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14:00:31 <tflink> #meetingname fedora-qadevel
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14:00:31 <tflink> #topic Roll Call
14:00:41 <tflink> #chair kparal jskladan lbrabec garretraziel
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14:00:57 * garretraziel is here
14:01:03 * mkrizek is here
14:01:03 <tflink> It's monday and we all know what that means!
14:01:05 * omiday is here
14:01:18 * jskladan nods
14:01:18 <tflink> #chair omiday
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14:01:40 * tenk is here
14:01:47 <tflink> #chair tenk
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14:02:38 <tflink> ok, let's get started
14:02:48 * kparal is here
14:02:52 * lbrabec is here
14:02:59 <tflink> #topic Announcements and Information
14:03:11 <tflink> #info taskotron-trigger-0.4.1-1 deployed to dev - mkrizek
14:03:11 <tflink> #link https://phab.qadevel.cloud.fedoraproject.org/T854
14:03:27 <tflink> any other items, questions or comments?
14:04:35 <jskladan> Not really, I'd like to have https://phab.qadevel.cloud.fedoraproject.org/D1027 merged before we build resultsdb
14:04:37 <jskladan> but that's about it
14:05:12 <tflink> other than that, are you aware of any reason not to do releases and builds for resultsdb/resultsdb_frontend?
14:05:29 <tflink> and get them into dev as soon as we're done testing trigger
14:05:44 <jskladan> nope
14:05:51 <tflink> cool
14:06:35 * tflink assumes that silence means no more questions or comments
14:06:37 <tflink> #topic Docker Testing Status
14:07:07 <tflink> just to make sure I understood correctly, the docker-relevant bits were put into the 0.4.1 release of trigger, right?
14:07:20 <mkrizek> yep
14:08:01 <tflink> does that mean that we just need to have a repo to look at for tasks and adjust the configuration accordingly before we can call that "done for F25"?
14:08:07 <tflink> testing aside
14:08:43 <jskladan> well, we should write the actual discover code :)
14:09:00 <tflink> oh, i thought that was done for some reason
14:09:02 <tflink> :-/
14:09:25 <jskladan> but that was/is stalled, because we don't really have (or at least I'm not aware of) the spec for how the repos will be structured
14:09:27 <jskladan> and so on
14:09:38 <tflink> for now, it's going to be a single repo for the cockpit image
14:09:53 <tflink> since that's the only thing that is being produced for F25
14:10:16 <tflink> once the dist-git proposal for rpms is figured out, we'll mirror that decision (in tree or separate namespace) for docker
14:10:52 <tflink> is that enough information to finish the discovery code for now?
14:11:21 <tflink> if so, how long would it take to get a patch for that proposed? We're supposed to have that into production before F25 final freeze
14:12:38 <tflink> jskladan, lbrabec ^^
14:13:15 <jskladan> depends on where (and how structured) will it be in the cockpit repo, TBH
14:13:34 <jskladan> which, I think, ties right back to the dist-git thing
14:14:09 <jskladan> could we do it the same way we handle our tasks, at the moment?
14:14:14 <tflink> yes
14:14:51 <jskladan> so, I'd rather do that, for starters
14:14:59 <tflink> that works for me, I assume that changes/enhancements will be needed when more images are produced for F26 and/or when someone figures out more of what testing docker images means
14:15:02 <jskladan> and when we come up with the "proper" way, we can switch to it
14:15:05 <tflink> agreed
14:15:18 <jskladan> *thumbs up*
14:15:34 <tflink> do you think that could be done in the next day or two?
14:16:56 * jskladan shrugs I'm not the expert on that matter, honestly
14:17:24 <jskladan> but I think that it's just changes to ansible/deployment right?
14:17:31 <jskladan> so it copies the right repo, and so on
14:17:47 <tflink> I'll rephrase a bit, I want to have something in dev in the next couple days, even if that's as brain dead as assuming all the tests live in directories inside a single repo
14:18:12 <tflink> or even a single directory if that makes the difference between getting something ready or not :)
14:18:18 <jskladan> the only problem I see there is the fact that we expect "runtask.yml" (or however is it called) in the repo's root
14:18:29 <jskladan> oh, or did you mean the discover code?
14:19:00 <tflink> isn't that what we were talking about?
14:19:12 <tflink> confusion reigns, apparently :)
14:19:19 <jskladan> I thought we agreed on handling it just the same as we do rpmlint/depcheck and so on
14:20:07 * tflink doesn't care much so long as it works for the short term
14:20:40 <tflink> we can make improvements once there is a conclusion on how stuff is layed out and there's more than 1 docker image to worry about
14:21:19 <jskladan> ad discover - I can't really say, at the moment. I'll have a look at the code, and will try and put something together tomorrow
14:21:41 <jskladan> but I'd start with handling this one case the same as we do our stuff (depcheck/rpmlint/...)
14:21:45 <tflink> jskladan: would it make a difference if we just pointed it at a repo like depcheck/rpmlint?
14:21:48 <tflink> works for me
14:22:03 <jskladan> as far as I know, we expect runtask.yml in the repo's root
14:22:16 <tflink> like I said, I just want something working in the short term for now. I'd really like to meet this deadline if at all possible
14:22:19 <tflink> that works for me
14:22:32 <jskladan> that is the only hurdle that I can think of
14:22:48 <tflink> AFAIK, one of us will be writing the task for now. I was just planning to steal the example from the docs that lbrabec wrote
14:23:03 <tflink> once that works, we'll start talking to the cockpit folks about adding mroe
14:23:05 <tflink> more
14:23:22 <jskladan> yeah, those are written in "discover will be done some time in the future, and we will want to use it"
14:23:47 <jskladan> anyway - I'll work on the discover thing tomorrow, and if you (or mkrizek) could set up the "standard" way in the mean time
14:24:02 <jskladan> just in case it's a tougher nut to crack...
14:24:30 <jskladan> but by tomorrow's afternoon, I'll know how much effort needs to be put into the discover code
14:24:49 <jskladan> don't have a good idea right now
14:25:48 <tflink> just to make sure we're on the same page - that means treating the triggering the one docker image that's being produced for F25 in the same way that we're currently doing depcheck/rpmlint/etc. until more details have been figured out for how the checks will be layed out in the repo we end up using
14:26:04 <tflink> but as I say that, I think I finally understand what you were getting at earlier
14:26:38 <tflink> we can get that ready right now by just pointing docker build messages at a single repo which works because there's only 1 image being built ATM
14:26:57 <jskladan> yes
14:27:26 <tflink> apparently the coffee hasn't quite kicked in yet :-/
14:27:26 <jskladan> and that gives us both "look we delivered" and "some time to get it done properly"
14:27:34 <tflink> sounds good
14:27:44 <jskladan> awesome
14:27:50 <tflink> it isn't so terribly urgent if we're going that route
14:28:14 <tflink> I still want to get it done well before F26 freeze but it can wait until we know what the repo layout/location will look like
14:28:23 <tflink> anything else on this topic?
14:29:11 * tflink assumes not
14:29:30 <tflink> #topic Trigger Re-Write Status
14:29:38 <tflink> I think we've covered most of this already
14:30:07 <jskladan> I'll hop on it, though, it's a missing piece, and it seems to have a bigger priority than the cli tool..
14:30:07 <tflink> new trigger 0.4.1 is deployed to dev, better support for docker testing will be looked into once we know what that's going to look like
14:30:43 <tflink> anything else on this?
14:30:48 <jskladan> nope
14:31:02 <tflink> ok, moving on
14:31:04 <tflink> #topic Dist-Git Task Storage Proposal
14:31:25 <tflink> just another reminder - there is a thread on devel@ talking about our proposal for storing tasks in dist-git
14:31:57 * tflink kicked the thread last night to get more conversation on namespaces/directories
14:32:02 <tflink> not sure there's much else to say here
14:32:29 <tflink> which brings us to
14:32:33 <tflink> #topic Open Floor
14:32:48 <tflink> Any topics that didn't come up earlier?
14:33:37 <jskladan> I have nothing
14:34:01 <kparal> nothing here
14:34:54 <tflink> if there's nothing else, I'll set the fuse for 0-5 minutes
14:34:58 <tflink> thanks for coming, everyone
14:35:10 <kparal> thanks
14:35:28 <tenk> thx
14:35:56 * tflink will send out minutes shortly
14:36:00 <tflink> #endmeeting