17:00:24 <kushal> #startmeeting Fedora Cloud WG
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17:00:32 <kushal> #topic Roll Call
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17:01:39 <kushal> #chair sayan trishnag chandankumar nzwulfin maxamillion jberkus
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17:01:47 <kushal> #chair jberkus jzb
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17:02:03 <kushal> Who else? :)
17:02:23 <jzb> I believe Dusty sent regrets.
17:02:26 <kushal> yes
17:02:29 <kushal> On the list.
17:02:57 <kushal> Just in case I do not type anything long, someone please carry on the meeting.
17:03:12 <rtnpro> .fas rtnpro
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17:03:18 <kushal> #chair rtnpro
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17:03:20 <maxamillion> kushal: having connectivity issues?
17:03:23 <kushal> #topic Action items from last meeting
17:03:23 <sgordon> .hello sgordon
17:03:25 <zodbot> sgordon: sgordon 'Stephen Gordon' <sgordon@redhat.com>
17:03:31 <kushal> maxamillion, may get some :)
17:03:36 <kushal> #chair sgordon
17:03:36 <zodbot> Current chairs: chandankumar jberkus jzb kushal maxamillion nzwulfin rtnpro sayan sgordon trishnag
17:03:37 <maxamillion> kushal: rgr
17:03:49 <kushal> ------------
17:03:49 <kushal> * kushal to create test details wiki page for updated cloud base image
17:03:50 <kushal> build
17:03:50 <kushal> * sayan to close ticket 99 - AMI lifetimes (Cloud WG members vote
17:03:50 <kushal> needed)
17:03:51 <kushal> * kushal to update the list about state of tests
17:03:53 <kushal> * maxamillion to sync with Ian on ticket 131 - make docker archived
17:03:55 <kushal> image get imported with lowercase tag
17:03:57 <kushal> * kushal to investigate adding cdrom via embedded vagrantfile for ticket
17:03:59 <kushal> 136
17:04:01 <kushal> * dustymabe to update ticket 138 on updated cloud image status - push to
17:04:03 <kushal> F24
17:04:10 <kushal> * kushal to close ticket 139 - producing 2WA images.
17:04:11 <kushal> * kushal jzb to update ticket 143 - F24 features
17:04:18 <kushal> We are not doing an updated image for base right now, so I put the first item in back list.
17:04:27 <kushal> dusty closed 99 for sayan.
17:05:01 <maxamillion> I completely forgot to follow up on ticket 131 ... I will do so today
17:05:02 <kushal> I have mailed different devels for the cloud wg related F24 changes, and then updated the ticket for the same.
17:05:28 <kushal> I also started writing for the state of tests, but could not finished it, will do that tomorrow.
17:05:43 <kushal> I am going to carry forward the cdrom ticket
17:05:57 <kushal> #action kushal to investigate adding cdrom via embedded vagrantfile for ticket 136
17:06:11 <kushal> I also closed 139 for 2WA releases.
17:06:25 <kushal> dusty updated 138.
17:06:48 <kushal> I guess we are good with the action items from last week's meeting :)
17:06:55 <kushal> Moving to tickets now
17:07:22 <jzb> kushal: I have updated 143
17:07:35 <jzb> and closed the ticket about Docker image marketing.
17:07:40 <kushal> jzb, yes, sorry to miss those.
17:07:53 <kushal> #chair gholms
17:07:53 <zodbot> Current chairs: chandankumar gholms jberkus jzb kushal maxamillion nzwulfin rtnpro sayan sgordon trishnag
17:08:01 <kushal> #topic Fedora Cloud FAD (late 2015/early 2016) https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/ticket/115
17:08:45 <kushal> So we have dates for the same, 7-8th June after PyCon in RH Tower.
17:09:16 <jberkus> we're tentatively scheduled for the Red Rover room in the Annex
17:09:28 <kushal> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_Cloud_WG_2016
17:09:43 <maxamillion> what is "the Annex"?
17:09:45 <kushal> We need to fill up the priority list and goals for the same.
17:10:17 <kushal> jzb, you have the TODO list from the Flock Cloud SIG meeting I hope
17:10:23 <kushal> or the notes
17:10:37 <kushal> I don't remember anyone else taking notes.
17:11:30 <jberkus> maxamillion: it's the building next to the tower
17:11:39 <jberkus> we have the bottom floor, or the basement or something
17:11:49 <jberkus> it
17:11:57 <jberkus> it's entirely given over to meetings/events
17:11:57 <jzb> kushal: which meeting?
17:12:04 <maxamillion> jberkus: ah, cool cool
17:12:13 <kushal> jzb, We had a cloud sig meeting during flock last year
17:12:25 <maxamillion> jberkus: I'm not very well versed in the magical ways of The Tower
17:13:01 <jzb> kushal: anything from then should have been sent to a list
17:13:02 <kushal> jzb, I am just hoping that we still the TODO list from that, but may be I am wrong :)
17:13:03 * jberkus has been there once, which was entirely confined to the 8th, 9th, and 11th floors
17:13:20 <jzb> kushal: I certainly don't still have any notes knocking around that haven't been shared.
17:13:34 <jzb> jberkus: the Annex is not in the same building, exactly
17:13:40 <jzb> jberkus: it's down the street on the same block
17:14:10 <kushal> So people please put in the details in the FAD page.
17:15:01 * kushal just updated the ticket with the wiki page link and dates.
17:15:41 <kushal> Moving to next ticket then.
17:15:55 <tflink> any idea when more specifics will be figured out around topics for the FAD?
17:16:43 <tflink> or if remote participation will be a thing for the FAD?
17:17:02 <jberkus> oh, question: will we want video for remote, or just audio?
17:17:03 <kushal> tflink, yes, even gholms is planning to attend remotely
17:17:09 <kushal> jberkus, We want video
17:17:34 * gholms hopes that continues fitting his schedule
17:17:56 <kushal> tflink, Do you have anything specific in mind related to the FAD?
17:17:56 <jberkus> kushal: thanks, will ask facilities
17:18:12 <kushal> jberkus, Okay
17:18:47 <kushal> Moving to next ticket.
17:19:01 <kushal> #topic Fedora-Dockerfiles examples for Kubernetes https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/ticket/125
17:19:22 <kushal> rtnpro, lalatenduM any updates on this?
17:20:25 <kushal> I guess they are not here.
17:20:30 <kushal> Moving to next.
17:20:34 <rtnpro> kushal, IIRC, there were a lot of discussions around nulecule
17:20:34 <lalatenduM> kushal: sorry,, nothing mush from my side
17:20:52 <rtnpro> about how we are gonna ship it
17:20:57 <kushal> Can we get one of the examples ported to Fedora land?
17:21:39 <rtnpro> also, since the examples rest at projectatomic/nulecule-library, it seems like a duplication of work to clone it to fedora land
17:21:53 <rtnpro> so, we decided to defer it
17:22:18 <jzb> I think the work can happen upstream and just make sure it works on Fedora...
17:22:28 <kushal> rtnpro, Can you please update the trac ticket about the same?
17:22:36 <rtnpro> kushal, ok
17:22:48 <kushal> #action rtnpro to update #125
17:23:33 <kushal> jzb, Yes, we have to find out who all should take care of that "works on Fedora" part, rtnpro, lalatenduM can help I guess.
17:23:54 <kushal> Moving to next
17:24:08 <kushal> #topic make docker archived image get imported with lowercase tag https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/ticket/131
17:24:52 <kushal> I think we have to wait for feedback from Ian (as I can see on #fedora-cloud few minutes back). maxamillion what do you say?
17:25:43 <maxamillion> kushal: yes, that's kind of where we are ... I'm not sure how to resolve that myself
17:25:53 <jberkus> sorry, software problems.  back
17:26:13 <kushal> maxamillion, no problem, we will poke Ian for this :)
17:26:17 <kushal> jberkus, welcome back :)
17:26:57 <kushal> Moving to next ticket.
17:27:55 <kushal> #topic vagrant boxes fixups https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/ticket/136
17:28:25 <kushal> As mentioned above I will have to work on it, and carrying the action item forward.
17:29:18 <kushal> Ticket #138 is already discussed.
17:29:35 <kushal> #topic Proposals for F24 features https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/ticket/143
17:30:12 <kushal> People please mark your tracking bugzilla bugs to modify state if it is ready for F24 time frame.
17:30:27 <kushal> I also updated the ticket with the updates I have received.
17:30:43 <kushal> Anyone else wants to add something on this?
17:30:58 * nzwulfin needs some commentary on the Atomic Storage Clients
17:31:29 <kushal> nzwulfin, like?
17:31:36 <nzwulfin> change is ready, just needs some acceptance eyes
17:31:46 <nzwulfin> should i set to modified regardless?
17:32:07 <kushal> nzwulfin, do it, and also drop a mail to the list asking for more eyes to view/review it.
17:32:13 <nzwulfin> thans
17:32:35 <kushal> #action nzwulfin will update the cloud list for reviewing Atomic Storage Clients
17:32:41 <kushal> nzwulfin, ^^ I hope this is okay.
17:32:45 <nzwulfin> sure
17:34:09 <kushal> Moving ahead.
17:34:24 <kushal> #topic 	Don't overwrite download location for 2 week atomic images https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/ticket/147
17:34:52 <kushal> maxamillion, how to go ahead on this one?
17:35:47 <maxamillion> kushal: I just need to find time to write the patch, I looked at it and I don't think it'll be too hard to do
17:36:09 <kushal> maxamillion, ah nice :)
17:36:33 <maxamillion> kushal: hopefully I can get it done today or tomorrow .. I've hit a road block in some other work I was doing and I'm waiting on some stuff so I should have a few spare cycles
17:36:54 <kushal> maxamillion, Thanks.
17:37:25 <kushal> #topic Container "Packager" Guildelines and Naming Conventions https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/ticket/148
17:37:56 <kushal> I have started reading but did not finish, I will surely submit my feedback to maxamillion by tomorrow his morning time.
17:38:23 <kushal> #action kushal to review #148 and submit back feedback to maxamillion by 2016-03-25
17:38:39 <kushal> But we need more eyes on the same :)
17:38:55 <jzb> kushal: could you send an urgent-o-gram to the list to remind folks?
17:39:02 <kushal> jzb, I will
17:39:06 <jzb> I think that was opened right after shutdown/holiday
17:39:14 <jzb> which may not have gotten the attention it deserved. Or any.
17:39:22 <kushal> #action kushal to send a reminder to list about #148
17:39:28 <tflink> kushal: tomorrow isn't 2016-03-25, not sure if that was intentional or not
17:39:47 <kushal> tflink, thank for noticing :(
17:39:56 <kushal> Anyone knows how to undo that one?
17:39:58 <kushal> #undo
17:39:58 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: ACTION by kushal at 17:39:22 : kushal to send a reminder to list about #148
17:40:00 <kushal> #undo
17:40:00 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: ACTION by kushal at 17:38:23 : kushal to review #148 and submit back feedback to maxamillion by 2016-03-25
17:40:14 <kushal> #action kushal to review #148 and submit back feedback to maxamillion by 2016-02-25
17:40:21 <kushal> #action kushal to send a reminder to list about #148
17:40:26 <kushal> #action kushal to send a reminder to list about #148
17:40:47 <kushal> tflink, thank you once again :)
17:40:56 <kushal> Moving to open floor.
17:41:02 <kushal> #topic Open Floor
17:41:11 <kushal> I have one point to make.
17:41:47 <kushal> We need more practical and production ready Dockerfile examples based on Fedora containers, which people can deploy and play around as required.
17:42:14 <kushal> Other wise most of the examples available on network is using different images than Fedora.
17:42:38 <kushal> Any points on this?
17:43:22 <jberkus> kushal: yes, two:  (1) just Dockerfile, or Atomic.app?
17:43:36 <maxamillion> what is Atomic.app?
17:43:46 <kushal> jberkus, see ^^ :)
17:44:06 <jberkus> (2) "producton-ready" with a sample Dockerfile isn't really practical; to be production ready requires a lot more than a dockerfile
17:44:34 <jberkus> http://www.projectatomic.io/docs/atomicapp/
17:44:37 <kushal> jberkus, Yes, when I say production ready, I mean add what ever is required.
17:44:49 <kushal> jberkus, and yes, I want to run those on my atomic host :)
17:44:58 <jberkus> dockerfile plus metadata for orchestration, etc.
17:45:05 <maxamillion> ....
17:45:27 <jberkus> if the goal is to run them on atomic host, then probably we should be focusing on atomicapp examples ...
17:45:35 <kushal> jberkus, yes, and people need something which they can use, if they have to learn 10 different things to use just an application, they will move to something else.
17:47:00 <kushal> I just want to remind people that we do also have https://fedoracloud.readthedocs.org/en/latest/ maintained as sphinx docs in https://github.com/fedora-cloud/fedoracloud
17:47:15 <kushal> Feel free to put in more practical examples in that.
17:47:41 * kushal will add his container based apps which he regularly use on production.
17:47:52 <kushal> https://fedoracloud.readthedocs.org/en/latest/
17:47:55 <kushal> https://github.com/fedora-cloud/fedoracloud
17:48:01 <kushal> ^^ for meetbot :)
17:48:51 <jberkus> kushal: I have an item, for which I invited sgordon
17:49:00 <kushal> jberkus, go ahead
17:49:00 <sgordon> o/
17:49:08 <kushal> sgordon, Welcome to Fedora land :)
17:49:36 <jberkus> kushal: do we have a timeline on containerizing kubernetes, etcd and flannel for FAH?
17:50:10 <kushal> jberkus, I don't have any timeline, may be jzb or maxamillion or walters have more details on the same.
17:50:28 <sgordon> #link https://lists.projectatomic.io/projectatomic-archives/atomic/2016-February/msg00009.html
17:50:36 <maxamillion> timeline on what?
17:51:10 <jzb> jberkus: that's probably mmcgrath or someone doing the packaging.
17:51:41 <nzwulfin> https://github.com/fedora-cloud/Fedora-Dockerfiles/pull/112
17:52:24 <nzwulfin> not sure if ^^^ is "more official" than other attempts
17:52:24 <kushal> nzwulfin, thanks
17:52:31 <kushal> That is a long discussion.
17:53:15 <kushal> Sadly scoiler is not here today.
17:53:24 <jberkus> ok, will take it to lists
17:53:58 <kushal> jberkus, sgordon, Thanks for pointing this.
17:54:14 <kushal> Anything else?
17:54:50 <kushal> If nothing else we can close this meeting in 5
17:54:52 <kushal> 4
17:54:55 <kushal> 3.5
17:54:56 <kushal> 3
17:55:00 <kushal> 2
17:55:05 <kushal> 1
17:55:10 <kushal> #endmeeting