14:01:34 <tflink> #startmeeting fedora-qadevel
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14:01:34 <tflink> #topic Roll Call
14:01:41 * mkrizek is here
14:01:43 * lbrabec is here
14:01:49 * jskladan also present
14:02:01 * garretraziel is here
14:02:15 * kparal is here
14:02:36 <tflink> cool, let's get this party started
14:03:02 <linuxmodder> .fas linuxmodder
14:03:03 <zodbot> linuxmodder: corey84 'Corey Sheldon' <sheldon.corey@gmail.com>
14:03:06 <tflink> #topic Announcements and Information
14:03:17 * linuxmodder in another meeting too so delayed replies are possible
14:03:18 <tflink> #info Image selection for disposable mode (D778) done - jskladan
14:03:19 <tflink> #info dockerautotest deployed to dev - mkrizek
14:03:19 <tflink> #info work started on distgit support for taskotron-trigger - mkrizek
14:03:19 <tflink> #info openQA - patches for extracting assets after download - jsedlak, jskladan
14:03:22 <tflink> linuxmodder: no worries
14:03:38 <tflink> anything to add or comments/questions?
14:04:54 <jskladan> nope
14:05:08 <tflink> mkrizek: has dockerautotest run in dev since it was deployed?
14:05:20 <mkrizek> tflink: not yet
14:05:31 <tflink> k, just hoping :)
14:05:41 <tflink> ok, moving on
14:05:48 <tflink> #topic Tasking and Roadmap
14:05:56 <tflink> Is anyone in need of tasks?
14:06:11 * mkrizek has a lot to do
14:06:36 * kparal has 2 weeks of unread email from phab and qa-devel :/
14:07:17 <jskladan> I could use some
14:07:48 <tflink> jskladan: could you take a look at T762? I've gotten some questions about it from folks who are looking at taskotron and IIRC, it's in need of updating
14:08:06 <tflink> i suspect that won't take you long, though
14:08:16 <jskladan> noprob
14:08:26 <tflink> lbrabec: have you been able to make much progress on T754?
14:08:59 <lbrabec> i did some googling, the best tool i found so far is tutumcloud builder (https://github.com/tutumcloud/builder)
14:09:59 <lbrabec> it builds image from provided dockerfile and runs test in that image, there are also hooks, which could be used for probing the image from outside
14:10:28 <tflink> does it need to build its own images?
14:11:16 <lbrabec> yep, only from Dockerfile
14:12:08 <tflink> I'm not sure how well that'll work
14:12:21 <tflink> I think that we'll want to use the images built by releng
14:12:32 <tflink> work directly, rather
14:14:06 <lbrabec> well, the code is not that complicated, so i could open some pull requests, but i'm not sure if we want to do this
14:15:07 <tflink> me neither
14:15:31 <tflink> can you update the ticket with that project and some general thoughts on the +s and -s for using it?
14:15:39 <lbrabec> ok
14:16:01 <tflink> thanks
14:16:31 <tflink> any other questions about tasks or the roadmap?
14:17:14 <tflink> ok, moving on
14:17:21 <tflink> #topic Flock 2016 Proposals
14:17:39 <tflink> #info RFP deadline for Flock is this Friday, April 8
14:18:04 <tflink> I had two thoughts for things to propose:
14:18:30 <tflink> 1. "CI in Fedora" talking about where we're going in more of a general sense and how we're harnessing automation better
14:19:05 <tflink> 2. "Writing Dist-Git style Checks" - a workshop helping folks get started on writing tasks for packages
14:19:39 <kparal> makes sense to me
14:19:47 <tflink> hadn't really gotten to "who's proposing them" yet
14:19:52 <tflink> any other thoughts/suggestions?
14:20:38 <kparal> I'd be happy to help out with 2), both preparation and/or running the workshop
14:20:59 <kparal> I assume we'll need multiple people for the workshop anyway
14:21:14 <jskladan> I guess some OpenQA talk/workshop is an easy one for jsedlak or me
14:21:32 <garretraziel> (or both)
14:21:37 <kparal> jskladan: have you already discussed whether talk or workshop it better, or both?
14:21:43 <kparal> *is
14:21:59 <jskladan> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgk-lA12FBk
14:22:11 <jskladan> but I'd rather do a talk than workshop
14:22:45 <kparal> just a note, adamw said he might not be coming to this year's flock
14:22:48 <jskladan> since workshops tend to end up in "so, we spent two hours setting things up, and the next one is up"
14:23:07 <tflink> kparal: maybe you and mkrizek for the workshop, me (and someone else?) for the taskotron talk and jskladan and jsedlak on openqa?
14:23:14 <tflink> another thought would be docker testing
14:23:27 <kparal> tflink: sounds ok to me
14:23:57 <tflink> since that'll be in place before Flock
14:24:05 <tflink> well, the first bits of it will be in place
14:24:19 <tflink> lbrabec: that might be a good topic for you if you're interested
14:25:26 <lbrabec> oh... i always considered myself to be too shy for talks or workshops :)
14:25:40 <kparal> I have to note that there's a minor chance I won't go to Flock, depending on how my holiday schedule turns out. not clear yet. but I think it's rather unlikely than likely
14:25:41 <tflink> just giving suggestions
14:26:03 <tflink> kparal: unlikely that there will be a conflict or not likely that you'll be at Flock?
14:26:31 <kparal> I think it's more likely that I'll be there
14:26:40 <tflink> ok
14:27:37 <tflink> garretraziel, jskladan: the docker idea seems like it could be in your wheelhouse as well
14:27:53 <tflink> not that it's better/worse than openqa, just another idea
14:28:46 <tflink> since there's not a whole lot of time left and one of us (no idea who that could be) have missed deadlines in the past - who's taking on which proposal?
14:28:58 <tflink> I can do the taskotron talk
14:29:08 <jskladan> tflink: for me "docker testing" is still a bit  hazy on it's own, but maybe I was just not attentive enough
14:29:09 <tflink> kparal: can you do the workshop?
14:29:33 <tflink> jskladan: it's docker, were you expecting something well defined and concrete ?
14:29:35 <tflink> i keed
14:29:36 <kparal> me and mkrizek can come up with the workshop proposal, wdyt mkrizek?
14:29:39 <tflink> yeah, just an idea
14:29:49 <jskladan> well, at least "what we expect of it" would be nice ;)
14:29:55 <tflink> #action tflink to propose Flock talk about Taskotron and automation
14:30:00 <mkrizek> tflink: kparal sure
14:30:10 <tflink> jskladan: it needs to test docker, why do you have to be so difficult?
14:30:12 * tflink ducks
14:30:20 <jskladan> :D
14:30:35 <tflink> #action mkrizek and kparal to propose Flock workshop on writing package specific tasks
14:31:00 <tflink> #action jskladan and/or garretraziel to propose Flock talk/workshop on OpenQA
14:31:55 <tflink> any other thoughts/concerns about Flock and proposals?
14:32:34 <kparal> let's not wait until midnight ;-)
14:32:43 <tflink> who, me?
14:32:49 <tflink> :)
14:32:58 * kparal staring at a wall, no one particular
14:33:50 <tflink> #topic Open Floor
14:33:55 <tflink> that's about all I had for today
14:34:15 <tflink> we can go into some of the future stuff that's brewing but most of it is really vague
14:35:10 <tflink> is everyone aware of the F25 deadline for the docker testing? specifically, the ability to run dockerautotest and a suite on a cockpit docker image
14:35:38 <kparal> what exactly happens on that deadline day?
14:35:42 <tflink> we haven't committed to general docker testing by F25 but it'd be a nice bonus if we could have that
14:35:54 <tflink> kparal: not sure I follow, what happens if it isn't in place?
14:36:02 <kparal> right
14:36:26 <tflink> hadn't really thought about that
14:36:41 <kparal> whether it is a target we will try to meet, or whether it has some serious consequences if it is ready by that very day
14:36:56 <kparal> other than some teams being unhappy with us
14:37:21 <tflink> nothing specific in terms of consequences but I suspect that it will start undermine any faith that folks have in our ability to deliver
14:37:30 <kparal> gotcha
14:38:11 <kparal> we better try to deliver then :)
14:38:18 <tflink> yep
14:38:43 <tflink> I don't think it'll be a huge problem so long as the requirements don't change drastically before then
14:38:57 <tflink> i can't see it being a huge problem, anyways
14:39:59 <tflink> discussion around T754 once it's updated will be appreciated
14:40:13 <tflink> I don't have anything else, though
14:40:20 * tflink lights fuse
14:41:10 <tflink> Thanks for coming, everyone
14:41:14 * tflink will send out minutes shortly
14:41:17 <tflink> #endmeeting