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14:01:20 <mattdm> #meetingtopic Cloud SIG meeting
14:01:33 <mattdm> #topic Hello Everyone
14:01:51 <tdawson> Howdy
14:01:56 <mattdm> hi! we'll do the traditional 'wait five minutes for anyone to trickle in'. :)
14:02:18 <tdawson> yup
14:02:25 * samkottler is here
14:03:13 <mattdm> hi sam! have we met?
14:04:27 <mattdm> Basic agenda for today:
14:04:31 <mattdm> 1. openshift update
14:04:43 <mattdm> 2. any other feature/project updates from people who are here.
14:04:55 <mattdm> 3. images / amazon update
14:05:00 <mattdm> 4. open floor
14:05:41 <mattdm> okay then. :)
14:05:43 <mattdm> #topic openshift
14:05:59 <mattdm> tdawson, what's up?
14:06:01 <tdawson> Well, we have bad news and good news
14:06:06 <mattdm> bad news first?
14:06:23 <tdawson> The bad news is that our testing found that our current broker doesn't work with rails 3.2
14:06:46 <tdawson> That hopefully will be fixed this week, hopefully still in time to be ready for the Beta.
14:06:47 <mattdm> (also: Sorry I didn't get to test very much. I'm pulled in several different directions and the amazon thing is my top priority.)
14:06:58 <mattdm> It's good news that the testing found it. :)
14:07:13 <tdawson> The good news is that we will have to update all the packages to the latest versions.
14:07:23 <tdawson> And with the latest versions are setup scripts.
14:07:37 <tdawson> So the setup page shouldn't be so crazy big.
14:07:48 <mattdm> What are the setup scripts in?
14:08:04 <tdawson> Oh ... I have no idea, I didn't look yet.
14:08:08 <mattdm> okay. :)
14:08:38 <tdawson> Looks like mainly bash, with a few ruby scripts.
14:09:06 <mmorsi> tdawson: there's prolly alot out there you can leverage, but this was my experience migrating aeolus deltacloud from rails 2 -> 3 http://mo.morsi.org/blog/node/331
14:09:07 <tdawson> Anyway, with the newer packages, I'll feel much better about releasing this.
14:09:20 <mattdm> There's a general idea being kicked around of having an official Fedora git repo with prepackaged configuration for various provisioning tools -- ansible, puppet, chef -- for a lot of our stuff.
14:09:31 <mmorsi> (srry i'm late wiki say #fedora-meeting, changing now)
14:09:54 <tdawson> mmorsi: Well, they had already been working on it, and really had it already done, but they still were in the old naming scheme.
14:09:54 <mattdm> This seems like a good candidate. Not necessarily for F18 timeframe but maybe next release.
14:10:02 <mattdm> Newer packages sounds gret.
14:10:03 <mmorsi> sure
14:10:11 <mattdm> gret = great
14:10:21 <tdawson> meaning, they were using the stickshift name instead of openshift-origin names.
14:11:08 <mmorsi> ah gotchya
14:11:17 <mattdm> when will the updated packages land?
14:11:18 <tdawson> So, in short, hopefully by the end of the week we'll start updating the openshift-origin packages, and adding a few.
14:12:13 <mattdm> cool that dovetails well with my time avail. to go through updated instructions.
14:12:15 <tdawson> I should have a review request for pam_openshift out today, and then there will be o-o-broken-utils and o-o-node-utils packages that will need a review request.
14:12:34 <tdawson> The utils packages will have the setup and running scripts in them.
14:12:40 <mattdm> are there reviewers ready to go on those?
14:12:50 * mattdm has a backlog of packages to review.
14:13:14 <tdawson> Possibly.  misc has been doing most of our packages, if he's busy, we have a couple others we can ping.
14:13:26 <mattdm> k. let me know if anything gets stalled.
14:13:37 <tdawson> Will do.
14:13:48 <mattdm> anything else?
14:13:53 <tdawson> Nope, I think that's about it.
14:14:10 <mattdm> Okay. Anyone have other project updates? Anyone from OpenStack here?
14:14:36 <mattdm> We put this meeting at this time to make it more convenient for OpenStack people.
14:14:38 <mmorsi> i can talk re aeolus briefly
14:14:44 <mattdm> okay cool
14:14:49 <mattdm> #topic aeolus
14:15:13 <mmorsi> so attended the gsoc mentors summit last weekend
14:15:18 <mmorsi> as i mentored a few projects for fedora
14:15:23 <mmorsi> and attended the gsoc cloud mtg
14:15:31 <mmorsi> got a bit of perspective of what people are using
14:15:37 <mmorsi> http://gsoc-wiki.osuosl.org/index.php/Attendee_List_2012
14:15:42 <mmorsi> what i mean by people ^
14:15:55 <mmorsi> represented the fedora / cloud efforts there as well
14:16:00 <mattdm> awesome.
14:16:04 <mmorsi> mostly adopters of cloud software and platform services
14:16:10 <mmorsi> some adopters of openshift
14:16:16 <mmorsi> also adopters of cloud infra services
14:16:33 <mmorsi> though not too many roling their own clouds using w/e (openshift, ovirt, etc)
14:16:39 <mmorsi> srry
14:16:52 <mmorsi> that last openshift:  s/openshift/openstack
14:17:04 <mmorsi> so think we can make great gains on that front
14:17:14 <mmorsi> also on hybrid clouds
14:17:30 <mmorsi> w/ aeolus and what not, going to keep working on the aeolus / fedora integration point myself
14:17:38 <mattdm> what was your general perspective on what people _are_ using?
14:17:53 <mmorsi> hrm the vast majority has adopted software services
14:18:02 <mmorsi> things like the continuous integrations services
14:18:13 <mmorsi> document services like etherpad and what not
14:18:19 <mmorsi> many have adopted platform services
14:18:22 <mmorsi> openshift, heroku, etc
14:18:36 <mmorsi> many are alos using infra services
14:18:40 <mmorsi> ec2, rackspace, etc
14:19:02 <mattdm> do you know what they were running on in those cases?
14:19:08 <mmorsi> not too many have built their own cloud at the current time, but the h/w and interest is out there
14:19:14 <mmorsi> well see the attendee list
14:19:25 <mmorsi> everything from test and dev environment to prod systems
14:19:35 <mmorsi> this was more of a survey of the room
14:19:52 <mattdm> sorry i meant that from a myopic fedora-os pov. Anyone using Fedora? :)
14:19:59 <mmorsi> of course
14:20:03 <mmorsi> alot of fedora / rhel users
14:20:07 <mmorsi> also centos
14:20:22 <mmorsi> and scientific linux (a rhel derivative) is big in the research community
14:20:26 <mmorsi> (maintained by cern)
14:20:42 <mattdm> yeah I'm very familiar with that from my previous job (worked at universities)
14:21:01 <mmorsi> i think there is alot more we can do w/ cloud infra on the fedora side
14:21:24 <mmorsi> big opportunities from what i saw at the room
14:21:53 <mattdm> hybrid cloud / management kind of opportunties, or otherwise?
14:21:55 <mmorsi> i really want to couple the fedora desktop to cloud deployment technologies (and have a couple ideas to do so)
14:22:04 <mattdm> awesome. yes.
14:22:25 <mmorsi> yes at the current time i see the technologies as being the barrier to adoption
14:22:40 <mmorsi> so if we can make the experience seemless from the fedora desktop
14:22:43 <mmorsi> that'd be a major win
14:22:46 <mattdm> can you post abuot the desktop->cloud ideas on the mailing list?
14:22:51 <mmorsi> sure
14:23:01 <mmorsi> i can toss one that i've been stewing around here
14:23:12 <mattdm> awesome.
14:23:56 <mattdm> on a somewhat related note: fedora infrastructure is looking for a technology for managing our internal clouds.
14:23:57 <mmorsi> http://blogs.gnome.org/mclasen/2012/09/07/a-look-at-gnome-boxes/
14:24:02 <mmorsi> something like this for cloud instances ^
14:24:18 <mattdm> is something in aeolus useful here?
14:24:23 <mmorsi> you can tie gnome shell to as many cloud providers as you want using aeolus deltacloud
14:24:29 <mmorsi> i haven't built anything yet
14:24:33 <mmorsi> oh the cycles :-(
14:24:39 <mmorsi> but right there
14:24:48 <mmorsi> the fedora desktop would be coupled to the cloud
14:24:51 <mmorsi> for seemless deployments
14:24:55 <mmorsi> and would be a first
14:25:12 <misc> like lightdm do in the latest ubuntu, with remote login on ec2 ?
14:25:23 <mattdm> that is very cool. let's make that an f19 feature.
14:25:40 <mmorsi> not too familiar w/ lightdm
14:25:49 <mmorsi> but imagine gnome integration would be more popular
14:25:57 <mmorsi> not to knock lightdm or anything
14:26:17 <mattdm> mmorsi: on the fedora infrastructure thing, see http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/infrastructure/2012-October/012258.html
14:26:20 <mmorsi> mattdm: i would love too see it and can assist making it happen, but don't have the cycles atm to drive the coding effort
14:26:25 <misc> http://gould.cx/ted/blog/Desktop_in_the_cloud something like this ( except url is not working now )
14:26:49 <mmorsi> atm working on putting the screencast / demo to deploy koji accross clouds that i was talking about during the last mtg
14:26:53 <mattdm> mmorsi: does Aeolus address that need in any way?
14:27:21 <mattdm> (sorry talking about two things at once here.)
14:27:47 <mmorsi> misc: hehe makes it hard to read (is there a cached version?)
14:27:59 <mmorsi> rbergeron: any thoughts on all of this ^
14:28:01 <mattdm> on the desktop integration, I think that if we can put together a clear vision we can get the cycles
14:28:07 <mmorsi> awesome
14:28:15 <mmorsi> maybe integrate some of the gnome team in
14:28:19 <mmorsi> and design team in for mockups
14:28:31 <mmorsi> mattdm: not sure atm, will look into that link
14:29:15 <mattdm> I'm sure design team will be on board. I mean, I can't speak for them, but I have a general sense. :)
14:29:19 <mmorsi> have some other ideas, can dig em out of the list, but i think this is the best one / most visible
14:29:23 <mmorsi> sure thing
14:29:31 <mattdm> it is a great one.
14:29:33 <mmorsi> if it works it works, if not, we move onto other things :-)
14:29:37 <mattdm> yes.
14:29:46 <mmorsi> k, we can start syncing this on the lists
14:29:55 * mattdm nods
14:30:04 * mmorsi is now excited :-)
14:30:10 <mattdm> awesome!
14:30:20 <mmorsi> though prolly just volunteered for alot more work! :-p
14:30:55 <mattdm> For the fedora-infrastructure thing: if we don't have a good story for that in the tools RH is working on, we really need to do some hard thinking.
14:31:31 <mmorsi> i think we can do that with deltacloud
14:31:48 <mmorsi> i'll read the email and reply / forward it to our community if necessary
14:31:57 <mmorsi> will get back to you
14:32:03 <mattdm> mmorsi: awesome, and thanks.
14:32:10 <mattdm> okay moving on....
14:32:18 <mattdm> #topic cloud images building
14:32:23 <mmorsi> np
14:32:32 <mattdm> building images in koji has been broken for a long time.
14:32:45 <mattdm> I tracked the immediate problem down to a failure in parted 3.1
14:33:14 <mattdm> previous versions were not checking if the kernel supported partitions on lookback devs
14:33:32 <mattdm> new version checks, and since rhel 6.3 doesn't do that without a kernel option, it bailed.
14:33:46 <mattdm> or rather, excited from the middle of the code with a return code of 1 and no message about why.
14:33:52 <mattdm> thank goodness for gdb.
14:34:08 <mattdm> fix is top enable loop.max_part=256 on the builders which is done now.
14:34:23 <mattdm> So now images should be buildable.
14:34:36 <mattdm> Except that it's now blowing up on something else about can't execute /bin/passwd.
14:34:52 <mattdm> Next steps are to investigate where that is and if it's a kickstart issue or appliance-creator, and fix it either way.
14:34:58 <mattdm> Any questions? :)
14:35:48 <mattdm> ok then. :)
14:35:53 <mattdm> #topic amazon marketplace
14:36:14 <mattdm> Amazon has a web site for finding and launching ec2 images.
14:36:35 <mattdm> I'm going through the paperwork and legal to get that done.
14:37:11 <mattdm> Amazon is being very helpful and working to lower barriers (ie since we're not going to charge money, no need for the normally-mandatory bank account field to be filled)
14:37:23 <mattdm> This will get us visible at
14:37:25 <mattdm> https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/b/2649367011/ref=gtw_navlft_node_2649367011
14:37:37 <mattdm> and will also enable things like one-click launch for fedora.
14:38:39 <mattdm> going to get that done this week. and, together with the previous topic, hoping to have F18 beta images available at or very shortly after beta release date.
14:39:18 <mattdm> any other topics?
14:39:25 <mattdm> #topic openfloor
14:40:22 <mattdm> going...
14:40:35 <mattdm> going...
14:41:34 <mattdm> gone!
14:41:36 <mattdm> #endmeeting