14:00:59 <mattdm> #startmeeting
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14:01:14 <mattdm> #meetingname cloud-sig
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14:01:22 <mattdm> #meetingtopic Fedora Cloud SIG
14:01:31 <mattdm> anyone around?
14:01:39 * mmorsi says hi
14:02:52 <mattdm> hmmm we'll wait a little bit for other people to trickle in..
14:03:02 <mmorsi> sure
14:03:14 <mattdm> you work on aeolus?
14:03:20 <mmorsi> didn't know what chatroom it was gonna be in till you said it on fedora-cloud
14:03:37 <mmorsi> yessir
14:03:40 <mattdm> yeah it was on the mailing list but i figured it wouldn't hurt to reinforce.
14:03:59 <mmorsi> ah yeh thats what i figured, prolly missed it in the flood 0_o
14:04:09 <mmorsi> ya have an update for the cloud-sig list
14:04:42 <mattdm> who, me?
14:04:49 <mattdm> on the meeting or in general? :)
14:04:54 <mmorsi> no i do
14:04:58 <mmorsi> had hoped to have it out b4 the meeting, unfortunately was blocked on a couple things, but those should be taken care by end of day
14:05:04 <mattdm> ohhhh. well coool.
14:05:20 <mmorsi> ya can briefly talk about it when we get things underway
14:05:29 <mmorsi> oh and this is just my 2cents
14:05:37 <mattdm> i will take 2 cents.
14:05:43 <mmorsi> but am not a big fan of having the unofficial meeting
14:05:49 <mmorsi> feel like it causes confusion
14:06:08 <mattdm> i know, but the morning didn't work for some people we need to hear from.
14:06:14 <mmorsi> but doesn't really matter to me either way
14:06:29 <mattdm> but I see that no one is here at all so, hmmm.
14:06:36 <mmorsi> ya perhaps encouraging people to be more vocal on the ML
14:06:54 <mattdm> will need to try and post advance agendas and make it more useful... but more vocal in the mailing list is even better really.
14:07:03 <mmorsi> ya thats tru
14:07:04 <mattdm> let's go ahead with yuor thing
14:07:14 <mattdm> topic is aeolus?
14:07:22 <mattdm> #topic aeolus update
14:07:25 <mmorsi> sure
14:07:32 <mattdm> go!
14:07:35 * tdawson notes that he is here.
14:07:43 <mmorsi> well as i mentioned b4 i was working on a few templates for fedora infra
14:07:53 <mmorsi> eg so you can deploy fedora infra to multiple cloud providers
14:08:06 <mmorsi> the barebone / preliminary versions of those are about done
14:08:14 <mmorsi> should be added to our templates repo soon
14:08:21 <mmorsi> https://github.com/aeolus-incubator/templates
14:08:22 <mattdm> in this context 'fedora infra' means?
14:08:30 <mmorsi> mock, koji, bodhi
14:08:45 <mmorsi> starting to do things like orchestrating configs
14:08:57 <mmorsi> so a component on one cloud provider can talk to a component on another
14:09:01 <mattdm> that's cool.
14:09:01 <mmorsi> and so on and so forth
14:09:22 <mmorsi> eventually doing things like dynamic pricing adjustments (we're far from that point tho)
14:09:33 <mmorsi> and of course a cloud provider could be a local openstack instance
14:09:54 <mmorsi> so ya the basic templates to just deploy the services to any provider are just about done
14:10:09 <mmorsi> i'm gonna blog (and hopefully screencast it) in the in near future
14:10:13 * mattdm nods
14:10:14 <mmorsi> so it should show up on fedora planet
14:11:04 <mmorsi> hoping to drive some interest on the fedora side in aeolus and externally in the fedora / cloud efforts and technologies
14:11:21 <mmorsi> of course, obligatory any help w/ this effort would be appreciated
14:11:27 <mattdm> cool. have you been working with seth on this?
14:11:42 <mmorsi> should all be very easily to follow along one the blog post is out
14:11:46 <mmorsi> not atm
14:11:58 <mmorsi> want to show it working before i formally approach fedora infra
14:12:15 <mmorsi> kinda giving ya'll the preview / plan here, but still in works
14:12:19 <mattdm> probably good to approach them informally too :)
14:12:32 <mmorsi> yeh, i mentioned it at hte last fudcon
14:12:36 <mmorsi> well the last one i went to
14:12:40 <mmorsi> blacksburg
14:13:11 * mattdm nods
14:13:16 <mmorsi> ah hey
14:13:29 <mattdm> anything in particular you need?
14:13:53 <mmorsi> not atm, again just keep a lookout for specific instructions / steps via the planet blogroll
14:14:04 <mattdm> ok i will.
14:14:07 <mattdm> #topic openshift
14:14:19 <mattdm> tdawson openshift?
14:14:42 <tdawson> We're still doing pretty good.
14:14:58 <mattdm> i looked at the feature page -- looks like there's basically one outstanding review request?
14:15:01 <tdawson> WE've progressed on testing, but nobody has finished the full test.
14:15:24 <tdawson> mattdm: Yes, and that review isn't totally necessary unless we need to update to the newer code.
14:15:45 <tdawson> The extra week for Beta has helped us.
14:15:58 * mattdm nods
14:16:10 <tdawson> The problem is that our setup page is so long that nobody has made it all the way through it ... at least nobody that's reported back.
14:16:45 <tdawson> https://openshift.redhat.com/community/wiki/build-your-own
14:17:04 <mattdm> I admit that I saw that and then thought "maybe later".
14:17:29 <tdawson> We are adjusting it to work with Fedora 18 stuff ... but as I said, nobody has finished, so we don't have that up.
14:17:41 <tdawson> The good news is that upstream has automated all of that
14:17:53 <mattdm> what's the automation tool of choice?
14:18:14 <tdawson> The bad news is they don't consider it stable yet, so we aren't updating to that code unless we're broken.
14:18:24 <tdawson> mattdm: majority of it is just scripts.
14:18:54 <mattdm> the openstack people are packaging up a puppet module that does a simple local deploy
14:19:05 <tdawson> If you go through the "build-your-own" you will see that majority of the stuff can be just cut and pasted ... which makes for good scripts.
14:19:16 <mattdm> something like that would be awesome for openshift too
14:19:24 <mattdm> not necessarily for F18 release :)
14:20:16 <tdawson> mattdm: Yep, I know that somebody has mentioned doing that, and it's on a roadmap ... but for the initial F18 stuff, it's a bit of overkill.
14:20:40 <mattdm> In the meantime, "find some volunteers for testing" is the main thing, then?
14:20:45 <skvidal> tdawson: how many instances do you need?
14:20:58 <tdawson> mattdm: Well, we have 3 testers volunteered ... none have finished.
14:21:01 <skvidal> tdawson: and how tightly coupled are they for bringing up 'openshift' in a private cloud?
14:21:26 <tdawson> skvidal: For our initial "it works" test, we just need one.
14:21:28 <mattdm> tdawson: one might consider that "test failed".... :)
14:21:52 <skvidal> tdawson: b/c my first thought is to take the set of instructions you have and make it into an ansible playbook
14:22:03 <skvidal> since that requires no infrastructure to setup and use, unlike puppet
14:22:22 <mattdm> (puppet doesn't either; masterless puppet ftw.)
14:22:25 <tdawson> skvidal: Although some people have noted that having just one node do everything doesn't show up several bugs ... but ... we're starting with just one.
14:22:39 <skvidal> mattdm: *cough* ruby crap *cough*
14:22:51 <skvidal> tdawson: okay
14:22:58 * mattdm stands back, looks sideways shiftily
14:23:55 <mattdm> so, do we need someone to make the docs less scary?
14:24:11 <tdawson> mattdm: If there is someone who can do that ... that would be good.
14:24:20 <skvidal> I think that first diagram is probably the scariest bit
14:24:30 <tdawson> I've gotten halfway through, and I've taken notes on each step I take.
14:24:43 <tdawson> skvidal: *laughs* Ya ... maybe put that in the bottom.
14:25:38 <tdawson> I'm in another meeting and need to talk ... so I'm going to be quiet for a bit.
14:25:59 <tdawson> But, I think we are on track to be at 100% by friday unless we actually do find a big bug.
14:26:15 <mattdm> cool. I'll look at testing today and tomorrow.
14:27:01 <mattdm> #info cloud images
14:27:07 <mattdm> #undo
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14:27:11 <mattdm> #topic cloud images
14:27:18 <mattdm> Just some quick notes here:
14:27:55 <skvidal> tdawson: if I wanted to tinker with that process
14:27:56 <mattdm> 1. I have a meeting coming up with dgilmore from releng about making this happen as part of the release process
14:28:00 <skvidal> tdawson: and I need help, can I ping you?
14:28:14 <tdawson> skvidal: Sure
14:28:23 <skvidal> tdawson: thx
14:28:25 <mattdm> 2. mirror admins are generally happy with the idea of cloud images, or neutral
14:29:02 <mattdm> 3. gholms is working on getting cloud-init working so that the raw image size will be small
14:29:09 <mattdm> more on that later.
14:30:02 <mattdm> for now....
14:30:07 <mattdm> #endmeeting