19:00:35 <jreznik> #startmeeting F20 Beta Readiness Meeting
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19:00:43 <jreznik> #meetingname f20-beta-readiness-meeting
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19:00:54 * nirik is here, but also in another meeting, ping if you need me. ;)
19:01:08 <jreznik> nirik: ok :) thanks
19:01:10 <jreznik> #topic Purpose of this meeting
19:01:22 <jreznik> #info "Before each public release all of the groups participating the development of Fedora's next release meet to make sure the release is well coordinated."
19:01:23 <jreznik> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Readiness_Meetings
19:01:41 <jreznik> #topic Current status
19:02:06 <jreznik> sad news, we had to slip F20 Beta by one week but that gives us more time get everything done for F20 Beta!
19:02:26 <jreznik> #info at the Go/No-Go meeting it was decided to slip one week with Beta release date on Nov-06, next Go/No-Go Oct-31
19:02:35 <jreznik> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/20/Schedule
19:02:53 <jreznik> so that's it... but let's move on
19:03:07 <jreznik> #topic Ambassadors
19:03:46 <jreznik> sesivany is at linuxcon, so not sure he'll be able to join us
19:04:34 <jreznik> but usually ambassadors don't need anything specific at beta time, will follow up with sesivany offline once he's back
19:04:57 <jreznik> #action jreznik to follow up with sesivany offline once he's back from linuxcon
19:05:15 <jreznik> #topic Design
19:06:40 <mizmo> hi :)
19:06:50 <jreznik> mizmo: hi!
19:07:09 <jreznik> how's design team looking for Beta?
19:07:28 <mizmo> hey, i have to be entirely honest, i'm not 100% sure of the status, so far the feedback we've gotten on the wallpaper is very positive so i dont think we're intending to change it
19:07:47 <mizmo> we're working with the web team to start to look at the new banners we'll do for final
19:07:52 <jreznik> #info feedback on wallpaper is very positive, no intentions to change it
19:08:04 <mizmo> im not sure if there is a beta banner prepared yet though :(
19:09:02 <jreznik> #info design team to work with web teams on final banners, beta banner status is unknown
19:09:14 <mizmo> looks like it's not ready, so ill prepare that and have it ready
19:09:21 <shaiton> mizmo: they are there, we just need the localized counter banners archive.
19:09:21 <mizmo> ill pass it over to robyduck?
19:09:22 <jreznik> mizmo: thanks!
19:09:26 <robyduck> mizmo: we have the beta release banner
19:09:27 <mizmo> ohh okay you guys have it
19:09:28 <mizmo> okay great
19:09:29 <handsome_pirate> mizmo:  Ahoy, btw
19:09:32 <mizmo> it's not on the wiki page
19:09:35 <mizmo> so i was worried
19:09:36 <mizmo> cool
19:09:39 <mizmo> handsome_pirate, hi :)
19:09:41 <handsome_pirate> mizmo:  Could I ping you in about thirty minutes?
19:09:44 <mizmo> okay i can't think of anything else
19:09:45 <jreznik> #info websites team already have Beta banner
19:09:48 <sijis> mizmo: if i recall, that banner was something that we reached out to you about a couple of days ago.
19:10:03 <mizmo> sijis, on irc or mail?
19:10:05 <sijis> you as in team
19:10:08 <mizmo> ohh okay
19:10:12 <sijis> not you personally
19:10:14 <mizmo> phew lol
19:10:35 <mizmo> handsome_pirate, we're actually having a party in the office now so i was going to run down adn grab some cake :-p
19:10:38 <mizmo> but you can email me
19:10:48 <sijis> it was brought up on the design channel.
19:10:50 * jreznik wants some cake too!
19:11:00 <mizmo> i think it's red hat's 20th birthday
19:11:07 <sijis> oh! :)
19:11:12 * mizmo hands jreznik a virtual cake
19:11:14 * sijis wants cake too
19:11:16 <handsome_pirate> mizmo:  PM me your email?
19:11:18 <jreznik> mizmo: wow, we have just red hat week, no cakes :(
19:11:20 * mizmo hands out cake for all
19:11:26 <handsome_pirate> mizmo:  Yeah, we're supposed to have cupcakes
19:11:33 <jreznik> ok, anything else from design? except virtual cakes?
19:11:45 <handsome_pirate> mizmo:  Alas, I'm deep in a kernel coredump :(
19:11:49 <mizmo> or anything else you need from design, let me know
19:12:36 <jreznik> ok, thanks for status - banners are covered and I also heard very good feedback about wp
19:12:47 <jreznik> #topic Documentation
19:13:20 <jreznik> randomuser: your turn!
19:14:03 <jreznik> (or anyone from docs team)
19:14:12 <croberts> jreznik: can you link me the schedule again so i can say where we are from the marketing team
19:14:41 <jreznik> croberts: http://fedorapeople.org/groups/schedule/f-20/
19:15:08 <jreznik> ok, we can go back to docs later or I'll check offline with the team
19:15:21 <jreznik> #topic FESCo
19:15:38 <jreznik> nirik, anything from FESCo you'd like to mention for Beta?
19:16:06 <nirik> nope, I think we are all set for the most part.
19:16:27 <jreznik> #info FESCo is all set for the most part
19:16:59 <jreznik> #topic Fedora Engineering Manager
19:17:22 <jreznik> spot, are you around?
19:18:14 * jreznik will check with spot if he still wants to be covered on the meetings
19:18:33 <jreznik> #action jreznik to contact spot
19:18:41 <jreznik> #topic Fedora Project Leader
19:18:57 <jreznik> rbergeron, are you here?
19:19:18 <rbergeron> jreznik: yes
19:19:34 <jreznik> anything from you for Beta?
19:19:38 <rbergeron> hi, sorry.
19:19:42 <jreznik> and hi :)
19:19:45 <rbergeron> not particularly, but i am supposed to vouch for marketing as well :)
19:20:05 <jreznik> ok, so I'll give you another chance later :)
19:20:16 <rbergeron> woo
19:20:18 <croberts> rbergeron :)
19:20:26 <jreznik> #info nothing particular from FPL
19:20:42 <jreznik> #topic Marketing
19:20:51 <jreznik> ok, so here you go, rbergeron & croberts
19:21:44 <croberts> JZB has been working with randomuser and the doc team for the beta release notes
19:22:01 <jreznik> #info JZB has been working with randomuser and the doc team for the beta release notes
19:22:28 <rbergeron> yeah, that's pretty much it. the announcement is more or less kosher looking i would say from perusing it :)
19:22:52 <croberts> thats all I have :)
19:23:08 <jreznik> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F20_Beta_release_announcement
19:23:45 * jreznik will help with review for unfinished changes/features
19:24:52 <jreznik> #info Beta announcement is looking good, jreznik to help with review
19:25:06 <jreznik> thanks
19:25:15 <jreznik> #topic Infrastructure
19:25:26 <jreznik> nirik: you again
19:25:48 <nirik> should be all set... just need something to distribute. :)
19:26:27 <jreznik> #info infrastructure should be all set, needs bits to distribute
19:26:29 <adamw> everything in line for AMIs?
19:26:32 <adamw> and fedup?>
19:26:41 <nirik> yep.
19:27:14 <jreznik> #info everything for AMI and fedup in line
19:27:48 <adamw> awesums.
19:28:03 <jreznik> anything else?
19:28:32 <jreznik> if not, I'm moving on
19:28:34 <jreznik> #topic Websites
19:28:42 <shaiton> robyduck: ?
19:29:00 <robyduck> we need the countdown banners
19:29:28 <robyduck> from design team, the rest we will checkout with nirik once we have a beta RC image
19:29:31 <jreznik> mizmo: ^^^
19:29:45 <robyduck> as checksums, AMI's etc
19:30:04 <robyduck> jreznik: could you please update also the tjx file?
19:30:11 <shaiton> gnokii was on it mizmo but it takes time, I'll see how to do it (I am afraid about GUI)
19:30:25 <robyduck> we parse it on the websites
19:30:36 <jreznik> #info websites team needs countdown banners from design team, the rest once beta image is ready
19:30:43 <shaiton> jreznik: yes, please don't forget to update it or http://fedoraproject.org/get-fedora#schedule will stay outdated
19:30:56 <jreznik> robyduck: sure, I'm about to update it, running from meeting to meeting :(
19:31:05 <robyduck> shaiton: anything else?
19:31:11 <shaiton> done
19:31:17 <jreznik> #action jreznik to update schedule tjx
19:31:43 <jreznik> for banners, I'll ping gnokii
19:32:16 <robyduck> ok thx
19:32:18 <jreznik> robyduck: will be new schedule picked up automatically or I have to ping you?
19:32:34 <robyduck> no, it's automatically
19:32:39 <jreznik> ack
19:32:52 <jreznik> anything else?
19:33:06 <robyduck> no, we are pretty in time
19:33:25 <jreznik> perfect
19:34:02 <jreznik> hi gnokii!
19:34:26 <gnokii> hi
19:34:39 <jreznik> are you working on countdown banners? it was mentiones above by robyduck
19:35:03 <gnokii> I didnt start yet, can begin with tomorrow after work
19:35:24 <jreznik> thanks
19:35:33 <gnokii> if there is time can finish them until monday
19:35:46 <jreznik> #action gnokii to work on countdown banners
19:35:53 <robyduck> gnokii: we slipped, so we have all the time you need
19:36:02 <robyduck> ;)
19:36:16 <jreznik> well, not all the time but some time, yes
19:36:26 <robyduck> eheh
19:36:43 <jreznik> ok, moving on
19:36:50 <jreznik> #topic QA
19:37:07 <jreznik> adamw: hunting bugs? :)
19:37:14 <adamw> sorry, writing a mail
19:37:27 <adamw> so, QA status is obviously that we've found a bunch of blockers that aren't fixed yet :)
19:37:41 <adamw> TC5 matrix coverage is not 100%, which kind of sucks, we apologize for that: we'll try and get it filled out ASAP
19:38:13 <adamw> as of right now not much is worth putting into a TC6, i'll probably hold off for the next anaconda build
19:38:14 <jreznik> #info QA found a bunch of bugs that are currently unresolved, TC5 matrix coverage is not 100%
19:38:47 <jreznik> adamw: yep, seems like there's a lot of stuff from anaconda for TC6
19:38:54 <adamw> always the way
19:39:09 <nirik> whats missing for coverage? dvd media obviously.
19:39:50 <adamw> RAID tests, NFS tests
19:39:58 <adamw> some kickstart methods
19:40:01 <nirik> ok
19:40:03 <roshi> usb tests - will be working on that once gfx test day is over today
19:40:04 <adamw> encrypted upgrade
19:40:13 <jreznik> would be nice to have it asap to avoid last time surprises
19:40:19 <adamw> and quite a lot of desktop cases
19:40:21 <adamw> yep
19:40:29 <adamw> i'll be working through a lot of those today hopefully
19:40:37 <adamw> now graphics test week is about done
19:40:49 <jreznik> how's the gfx test week is going?
19:40:56 * jreznik tried to help a bit
19:41:55 <adamw> well everything's nicely in place, but not too much in the way of participation unfortunately
19:42:05 <adamw> we didn't make any of the big news sites this time - if we get on phoronix that always helps
19:43:27 * satellit i will try to do usb testing today also
19:44:43 <jreznik> ok, if there's nothing else, I'll move on, thanks
19:44:54 <jreznik> #topic Release Engineering
19:45:09 <jreznik> I expect we don't have dgilmore here
19:45:46 <adamw> nirik is, though
19:45:46 <dgilmore> jreznik: i am, just ate dinner
19:46:06 <nirik> :)
19:46:42 <dgilmore> so we are not ready since there is no RC
19:47:00 <jreznik> dgilmore: ah, sorry, I thought you're away
19:47:10 <jreznik> could you take a look on that pungi/dvd oversize bug?
19:47:26 <dgilmore> jreznik: i am on holiday
19:47:34 <dgilmore> just happen to be here right now :
19:47:55 <dgilmore> jreznik: i can look next week when im home
19:48:20 <jreznik> dgilmore: ok, that's why I thought you won't be here, enjoy your holidays
19:48:56 <dgilmore> jreznik: :) cheers
19:49:33 <jreznik> #info releng not ready as there's no RC
19:49:52 <jreznik> #action dgilmore to take a look on the pungi bug next week
19:50:15 <jreznik> btw. dmach promised to take a look too, so hopefully you'll be served ready to use patch
19:50:56 <jreznik> anything else?
19:51:11 <dgilmore> nothing here
19:51:19 <jreznik> thanks!
19:51:21 <jreznik> #topic Open floor
19:51:39 <jreznik> so anyone, anything?
19:51:57 <jreznik> I'll follow up with folks who weren't here offline
19:52:19 <jreznik> otherwise thanks for coming, we now mostly need RC bits
19:52:45 <jreznik> setting fuse 3...
19:54:44 <jreznik> 2...
19:55:42 <jreznik> 1...
19:55:49 <jreznik> #endmeeting