16:02:53 <geppetto> #startmeeting fpc
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16:02:54 <geppetto> #meetingname fpc
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16:02:54 <geppetto> #topic Roll Call
16:02:58 <geppetto> Bah, super later
16:03:36 <mbooth> Hi
16:03:40 <geppetto> #chair mbooth
16:03:40 <zodbot> Current chairs: geppetto mbooth
16:03:55 * racor is here
16:04:17 <mbooth> It turns out I just pay no attention to the time and rely on geppetto to remind me this happens every week...
16:04:28 <mbooth> So, thanks :-)
16:04:43 <geppetto> #chair racor
16:04:43 <zodbot> Current chairs: geppetto mbooth racor
16:05:07 <geppetto> That used to work great, I think
16:05:19 <geppetto> But now I have another meeting from 11-12 … which always overruns
16:05:48 <geppetto> So starting the meeting on time needs more attn. from me :(
16:06:43 <geppetto> Then again, it's not looking good for having 5 this week anyway
16:06:52 <geppetto> Not that big a deal, no new tickets
16:08:39 <geppetto> We could talk about 613, I guess … although mbooth and I have already commented
16:10:53 <geppetto> Ok, going to close the meeting in a couple of minutes
16:10:58 <geppetto> See you next week
16:11:20 <mbooth> Fair enough, enjoy your rest-of-day
16:11:28 * geppetto nods  … you too
16:12:03 <geppetto> #endmeeting