the last day, generally?
18:27:17 <number80> +1
18:27:48 <shaiton> rbergeron: that would be 3 nights, at €81 per night for the twin (two people with too different beds… hope so!!)
18:28:02 <rbergeron> 81 per person or 81 for 2 people?
18:28:11 <shaiton> for two people
18:28:19 <rbergeron> including tax?
18:28:28 <pingou> rbergeron: yes :)
18:28:29 <shaiton> hum :)
18:28:38 <shaiton> thanks pingou, I forgot ;)
18:28:46 <pingou> shaiton: UE prices include taxes
18:28:51 <eseyman> boils down to 13,5€ per person per night
18:29:03 <pingou> eseyman: 81€ per night
18:29:10 <rbergeron> so - approximately EUR122 - approx. $150USD
18:29:22 <eseyman> thought that looked strange
18:29:31 <rbergeron> okay
18:29:32 <eseyman> so 40,5€ per person per night
18:29:55 <rbergeron> #info for subsidy purpose - a total stay for one person is EUR122 (3 days), 40,5EUR per person per night
18:30:11 <rbergeron> #info room cost is EUR81 per night; people expected for 3 nights total
18:30:45 <rbergeron> shaiton: have you started thinking about other costs at all yet? it might be nice to put them on a wiki page or create a google spreadsheet where we can get an idea of where it's going to be spent.
18:30:49 <rbergeron> or how.
18:31:03 <shaiton> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Bid_for_Paris_2012#Budget_summary
18:31:05 <shaiton> :)
18:31:34 <shaiton> that was the original idea, I have more details on a sheet of paper. I agree, that would be best to have it updated.
18:31:35 <rbergeron> Oh, look at that.
18:32:16 <shaiton> #action shaiton to make budget needs clear
18:32:34 <rbergeron> shaiton: and keep in mind we probably don't need to pay for everyone's rooms.
18:32:50 <shaiton> we still have to think about meals
18:32:52 <shaiton> rbergeron: sure
18:32:53 <rbergeron> We have subsidies to help those out who can't otherwise get in - hopefully some folks can pay at least part of their way.
18:33:08 <shaiton> yep.
18:33:32 <rbergeron> And same goes for meals - they're not required. :) If it's making things easier (like breakfast inthe morning gets people in sooner) ... that's fine, but at some point we have to hope people recognize that they would also eat at home :)
18:33:44 <rbergeron> So we do what we can. The meals are a nice thing sponsors can pay for if they wish, also.
18:33:50 <shaiton> rbergeron: I thought about the midday meal
18:34:13 <rbergeron> shaiton: it's up to you. sometimes it's good if food isn't nearby - people don't have to spend 2 or 3 hours looking if it's brought to them
18:34:46 <shaiton> ok, we are going to think about that
18:35:00 <rbergeron> I think we have a week or so to think about the numbers - I just want to make sure we have a number in mind that we can use for subsidies/travel, etc. when we're ready in a few weeks. :)
18:35:23 <rbergeron> So I'll make an announcement tomorrow that we're opening them, and closing them on, ... ? Aug 15?
18:35:41 <rbergeron> So we'll know by this meeting in 2 weeks how many requests there are?
18:36:00 <rbergeron> 2 weeks from today meeting
18:36:05 <shaiton> rbergeron: fine with me
18:36:28 <shaiton> by that time, we clearly define funding amount to spend in hotel+travel
18:36:40 <rbergeron> #action rbergeorn to open subsidies tomorrow (aug. 3) and close on aug. 15, send an announcement+reminder on hotels tomorrow.
18:36:55 <rbergeron> shaiton: yup. and some people may be willing to get one or the other (can pay for hotel, not ticket, etc.)
18:37:16 <shaiton> yep
18:37:37 <rbergeron> okay. I think that's all i have on that - what's next on agenda, unless you have something else?
18:37:49 <shaiton> next ;)
18:38:05 <shaiton> #topic design
18:38:08 <shaiton> https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/233
18:38:25 <shaiton> we still don't have clear banner and logo design
18:38:51 <shaiton> #action shaiton to ping the design team
18:39:28 <shaiton> once it's done, we would be able to see about tshirts, banners and other things
18:39:38 <shaiton> next topic or questions?
18:40:11 <rbergeron> is there a ticket open?
18:40:16 <rbergeron> oh, yes
18:40:19 <shaiton> ;)
18:40:23 <rbergeron> NEVER MIND, I can read, i promise
18:40:34 <shaiton> hope so :)
18:40:42 <rbergeron> next topic :)
18:40:46 <eseyman> JFTR, I really like the paris_11 draft
18:40:54 <shaiton> jftr?
18:40:58 <rbergeron> just for the record :)
18:41:06 <pingou> url ?
18:41:07 <shaiton> thx
18:41:11 <pingou> (although for the logs)
18:41:16 <eseyman> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:Fudcon_paris11_draft.png
18:41:46 <shaiton> eseyman: could you please update the wiki with a link to the svg if they want it?
18:41:59 <eseyman> sure
18:42:44 <shaiton> the design team replied to me monthes ago that the logo was not really guidlines complient (about the text use)
18:43:03 * shaiton is having hard time typing
18:43:25 <shaiton> #action eseyman to add the above pics on the design ticket
18:43:31 <shaiton> #topic other tasks
18:44:00 <shaiton> From the general schedule, we still have work on the road
18:44:01 <shaiton> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon_organization_process#FUDcon_Team_General_Planning_Schedule
18:44:15 <eseyman> I've been thinking about having catering for the last two days
18:44:37 <eseyman> I'm going to send out a few emails, see if I can get something done
18:44:43 <shaiton> great
18:45:09 <shaiton> we should also start working on the booklets
18:46:10 <rbergeron> Is there any cross-marketing to be done with the open world forum folks?
18:46:26 <shaiton> We should also start to schedule our hackfest in advance, if some people already know what they want to work on
18:46:28 <rbergeron> Or do they need anything from us (logos, information, etc) - I konw we're expecting to be in one of those buildings one day, yes?
18:47:40 <shaiton> rbergeron: the first day. Communication has already started on their side, if we have some topics that we know we would work on, we can share it and they will communicate for us
18:48:21 * shaiton looking for a link
18:48:22 <rbergeron> okay - well, we might think about what would be useful/relevant for that audience, or if we want to do anything other than "come to some things in the morning" and maybe tutorials in the afternoon, etc.
18:48:28 <rbergeron> Do they have a link of what they are also doing that day?
18:49:03 <shaiton> The day we are going to be there is the Experiment day, the day where people see the Open Source in action :)
18:49:31 <shaiton> http://www.openworldforum.org/en/Schedule
18:49:56 <shaiton> eseyman: we should probably translate the description :)
18:50:25 <shaiton> I will see
18:50:39 <shaiton> #action shaiton to call Constance and see how to deal with translations
18:51:32 <shaiton> I still have some sponsor request to send
18:51:42 <shaiton> #actio shaiton to find sporsors
18:52:00 <shaiton> #action
18:52:02 <shaiton> arg
18:52:09 <shaiton> #action shaiton sponsors
18:52:10 <rbergeron> Are we going to do the traditional FPL talk on saturday?
18:52:11 <shaiton> :)
18:52:20 <rbergeron> With others there? or not defined yet
18:52:30 <shaiton> rbergeron: that is planned, on the auditorium
18:52:45 <rbergeron> okay
18:53:04 <shaiton> we could define later what we are going to do there (only welcoming or also day planning)
18:53:16 * rbergeron nods
18:53:38 * rbergeron and suehle will have to brush up on our francais
18:54:01 <shaiton> I don't know yet when the TV interview is going to be (which time), that would be planned later this month
18:54:39 <shaiton> oh, OWF is an international event, no probs, English language welcome
18:54:50 <rbergeron> okay. good to know, more concerned about making sure fudcon is a success than being on tv at the moment :)
18:55:06 <shaiton> hehe
18:55:34 <rbergeron> we should also think about badges, if we want to give out flyers or media to those present, etc.
18:55:53 <rbergeron> Since in theory it's a wider event - we may have significantly more interest than normal.
18:56:01 <shaiton> once thing about that:
18:56:13 <shaiton> or not in fact, :)
18:56:29 <shaiton> eseyman: we don't have to register for the Experiment day at the OWF usually, right?
18:56:36 <shaiton> Only for the first tow days?
18:56:38 <shaiton> two*
18:57:26 <rbergeron> I guess the question is: will we be able to know how many to expect that are overflow from OWF?
18:57:54 <shaiton> yes we will
18:58:12 <shaiton> I think everyone will have a badge and people will "count"
18:58:19 <eseyman> I don't believe we have to register, no
18:58:53 <shaiton> eseyman: we have to clear that as the Systematic told me something about counting people.
18:59:08 <shaiton> Or at least we (contributors) are going to be registered
18:59:17 <rbergeron> yes, they probably need to know for their purposes withthe facility.
18:59:18 <shaiton> and visitors would be just seen
18:59:23 <shaiton> yep
18:59:27 <rbergeron> The facilities base what they charge upon # of people, etc.
18:59:40 <rbergeron> So even if we are free of charge... at some point someone is paying for us or helping out :)
18:59:47 <shaiton> yep ;)
19:00:08 <rbergeron> shaiton: if we could get some clear guidelines as to what we need to provide them with (and when) in terms of registration, attendees, etc. that would be good.
19:00:17 <rbergeron> When they need to know a whole schedule.
19:00:22 <shaiton> we will clear that, but it's quite early for them.
19:00:26 <rbergeron> Okay.
19:00:37 <rbergeron> Just keeping it on the radar - would be nice to know our dates so we can meet them is all :)
19:00:47 <shaiton> sure
19:01:17 <shaiton> #action shaiton to update our schedule about OWF and FUDCon TODOs
19:01:30 <rbergeron> thanks! :)
19:02:07 <shaiton> any idea guys how to enable contributors to add contributors the possibility to propose a subject to work on at FUDCon time?
19:02:33 <shaiton> Or should we keep the barcamp things, asking people on the first morning
19:02:35 <shaiton> ?
19:03:40 * shaiton thought about an other wiki column just letting people writting what they are interrested in, they would be able to organize themself as for hotel sharing
19:03:44 * shaiton is a dreamer
19:04:58 <rbergeron> well, hard to say.
19:05:17 <rbergeron> I think we need to think how it will work with the audience - if they're really observing/experimenting it might be good.
19:05:51 <rbergeron> But we have had people saying what they were interested in on the wiki - and also discussing what barcamps they're planning to propose
19:06:07 <rbergeron> i think it helps to make more organization - and helps us know how ot better organize time
19:06:36 <rbergeron> but you definitely have to prod it along, esp. with the hackfests - otherwise poeple show up and say, "hey, ami supposed to be doing something"
19:07:20 <shaiton> I can just add this column and we would see what people write :)
19:07:24 <shaiton> kwizart: you around?
19:07:33 <shaiton> any great idea for rpmfusion? :p
19:09:01 <rbergeron> shaiton: that will probably work out well :)
19:09:18 <shaiton> ok, let's see the Open Floor now :)
19:09:56 <shaiton> #action shaiton to add the Free Amazing Topic Proposal on the registration wiki page
19:10:03 <rbergeron> :)
19:10:18 <shaiton> #help everyone, you will then be able to add your wishes there! see ^
19:10:29 <shaiton> #topic Open Floor
19:10:33 <shaiton> anything to add?
19:11:24 <rbergeron> I don't have anything.
19:11:34 <shaiton> pingou, do you prefer to change our meeting time or we can just stick to -meeting-1? (to avoid infra colision)
19:11:39 <eseyman> I'll be at the Cité des Sciences saturday and I'll ask David Forgeron  (our contact there) where things are on his end
19:12:00 <shaiton> eseyman: I should join also if I don't forget… :)
19:12:01 <pingou> shaiton: either is fine for me, (in one case I'll have 2 meetings at once though)
19:12:15 <pingou> shaiton: but I'm afraid that infra can sometime last a while
19:12:22 <pingou> and before infra is irc-sig
19:13:02 <shaiton> #action pingou to confirm the meeting time
19:13:04 <shaiton> :)
19:13:15 <pingou> shaiton: eh oh! :D
19:13:21 <shaiton> ok, let's close this one
19:13:57 <shaiton> #endmeeting