15:02:40 <simo> #startmeeting Server SIG Weekly Meeting (2015-06-02)
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15:02:49 <simo> #chair sgallagh mizmo nirik stefw adamw simo tuanta mitr danofsatx
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15:02:50 <stefw> .hello stefw
15:02:51 <zodbot> stefw: stefw 'Stef Walter' <stefw@redhat.com>
15:02:56 <simo> #topic roll call
15:02:58 <mitr> Hello
15:03:02 <simo> .hello simo
15:03:03 <zodbot> simo: simo 'Simo Sorce' <ssorce@redhat.com>
15:03:07 <nirik> .hello kevin
15:03:08 <zodbot> nirik: kevin 'Kevin Fenzi' <kevin@scrye.com>
15:03:10 <nirik> morning
15:03:11 <mizmo> .hello duffy
15:03:14 <zodbot> mizmo: duffy 'Máirín Duffy' <fedora@linuxgrrl.com>
15:04:16 <simo> ok
15:04:26 <simo> we do not have a huge agenda today
15:04:33 <simo> and seem most of us is quite busy
15:04:36 <simo> let's roll
15:04:44 <simo> #topic Agenda
15:04:50 <simo> #info Agenda Item: PRD Refresh
15:04:50 <tuanta> .hello tuanta
15:04:51 <zodbot> tuanta: tuanta 'Truong Anh Tuan' <tuanta@iwayvietnam.com>
15:04:57 <simo> so PRD Refresh
15:05:20 <simo> Stephen posted it as an agenda item
15:05:45 <simo> we need to update them by June 12th
15:05:56 * nirik nods.
15:06:26 <simo> Do we have a volunteer to actually make changes to the document by next week so we can review ( and rubberstamp ? :-) whatever is done ?
15:07:22 * nirik can try and look, but not sure I can promise to.
15:07:30 <simo> I see great enthusiasm :-)
15:07:43 <simo> sgallagh_mtg: do you think you'll have any time ?
15:07:44 <sgallagh_mtg> Sorry folks, my internet connection is bouncing more than a four-year-old after Halloween
15:07:57 <sgallagh_mtg> /me attempts to read the backscroll
15:08:36 <sgallagh_mtg> I'll make some time, but I would really appreciate some help on this.
15:09:32 <sgallagh_mtg> I'd appreciate it if everyone could at least read through it again and point out anything that's outdated or is missing based on what we've been doing
15:10:05 <sgallagh_mtg> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Server/Product_Requirements_Document
15:10:28 <nirik> I don't think there will be radical changes, but probibly some tweaks.
15:10:55 <simo> I am ok to review
15:11:13 <simo> but I cannot promise I will find the time by next wed :-(
15:11:28 <simo> #topic PRD Refresh
15:11:30 <simo> and sorry
15:11:36 <simo> I forgot to set the topic
15:11:43 <simo> luckily the agenda had only one item
15:11:49 <simo> so
15:12:55 <simo> #info PRD review is needed
15:13:06 <simo> sgallagh_mtg: I'll mark you as the editor in chief ok ?
15:13:11 <sgallagh_mtg> simo: Sure
15:13:36 <sgallagh_mtg> I also have something for Open Floor, actually
15:13:37 <simo> #action sgallagh_mtg to edit PRD with feedback from others
15:13:40 <sgallagh_mtg> (When we get there)
15:14:02 <simo> so we have any immediate feedback ?
15:14:04 <sgallagh_mtg> #info Feedback due by Monday June 8th
15:14:19 <sgallagh_mtg> (So I have time to update it before the meeting on Tuesday)
15:14:23 <simo> yes
15:14:27 <simo> nirik: can I action you too ?
15:14:38 <nirik> sure. ;) I will try
15:14:39 <sgallagh_mtg> Verbing words weirds language.
15:14:53 <simo> #action nirik to help sgallagh_mtg with prd editing
15:15:03 <simo> sgallagh_mtg: I'll verb you later
15:15:32 <simo> #info PRD doc here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Server/Product_Requirements_Document
15:16:13 <simo> ok it seem everyone is really busy and no feedback on PRD is available at this moment
15:16:21 <sgallagh_mtg> /me nods
15:16:25 <simo> Let's move to Open Floor then
15:16:29 <simo> #topic Open Floor
15:16:35 <simo> sgallagh_mtg: go ahead
15:17:09 <sgallagh_mtg> So, after Fedora 23, I am considering resigning as Server Liaison (but probably not from the WG).
15:18:08 <sgallagh_mtg> I'd like to see someone else step up and ask as the facilitator for a while.
15:18:21 <nirik> ok. fair enough.
15:18:33 <sgallagh_mtg> s/ask/act/
15:20:08 <sgallagh_mtg> So, no action for right this minute, but I didn't want that to come as a surprise in six months either
15:20:13 <danofsatx> If I'm officially employed by RH by then (my goal), I'd be happy to.
15:20:41 <simo> sgallagh_mtg: makes sense
15:20:58 <simo> I think it is healthy to have a rotation and not burn people
15:21:08 <sgallagh_mtg> My thoughts exactly
15:21:17 <simo> if someone else is thinking about getting in the role please start talking to your manager :-)
15:21:27 <simo> (or your future employer :-)
15:22:15 <tuanta> danofsatx, it is not position employed by RH, you can nominate if you want
15:22:41 <sgallagh_mtg> tuanta: I think he meant that he wouldn't be able to dedicate the time without it being part of his full-time job.
15:22:44 <sgallagh_mtg> Which I can understand.
15:22:46 <danofsatx> tuanta: I understand that, I just can't committ the time with my current $dayjob
15:23:09 <tuanta> ok, make sense
15:25:38 <simo> ok
15:25:40 <simo> any other topic ?
15:26:22 <simo> ook
15:26:31 <simo> let's release everyone and get back next week
15:26:38 <simo> remember we need someone to look at that PRD
15:26:51 <simo> have a good day (or night) everyone!
15:26:53 <simo> #endmeeting