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Meeting started by tflink at 14:01:29 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. role call (tflink, 14:01:40)
  2. mkrizek status report (mkrizek, 14:04:20)
    1. works on remote execution for disposable clients (mkrizek, 14:04:27)
    2. now trying to make paramiko send stdout/stderr in realtime (mkrizek, 14:04:31)
    3.  ETA is this week (mkrizek, 14:04:37)

  3. jskladan status update (jskladan1, 14:06:58)
    1. resultsdb's slowness was caused by the absence of indexes on ForeignKeys in Postgres - should be sorted out now (jskladan1, 14:06:59)
    2. OpenQA runs in Docker now - we might discuss replacing Suse on the Boston machine with fedora + containers (jskladan1, 14:06:59)
    3. ACTION: tflink to release new resultsdb and deploy to dev/stg (tflink, 14:09:42)
    4. kparal status update (kparal, 14:11:20)

  4. kparal status update (kparal, 14:11:26)
    1. the last time I played with virt-builder (disposable clients feature) was three weeks ago, in the last two weeks I was swamped with manual testing and only had time to try to debug specific errors in our buildbot logs. for many of those I submitted patches that will hopefuly fix or improve them, e.g.: (kparal, 14:11:45)
    2. https://phab.qadevel.cloud.fedoraproject.org/D339 (kparal, 14:11:49)
    3. https://phab.qadevel.cloud.fedoraproject.org/D336 (kparal, 14:11:50)
    4. https://phab.qadevel.cloud.fedoraproject.org/D337 (kparal, 14:11:50)
    5. https://phab.qadevel.cloud.fedoraproject.org/D323 (kparal, 14:11:50)
    6. one more patch coming today for libtaskotron exceeding the buildot timeout when working with a lot of updates (kparal, 14:11:53)

  5. tflink status update (tflink, 14:18:40)
    1. upgraded stg to f22, newest libtaskotron (tflink, 14:18:51)
    2. helped triage the timeout issue in resultsdb (tflink, 14:18:51)
    3. got disposable client skeleton pushed (tflink, 14:18:51)
    4. working on production taskotron re-deployment and prep this week (tflink, 14:18:51)
    5. working on more disposable client stuff (hopefully) this week (tflink, 14:18:52)

  6. upgrading taskotron production (tflink, 14:21:33)
    1. no known issues that would cause us not to upgrade production as planned after freeze is lifted (tflink, 14:23:22)

  7. beaker (tflink, 14:27:21)
  8. tasks for the next week (tflink, 14:43:23)
  9. open floor (tflink, 14:46:53)

Meeting ended at 14:49:26 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. tflink to release new resultsdb and deploy to dev/stg

Action items, by person

  1. tflink
    1. tflink to release new resultsdb and deploy to dev/stg

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  1. tflink (76)
  2. kparal (45)
  3. jskladan1 (13)
  4. mkrizek (12)
  5. zodbot (5)

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