19:00:16 <jreznik> #startmeeting Fedora 19 Final Readiness Meeting
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19:01:05 * nirik waves
19:01:20 * jreznik is now blocking two meeting channels...
19:01:25 <jreznik> #topic Purpose of this meeting
19:01:38 <jreznik> #info "Before each public release all of the groups participating the development of Fedora's next release meet to make sure the release is well coordinated."
19:01:44 <jreznik> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Readiness_Meetings
19:02:10 <jreznik> #topic Current status
19:03:02 <jreznik> basically we're waiting for RC3 validation as we had to do late respin due to kickstart bug in text mode
19:03:19 <jreznik> to decide if we can go or no-go as planned
19:03:32 <suehle> here as well
19:03:53 <jreznik> #info we're waiting for RC3 validation to decide Go/No-Go for Fedora 19 Final due to late accepted blocker bug
19:03:58 <jreznik> hi suehle!
19:04:45 <rbergeron> thank goodness, i was starting to think this cycle was unrealistically perfect or something
19:05:23 <jreznik> we already have RC3 available and QA is now going through specific test cases, mostly using RC2 results as there should not be big differences
19:05:49 <jreznik> rbergeron: sun eruptions today, otherwise it would be perfect :)
19:06:20 <jreznik> so that's for current status, watch #fedora-meeting-2 and #fedora-qa for current status
19:06:53 <adamw> ahoyhoy
19:07:06 <jreznik> ahoj!
19:07:14 <jreznik> let's move on
19:07:18 <adamw> rbergeron: we had to work quite hard but we managed to find something to panic about
19:07:43 <jreznik> #topic Ambassadors
19:08:19 * jreznik doesn't see sesivany but saw cwickert trying to join the channel
19:09:06 * cwickert is here
19:09:21 <jreznik> anything from ambassadors for final?
19:09:26 <cwickert> I think sesivany took a day off
19:09:39 <cwickert> no, ready when you are
19:10:22 <jreznik> #info Ambassadors are ready
19:10:28 <jreznik> thanks cwickert
19:10:47 <jreznik> #topic Design
19:11:20 <jreznik> anybody from Design team? I don't see Ryan here
19:12:40 * Viking-Ice draws the design team
19:13:30 <jreznik> hi gnokii, are you aware of Design team status for F19?
19:13:58 <gnokii> jreznik: it should be everything done
19:14:28 <jreznik> gnokii: thanks
19:14:45 <jreznik> I'll sync with Ryan offline to be sure
19:15:16 <jreznik> #info Design team should be ready, to recheck with ryanlerch offline
19:15:38 <jreznik> #action jreznik to follow up with ryanlerch
19:15:53 <jreznik> #topic Documentation
19:17:37 <jreznik> Sparks: ping, are you aware of docs team status for f19? I don't see randomuser here
19:18:11 <Sparks> jreznik: I think we are on go.
19:18:22 <Sparks> jreznik: The Release Notes were packaged and pushed yesterday(?)
19:18:38 <Sparks> jreznik: And documentation is being pushed up to the public server
19:18:44 <jreznik> #info Documentation team is ready
19:19:00 <jreznik> #info Release Notes were packaged and pushed yesterday
19:19:17 <jreznik> #info Documentation is being pushed up to the public server
19:19:20 <jreznik> thanks Sparks
19:19:40 <jreznik> anything else you're aware of?
19:20:09 <Sparks> Not that I'm aware.  Are there any specific concerns?
19:20:42 <jreznik> not from me
19:21:04 <Sparks> I'm not aware of any issues within Documentation.
19:21:19 <jreznik> just I want to be sure RN and docs are all set after we had some issues for Beta
19:21:24 <jreznik> thanks
19:22:11 <jreznik> Sparks: when do you expect docs push will be finished?
19:24:16 <jreznik> let's move on now, we have a lot of stuff on agenta, will recheck after meeting
19:24:40 <jreznik> #topic FESCo
19:24:55 <jreznik> nirik: anything from FESCo?
19:25:30 <nirik> nope, we are ready to go. There was one bug, but it was fixed and we are ready
19:25:45 <jreznik> #info FESCo is ready
19:26:19 <jreznik> #info there was one bug, but it was fixed
19:26:29 <nirik> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=975214 for the record.
19:26:39 <jreznik> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=975214
19:27:20 <jreznik> thanks nirik
19:27:40 <jreznik> #topic Fedora Engineering Manager
19:27:59 <jreznik> spot: are you around? anything from you?
19:28:35 <suehle> I think he was leaving for vacation today
19:30:22 * jreznik wants to leave for vacation too, expects the first free time in autumn...
19:30:27 <jreznik> suehle: ok
19:30:42 <jreznik> but we usually don't have anything specific from spot
19:31:00 <jreznik> #topic Translation
19:32:05 <jreznik> do we have anybody from Translation team?
19:34:57 <jreznik> yurchor: are you aware if Translation team is ready for release?
19:35:00 <Viking-Ice> aren't people being pinged in advance for release readiness meeting so they are present when the meeting is actually held?
19:35:50 <yurchor> jreznik:  setrobleshoot developer has broke message freeze two days ago with at least 2 typos in English messages. Anaconda is in unknown state (there wer freeze breaks with no testing). The other should be Ok.
19:35:53 <jreznik> Viking-Ice: they are but it's hard to get everyone in the same time on the same place... if somebody is missing, I try to sync offline
19:37:18 <yurchor> Some translation bugs from testing days have patches to fix extraction but nobody wanted to apply them. :'(
19:37:19 <jreznik> #info setrobleshoot developer broke message freeze, Anaconda is in unknown state (there were freeze breaks with no testing)
19:38:00 <jreznik> #info other packages should be ok, some translation bugs from testing days have patches to fix but were not applied
19:38:28 <jreznik> yurchor: well, for the test day fixes, I'd say we could do better - let me know if something like that arises next time
19:38:51 <yurchor> jreznik: Thanks. :)
19:39:28 <yurchor> And nothing unusual this cycle. Thanks for everyone who cares about translations. :)
19:41:05 <jreznik> yurchor: I'll try to reach the team for F20 cycle, to check what's in schedule and how to make sure freezes, test days results etc. are properly communicated
19:41:13 <jreznik> thanks yurchor
19:41:26 <jreznik> #topic Fedora Project Leader
19:42:11 <jreznik> rbergeron: your turn
19:42:35 <rbergeron> jreznik: I haz nothing. I will need a reminder about the actual release time on tuesday
19:42:41 <rbergeron> since it changes for me every 6 months :)
19:42:56 <rbergeron> well, then it is three times in a row, but ... I can look at the wiki page :)
19:43:13 <jreznik> I have to admit I'm always confused either
19:43:24 <rbergeron> but other than that: FPL sends out final release announcement, so i'll have it queued up and whatnot for tues.
19:43:34 <nirik> 10am E*T right?
19:43:42 <jsmith> That sounds right to me
19:43:54 <suehle> Yah
19:43:58 * nirik thinks we should change it to just use UTC. But probibly just me
19:43:59 <jreznik> nirik: yeah, timezones makes it worst and sometimes I'm just off by one
19:44:04 <jreznik> nirik: +1
19:44:05 <rbergeron> yeah. so ... 7am instead of 8am for me right now
19:44:17 <nirik> rbergeron: yep. 8am here. ;(
19:44:27 <rbergeron> nirik: next time though. 8am for me :)
19:44:56 <jreznik> it's easier to get time from utc, without double conversion (in case we are in different daylight saving non sense etc)
19:44:57 <nirik> we should just change it to 14UTC
19:45:04 <rbergeron> so just need to confirm which tuesday at this point (and need to relay to PR as well, so they can get it in calendar and call the pressy folks)
19:45:07 <nirik> but thats another topic for another day I think
19:45:56 <jreznik> for F19, let's stay with 10 am E*T but let's change it for F20
19:46:09 * nirik nods
19:46:34 <jreznik> #info FPL is ready, needs reminder about actual release time
19:46:42 <rbergeron> jreznik: i have the reminder now.
19:46:44 <rbergeron> it's on a sticky note.
19:46:47 <rbergeron> and my phone.
19:46:59 <rbergeron> :)
19:47:16 * jreznik should do the same :)
19:47:19 <jreznik> thanks rbergeron
19:47:21 <jreznik> #topic Marketing
19:47:45 <jreznik> suehle: how's the work on announcement is going?
19:47:56 <suehle> Release announcement just needs deprecated features if anyone knows of any http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F19_release_announcement
19:49:00 <suehle> jreznik, ^^
19:49:02 <jreznik> suehle: I'll try to dig it out somehow, if not, I'd 'll remove the section
19:49:33 <jreznik> I see there are some formatting issues like "=== Complete feature list "
19:49:59 <suehle> I'll go review it this afternoon and clean it up
19:50:17 <suehle> If anybody has comments/additions/subtractions, let me know.
19:50:52 <jreznik> #info Release Announcement needs deprecated features list
19:50:57 <jreznik> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F19_release_announcement
19:51:12 <jreznik> #action jreznik to take a look on deprecated features
19:51:28 <jreznik> #action suehle to review and clean up the announcement
19:51:45 <jreznik> rbergeron: do you have anything to add to the announcement?
19:53:11 <rbergeron> jreznik: i may fine tune it a bit but nothing serious
19:53:23 <jreznik> thanks
19:53:31 <rbergeron> mostly along the lines of "not the same exact wording" in the features
19:54:02 <jreznik> suehle: anything else from marketing?
19:54:11 <rbergeron> since some of our more ... picky press / pundits/ etc. out there comment on it
19:54:25 <suehle> rbergeron, We can even mix back in some from the alpha announcement
19:54:45 <suehle> I think that's all from me
19:55:06 <jreznik> ok
19:55:22 <jreznik> #topic Infrastructure
19:55:26 <rbergeron> suehle: yup. i just get little comments on the phone like
19:55:58 <rbergeron> well. comments.
19:56:03 * rbergeron will not go into detail :)
19:56:22 * jreznik already moved on, we don't have much time left :)
19:56:28 <nirik> infrastructure is all set... we just need the go bits to start mirroring out. ;)
19:57:04 <jreznik> #info infrastructure is ready, only bits to start mirroring out are needed
19:57:13 <jreznik> #topic Websites
19:57:42 <jreznik> robyduck, shaiton: your turn
19:57:54 <robyduck> yep, hi
19:58:03 <jreznik> hi
19:58:13 <robyduck> websites are ready, new spin pages are in place, we updated the clouds and will do the same with 2nd arches (already in contact with ARM)
19:58:29 <jreznik> #info websites are ready, new spin pages are in place
19:58:36 <robyduck> Still need to get the last things related to the final RC, checksums, ISO sizes, and have to check doc links.
19:58:47 <robyduck> it's all from our side
19:59:09 <jreznik> #info the clouds updated, the same planned for 2nd arches, in touch with ARM
19:59:51 <jreznik> #info final RC data still needed (checksums, ISO sizes, links check)
20:00:10 <jreznik> robyduck: well I hope we will give it to you today :)
20:00:15 <jreznik> thanks
20:00:22 <robyduck> :)
20:00:54 <jreznik> #topic QA
20:01:22 <jreznik> QA are now being heros with RC3 validation, adamw, anything specific to mention beside this?
20:02:07 <adamw> not really
20:02:22 <adamw> i have a pile of stuff on my commonbugs list but there's nothing we're really fudging
20:02:35 <adamw> tflink, viking?
20:04:54 <jreznik> #info besides RC3 validation tests, there's commobugs list to be finished
20:05:08 <jreznik> #topic Release Engineering
20:05:47 <jreznik> dgilmore: anything from you?
20:05:55 <jreznik> (and big thanks for RC3!)
20:07:59 <Viking-Ice> nothing to add from me
20:10:09 <jreznik> I'll expect dennis will raise hand in case of any issues, let's move on
20:10:16 <jreznik> #topic Open floor
20:10:33 <jreznik> anything else to add now?
20:10:54 <dgilmore> jreznik: in decent shape
20:11:03 <jreznik> #undo
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20:11:20 <jreznik> #topic Release Engineering
20:11:29 <jreznik> #info Release Engineering in a decent shape
20:12:10 <jreznik> thanks
20:12:16 <jreznik> #topic Open floor
20:12:45 <jreznik> well, except we are waiting for Go/No-Go for RC3 seems we are pretty ready
20:13:09 * jreznik will follow it up closely
20:15:12 <cwickert> what about spins?
20:15:19 <cwickert> I mean websites
20:15:33 <cwickert> we have one new spin that needs a website
20:15:51 <cwickert> does anybody know the status here?
20:15:51 <robyduck> cwickert: which one?
20:15:56 <cwickert> MATE
20:16:06 <cwickert> and I think Jam, too
20:16:10 <cwickert> so two spins actually
20:16:22 <robyduck> http://spins.stg.fedoraproject.org/jam
20:16:29 <robyduck> http://spins.stg.fedoraproject.org/mate-compiz
20:16:34 <cwickert> oh
20:16:35 <cwickert> cool
20:16:38 <robyduck> ;)
20:16:42 <cwickert> then we are done :)
20:16:48 <cwickert> thanks robyduck
20:17:07 <robyduck> thanks to you for not forgetting nothing
20:21:09 <jreznik> good job guys with spins!
20:21:27 <jreznik> anything else? otherwise I'm setting fuse
20:25:40 <jreznik> 3...
20:26:23 <jreznik> 2...
20:27:25 <jreznik> 1...
20:28:00 <jreznik> thanks everyone for coming!
20:28:06 <jreznik> #endmeeting