14:00:28 <tflink> #startmeeting fedora-qadevel
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14:00:28 <tflink> #meetingname fedora-qadevel
14:00:28 <tflink> #topic roll call
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14:00:51 * mkrizek is here
14:00:57 <tflink> #chair kparal mkrizek garretraziel lbrabec
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14:01:06 * garretraziel is here
14:01:10 * lbrabec is here
14:01:12 * kparal is here
14:01:25 <tflink> no josef again?
14:01:36 <kparal> I see him leaving #fedora-qa 13 minutes ago
14:01:44 <kparal> anyone knows something about him?
14:02:05 <lbrabec> pschindl told me that he is still sick
14:02:45 <tflink> that sounds like a lot of "not fun" :(
14:02:52 <tflink> anyhow, let's get started
14:03:25 <tflink> #topic Announcements and Information
14:03:34 <tflink> #info Fedora 23 Final Freeze starts 2015-10-13
14:03:34 <tflink> #info taskotron-dev rebuilt with F22, stg to be rebuilt this week - tflink
14:03:34 <tflink> #info disposable-develop branch fixes/polishing - mkrizek
14:03:34 <tflink> #info Boston openQA got updated to latest testing version (by mistake) - adamwill
14:03:34 <tflink> #info we are planning to open our openQA instance to public, if possible - adamwill, jsedlak
14:03:35 <tflink> #info reviews, helping to implement HTTP 5xx retry code in Bodhi - kparal
14:03:44 <tflink> comments, questions, additions?
14:04:36 <kparal> no
14:04:43 <mkrizek> not here
14:04:48 <garretraziel> nope
14:04:57 <lbrabec> no
14:04:58 <tflink> #topic Tasking
14:05:14 <tflink> does anyone need tasks or clarification on current tasks?
14:05:42 * kparal doesn't at the moment
14:05:58 * mkrizek still has things to do
14:06:18 * garretraziel is now figuring out how to run newest openQA in Docker
14:06:44 * lbrabec has still some tasks in phab
14:06:54 <tflink> cool, just wanted to check :)
14:07:40 <tflink> that's pretty much all of the topics that I had for today - there are still some major code changes under review but those have been making progress and will hopefully be pushed soon
14:08:41 <tflink> unless someone wanted to see one of the optional topics covered?
14:08:59 <kparal> tflink: I'm trying to give D550 proper review, not sure if I will make it today or tomorrow. but could you please look at it as well, whether you still have some high-level concerns?
14:09:23 <tflink> kparal: yep, was planning on that today
14:09:27 <kparal> ok, great
14:09:46 <tflink> also have some big changes pending for D581
14:10:49 <tflink> which will pretty much render your last comments invalid :)
14:11:07 <tflink> anyhow, moving on to
14:11:11 <tflink> #topic Open Floor
14:11:40 <tflink> one thing I forgot to mention - the beaker firewall roadblock has been lifted
14:12:09 <tflink> so that may be working before long
14:12:25 <tflink> anything else that folks want to bring up?
14:12:35 <kparal> I'm a bit confused about the roadblock
14:12:43 <tflink> kparal: which part?
14:12:46 <kparal> is that the double hostname issue?
14:12:56 <tflink> double hostname issue?
14:13:03 <kparal> internal vs external
14:13:13 <tflink> nope
14:13:39 <tflink> in order to control physical machines, the beaker server needs to be able to send traffic to the management interface on that target physical machine
14:13:56 <tflink> there were firewall rules in place which were preventing those packets from reaching their destination
14:14:14 <kparal> ok
14:14:22 <kparal> great to have it resolved then
14:14:24 <tflink> those rules have now been modified and the beaker server can control the physical beaker clients now
14:15:32 <tflink> I think that the devs may be working on some form of support for openid so we may have a fully working install before long
14:16:05 <tflink> anything else?
14:16:10 <kparal> not here
14:16:16 <mkrizek> not here
14:16:21 <lbrabec> nope
14:16:25 <garretraziel> no
14:17:02 <tflink> ok, thanks for coming to this very short meeting :)
14:17:08 * tflink will send out minutes shortly
14:17:11 <mkrizek> thanks
14:17:13 <tflink> #endmeeting