18:01:50 <shaiton> #startmeeting FUDCon EMEA 2012
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18:01:58 <shaiton> #meetingname FUDCon EMEA Paris
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18:02:10 <shaiton> #chair misc pingou rbergeron
18:02:10 <zodbot> Current chairs: misc pingou rbergeron shaiton
18:02:18 * pingou 
18:04:20 <shaiton> the agenda is at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Paris_2012#Meetings
18:04:27 <shaiton> who's here?
18:04:46 * pingou 
18:04:50 <shaiton> I know :)
18:04:55 * pingou 
18:04:57 * pingou 
18:04:59 * pingou 
18:05:22 * shaiton will define every actions to pingou..
18:05:31 <pingou> s/pingou/shaiton/
18:05:43 <shaiton> ok, let's start in 5 minutes... Checking my emails :)
18:10:47 <shaiton> #topic funding
18:11:45 <shaiton> #info next funding approval meeting is next Monday at 20UTC in #fedora-meeting-1 (if not updated on the reminder)
18:12:14 <shaiton> who has already the plan tickets to book? Pandaconstentin?
18:12:32 <pingou> to book or booked ?
18:12:44 <pingou> pandaconstentin has to book it yes
18:12:51 <shaiton> #help guys that where approved and that needs plan tickets, please check ASAP and refere to rbergeron to book :)
18:12:56 <pingou> at least from the budget we approved
18:13:23 * shaiton has a phone call, be back in a minute
18:13:45 <pingou> shaiton: maybe we should write the decision in the ticket and change their status
18:14:14 <pingou> (if that hasn't already been done (writing the decision))
18:14:33 <shaiton> checking, that was the misc action
18:14:44 <pingou> k
18:15:06 <pingou> maybe changing their status as well is an idea
18:16:19 <shaiton> I've seen a update on the HU team, the 6th person is here
18:16:30 <shaiton> https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/338
18:16:42 <shaiton> we approved for 5 if I am correct
18:17:10 <pingou> we approved the three rooms
18:17:12 <pingou> so 6
18:17:17 <shaiton> ok fine
18:17:26 <pingou> yup
18:17:45 <shaiton> ok, for the budget we still are waiting for quotes about tshirt, badges..
18:18:19 <shaiton> And waiting for sponsor responses..
18:18:23 <shaiton> answers*
18:18:27 <pingou> :s
18:18:28 <shaiton> next subject
18:18:31 <pingou> +1
18:18:59 <shaiton> pingou: if you've requests to made, we have already asked https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Paris_2012_TODO#Sponsors
18:19:43 <shaiton> #topic hotel
18:19:52 <pingou> shaiton: if I think of anyone I'll let you know
18:19:57 <shaiton> #info Book your room soon please
18:19:59 <shaiton> ok pingou
18:20:44 <shaiton> I think that after our next funding approval meeting we would be able to check how many roomates we need and define them
18:20:47 <pingou> info: There are beautiful bridges in Paris but they might already be full
18:20:58 <shaiton> lol
18:21:39 <shaiton> #topic lunch
18:21:43 <shaiton> any news?
18:21:59 <shaiton> am I the one to ask for the quote?
18:22:17 <shaiton> Oh, you were not there pingou at last irl meeting..
18:22:20 <shaiton> hum
18:22:22 <pingou> you or Emmanuel or misc I guess :)
18:22:22 <shaiton> :)
18:22:46 <shaiton> #action ask for Quotes! (shaiton, or Havok_Novak)
18:24:15 <shaiton> #topic scheduling
18:24:53 <shaiton> in 2 or 3 weeks we need to have the tshirt and other goodies defined
18:25:23 <shaiton> the booklet is being written by eseyman, but we don't have feedback
18:26:02 <misc> there is a url for the booklet ?
18:26:12 <misc> (I am not awake enough to avoid the trap)
18:26:20 <shaiton> #info who's interrested to work for tools that are used in a FABLab? (we would probably have one for 2 days)
18:26:24 <shaiton> misc: not yet..
18:26:40 <shaiton> #action eseyman to give us booklet info
18:26:55 <shaiton> next subject?
18:27:09 <shaiton> oops, booklet WAS the next point..
18:27:15 <shaiton> #topic badges, signage, booklets
18:27:18 <shaiton> see above :)
18:27:26 <shaiton> #topic Open Floor
18:27:29 <shaiton> Ok, your turn
18:29:04 <shaiton> closing soon
18:29:47 <pingou> Create a fudcon.fedoraproject.org page (action shaiton, blocked by #102)
18:29:55 <pingou> blocking ticket is fixed ;)
18:30:13 <pingou> basically, the todo page could use a little update ;-)
18:31:02 <shaiton> :)
18:31:37 <shaiton> we still have no feedback from the design team :(
18:31:52 <shaiton> #help we need the designs (banner, tshirt).. please :)
18:31:56 <pingou> I like the latest proposal
18:32:03 <pingou> just adjust the flag and I'm for it!
18:32:06 <shaiton> me too (but the flag)
18:32:08 <shaiton> :)
18:32:22 <shaiton> #action pingou to give a feedback on the design ticket
18:32:24 <shaiton> :)
18:32:26 <shaiton> ping ping!
18:32:39 <pingou> I'll do ;)
18:33:48 <shaiton> closing
18:33:51 <shaiton> #endmeeting