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16:00:31 <geppetto> #topic Roll Call
16:02:03 <handsome_pirate> .fas jdulaney
16:02:03 <zodbot> handsome_pirate: jdulaney 'John Dulaney' <jdulaney@gnu.org>
16:03:17 <mbooth> Hi
16:03:19 <orionp> morning
16:03:35 <geppetto> #chair mbooth
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16:03:37 <geppetto> #chair orionp
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16:03:41 <geppetto> hey
16:04:37 * Rathann here
16:05:32 * tomspur is also here
16:05:35 <geppetto> #chair Rathann
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16:05:38 <geppetto> #chair tomspur
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16:05:43 <geppetto> cool, we have 5 :)
16:05:46 <tomspur> Sorry guys for missing quite often in the last time...
16:05:53 * handsome_pirate thinks he's here
16:06:09 <tibbs|w> Doh.
16:06:30 <tibbs|w> Busy morning, and I was in jury duty all of yesterday.
16:06:39 * racor is also here
16:06:54 <tibbs|w> It was a murder trial; fortunately they didn't pick me, though it would have been interesting.
16:07:03 <tibbs|w> But voir dire took hours.
16:07:19 <geppetto> #chair tibbs|w
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16:07:30 <geppetto> #chair racor
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16:07:42 <geppetto> Cool … we have most everyone … woo
16:07:45 <tibbs|w> I'm behind again, by the way, and have sort of lost context on what I'm supposed to be working on.
16:07:48 <geppetto> #topic Schedule
16:07:55 <geppetto> #link https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/packaging@lists.fedoraproject.org/message/4KIN4E3ETHOAUA5GYIG653XHQX5XWS73/
16:07:58 <tibbs|w> So if you're waiting on me for something, do let me know.
16:08:03 <geppetto> #topic #618 drop prohibition of socket activated services
16:08:07 <geppetto> .fpc 618
16:08:09 <zodbot> geppetto: #618 (drop prohibition of socket activated services) – fpc - https://fedorahosted.org/fpc/ticket/618
16:08:28 <tibbs|w> I've never really understood why we had that.
16:08:41 <geppetto> I think our reasoning here was that we didn't want "big" services like apache-httpd being converted "just because"
16:08:45 <tibbs|w> Especially since there are already socket activated services.
16:09:06 <geppetto> Or maybe we wanted more testing … who knows.
16:09:11 <geppetto> I'm happy to +1 this change though.
16:09:18 <tibbs|w> I don't think it was a "we" thing.
16:09:32 <tibbs|w> It was more of a thing where the systemd folks didn't want us using it yet.
16:09:38 <tibbs|w> But that was years ago.
16:09:43 <tibbs|w> +1 for removing the prohibition.
16:09:44 <Rathann> yup
16:09:50 <Rathann> +1 as well
16:09:53 <tibbs|w> 60dSnf*s7
16:10:02 <tibbs|w> Well, time to change that password.
16:10:03 <Rathann> ooh, not a bad one
16:10:08 <Rathann> but it was short
16:10:30 <Rathann> I read that anything <13 chars can be brute-forced in <14h
16:10:33 <tibbs|w> 9 characters isn't bad these days.  All of my passwords are completely random.
16:10:36 <orionp> +1 to remove
16:10:36 <Rathann> I mean <24h
16:11:29 <tomspur> +1
16:11:29 <mbooth> +1 to remove this prohibition also
16:12:01 <geppetto> At +6 … racor you want to vote for the record?
16:12:02 <racor> tibbs|w: IIRC, the motivation for the prohibition was us not wanting to have some arbitrary freaky service to fire up at boot
16:12:06 <racor> +1
16:12:22 <tibbs|w> I don't know; if you don't want it starting, you shouldn't enable it.
16:12:38 <tibbs|w> I think we can trust the people who make the preset files to not enable dumb things at boot.
16:12:38 <geppetto> #action drop prohibition of socket activated services (+1:7, 0:0, -1:0)
16:12:47 <geppetto> #topic #619 Need a statically reserved uid and gid for heketi
16:12:51 <geppetto> .fpc 619
16:12:54 <zodbot> geppetto: #619 (Need a statically reserved uid and gid for heketi) – fpc - https://fedorahosted.org/fpc/ticket/619
16:13:19 <racor> tibbs|w: we had a time people submitted series of freaky services hardly anybody will want ;)
16:14:25 <Rathann> unfortunately lpabon isn't here to answer any questions
16:14:40 <tibbs|w> I'm sure there's still plenty of that, and I guess people could do systemctl enable in %post, but they can do all sorts of crazy things.
16:14:40 <orionp> Can we go back to 618 for a bit?
16:14:52 <geppetto> orionp: Sure
16:15:02 <geppetto> #topic #618 drop prohibition of socket activated services
16:15:49 <orionp> There is some intermingling of socket activation and Fesco approval for autostarting of services
16:16:19 <tibbs|w> That's true.
16:16:23 <sgallagh> What prohibition on socket-activted services?
16:16:50 <tibbs|w> sgallagh: There's been a longstanding prohibition against socket-activated services in the packaging guidelines.
16:17:02 <tibbs|w> Dates from the original drafts of the systemd guidelines.
16:17:23 <sgallagh> tibbs|w: We adjusted those rules a while ago
16:17:37 <tibbs|w> Who is "we"?
16:17:50 <tibbs|w> Because the prohibition is still in the packaging guidelines.
16:18:00 <sgallagh> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:DefaultServices
16:18:11 <sgallagh> tibbs|w: That's the canonical page.
16:18:15 <tibbs|w> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:Systemd#Socket_activation
16:18:22 <sgallagh> If the guidelines are conflicting anywhere, that should be fixed.
16:18:35 <geppetto> We just voted on it like 10 minutes ago
16:18:41 <tibbs|w> Right, that's what we're dealing with now.
16:18:51 <Rathann> interestingly enough, what sgallagh linked isn't linked from the main Guidelines or Systemd service guidelines
16:19:04 <sgallagh> geppetto: Sorry, haven't read the scrollback (I have an IRC watch on "fesco" which summoned me)
16:19:12 <geppetto> ahh
16:19:16 <Rathann> it's only mentioned in Packaging:Scriptlets
16:20:19 <Rathann> ok so we need to link to this one from Packaging:Systemd
16:20:47 <tibbs|w> And remove a bit of text there as well.
16:20:53 <handsome_pirate> sgallagh:  so, I need only say 'fesco' and you will come running to save the day?
16:20:55 <sgallagh> Yeah, I think the implication there is that socket-activation is fine, but it's treated identically to the "running at boot" case
16:20:59 <orionp> I'll work on a draft...
16:21:13 <sgallagh> handsome_pirate: Only if I feel like it ;-)
16:21:17 <tibbs|w> orionp: I'd go for just fixing this, honestly.
16:21:37 <orionp> I'll be ready in a minute...
16:23:32 <tibbs|w> BTW, I think we can skip 619 since we really don't have enough info.
16:23:56 <Rathann> yup
16:24:00 <geppetto> yeh, all I can see is that it's related to glusterfs
16:25:16 <orionp> How about https://fedoraproject.org/w/index.php?title=PackagingDrafts%3ASystemd&diff=curr&oldid=444672
16:25:51 <Rathann> orionp: +1
16:26:59 <tibbs|w> +1
16:27:06 <geppetto> seems fine, +1
16:28:26 <geppetto> mbooth: Rathann: racor: vote?
16:28:33 <geppetto> orionp: I assume you ar +1 :)
16:28:40 <orionp> Yeah, +1
16:28:45 <Rathann> geppetto: I already did
16:29:14 <geppetto> Rathann: yeh, sorry. need better tracking
16:29:42 <mbooth> +1
16:30:17 <geppetto> tomspur: racor: vote?
16:30:29 <tomspur> +1
16:30:52 <racor> no, was distracted and did not follow
16:31:33 <geppetto> #action Change wording about auto starting networked socket activated services. (+1:6, 0:1, -1:0)
16:31:45 <geppetto> Ok, moving onto 620
16:31:47 <geppetto> #topic #620 Perl Build-Requires Packaging guidelines update
16:31:52 <geppetto> .fpc 620
16:31:54 <zodbot> geppetto: #620 (Perl Build-Requires Packaging guidelines update) – fpc - https://fedorahosted.org/fpc/ticket/620
16:31:58 <orionp> Okay, I changed the packaging page
16:32:04 <Rathann> yay
16:32:25 <geppetto> so this is a long one
16:32:33 <Rathann> I wonder if the next one will be removing python from buildroot ;)
16:33:17 <geppetto> I'm happy with the desire to get rid of perl, but perl-generators doesn't seem like a great name
16:33:20 <orionp> I'm pretty happy with this now that there seems to be assurances the changes will be made and monitored
16:33:44 <orionp> yeah, the name sucks
16:34:08 <geppetto> perl-build? perl-rpm-build? … even perl-rpm-generators seems better
16:34:50 <geppetto> tibbs: How do you feel about the rest of the ticket now?
16:35:04 <racor> perl-macros?
16:35:07 <orionp> f'ing dnf repoquery....
16:35:24 <geppetto> You can still install the real one ;)
16:35:48 <racor> geppetto: I think we need a real proposal/diff
16:36:43 <geppetto> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackagingDrafts/Packaging:Perl/BuildRequires
16:37:08 <geppetto> I see it didn't change during the conversation in the ticket, but I'm not 100% it needed to
16:37:16 <Rathann> hm why not rpm-build-perl?
16:37:48 <geppetto> Rathann: it seems weird to ship that in perl … perl-rpm-build seems better … but I'm happier with that name than the original
16:38:37 <Rathann> geppetto: not sure why it would be weird, but perl-rpm-build works for me, too, if everyone else is happier about that
16:38:50 <racor> geppetto: I've decided to be against the "Build-Requires" section, because I find it non-workable
16:39:12 <geppetto> racor: why?
16:39:40 <geppetto> racor: Any changes you'd suggest?
16:39:42 <racor> geppetto: The build-requires need to be a single "BR: something" which catches all cases
16:40:10 <geppetto> So you'd want them in perl-devel?
16:40:42 <Rathann> I don't think perl-devel is required in every case
16:40:45 <geppetto> As long as perl-devel requires perl-rpm-build or whatever, I think it's fine … one BR for arch and another for noarch.
16:41:14 <racor> not necessarily, I just want to keep things simple, and consider this proposal to be too complex and bureaucratic
16:42:07 <Rathann> racor: what do you propose for the case where your package doesn't require perl for building, but just ships some perl scripts?
16:43:06 <Rathann> there are three use cases to cover, I think:
16:43:12 <racor> Rathann: all perl packages, which run-time require perl-modules to BR: them.
16:43:43 <Rathann> 1. perl not required for build, but ships perl scripts -> BR: perl-rpm-build
16:44:00 <racor> Rathann: correct.
16:44:11 <Rathann> 2. perl (but not perl-devel) required for build -> BR: perl perl-rpm-build
16:44:32 <Rathann> 3. perl-devel required for build -> BR: perl-devel perl-rpm-build
16:44:56 <racor> Rathann: We seem to talking past each other
16:45:26 <geppetto> The proposal does have perl-macros and perl-srpm-macros too
16:45:51 <racor> I was referring to  the case of a package which run-time requires perl-modules must also BR: these modules.
16:46:02 <Rathann> why?
16:46:02 <geppetto> racor: Can you think of suggestions for simplifying the proposal?
16:46:07 <geppetto> racor: Why?
16:46:14 <tibbs|w> Sorry, someone was at the door.
16:46:21 <Rathann> racor: I don't see why it must be true in general
16:46:28 <racor> This is to assure these modules are provided.
16:46:42 <Rathann> also it means manually doing for BRs what perl-rpm-build does for Requires:
16:46:47 <racor> Rathann: I am
16:47:25 <Rathann> and also that means bloating the buildroot
16:47:28 <racor> Rathann: It's a very common case of perl dep breakage
16:47:28 <tibbs|w> I probably shouldn't have gone off like that, but I don't understand why anyone would think that FPC will just rubber stamp something like this
16:47:37 <orionp> Oh fun, there already is a (mainly unused) perl-rpm-build-perl package...
16:47:48 <Rathann> LOL
16:48:02 <Rathann> more confusion ahead ;)
16:48:02 <tomspur> nice package name :)
16:48:41 <Rathann> ah it's just badly named
16:49:15 <Rathann> or maybe not
16:49:17 <geppetto> what does it do?
16:49:43 <tibbs|w> I think it's obvious that the situation is kind of a mess.
16:49:57 <Rathann> B::PerlReq is a back-end module for the Perl compiler that extracts dependencies from Perl source code, based on the internal compiled structure that Perl itself creates after parsing a program. The output of B::PerlReq is suitable for automatic dependency tracking (e.g. for RPM packaging).
16:50:09 <tibbs|w> I'm not going to quibble over package naming if we have a way out of the mess.
16:50:14 <racor> tibb|w: Perl packages follow strict conventions: perl-<cpanmodule>
16:50:16 <orionp> Presumably the same thing perl-generators does
16:50:27 <tibbs|w> racor: Yes, I know.
16:50:35 <racor> tibb|w: so perl-rpm-build-perl likely is a cpan module
16:50:45 <tibbs|w> I mean, I'm not going to quibble over calling the thing perl-rpm-generators or whatever.
16:51:11 <racor> tibb|w: or to put it converse: non cpan packages should not be named perl-*
16:51:24 <orionp> yeah, there is no naming consistency at all in this space currently
16:51:24 <tibbs|w> I don't think we can get around that.
16:51:34 <tibbs|w> perl-devel, for example, has existed forever.
16:52:02 <tibbs|w> And I don't think perl-XXX implies there's a CPAN module called XXX.
16:52:13 <tibbs|w> Otherwise you could never package anything that isn't on CPAN.
16:52:33 <tibbs|w> Or anything that isn't actually a Perl module, for that matter.
16:53:31 <Rathann> orionp: the description suggests it is
16:53:32 <racor> tibbs|w: FWIW: perl-rpm-build-perl in fact is a CPAN-module.
16:53:58 <Rathann> let's ask what's the difference between those two and if there's little, why they're reinventing the wheel? ;)
16:54:02 <orionp> anyway, this is just a distraction
16:55:53 <Rathann> hm jplesnik/ppisar/psabata are all (co-)maintainers of both perl-generators and perl-rpm-build-perl
16:56:00 <Rathann> curious
16:59:18 <geppetto> so … what to do?
17:00:05 <geppetto> I'm mostly ok with it as is … even though it could be better
17:00:48 <geppetto> We could ask to cleanup the perl-generators and perl-macros/perl-rpm-build-perl … can take a look at it again?
17:00:51 <Rathann> I noticed the change is a bit more extensive than just introducing perl-generators
17:01:23 <geppetto> AFAIK the diff seems to be: https://fedoraproject.org/w/index.php?title=PackagingDrafts%2FPackaging%3APerl%2FBuildRequires&diff=443150&oldid=442425
17:01:31 <geppetto> Which is basically the entire BR section
17:01:34 <Rathann> there's a whole new section about BuildRequires
17:01:37 <Rathann> yes
17:01:43 <tibbs|w> I'm just concerned that unlike any normal guideline change, we only have a chance to get this right once.
17:01:49 <tibbs|w> Because they're going to change every package.
17:02:02 <orionp> I suggest removing perl-srpm-macros since that will always be in the buildroot
17:02:04 <Rathann> I notice the current guidelines prohibit using perl-devel at all
17:02:21 <Rathann> also, why is perl-macros needed to be required explicitly?
17:02:37 * tomspur just had the same question...
17:02:43 <orionp> Rathann: I agree, esp since perl requires it
17:02:58 <tomspur> But only on EPEL <= 6 (at least to that text)
17:03:37 <orionp> repoquery --whatrequires perl-macros -> perl-4:5.22.1-360.fc25.x86_64
17:03:39 <Rathann> tomspur: no, it says perl-devel provides perl-macros on EPEL<=6
17:04:14 <tomspur> ah, yes...
17:04:27 <orionp> right, no perl-macros package in EL6 - even more reason not to mention it...
17:04:38 <Rathann> I don't see the reason for splitting perl-srpm-macros and perl-macros
17:05:02 <orionp> srpm-macros are for building srpms and must be in every build root
17:05:48 <Rathann> yeah, but what's the harm in having perl-macros as well?
17:06:29 <orionp> not much, except that they wont work..
17:06:31 <Rathann> it's just one file in /usr/lib/rpm/macros.d/ with no extra dependencies
17:06:46 <Rathann> huh? why won't they work?
17:06:56 <orionp> because they call perl
17:06:56 <Rathann> what's the point of the package then if it doesn't work
17:07:06 <Rathann> it should require perl then
17:07:18 <Rathann> ah it does
17:07:22 <Rathann> ok
17:07:26 <Rathann> I see the point now
17:07:30 <tibbs|w> Which then puts perl in every buildroot.
17:07:33 <Rathann> yup
17:07:34 <tibbs|w> And that's the issue.
17:07:42 <tibbs|w> Now, rewrite the Perl generators in Python....
17:07:43 <Rathann> yes, understood
17:07:49 <tibbs|w> Problem goes away!
17:07:55 <tibbs|w> Not volunteering.
17:08:11 <Rathann> hehe
17:08:14 <geppetto> tibbs_: :p
17:08:25 <Rathann> *sigh*
17:08:43 <Rathann> well then at least fold perl-macros with perl-generators/perl-rpm-build-perl
17:08:55 <Rathann> I don't like this proliferation of small packages
17:09:26 <orionp> https://fedoraproject.org/w/index.php?title=PackagingDrafts%2FPackaging%3APerl%2FBuildRequires&diff=curr&oldid=442425
17:09:40 <orionp> Removed mention of the macros packages...
17:11:11 <geppetto> #action Cut down on the number of different packages needed for building. Simplify the BR section to cover the 3 cases: 1. perl not required to build, but need generators. 2. perl required for build. 3. perl-devel required for build.
17:11:40 <geppetto> If that fine? Or add anything else for the next tiem we look at this?
17:12:15 <geppetto> If nobody speaks up I'll move onto 621 in a minutes
17:12:58 <orionp> I'm basically fine with this current draft
17:12:59 <Rathann> it seems both perl-macros and perl-generators/perl-rpm-build-perl are useful only when building packages with perl code, so IMHO it makes sense to combine them
17:13:53 <Rathann> orionp: is there really a change from 'buildrequire' to 'require' in the first part?
17:13:57 <orionp> agree
17:14:07 <tibbs|w> The draft could use a lint for grammar.
17:14:31 <tibbs|w> I think a lot of the conflict here comes from the fact that nobody here was in on the perl-devel discussion.
17:14:39 <Rathann> geppetto: please also add a question about perl-generators vs perl-rpm-build-perl
17:14:41 <tibbs|w> It was dumb to not mention it to us somehow.
17:14:55 <Rathann> tibbs|w: it was only mentioned in the ticket
17:15:00 <tibbs|w> I try to follow that list but it's pretty much useless.
17:15:04 <geppetto> #action Also need to know why we have perl-generators and perl-rpm-build-perl
17:15:15 <orionp> Rathann: yes, that's a correct change
17:15:20 <geppetto> Ok, moving on
17:15:23 <geppetto> #topic #621 Restore Bundled Libraries page
17:15:25 <tibbs|w> I mean, let us be in on the discussion, instead of having it presented to us as something which was already "complete".
17:15:29 <geppetto> .fpc 621
17:15:29 <zodbot> geppetto: #621 (Restore Bundled Libraries page) – fpc - https://fedorahosted.org/fpc/ticket/621
17:15:45 <tibbs|w> I'm fine with this.
17:15:47 <geppetto> Rathann: this is you
17:15:53 <Rathann> yes, that's me :)
17:16:21 <geppetto> anything you want to say?
17:16:36 <Rathann> I don't think we want to make any promises about the virtual provides list being complete
17:16:39 <tibbs|w> But obviously the current page isn't correct, because it still has the old policy.
17:16:54 <tibbs|w> We should demand of packagers that it be complete.
17:17:06 <tibbs|w> But sure, we can't ever make any promises about anything in Fedora.
17:17:15 * geppetto gets out his demand stick
17:17:31 <Rathann> tibbs|w: I'd be inclined to move it out of Packaging: namespace so that packagers can add to it themselves
17:17:57 <tibbs|w> That's reasonable, I think.  It's not really policy, but an advocacy document.
17:18:27 <geppetto> yeh, a lot of the wording seems wrong in that regard too
17:18:37 <Rathann> I meant the virtual provides list, but of course you're right about the main document too
17:18:47 <geppetto> there is no power behind it … so it's "we think you should do this, but really you can do whatever you want now"
17:19:09 <Rathann> geppetto: well, not entirely - you MUST add Provides: bundled(foo) for any bundled stuff
17:19:14 <geppetto> Maybe label it some kind of best practice?
17:19:19 <Rathann> sure
17:19:30 <geppetto> Rathann: yeh, in theory … but with no checks I won't be holding my breath.
17:20:40 <Rathann> I thought there was a new tool tracking all source code added into Fedora that would help in this regard
17:20:56 <tibbs|w> Not really.
17:20:57 <Rathann> but its name escapes me at the moment
17:21:04 <tibbs|w> Datanommer, maybe?
17:21:17 <Rathann> hm no, the name was a bit more complicated and weird
17:21:24 <tibbs|w> Right, that's not it.
17:21:27 <Rathann> summershum or something like that
17:21:34 <tibbs|w> Right.
17:22:11 <tibbs|w> It says you can easily find bundling with it, but....
17:22:26 <Rathann> anyway, that's beside the point - I'll simply move the page into the general namespace so that anyone can edit it
17:22:36 <tibbs|w> Basically you can take a file hash and see if any source packages in the distro include a file with that hash.
17:22:51 <tibbs|w> Mostly a dead project currently, though.
17:22:57 <Rathann> oh...
17:23:03 <Rathann> too bad, it looked promising
17:23:31 <Rathann> though a similarity metric instead of a hash would work much better
17:24:25 <geppetto> yeh, single hash seems too fragile
17:24:58 <geppetto> Anyway … if it's not under Packaging: then we don't need to vote on it
17:25:17 <geppetto> So is there anything else we should discuss about it Rathann ?
17:25:30 <Rathann> tibbs|w: you said the current page (I assume you meant https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:Bundled_Libraries) isn't correct
17:25:40 <tibbs|w> Right.
17:26:01 <tibbs|w> "When a Bundled Library is Discovered", for example.
17:26:41 <Rathann> oh, ok, yeah, I can remove that and standard questions
17:27:04 <Rathann> and just leave the treatment subsection here
17:27:08 <Rathann> anything else?
17:27:25 <tibbs|w> Well, the NEVER bit in the treatment subsection.
17:27:43 <tibbs|w> I'm actually not sure we care about that currently.
17:28:21 <tibbs|w> A significant portion of the "Acceptable bundling" section is no longer correct, either.
17:28:49 <tibbs|w> Since it's pretty much always "acceptable" now.
17:29:15 <racor> I regret, but I need to quit now.
17:29:23 <tibbs|w> Yeah, we're at 90 minutes.
17:29:28 <Rathann> yeah, but if you're actually unbundling then it makes sense to ensure the bundled stuff doesn't get used actually
17:29:32 * geppetto nods  … only one more ticket
17:29:41 <geppetto> Seems pretty simple
17:29:48 <tibbs|w> Rathann: I agree, but the NEVER is really strong.
17:29:54 <Rathann> point taken
17:29:55 <geppetto> I can move to it, as I don't think we need to do anything for Rathann's bundling one anyway
17:30:00 <geppetto> #topic #622 improve description of /run
17:30:04 <geppetto> .fpc 622
17:30:05 <zodbot> geppetto: #622 (improve description of /run) – fpc - https://fedorahosted.org/fpc/ticket/622
17:30:13 <geppetto> I think this is just a simple +1
17:30:20 <racor> Also, next Thursday is a public holiday, which means I'll very likely not be able to attend
17:30:27 * geppetto nods
17:30:33 <tibbs|w> +1
17:30:39 <tibbs|w> racor: Which holiday?
17:30:42 <geppetto> +1
17:30:44 <tibbs|w> Just curious.
17:31:16 <Rathann> +1
17:31:45 <racor> "Ascension of Jesus"
17:31:45 <Rathann> right, there's also a holiday in Poland next week, but on Tuesday
17:32:02 <Rathann> the Constitution Day
17:32:04 <racor> had to look it up from a dictionary
17:32:54 <Rathann> so for the bundling page, is there a general agreement to move it out of Packaging: ?
17:33:30 <racor> traditionally used as "Father's Day"
17:34:34 <geppetto> Rathann: I think so
17:35:00 <geppetto> Rathann: We don't realy have any control over it … so it makes sense to not control the page
17:35:20 <geppetto> mbooth: orionp: want to vote on 622?
17:35:32 <racor> bye
17:35:33 <Rathann> ok
17:35:42 <tibbs|w> Rathann: I think it should certainly be somewhere, but not under Packaging:
17:35:51 <Rathann> understood
17:36:18 <orionp> +1
17:37:34 <geppetto> ok, mbooth last +1 and we can go get lunch ;)
17:37:47 <Rathann> done: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Bundled_Libraries
17:38:09 <Rathann> also, dropped most sections according to geppetto's suggestions
17:41:50 <Rathann> mbooth: care to vote?
17:42:10 <Rathann> I need to drop off as well soon
17:42:21 * geppetto nods
17:42:49 <geppetto> mbooth: might already have gone … we can leave it for next week.
17:43:01 <tibbs|w> Or just a +1 in the ticket will do....
17:43:08 <Rathann> or vote in the ticket, as it needs just one more +1 to pass
17:43:10 <Rathann> :)
17:43:23 <geppetto> #info improve description of /run (+1:4, 0:0, -1:0) … mbooth, racor, tomspur. didn't vote yet.
17:43:36 <geppetto> #topic Open Floor
17:43:47 <geppetto> I'm assuming nobody has anything left at this point?
17:43:54 <Rathann> nothing new from me
17:43:55 <geppetto> If not I'll close in a minute
17:44:50 <tibbs|w> Nothing but a note that I've been messing with macros for gpg signature checking.
17:44:52 <tibbs|w> Still.
17:44:59 <geppetto> ok, cool
17:45:03 * Rathann hopes his unbundling workshop gets accepted for this year's Flock ;)
17:45:13 <tibbs|w> I've only had a few minutes.  There will be a pagure repo when I get something useful working.
17:45:29 * geppetto nods
17:45:35 <geppetto> Rathann: good luck
17:46:01 <geppetto> #endmeeting