14:03:01 <tflink> #startmeeting fedora-qadevel
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14:03:07 <tflink> #topic Roll Call
14:03:13 * mkrizek is here
14:04:01 * garretraziel is here
14:05:39 <tflink> this may be a very short meeting :)
14:05:47 * omiday is here
14:05:47 <tflink> #chair mkrizek garretraziel
14:05:47 <zodbot> Current chairs: garretraziel mkrizek tflink
14:06:13 <tflink> omiday: welcome
14:06:19 <tflink> #chair omiday
14:06:19 <zodbot> Current chairs: garretraziel mkrizek omiday tflink
14:06:23 <omiday> hello everyone
14:06:54 <tflink> #topic Announcements and Information
14:07:01 <tflink> #info upstream phabricator isn't interested in any of the patches we would need to make auth work again, will be writing it as an extension or out-of-band patch - tflink
14:07:02 <tflink> #info rpmgrill deployed  to dev - mkrizek
14:07:11 <tflink> any comments or questions?
14:07:23 <mkrizek> none here
14:08:04 <garretraziel> nope
14:08:21 <tflink> alrighty, moving on, then
14:08:52 <omiday> don't wait for me though, still catching up
14:09:20 <tflink> hrm, is there a point in going into much else when we're missing so many folks today?
14:09:43 <mkrizek> not so much I guess
14:09:49 * tflink proposes tasking and then open floor
14:09:55 <mkrizek> wfm
14:10:05 <garretraziel> I'm okay with it
14:10:10 <tflink> #topic tasking
14:10:16 <tflink> is anyone in need of stuff to do?
14:10:18 * kparal is late
14:10:34 <tflink> kparal: no worries
14:10:57 * mkrizek still has stuff to do
14:10:59 <tflink> I mean ... how dare you disrespect this meeting with your tardiness ...
14:11:06 <tflink> :-P
14:11:22 <kparal> no tasking needed for me, but I'd like to hear more details about phab auth
14:11:41 <tflink> kparal: details as in how I'm planning to fix it?
14:11:47 <garretraziel> I'll work on openQA, so not me
14:12:14 <kparal> tflink: you talked to them and they said they don't care about openid/persona?
14:12:26 <tflink> persona is effectively dead
14:12:33 <tflink> openid is a PITA
14:12:47 * tflink is working on an auth adapter for ipsilon
14:13:00 <kparal> has the current issue been identified? do we know what needs to get fixed?
14:13:12 <tflink> i don't see a point in fixing it, honestly
14:13:21 <tflink> persona is going EOL in november
14:13:23 <kparal> will the ipsilon adapter work around the issue?
14:13:44 <tflink> yes, it will replace the code that's currently causing the issue
14:14:01 <kparal> sounds good
14:14:10 <kparal> but I guess it's pretty to write the adapter?
14:14:14 <kparal> *difficult
14:14:32 <tflink> we'd be using the oauth2 bits of ipsilon and there's already oauth2 providers in the phab codebase
14:14:37 * kparal has the utmost respect for people writing auth infra
14:14:53 <tflink> if I was better with php and familiar with phabricator, it'd be much easier
14:15:02 <tflink> it looks to be a pretty small patch
14:15:23 <kparal> ok, so we will connect it through oauth2
14:15:37 <tflink> yep
14:15:40 * omiday wonders why phabricator vs pagure
14:15:43 <kparal> ok, thanks for details
14:15:53 <tflink> omiday: pagure wasn't a thing when we started using phabricator
14:16:03 <kparal> and also phab reviews are awesome
14:16:32 <tflink> yeah, the learning curve is a bit steeper but you do get things in return for learning how it works
14:16:55 <kparal> or at least better than the competition, including big projects like github :)
14:17:19 <omiday> right, but it's php whereas pagure is python - how hard to implement missing features in pagure given that most projects are moving there?
14:17:46 * omiday didn't intend to hijack the discussion though
14:17:50 <tflink> omiday: but moving at this point would be nontrivial
14:17:54 <tflink> to say the least
14:18:09 <omiday> tflink: gotcha
14:18:38 <tflink> we've floated phabricator as an option for other teams and so far, there's been no real interest
14:18:53 <omiday> thoguht about gerrit before?
14:19:01 <tflink> php > java
14:19:12 <omiday> is it? phew
14:19:22 <tflink> in my mind, anyways
14:19:45 <tflink> one of the advantages of phab is that it isn't a bunch of disjoint systems
14:19:59 <tflink> and overall, I think it's probably less maintenance work
14:20:22 <tflink> this is the first big-ish problem we've hit in what .. 3 years?
14:20:52 <garretraziel> yeah and I also don't think that it is severe enought for us to change our collaboration tool
14:21:06 <kparal> yes, so far Phab has been pretty good and painless
14:21:11 <kparal> except for this auth issue
14:21:49 <omiday> I'm sort of familiar with it from a sysadmin perspective - have had one of the developer teams using it at my workplace
14:23:01 <tflink> and the root of the auth issue is that persona is going away . not sure how we could have anticipated that one :)
14:23:11 <omiday> not me :)
14:23:46 <tflink> anyhow, moving on to open floor :)
14:23:52 <tflink> #topic Open Floor
14:24:08 <tflink> any other topics that people want to cover?
14:24:28 <garretraziel> yeah I wanted to ask about that broken libtaskotron dependencies error mail
14:24:40 <tflink> AFAIK,
14:25:08 <mkrizek> it *should* be fixed now
14:25:09 <tflink> that's a testcloud issue caused by some problem with libguestfs on aarch64
14:25:29 <tflink> at least that's what I thought it was
14:25:57 <mkrizek> yeah, I excluded testcloud from arm and so that's why libtaskotron fails on arm on rawhide
14:26:06 <tflink> ah
14:26:15 <mkrizek> because of the libguestfs issue
14:26:42 <mkrizek> testcloud now builds in rawhide so it should be fixed now, if not, I'll investigate tomorrow
14:26:52 <tflink> do we have any idea if/when a fix is anticipated for libguestfs?
14:27:22 <mkrizek> well, like I said, testcloud builds so libguestfs is fixed, maybe?
14:27:48 <tflink> ok, we'll see either way
14:29:09 <tflink> if there's nothing else, I'll light the fuse
14:29:46 <tflink> thanks for coming, everyone
14:29:52 * tflink will send out minutes shortly
14:29:55 <tflink> #endmeeting