16:33:37 <masta> #startmeeting releng
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16:33:37 <masta> #meetingname releng
16:33:37 <masta> #topic === Releng Roll Call ===
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16:33:47 <masta> Howdy folks
16:33:49 * limburgher hre
16:33:55 <nirik> morning
16:33:57 <masta> welcome to the weekly releng meeting
16:34:02 * sharkcz is here
16:34:04 <limburgher> <bows>
16:34:34 <masta> #chair nirik dgilmore dwa sharkcz limburgher
16:34:34 <zodbot> Current chairs: dgilmore dwa limburgher masta nirik sharkcz
16:34:42 <dwa> here
16:35:22 <janeznemanic> hi everybody
16:36:17 <masta> hiya janeznemanic
16:36:56 <masta> #topic === Announcements ===
16:37:08 <masta> Any announcements to make?
16:38:05 <masta> ok.. moving on
16:38:14 <masta> #topic === Tickets ===
16:38:14 <masta> #link https://fedorahosted.org/rel-eng/report/10
16:38:24 <masta> and I see we have no tickets
16:38:25 <tyll> Hi
16:38:34 <masta> #chair tyll
16:38:34 <zodbot> Current chairs: dgilmore dwa limburgher masta nirik sharkcz tyll
16:38:38 <masta> howdy tyll
16:39:24 <masta> ok since we have no tickets, I'm probably going to move to open floor... as I'm new to chairring this meeting and not used to the normal flow... please feel free to suggest a topic
16:39:37 <nirik> well, I was hoping to talk about the xz repodata.
16:39:44 <nirik> But we want dgilmore's input there.
16:39:55 <tyll> yes; I wanted to propose xz repodata as well
16:40:16 <nirik> yeah, I would think it would work... we have been putting it off a long time. ;)
16:40:27 <tyll> Maybe we can just enable it for Rawhide and see what happens - it should be easy to revert
16:40:43 <masta> #topic * xz repodata
16:40:48 <nirik> yeah, I was thinking only rawhide...
16:40:54 <nirik> we don't want to change stable releases.
16:41:26 <masta> from what I read all the other bits are in place to make it happen, so it should just work.
16:41:36 <nirik> needs mash changes I guess?
16:41:43 <nirik> there's a ticket on it...
16:41:44 <masta> probably
16:42:16 <tyll> the alternative would be to create some kind of staging setup I guess before trying it on Rawhide
16:43:04 <tyll> https://fedorahosted.org/rel-eng/ticket/5362
16:43:10 <masta> I think rawhide is fine.... with fair warning on devel list
16:43:19 <tyll> #url https://fedorahosted.org/rel-eng/ticket/5362
16:43:29 <masta> I wonder how the mirrors will handle the change
16:43:57 <tyll> #link https://fedorahosted.org/rel-eng/ticket/5362
16:44:24 <nirik> well, we could also do a test compose and test that tree a bit
16:44:32 <masta> maybe we can have the XZ repo data alongside the BZ2 for a few days?
16:45:09 <tyll> can the repomd file point to differently compressed files?
16:45:41 <nirik> I dont know off hand. ;)
16:45:46 <masta> I'd almost like to see this handled the way we do the bit flip in rsync
16:45:55 <masta> but no idea how that would happen
16:46:30 <nirik> just file permissions. dir is 700 -> chmod 755
16:46:46 <nirik> but yeah, perhaps folks could work out exactly what we need to change?
16:46:54 <nirik> and if we can do it in any gradual way?
16:47:33 <tyll> accordint to https://fedorahosted.org/rel-eng/ticket/5362#comment:14 only createrepo needs to be adjusted
16:47:37 <masta> well I would imagine createrepo would have to run twice for a few days, then the one configured for bz2 would stop doing that... or something like that
16:49:04 <masta> createrepo --compress-type xz
16:49:40 <masta> trivial change
16:50:41 <tyll> btw. currently it seems to be both .gz and .bz2 for different files: http://ftp-stud.hs-esslingen.de/pub/fedora/linux/development/rawhide/x86_64/os/repodata/
16:50:46 <masta> probably easier to just change the script that invokes createrepo and be done, make announcement to devel list... and if all goes well ... nothing happens
16:51:00 <masta> ^^ famous last words ^^
16:51:47 <masta> tyll: oh wow... you're right
16:52:20 <masta> yuck... hopefully there is a reason it happens that way, something not obvious to this channel.
16:52:25 * masta ponders....
16:52:32 <tyll> I assume as well that testing it for at least one rawhide push should not cause much damage, since it can be easily reverted
16:52:58 <nirik> yeah, only one day of rawhide lost...
16:53:08 <tyll> not sure how the sqlite databases are created, they are bz encrypted and the .xml files with gzip
16:54:49 <masta> tyll: looks like different things are cobbled together different ways, and we have to find those places.
16:54:53 <nirik> need to ask yum maintainers I expect?
16:55:04 <masta> nirik: yes, expect so
16:55:42 <tyll> masta: maybe it is just different default compression for database and xml files
16:56:33 <masta> tyll: it is my hope that we can apply XZ for all the things, but it would be acceptable to take what we can get right away ... and workout the other parts later
16:57:23 <masta> might be less thrash and churn that way
17:00:12 <masta> ok so we need somebody to look in the scripts and find the spot where createrepo is run... the ticket implies it might be happening via an api (not cmdline invokation)...
17:00:24 <masta> then create a patch
17:00:41 * nirik nods
17:00:44 <dwa> should be run out of buildrawhide in the releng git repo
17:01:30 <tyll> it might also be required to install python-lzma before this works btw
17:01:53 <tyll> or pyliblzma
17:01:54 <dwa> actually, I take that back. /mash/ is run out of buildrawhide.
17:01:55 <tyll> not sure
17:02:45 <masta> http://fpaste.org/72037/84215713/
17:03:42 <nirik> anyhow, how about we look at it out of meeting and update the ticket with proposed patches?
17:03:55 <masta> +1
17:04:54 <tyll> sounds good
17:09:05 <masta> ok then
17:09:14 <masta> #topic === Open Floor ===
17:12:45 <janeznemanic> I was wondering do I need any access rights to certain machines in order to work on tickets
17:13:20 <tyll> janeznemanic: which ticket do you want to work on?
17:14:20 <janeznemanic> haven't decided yet, I need some general info at the moment to put the big picture together
17:14:56 <masta> jamielinux: short answer, yes
17:16:04 <masta> as far as I'm aware, some systems are restricted to a few folks, the one we sign the packages with... for example, but I believe other systems have less paranoia involved
17:17:20 <masta> jamielinux: we are looking for folks to help
17:18:02 <masta> I believe our approch seems to be one where we get to know you a while, and gain trust and stuff.... but i'm not entirely sure... I'm new myself
17:18:05 <tyll> janeznemanic: you can get some insigt to the overal infrastructure by becoming a infrastructure apprentice https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure_Apprentice - but afaik the rel-eng systems are excluded from this
17:18:28 <janeznemanic> So how does a newbie get started? With some simple, trivial tasks?
17:19:21 <masta> janeznemanic: we could use some help updating our bash & python scripts
17:19:21 <dwa> and for things like "figure out where createrepo gets run and provide a patch to change to XZ compression", for example, you don't need systems access since it's all in git.
17:20:01 <dwa> Making a trivial tasks list has been on our to-do list for a while now, we should really start...
17:20:02 <janeznemanic> is that the same git repo as for the scripts
17:20:30 <dwa> buildrawhide is in the releng scripts repo, yes
17:20:50 <dwa> (though I suspect the change will need to be made in mash, since buildrawhide just calls mash)
17:22:40 <janeznemanic> how can I start helping with scripts
17:24:59 <masta> janeznemanic: if you see glaring scripting style issues, mention them.
17:25:28 <masta> most of the scripts have the look of being quick'n'dirty
17:25:40 <masta> so there is always room for refinement
17:26:02 <dwa> janeznemanic: what's your main area of interest in releng?
17:26:36 <janeznemanic> dwa: to help and learn as much as possible
17:27:10 <dwa> that's not very specific :)
17:28:31 <tyll> janeznemanic: Would you like to write a koji plugin? It is a task that should not require access to internal systems intially? https://fedorahosted.org/rel-eng/ticket/5843
17:28:56 <janeznemanic> tyll: ok
17:30:05 <janeznemanic> tyll: I will have a look, if I will need any info who is the person to talk to
17:31:04 <tyll> janeznemanic: ask on the channel, dgilmore should also know about this - he mentioned last meeting that this is plugin is needed
17:31:19 <janeznemanic> tyll: ok
17:31:52 <janeznemanic> so I guess now I have something to start with
17:34:20 <tyll> janeznemanic: a related task would be to figure out how to check whether therre are builds in koji from git commits that are not in official branches
17:34:24 <masta> ok folks, we are a few minutes past the meeting end
17:34:40 <masta> lets take the discussion over to #fedora-releng
17:34:47 <masta> thank you so much for attending!
17:34:58 <masta> ending in...
17:35:00 <masta> 5
17:35:01 <masta> 4
17:35:02 <masta> 3
17:35:04 <masta> 2
17:35:05 <masta> 1
17:35:08 <masta> #endmeeting