15:01:24 <tflink> #startmeeting fedora-qadevel
15:01:24 <tflink> #meetingname fedora-qadevel
15:01:24 <tflink> #topic roll call
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15:01:33 * kparal is here
15:01:37 * garretraziel is here
15:01:39 * jskladan is ready to roll
15:01:44 * mkrizek is here
15:03:05 <tflink> cool, let's get started
15:03:20 <tflink> #topic Announcements and Information
15:03:31 <tflink> #info CI on qadevel-stg is building docs and rpms on repo change - tflink
15:03:32 <tflink> #info nagios rules for disposable clients - mkrizek
15:03:32 <tflink> #info libtaskotron docs updates - mkrizek
15:03:32 <tflink> #info published proposal on reducing dnf metadata downloads - kparal
15:04:05 <tflink> any comments, questions, things to add?
15:05:05 * tflink assumes not
15:05:17 <tflink> #topic Disposable Clients Release Prep Status
15:05:46 <tflink> I think ... we're pretty much ready to get this out into production
15:06:10 * mkrizek nods
15:06:11 * kparal gets fireworks ready
15:06:27 * jskladan yay!
15:06:35 <tflink> there are still some tickets to break out but I think everything left is NTH
15:06:40 <tflink> ... finally
15:06:41 <tflink> :)
15:07:11 <mkrizek> \รณ/
15:07:14 <kparal> the future is here
15:07:34 <tflink> it'd be good if people went over the docs to make sure that we don't need to update anything
15:07:58 <tflink> i think i caught most of it and wrote tickets but more pairs of eyes wouldn't hurt
15:08:52 <tflink> kparal: any guesses on how long it'd be for T642?
15:09:17 <tflink> that's about the only thing left on T298 that seems like it could block release
15:10:07 <kparal> tflink: I don't have any code yet, but I think we don't need to have it immediately, because dev and stg seem to be running fine. it's more of a medium term ticket I think
15:10:26 <tflink> ok, just making sure that I wasn't missing something
15:11:01 <tflink> so, when do we want to get disposable clients into stg?
15:11:10 <tflink> I'm thinking tomorrow or wednesday
15:11:33 <kparal> ah, I thought they already ran in stg
15:11:41 <tflink> nope, just dev right now
15:12:07 <mkrizek> tflink: either works
15:12:40 <tflink> let's do tomorrow then, let it run for a day or two and if things go smoothly, do prod on wed or thurs
15:12:51 <mkrizek> sounds good
15:13:11 <kparal> when we deploy disposable clients to prod, we will also remove the bodhi comment directive at the same time, right?
15:13:23 <mkrizek> yes
15:13:42 <tflink> #info disposable clients pretty much ready for deployment, planning on stg deployment monday/tuesday and production deployment wed/thurs if everything goes smoothly
15:13:57 <kparal> we don't really have the new taskotron fmn rules ready yet, I just remembered
15:14:11 <tflink> :-/
15:14:12 <kparal> but I'm not really sure if people are really going to mind or not
15:14:17 * tflink had forgotten about that
15:14:57 <tflink> looking for the tickets
15:15:07 <kparal> https://phab.qadevel.cloud.fedoraproject.org/T627
15:15:47 <kparal> but I guess I wouldn't block on it
15:16:00 <tflink> T668 would be good to have done
15:16:30 * mkrizek is planning to work on that tomorrow
15:16:47 <mkrizek> we need to change that not only in resultsdb but in fedmsg_meta as well
15:17:20 <tflink> mkrizek: think it's reasonable to think that'd be done by thursday?
15:17:44 <mkrizek> I think so, yes
15:18:24 <tflink> cool
15:18:47 <tflink> looks to be an eventful week (in the good way) :-D
15:19:02 <tflink> anything else on this topic?
15:19:18 <mkrizek> not that I can think of
15:20:08 <tflink> ok, moving on
15:20:16 <tflink> #topic Image Creation
15:20:28 <tflink> jskladan: is there anything worth bringing up about image creation?
15:21:30 <jskladan> tflink: no, not really. I'm waiting on "real life usage" to point us in the direction of necessary changes
15:22:03 <tflink> do you have a setup that can build images easily?
15:22:12 <tflink> it's been a while since we've updated the image on dev
15:23:01 <jskladan> yeah, the image building works like a charm on my machine (using the bits and pieces shown in Phab some time ago)
15:23:25 <jskladan> if you have a kickstart, that suites, building images is a matter of minutes
15:23:46 <tflink> cool
15:24:02 <tflink> it sounds like we're closer to having that automated than I thought :)
15:24:44 <tflink> jskladan: could you get a new image built so we can run it in dev for a while and have something newer for our stg and prod deployments?
15:25:40 <jskladan> sure, just need to know what to put into the ks
15:25:57 <tflink> did I really forget to post that?
15:26:04 <tflink> the one that's currently used, rather
15:26:09 <tflink> or did that need improvement?
15:26:17 <jskladan> tflink: I might have just missed it
15:27:08 * tflink will have to remember where he put it
15:27:32 <tflink> I'll get you a link after the meeting
15:28:01 <jskladan> tflink: https://tflink.fedorapeople.org/taskotron/testimages/fedora-22-cloud-taskotron.ks if it is this one, then I have it
15:28:35 <tflink> that looks right but we need to remove testcloud and use the libtaskotron subpackages
15:28:46 <jskladan> ok lets sort it out after the meeting
15:28:50 <tflink> yep
15:29:00 <tflink> anything else on this?
15:30:17 * tflink assumes not
15:30:26 <tflink> #topic tasking
15:30:33 <tflink> is anyone in need of tasks?
15:30:50 * kparal will work on dnf metadata ticket
15:31:29 <jskladan> tflink: I could use some. I've been tackling OpenQA lately, and started to look into taskotron-trigger, but my plate is otherwise empty
15:33:23 <tflink> jskladan: ok, I'll sync up with you after the meeting. I need to re-sync my brain with what still needs to be done for release and what hasn't been broken out for later yet
15:34:41 * tflink assumes that everyone else has enough to keep them busy
15:34:58 <tflink> moving on to
15:35:11 <tflink> #topic Open Floor
15:35:45 <tflink> I'm repeating myself but please look over the libtaskotron docs as you have time
15:36:06 <tflink> anything else for open floor?
15:36:11 <mkrizek> not here
15:37:06 <garretraziel> none from me
15:37:06 <kparal> nope
15:37:10 <tflink> then I think it's time to call it :)
15:37:14 <tflink> thanks for coming everyone
15:37:19 * tflink will send out minutes shortly
15:37:23 <tflink> #endmeeting