17:00:53 <kushal> #startmeeting Fedora Cloud WG
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17:00:59 <kushal> #topic Roll Call
17:01:05 <kushal> .hellomynameis kushal
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17:01:07 <jbrooks> .fas jasonbrooks
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17:01:09 <smdeep> .hello smdeep
17:01:12 <zodbot> smdeep: smdeep 'Sudeep Mukherjee' <smdeep@gmail.com>
17:01:19 <trishnag> .hello trishnag
17:01:21 <zodbot> trishnag: trishnag 'Trishna Guha' <trishnaguha17@gmail.com>
17:01:23 <scollier> .hello scollier
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17:01:28 <nzwulfin> .hello mmicene
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17:01:46 <kushal> Anyone else?
17:01:59 <kushal> #chair jbrooks smdeep trishnag scollier nzwulfin
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17:02:06 <kushal> #chair maxamillion
17:02:06 <zodbot> Current chairs: jbrooks kushal maxamillion nzwulfin scollier smdeep trishnag
17:02:07 <maxamillion> .hello maxamillion
17:02:08 <zodbot> maxamillion: maxamillion 'Adam Miller' <maxamillion@gmail.com>
17:02:33 <kushal> Anyone else?
17:03:45 <kushal> Okay, last week we had very low attendance
17:03:55 <kushal> This week is better
17:04:08 <kushal> So action items from the old meeting
17:04:51 <kushal> #topic Action items from last meeting
17:04:52 <kushal> * jzb actually update ticket 135
17:04:52 <kushal> * jzb will update and close 135
17:04:52 <kushal> * kushal to find test results and then create the ticket to release
17:04:52 <kushal> https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/atomic/testing/23-20160116/Cloud-Images/
17:04:52 <kushal> * jzb open ticket with Websites about listing current AMIs
17:05:00 <kushal> jzb, is not here today.
17:05:27 <kushal> I decided to wait for a new build to mark it release ready, but then from 29th all builds are failing :(
17:06:16 <kushal> So, want to know if everyone here is okay about releasing https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/atomic/testing/23-20160116/Cloud-Images/ as the updated image?
17:06:29 <kushal> I will still have to file the rel-eng ticket anyway.
17:06:31 <subho> .fas subho
17:06:32 <zodbot> subho: subhodip 'Subhodip Biswas' <440volt.tux@gmail.com> - subho '' <subho.prp@gmail.com>
17:06:49 <scollier> kushal, any known issues?
17:06:50 <kushal> subho, type .hellomynameis sucho
17:06:59 <kushal> scollier, Nope iirc
17:07:09 <kushal> but there must be tons of new packages :)
17:07:13 <kushal> including a new kernel
17:07:23 <kushal> Not sure if that matters :)
17:07:30 <subho> .hellomynameis subho
17:07:31 <zodbot> subho: subho 'None' <subho.prp@gmail.com>
17:07:42 <scollier> kushal, what kind of QA doe the images get before marked as ready for release?
17:07:43 <sayan> .fas sayanchowdhury
17:07:43 <zodbot> sayan: sayanchowdhury 'Sayan Chowdhury' <sayan.chowdhury2012@gmail.com>
17:08:03 <maxamillion> yeah, there were some issues with the builds prior to the last two-week release ... appears we have new ones
17:08:22 <kushal> scollier, currently we only had automatic autocloud one, but today I am going to ask our manual testers to test this one once.
17:08:37 <kushal> smdeep, fhackdroid trishnag are part of that team
17:08:39 <maxamillion> kushal: wait, releasing what now? .. is this the two-week atomic or something else?
17:08:49 <kushal> maxamillion, updated base image :)
17:08:56 <kushal> maxamillion, not two week atomic :)
17:09:01 <maxamillion> kushal: ah, cool cool
17:09:11 <kushal> http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/tasks?start=0&state=all&view=flat&method=createImage&order=-id
17:09:22 <kushal> ^^ this link shows the states of all cloud builds
17:09:32 <smdeep> ok
17:09:40 <trishnag> kushal, okay
17:09:44 <scollier> kushal, sorry, but what's the diff between a base image and a two week?  i should prob know this.
17:10:09 <kushal> scollier, base image is the regular cloud image, two week atomic is the Atomic host image :)
17:10:16 <scollier> kushal, oh, ok.
17:10:46 <kushal> scollier, So two week atomic goes out regularly thanks to help from maxamillion and rest of the rel-eng team.
17:11:05 <scollier> kushal, +1 from me if your team runs it through the ringer
17:11:05 <kushal> But we have to test this base image to release it as an updated image.
17:11:12 <scollier> kushal, ack
17:11:14 <kushal> scollier, Noted, thanks :)
17:11:33 <kushal> smdeep, trishnag pryanka fhackdroid you have work :)
17:11:35 <scollier> kushal, do you have a test plan you can link to?
17:11:51 <smdeep> Sure
17:12:07 <kushal> scollier, we have the formal QA tests, and then one can run the formal autocloud tests too using tunir.
17:12:26 <kushal> scollier, wait, giving the link
17:12:48 * kushal searches his worknotes.
17:12:59 <maxamillion> the Cloud Base image is an official deliverable for a normal Fedora Release isn't it? ... if so, do we have any kind of sign off from QA for the release criteria being met? (do we need to modify that criteria?)
17:13:06 <kushal> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Results:Current_Cloud_Test
17:13:06 <scollier> kushal, can send later.  that's ok.
17:13:11 <scollier> kushal, excellent, thanks.
17:13:25 <kushal> maxamillion, ^^ those are the formal tests we have to run
17:13:45 <maxamillion> kushal: awesome +1
17:14:02 <kushal> maxamillion, I will create a copy of that page so that people can update.
17:14:28 <maxamillion> kushal: sounds good
17:14:30 <kushal> https://github.com/kushaldas/tunirtests/wiki
17:14:46 <kushal> ^^ this  contains details of current tests on autocloud.
17:14:55 * scollier looks
17:15:09 * smdeep bookmarks
17:15:32 <kushal> That reminds me to update the file test (it is a non-gating test), and the package is not there in the base image anymore :)
17:15:49 <kushal> Not sure if we count that as a bug or not.
17:16:50 <kushal> For the rest of open tickets, do anyone wants to discuss any from https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/report/9 ?
17:16:51 <scollier> kushal, on the wiki page, in the "how to test" section, I don't see the cloud image listed for download
17:17:02 <scollier> in teh table
17:17:15 <kushal> scollier, yeah, we have to fill those for our nightly.
17:17:45 <scollier> kushal, i don't understand what that means
17:18:27 <kushal> scollier, Means that wiki page for the latest rawhide, but we need to make one for our release (and the latest rawhide builds are broken).
17:19:03 <kushal> scollier, We are thinking about marking our nightly 23-20160116 as the updated release.
17:19:10 <kushal> s/thinking/talking
17:19:38 <scollier> kushal, ok, so it would be added to the table for everyone to test?  got it.
17:19:48 <kushal> yes.
17:19:51 <kushal> scollier, manual work :)
17:19:57 <scollier> kushal, ack.  got it, thanks.
17:20:15 <kushal> Do we want any owners to discuss any of https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/report/9 ?
17:20:43 * scollier looks
17:21:23 <maxamillion> yeah, I want to discuss https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/ticket/148 ... we had talked about it previously and people said they would comment on the ticket but haven't
17:21:39 <scollier> kushal, there's not really a ticket for it, but i got the fedora-dockerfiles from 15 open PRs down to 4, now back up to 7.  still cleaning up the merge from f22,23 branches back to master.
17:21:43 <kushal> maxamillion, guilty as changed .
17:21:50 <kushal> scollier++
17:21:50 <zodbot> kushal: Karma for scollier changed to 1 (for the f23 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
17:22:00 <maxamillion> if I don't get anything back, I'm just going to move forward with things as-is and submit to FESCo
17:22:08 <scollier> maxamillion, reading
17:22:12 <kushal> maxamillion, Will put this priority for this week.
17:22:35 <kushal> scollier, btw, I was wondering about having more real usable apps there as Fedora docker files
17:22:45 <maxamillion> kushal: much appreciated
17:22:47 <kushal> and then some good documentation about how to use them.
17:22:48 <scollier> kushal, such as?
17:23:24 <kushal> scollier, say a normal user want to run ghost (blogging platform) or wordpress on their atomic image.
17:23:55 <scollier> got it, so multi-container configurations that comprise an application
17:23:58 <kushal> scollier, if we can provide them something (may be nulecule spec based) which will be super easy to install/run
17:24:01 <scollier> kushal, i've wanted that forever
17:24:07 <kushal> scollier, Yes sir.
17:24:11 <kushal> scollier, /me too
17:24:40 <scollier> maxamillion, this is in progress too: https://github.com/projectatomic/container-best-practices
17:24:51 <kushal> scollier, that can be really useful for atomic users.
17:24:56 <scollier> maxamillion, providing guidelines for Dockerfiles, etc...
17:25:04 <kushal> scollier, and we can get more people to use our two week releases
17:25:11 <kushal> https://github.com/projectatomic/container-best-practices
17:25:18 <kushal> Just putting up for link :)
17:25:19 <scollier> maxamillion, i think one of the things we are thinking about is providing a "Dockerfile Template" which would container required labels, etc...
17:25:31 <maxamillion> scollier: ah, I didn't know that existed ... nice
17:25:32 <scollier> kushal, ack.
17:25:51 <scollier> maxamillion, it's meant to be an upstream effort.
17:25:56 <maxamillion> scollier: rocking
17:26:18 <scollier> maxamillion, to create the doc, just clone and "make"  it'll create an index.html that you can view the content with
17:26:27 <kushal> scollier, is there any place to read the html?
17:26:32 <kushal> like readthedocs
17:26:48 <scollier> kushal, they are working on getting it integrated into projectatomic.io
17:26:53 <kushal> scollier, Okay
17:26:57 <scollier> so that nightly builds would be published automagically
17:27:17 <scollier> maxamillion, IMO though, what you've raised is a complicated topic :)
17:27:22 <kushal> scollier, this is why I like readthedocs and sphix personally, every git push goes in nicely
17:27:36 <scollier> kushal, ok, will pass that along.
17:27:55 <misc> who is working on integrating it on projectatomic ?
17:28:05 <maxamillion> scollier: it is
17:28:05 <kushal> misc, hello there :)
17:28:11 <kushal> #chair misc
17:28:11 <zodbot> Current chairs: jbrooks kushal maxamillion misc nzwulfin scollier smdeep trishnag
17:28:23 <scollier> misc, baude
17:28:25 <misc> (cause I guess I could help as I did the builder for the website, and it can support pulling from more than 1 git)
17:28:33 <scollier> misc, excellent
17:28:36 <maxamillion> scollier: it needs to be project-wide but it's so far just been me writing down whatever the hell I thought made sense, this is my attempt to get more folks involved so we can really drive it
17:28:38 <scollier> mind if i connect you tow?
17:28:50 <scollier> maxamillion, totally understand
17:28:59 <misc> scollier: no problem. but I am traveling for the time being and in pto for a while after :)
17:29:06 <scollier> misc, ack
17:29:22 <kushal> Any thing else?
17:29:26 <scollier> maxamillion, i think it might be helpful
17:29:36 <kushal> We are like almost "Open Floor" anyway.
17:29:38 <scollier> if you held a "review workshop"? of sorts
17:29:40 <misc> (and I am also in brno tomorow evening, so we can also discuss over beverage, it usually help to raise priority to make sure I am not thirsty)
17:29:50 <kushal> misc, :)
17:30:03 <smdeep> Is it open floor now?
17:30:11 <maxamillion> scollier: connect what?
17:31:04 <kushal> #topic Open Floor
17:31:05 <scollier> maxamillion, i was asking misc if i could connect him and baude for integrating the best practices guide into projectatomic.io
17:31:07 <kushal> smdeep, Now :)
17:31:17 <trishnag> kushal, so I will test 23-20160116 manually right?
17:31:19 <smdeep> Is Kung Fu Panda 3 alright for an 8 year old
17:31:19 <maxamillion> scollier: ohhh ok
17:31:22 <smdeep> :)
17:31:30 <scollier> maxamillion, i was mentioning to you that i think it would be good if you held a reviewer workshop
17:31:34 <scollier> and covered the toolchain
17:31:37 <kushal> trishnag, yes, just download that image on our infra cloud.
17:31:45 <trishnag> kushal, okay :)
17:31:57 <kushal> smdeep, :)
17:32:02 <smdeep> :)
17:32:13 <maxamillion> scollier: absolutely, I'd be really interested in that
17:32:21 <maxamillion> scollier: I haven't the first clue how to go about that though
17:32:28 <kushal> So this week people are busy+ traveling for devconf
17:33:02 <maxamillion> kushal: +1
17:33:14 <scollier> maxamillion, happy to brainstorm over an etherpad if you like
17:33:53 <smdeep> trishnag, read your blog very insipiring
17:34:04 <kushal> Anyway if there is nothing else we can end the meeting.
17:34:17 <maxamillion> scollier: yup, I'm in
17:34:17 <nzwulfin> maxamillion: a question, is there a good resource to start learning to write tests
17:34:27 <maxamillion> nzwulfin: that'd be a question for kushal
17:34:34 <trishnag> smdeep, thank you :) :)
17:34:47 <smdeep> trishnag, welcome!
17:34:51 <nzwulfin> sorry i meant for taskotron .. re your email to the list
17:34:52 <kushal> nzwulfin, I guess you saw your github wiki page.
17:34:56 <kushal> nzwulfin, ah :)
17:35:22 <nzwulfin> i've got some bad tunirtests already submitted ;)
17:35:48 <kushal> nzwulfin, hehe :)
17:35:56 <nzwulfin> i found running / installing / managing taskotron, but not how to actually write a YAML test
17:36:10 <maxamillion> nzwulfin: oh, a lot of that is up in the air right now ... the implementation of the mechanism by which we will write the tests is still in flight, but to the best of my knowledge one of the goals will be that we could run the tunir tests via taskotron (or something similar)
17:36:35 <nzwulfin> ah ok .. then i'll stay tuned to that discussion
17:37:56 <kushal> Okay, then closing this meeting.
17:38:06 <kushal> 5
17:38:08 <kushal> 4
17:38:08 <kushal> 3
17:38:09 <kushal> 2
17:38:10 <kushal> 1
17:38:11 <kushal> #endmeeting