14:01:04 <tflink> #startmeeting fedora-qadevel
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14:01:10 <tflink> #meetingname fedora-qadevel
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14:01:14 <tflink> #topic Roll Call
14:01:23 * mkrizek is here
14:01:48 * jskladan nods
14:02:22 <jskladan> seems like a private meeting :)
14:02:50 <tflink> the crickets are deafening
14:02:59 * kparal is here
14:04:39 <tflink> this may be short, then
14:04:45 * jskladan thinks it's all of us
14:04:57 <kparal> garretraziel excused himself in the mailing list
14:05:17 * tflink was hoping that lbrabec would be here this morning
14:05:23 <tflink> will have to pester him later
14:05:30 <tflink> #topic Announcements and Information
14:05:48 <tflink> #info patches for distgit style tasks posted for taskotron-tigger, buildbot config and libtaskotron - mkrizek
14:05:48 <tflink> #info we now pull task repos hourly on all of our instances - mkrizek
14:05:48 <tflink> #info task-dockerautotest was scheduled this week, but it failed before it could check anything - probably caused by too old libtaskotron - jsedlak, mkrizek
14:05:48 <tflink> #info AutoQA Trac was made read-only due to spam. R.I.P. - kparal
14:05:49 <tflink> #info skumari asked for task-libabigail to be included in Taskotron, initial reviews published - kparal
14:06:19 <tflink> #info Production Beaker instance deployed, almost ready - tflink
14:06:29 <tflink> any questions/comments?
14:06:46 <kparal> nothing here
14:06:49 <mkrizek> nope
14:07:15 <jskladan> beaker? yay! Is it all on you, or do we actually have someone from the Beaker team in on it?
14:08:21 <tflink> dcallagh has been helping for a while now
14:08:50 <jskladan> cool
14:09:02 <tflink> I'm doing most of the system setup and not-directly-beaker work but that's only part of the battle and I think that's mostly in place now
14:09:45 <tflink> ok, moving on
14:09:50 <tflink> #topic Tasking
14:09:54 <tflink> is anyone in need of new tasks?
14:10:07 * mkrizek has plenty
14:10:30 * jskladan has stuff to work on, but if something's moar urgent.. shoot
14:10:56 * kparal is now deep in manual testing for a change
14:11:57 <tflink> sound good, moving on
14:12:04 <tflink> #topic taskotron-ansible
14:12:25 <tflink> not much to say here, it's mostly working with recent ansible changes now
14:12:38 <jskladan> what are the missing bits?
14:13:00 <tflink> the all-in-one playbook isn't using disposable clients in order to avoid nested virt but that's fine
14:13:06 <tflink> log/artifact handling
14:13:34 <tflink> after running libtaskotron, the build errors out because the artifacts aren't where it expects them to be
14:13:53 <tflink> which also means that all artifact links are broken after job execution
14:14:17 <tflink> er, the artifacts/all/<UUID> links
14:14:39 <jskladan> that sounds weird, is it something tied to --local?
14:14:48 <tflink> yeah
14:15:06 <tflink> i think it is, anyways
14:15:17 <tflink> haven't gotten to circling back around to figure out what's going on
14:15:27 <jskladan> I can have a look at that
14:15:50 <tflink> keep in mind that freeze starts tomorrow and we need to have any prod changes done before then
14:16:26 <mkrizek> tflink: does freeze apply to stg as well? I forget
14:16:33 <tflink> just prod
14:16:35 <kparal> have we updated libtaskotron yet?
14:16:54 <kparal> my question was about dev/stg, so that answers it
14:16:55 <tflink> were we planning to update it on prod?
14:16:56 <mkrizek> kparal: no, it needs to be tested in dev, mostly because of namespaces
14:17:50 <jskladan> tflink: only thing about prod I'd like to do is https://phab.qadevel.cloud.fedoraproject.org/D818
14:18:18 <tflink> yeah, that's on my todo list for immediately after the meeting
14:18:44 <jskladan> cool, if I'm not around then, could you push&run it?
14:19:22 <tflink> yep
14:19:27 <jskladan> thank you
14:20:11 <tflink> anything else for this topic?
14:20:16 <jskladan> nope
14:20:58 <tflink> the only other topic I had was docker but if lbrabec isn't here, I'm not sure that the discussion will be incredibly productive
14:22:01 <tflink> so, moving on to
14:22:04 <tflink> #topic Open Floor
14:22:29 <tflink> #info F24 Beat Freeze starts 2016-04-19 (tomorrow)
14:22:37 <tflink> anything else that folks want to bring up?
14:22:54 * kparal can't think of anything right now
14:23:00 <mkrizek> nothing here
14:23:11 <sgallagh> tflink: So do we play rhythm games on Beat Freeze date? ;-)
14:23:42 * jskladan has nothing
14:23:45 <tflink> sgallagh: yes, it's DDR all day, every day until F24 Beta is released :-D
14:23:47 <kparal> no, we dance while sitting on chairs behind laptops
14:23:49 <tflink> #undo
14:23:49 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: INFO by tflink at 14:22:29 : F24 Beat Freeze starts 2016-04-19 (tomorrow)
14:23:56 <tflink> #info F24 Beta Freeze starts 2016-04-19 (tomorrow)
14:24:42 <tflink> alrighty, thanks for coming everyone
14:24:46 * tflink will send out minutes shortly
14:24:50 <tflink> #endmeeting