17:00:38 <kushal> #startmeeting Fedora Cloud WG
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17:00:44 <kushal> #topic Roll Call
17:00:49 <kushal> .hellomynameis kushal
17:00:50 <zodbot> kushal: kushal 'Kushal Das' <kushaldas@gmail.com>
17:01:01 <lsm5> .hellomynameis lsm5
17:01:02 <dustymabe> .hellomynameis dustymabe
17:01:02 <zodbot> lsm5: lsm5 'Lokesh Mandvekar' <lsm5@redhat.com>
17:01:05 <zodbot> dustymabe: dustymabe 'Dusty Mabe' <dusty@dustymabe.com>
17:01:08 * gholms lurks
17:01:23 * jbrooks here
17:01:26 <roshi> .hello roshi
17:01:27 <zodbot> roshi: roshi 'Mike Ruckman' <mruckman@redhat.com>
17:01:35 <kushal> jbrooks, Hello
17:01:44 <kushal> jbrooks, I will remember to ping you from next time :)
17:01:49 <jbrooks> :)
17:02:00 <jbrooks> .hellomynameis jasonbrooks
17:02:01 <zodbot> jbrooks: jasonbrooks 'None' <JBROOKS@REDHAT.COM>
17:02:08 <lsm5> jbrooks: hi None :)
17:02:15 <jbrooks> heh, need to figure that out
17:02:33 <lsm5> :D
17:03:06 <kushal> jbrooks, add your name and other details in FAS
17:03:48 <kushal> Anyone else?
17:03:53 <kushal> number80, hello
17:04:06 <number80> o/
17:04:09 <kushal> :)
17:04:14 <kushal> We can start :)
17:04:30 <kushal> I am unable to open any of the old meeting minutes, can anyone help?
17:05:42 <dustymabe> kushal: will try to find
17:05:45 <kushal> Meanwhile let us go to the open tickets.
17:05:46 <maxamillion> .hello maxamillion
17:05:47 <zodbot> maxamillion: maxamillion 'Adam Miller' <maxamillion@gmail.com>
17:05:52 <kushal> maxamillion, hello there :)
17:05:56 <maxamillion> hi hi :)
17:05:59 <kushal> https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/report/9
17:06:15 <kushal> #topic Missing Cockpit RPMs in Fedora Atomic 22 https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/ticket/105
17:06:26 <sayan> .hello sayanchowdhury
17:06:27 <zodbot> sayan: sayanchowdhury 'Sayan Chowdhury' <sayan.chowdhury2012@gmail.com>
17:07:32 <kushal> dustymabe, do you know anything more about it?
17:07:47 <dustymabe> kushal: I think status is as the last comment says
17:08:02 <dustymabe> looks like we aren't going to have the cockpit rpms included in atomic by default
17:08:16 <jbrooks> I imagine we can add a systemd service file easily enough through cloud-init / kickstart
17:08:20 * lalatenduM is her
17:08:28 <kushal> lalatenduM, sayan welcome
17:08:43 <lalatenduM> kushal: thanks for the reminder ping :)
17:09:10 <dustymabe> jbrooks: right. The last request in the ticket is for documentation around how to set it up automatically on bringup
17:09:22 <kushal> dustymabe, let us just go for a vote, and then ask for help with those docs from the atomic upstream.
17:09:34 <kushal> dustymabe, +1 here
17:09:47 <jbrooks> +1, and I can run down documenting how
17:10:07 <dustymabe> obviously +1 from me
17:10:14 <roshi> +1, makes sense to me
17:10:21 <lsm5> +1
17:10:22 <number80> +1
17:10:58 <lalatenduM> +1
17:11:25 <kushal> Cool, then I will update the ticket, and ask once again for the docs.
17:12:00 <kushal> #action kushal to update https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/ticket/105 saying all +1 votes for the proposal from dustymabe and we need those doc examples
17:13:09 <kushal> #topic Maintaining Fedora docker images for f22 https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/ticket/97
17:13:15 <kushal> It is done as mentioned by lsm5 .
17:13:19 <lsm5> yup
17:13:22 <lsm5> just commented :)
17:13:23 <kushal> We should close this ticket.
17:13:25 <scollier_> hi
17:13:30 <kushal> scollier_, Hello and welcome :)
17:14:24 <kushal> Moving to next
17:15:16 <kushal> #topic Investigate systemd-networkd https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/ticket/14
17:15:50 <kushal> roshi, what do you think?
17:16:00 <kushal> I am yet to start working on it.
17:16:21 <roshi> I'm still on the "stick with networkmanager" side of things
17:16:26 <roshi> just from a QA perspective
17:16:29 <dustymabe> kushal: are you going to do an analysis of NM vs networkd?
17:16:34 * gholms thinks the feature page needs work
17:16:41 <roshi> not to mention all the docs out there for working with NM work with our cloud images
17:16:41 * number80 would have preferred to consider moving to NM
17:17:00 <kushal> dustymabe, roshi number80 Okay.
17:17:06 <number80> but considering that server is now solidly tied to NM, this will be complicated
17:17:14 <roshi> we don't have enough docs as is for the cloud image (in the form of tutorials as well), and this just serves to bifurcate things further
17:17:26 <kushal> I will then do the both and see how it goes.
17:17:54 <roshi> it can't hurt to compare the two, but I really don't see a ton of value in making the switch
17:18:18 <roshi> though, if there was a large FOSS push (as a whole, across distros) for networkd, then I might be willing to reconsider
17:18:29 <number80> roshi: smaller base system, we don't need the NM bloat
17:18:29 <roshi> but at the same time, if that was the case then all of Fedora should look into it
17:18:30 <dustymabe> kushal: sounds good. it's always good to have a comparison
17:18:42 <roshi> but the bloat is only a couple MB, right?
17:18:44 <number80> one could also work on a better NM packages split
17:18:44 <gholms> number80: We do not have a size problem.
17:18:50 <kushal> roshi, generally we are ahead than other distros when it comes about being first just like systemd :)
17:18:56 <roshi> I'd vote for a package split
17:19:16 <number80> gholms: yeah, but it pulls too many things
17:19:22 <roshi> but a bit of "bloat" doesn't outweigh the mindshare/tutorial/docs/testing cost in my head
17:19:23 <gholms> Yeah
17:19:40 <kushal> gholms, also we are still trying to keep the size minimal :)
17:19:49 <roshi> our image is a good size as it is, CentOS is a lot larger last I looked (supposing I was looking at the right thing)
17:19:55 <number80> roshi: if we haven't started working on it, it makes sense to delay it to F24
17:20:18 <roshi> at the very least
17:20:50 <kushal> number80, I have done initial tests on my local boxes, it worked well.
17:20:57 <kushal> number80, but nothing is pushed :)
17:21:33 <roshi> it just smells like a lot of unknown for a little known
17:21:36 <number80> kushal: ack
17:21:48 <roshi> and "bloat" isn't quite enough for me to buy in on it
17:21:55 <number80> for the record, NM pulls avahi, who needs avahi on cloud images?
17:21:58 <kushal> roshi, isn't that always the case with being *first* ?
17:22:07 <lalatenduM> I think Fedora atomic can also leverage from this i.e. networkd , so +1 to evaluating it
17:22:18 <kushal> Though we are not first in it.
17:22:22 <roshi> kushal: almost
17:22:40 <gholms> kushal: Generally when we do something "first" we acknowledge the costs and get buy-in from the people it will affect first.
17:22:53 <roshi> I think making the change before writing up a bunch on it and having a solid justification for "why" before we do it though
17:23:00 <maxamillion> I'd be interested in networkd from an Atomic perspective, but know very little about it ... so +1 for evaluation of it
17:23:08 <kushal> gholms, True.
17:23:25 <roshi> changing a networking stack is no trivial thing, and we'd *at least* want a 1:1 ratio of tutorials for the old way vs the new way
17:23:38 <gholms> kushal: That's pretty much what my comment on the issue was.  The feature page needs work.
17:23:43 <roshi> and be ready to hear and support people asking "how do I do X like I used to with NM?"
17:23:45 <lalatenduM> roshi: +1
17:23:49 <kushal> gholms, understood.
17:24:12 <roshi> that's what I was meaning by the unknowns
17:24:30 <roshi> it's a lot of work to support the change, that I want to make sure we have people ready to do
17:24:52 <gholms> roshi: Would a systemd generator that reads ifcfg files be sufficient?
17:24:52 <number80> so we agree on evaluating it and have a go/no-go meeting about networkd ?
17:24:56 <kushal> Btw, the upstream also commented in the discussion https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Talk:Changes/Cloud_Systemd_Networkd
17:25:01 <roshi> having just one person run some local tests isn't quite enough to justify that - especially if we want people using this stuff in prod out in the wild
17:25:18 <roshi> I wouldn't switch my stuff until it was load tested and really documented
17:25:29 <kushal> roshi, understood
17:25:33 <number80> a NM finger-grained split would work for me
17:25:49 <kushal> roshi, atleast the work is on for other distros to move to networkd for the cloud images.
17:25:56 <number80> NM-core + optional stuff == current NM main package
17:26:03 <kushal> roshi, coreos is done, Debian/Ubuntu is on the way.
17:26:05 <number80> cloud could just pull NM-core
17:26:33 <roshi> that's something - I haven't looked into it really
17:26:42 <kushal> That way anyone else coming down from other distros can use/find similar kind of configs for Fedora too.
17:26:45 <roshi> or tried to test it locally - do we have an image somewhere with it?
17:26:52 * roshi still can't get local cloud builds to work
17:27:03 <kushal> roshi, nope, I will build one, and upload somewhere.
17:27:08 <roshi> awesome
17:27:23 <kushal> #action kushal is to build a local cloud image with networkd and upload it for others to test
17:27:33 <roshi> and it'd be prudent to document how we plan to test this, what we expect to work, etc etc
17:27:35 <kushal> That also means I will write down the docs for the same :)
17:27:40 <kushal> roshi, Yup.
17:27:45 <kushal> +1 to that.
17:27:56 <roshi> thanks kushal
17:28:20 <gholms> Thanks!
17:28:35 <roshi> sorry if I come across as a grumpy neckbeard on this, we just have enough that needs testing that we don't have coverage for (which is being worked on) that I don't want to add something else to it while we're working on covering what we already have
17:28:39 <roshi> if that makes sense
17:28:48 <kushal> roshi, understood :)
17:29:07 * roshi has to be the crotchety QA guy :p
17:29:14 <jbrooks> :)
17:29:17 <kushal> Hehe
17:29:21 <gholms> Heh
17:29:24 <kushal> Moving to next ticket then.
17:29:35 <kushal> #topic Care and Feeding, Fedora Dockerfiles https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/ticket/84
17:30:11 <kushal> We actually need more people to help out scollier_ in this.
17:30:25 <kushal> sayan, btw, can you start helping out in some of the things?
17:30:37 <roshi> it's something that's always on my list to do, but I never seem to get around to it
17:30:38 <kushal> sayan, say in testing and/or docs :)
17:30:44 <sayan> kushal, yes, i can
17:30:57 <jbrooks> I once volunteered to help, I haven't done anything w/ it -- but I'm still willing to help
17:31:04 * maxamillion needs to duck out, apologies
17:31:19 * dustymabe waves
17:31:30 * number80 can help
17:31:46 <kushal> #action jbrooks and sayan will help scollier_ in testing the Fedora Dockerfiles for https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/ticket/84
17:31:50 <kushal> #undo
17:31:50 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: ACTION by kushal at 17:31:46 : jbrooks and sayan will help scollier_ in testing the Fedora Dockerfiles for https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/ticket/84
17:31:59 <kushal> #action jbrooks and sayan and number80  will help scollier_ in testing the Fedora Dockerfiles for https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/ticket/84
17:32:02 <kushal> :D
17:32:08 <lalatenduM> There was some discussion around putting some CI around it
17:32:17 <lalatenduM> have we done it yet?
17:32:20 <kushal> lalatenduM, we need help in that too
17:32:34 <lalatenduM> kushal: do we have infra for this
17:32:43 <kushal> lalatenduM, right now, nope :)
17:32:47 <lalatenduM> and are we using tunir or Jenkins?
17:33:06 <kushal> lalatenduM, all Fedora QA work goes through Taskotron.
17:33:09 <lalatenduM> We can use CentOS CI systems :)
17:33:25 <kushal> lalatenduM, That is always an helpful option :)
17:33:46 <kushal> roshi, btw, just pass the taskotron docs to lalatenduM for a later look.
17:33:52 <lalatenduM> I dont have info on Taskotron
17:34:17 <lalatenduM> I can help to set it up, but can't promise on maintaining it
17:34:18 <roshi> lalatenduM: check in with tflink for taskotron stuff
17:34:29 <lalatenduM> roshi: ok
17:34:30 <roshi> we're working to get disposable clients ready for it
17:34:37 <roshi> but he's the one driving that
17:35:35 <lalatenduM> shouldl I put an action on me?
17:35:56 <kushal> #action lalatenduM will setup a CI for Fedora dockerfiles
17:36:00 <kushal> lalatenduM, ^^
17:36:15 <lalatenduM> ah , thats a very big ai
17:36:18 <lalatenduM> :)
17:36:41 <dustymabe> :)
17:36:53 <lalatenduM> I am keen on putting a plan as of now
17:36:55 <roshi> lalatenduM: you can write thing to run in a recently spawned testcloud instance - as that will roughly mirror what taskotron has
17:37:44 <lalatenduM> roshi: will check
17:37:56 <roshi> then you just have to port it to a task
17:38:07 <roshi> i have a copr build
17:38:30 <kushal> Nice :)
17:38:55 <kushal> Moving to next topic
17:38:55 <lalatenduM> roshi: Will sync with you after I have some background on this
17:39:04 <roshi> kk
17:39:26 <kushal> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/ticket/108 Create text for Fedora cloud Flyer
17:39:36 <kushal> I really never managed to find time for this.
17:39:41 <kushal> Can anyone please help?
17:41:06 <number80> do we have a template?
17:41:20 <dustymabe> number80: https://ankursinha.fedorapeople.org/fedora-flyer-workstation/fedora-flyer-workstation-tumble.pdf
17:41:22 <roshi> with branching F23 my time is going to slip back into full testing mode
17:41:24 <number80> the hard part is not writing but making it fit
17:41:44 <dustymabe> true.. so if we had the "source" for that pdf?
17:41:51 <number80> I could help, but next week, I'll be at europython
17:42:33 <jbrooks> https://github.com/sanjayankur31/fedora-flyer-cloud/blob/master/fedora-flyer-cloud.tex
17:43:50 <kushal> can we just have the writing up somewhere?
17:43:51 <dustymabe> jbrooks: is that from an old flyer? or is that new?
17:44:18 <dustymabe> added Jun2 looks new
17:44:21 <kushal> dustymabe, should be from an old one.
17:44:22 <jbrooks> dustymabe, That's from the repo linked from the ticket -- the text looks like it matches the workstation flyer?
17:44:37 <kushal> dustymabe,  I mean the source.
17:44:39 <dustymabe> cool number80 if you could put the text up somewhere somebody else could handle formatting etc
17:45:12 <number80> dustymabe: ack
17:45:22 <kushal> dustymabe, I guess ankur will do that.
17:45:36 <dustymabe> if he can't then I could have a stab
17:46:25 <kushal> dustymabe, great :)
17:46:34 <kushal> number80, dustymabe can you please update that ticket?
17:47:45 <dustymabe> kushal: sure.. add an action item for number80 pls
17:47:52 <kushal> dustymabe, lol
17:48:07 <dustymabe> i'm updating ticket now
17:48:21 <kushal> #action number80 will write the flyer text for Fedora Cloud flyer.
17:48:34 <kushal> Moving next
17:48:34 <kushal> #topic Producing Updated Cloud/Atomic Images https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/ticket/94
17:49:11 <kushal> I just pushed a commit for https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1234504
17:49:37 <kushal> Waiting to test the nightly builds, and then we can ask dgilmore for a updated release tree.
17:49:40 <kushal> Is that okay?
17:49:57 <kushal> Of course this means after following all the general tests.
17:49:58 <roshi> that should be fine
17:50:17 <roshi> kushal: do you publish your tunir tests anywhere? or do you just update the matrices
17:50:20 <roshi> ?
17:50:37 <kushal> roshi, I just update the matrices
17:50:48 <roshi> ok, cool
17:50:56 <roshi> by hand, or automagically?
17:51:12 <roshi> you could always use relval to push updates to the matrices as the tests pass/fail
17:51:12 <kushal> roshi, tunir just runs the commands automatically which I used to run manually.
17:51:22 <kushal> roshi, Yes, I have to look at that :)
17:51:28 <kushal> roshi, will ping you next week.
17:52:13 <roshi> sounds good :)
17:53:10 <kushal> next
17:53:30 <kushal> #topic No longer provide 32 bit image https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/ticket/106
17:53:45 <dustymabe> I guess since oddshocks isn't around much more
17:53:50 <dgilmore> kushal: the vagrant images failed
17:53:52 <dustymabe> someone else needs to pick up the torch on this one
17:54:09 <dustymabe> roshi: seems good for you :)
17:54:14 <dustymabe> 32 bit = less test
17:54:15 <kushal> My idea is that we may put the 32bit image as secondary arch, dgilmore may help.
17:54:20 <kushal> dustymabe, I will.
17:54:32 <kushal> dgilmore, Okay, will look into those after the meeting.
17:54:41 <roshi> :D
17:54:41 <kushal> dgilmore, Thanks for the info :)
17:54:41 <dustymabe> secondary arch for cloud?
17:54:53 <dustymabe> or secondary arch for Fedora?
17:54:54 <kushal> dustymabe, as many people still prefer to run 32 bit images.
17:55:06 <kushal> dustymabe, only for the cloud product.
17:55:11 <roshi> do we have a protocol for retiring arches?
17:55:18 <roshi> or do we just pull support?
17:55:18 <kushal> dgilmore, ^^
17:55:35 <roshi> secondary arch seems sensible to me, for a release or two before pulling it
17:55:41 <dgilmore> roshi: we have nothing for doing things like that today
17:56:03 <dgilmore> its going to need some changes
17:56:07 <kushal> roshi, I would still love to keep the image rolling with public testing, less stress on you :)
17:56:10 <dgilmore> but we need to make the changes anyway
17:56:22 <dustymabe> kushal: is there a  good reason why someone would choose 32bit over 64bit?
17:56:31 <roshi> legacy code base?
17:56:40 <dustymabe> yeah but there are i386 libs
17:56:41 <kushal> dustymabe, smaller memory footprint + legacy apps
17:56:54 <roshi> dgilmore: I thought as much :) something to propose to fesco or the council maybe?
17:56:56 <dustymabe> you can run i386 apps on x86_64?
17:57:04 <dustymabe> i thought
17:58:10 <dustymabe> I think one use case is if you have 32bit hardware.. but in the case of cloud that argument doesn't make sense
17:58:29 <roshi> I don't see a ton of reason to keep it for cloud
17:58:41 <dustymabe> yeah.. I would vote to drop it
17:58:43 <mizdebsk> dustymabe: not all apps (java for example doesn't support multilib)
17:58:49 <roshi> workstation, server? Sure, we should keep 32bit of those since there's so much hardware out there
17:58:53 <kushal> roshi, that is why I said about secondary
17:59:11 <roshi> right, I like the secondary idea - but fesco or council probably needs to weigh in on it
17:59:11 <kushal> mizdebsk, +1
17:59:17 <kushal> roshi, yes.
17:59:26 <kushal> We are almost over the time
17:59:26 <roshi> since workstation and server are going to need to make the same decision somewhere down the line
17:59:58 <dustymabe> mizdebsk: ok.. but are those apps ever going to be migrated to 64bit?
18:00:00 <kushal> Please put up all of your thoughts in the ticket.
18:00:05 <kushal> dustymabe, Nope
18:00:16 <dustymabe> kushal: and why not?
18:00:33 <kushal> dustymabe, Too costly for the enterprises to do the work.
18:00:40 <mizdebsk> dustymabe: i was thinking of 3rd-party apps, which we don't have control over
18:00:48 <dustymabe> you're saying that we have to support 64bit forever
18:00:56 <kushal> dustymabe, ^^ I am talking about   the same.
18:00:57 * number80 will be at fesco meeting
18:01:01 <dustymabe> s/64bit/32bit/
18:01:22 <dustymabe> kushal: ok
18:01:28 <kushal> dustymabe, I don't see it dyeing so fast.
18:01:29 <dustymabe> so secondary arch is maybe the way to go
18:01:40 <dustymabe> but we would need to talk about what that means
18:01:46 <roshi> for sure
18:01:48 <dustymabe> does that mean we just have a cloud image on the download page
18:01:49 <dgilmore> roshi: likely yeah
18:01:54 <dustymabe> and no images uploaded to pub clouds?
18:02:31 <kushal> dustymabe, I think we should provide that too, but not tested by the QA cycles.
18:02:59 <dustymabe> kushal: "that" = 32bit download?
18:03:10 <kushal> dustymabe, 32bit on aws
18:03:19 <kushal> and other public clouds
18:03:36 <dustymabe> well. I think if we are going to provide it then we can't just have something broken
18:03:50 <dustymabe> my vote would be offer the download.. if they want to put it in pub cloud and test it then they can
18:04:03 <dustymabe> i'll be quiet now
18:04:16 <kushal> dustymabe, Okay,
18:04:24 <kushal> Please update the ticket with your views.
18:04:30 <kushal> It will documented then.
18:05:01 <kushal> #topic Open Floor
18:05:38 <kushal> I want to use 1 hour in the flock from cloud meeting room, so that we can have a chat with the CentOS upstream about their QA effort.
18:05:57 <kushal> I will invite the Fedora QA team along with the Cloud team.
18:06:10 <kushal> I hope that is okay.
18:06:21 <dustymabe> kushal: sounds good to me
18:06:23 <dustymabe> I'll be there
18:06:27 <roshi> yeah, that'd be great
18:06:32 <roshi> I'll be there as well
18:07:20 <kushal> Complete offtopic: photos from fudcon pune https://www.flickr.com/photos/kushaldas/sets/72157653370892863
18:07:32 <kushal> If there is nothing else, then we can end the meeting.
18:07:38 <roshi> thanks kushal :)
18:07:38 <kushal> Going in 5
18:07:40 <kushal> 4
18:07:42 <kushal> 3
18:07:43 <kushal> 2
18:07:45 <kushal> 1
18:07:47 <kushal> #endmeeting