15:00:39 <tflink> #startmeeting fedora-qadevel
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15:00:39 <tflink> #topic Roll Call
15:00:58 * kparal is here
15:01:03 * mkrizek is here
15:01:17 <tflink> #chair kparal mkrizek
15:01:17 <zodbot> Current chairs: kparal mkrizek tflink
15:01:26 <tflink> looks like we're missing quite a few folks
15:03:47 <tflink> :-/
15:04:36 <kparal> maybe all the connection issues reports is just an elaborate way to avoid meetings :)
15:04:39 <tflink> either of you know if jan or lukas are likely to be here?
15:04:56 <tflink> are the qadevel meetings that bad?
15:05:12 <kparal> lukas notified me that they can't connect from the office
15:05:24 <tflink> :-(
15:05:40 <kparal> I'm working from home, however I have an irc relay that is always connected. maybe if I disconnected, I wouldn't be able to connect again
15:05:47 <tflink> is there a point in doing this with just the three of us?
15:05:54 <tflink> when prod is still borked
15:06:37 <kparal> sorry, I wasn't active in Taskotron lately, I have no idea what's happening and have no updates
15:06:41 <mkrizek> tflink: I just sent patch for re-running jobs from datagrepper so we won't miss tasks while prod is not running
15:08:15 <tflink> mkrizek: cool, will look at it as soon as we're done here
15:08:24 <tflink> it would be nice to get stuff running in prod
15:09:17 <tflink> kparal: no worries
15:10:17 <tflink> I was hoping to see if anyone had an interest in looking into atomic's test suite but with so many folks gone, not a heck of a lot of point in that :)
15:10:47 <tflink> unless you guys have an objection, I move to end really early and get back to work
15:11:19 <mkrizek> no objections
15:11:55 <tflink> #info connection issues are preventing folks from joining meeting, ending without discussing anything as there are only 3 of us present and prod is still not working
15:12:03 <tflink> #endmeeting