21:11:29 <smooge> #startmeeting fedora-server
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21:11:30 <jds2001> s/I'm/we're/g :)
21:11:40 <vvaldez> .hello vvaldez
21:11:41 <zodbot> vvaldez: vvaldez 'Vinny Valdez' <vvaldez@redhat.com>
21:11:43 <marc84> hi everyone
21:11:52 <jds2001> well, do we have a quorum?
21:11:56 <smooge> #chair sgallagh smooge vvaldez jds2001 nirik
21:11:56 <zodbot> Current chairs: jds2001 nirik sgallagh smooge vvaldez
21:11:57 <jds2001> .hello jstanley
21:11:58 <zodbot> jds2001: jstanley 'Jon Stanley' <jonstanley@gmail.com>
21:12:04 <smooge> sorry I don't know all the member so not sure if I have everyone
21:12:05 <vvaldez> apologies I missed last week, I was on PTO and failed to inform the list
21:12:16 <smooge> everyone missed last week
21:12:24 <vvaldez> ah ok
21:12:33 * jds2001 got pulled into $DAYJOB stuff.
21:12:43 <smooge> which made me wonder if we have moved the meeting to a different day and people didn't know
21:13:03 <jds2001> no, I don't think so.....
21:13:08 <smooge> OK since we don't have an agenda this is going to be very short meeting today.
21:13:24 <smooge> #topic What Are We Meeting About Next Week
21:13:29 <jds2001> the last I heard from sgallagh was that his daughter had something one week out of the month
21:13:56 <marc84> that was in the mailing list
21:13:57 <smooge> ok so what is currently on the list for server projects
21:14:03 * jds2001 has no idea what we're meeting about
21:14:11 <jds2001> does anyone know about progress on projects?
21:14:26 <jds2001> i.e. NFS role, DC role, etc?
21:14:29 <smooge> jds2001, we are going to work on what we are going to meet about next week :)
21:14:54 <jds2001> well, some updates on the above would be nice :)
21:14:55 <smooge> so I can be up to speed. Who has each of those roles?
21:15:02 <jds2001> NFS == me
21:15:08 <jds2001> DC == sgallagh
21:15:28 <vvaldez> Provisioning == me
21:15:32 * jds2001 has no substantive update on NFS as it stands now.
21:16:01 <smooge> do we have someone checking on status of existing roles?
21:16:26 <smooge> mainly to make sure we don't regress?
21:16:33 <jds2001> I will note that Alpha freeze is coming up on 3/7
21:17:10 <smooge> that was my next question.. thanks jds2001
21:17:18 <smooge> #info Alpha Freeze is 3/7.
21:17:40 <smooge> vvaldez, anything on the Provisioning role ?
21:18:16 <vvaldez> no updates since I posted the doc on it, I have to address sgallagh’s comments, will attempt to complete by next meeting
21:18:48 <smooge> do you have a link to the doc?
21:19:05 <vvaldez> I have mine in google doc https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jyOEarqPw51rHETC7N-bEtILoLiQ2yMBEKbTcVbFQVw/edit
21:19:23 <smooge> thanks. I will look after this meeting
21:19:31 <smooge> and apologies for not doing so earlier
21:19:36 <smooge> ok next meeting
21:19:47 <smooge> Will be the 27th and the last week before the Alpha Freeze
21:19:48 <vvaldez> we should probably put them all in the same place
21:20:13 <smooge> #info topics for next weeks meeting:
21:20:49 <smooge> #info 1. Status report of documents for roles and work needed for each one.
21:21:38 <smooge> #info 2. What can we get done by 2017-03-07 and what can we get done by beta freeze
21:22:05 <vvaldez> we should move them from google doc/github, etc to https://pagure.io/fedora-server/ somewhere if everyone agrees
21:22:12 <smooge> #info 3. Any reports from devconf that change what we are working on
21:22:23 <smooge> vvaldez, that sounds like a good idea
21:24:31 <smooge> ok jds2001 vvaldez marc84 anything else to add to the list?
21:24:40 <vvaldez> that’s all from me
21:25:23 <smooge> ok I think there was something about Fedora Cloud images from 2 weeks ago but I am not sure if we need to keep at that.
21:25:59 <smooge> #info 4. Fedora Cloud?
21:26:18 <jds2001> yeah, we probably need to track it.
21:26:36 <smooge> anything else?
21:26:43 <smooge> #topic Open Floor
21:27:01 <smooge> OK any questions from the floor about Fedora Serverr?
21:27:49 <smooge> Alright in that case...
21:28:01 <TheoSLC> wait
21:28:27 <smooge> ....
21:28:40 <TheoSLC> I have one item for Fedora Cloud
21:28:52 <TheoSLC> Was hoping to get some attention to this issue: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1423753
21:29:58 <TheoSLC> Fedora AMI's on AWS are not readable for copy.
21:30:06 <jds2001> TheoSLC: that's more for the cloud WG?
21:30:08 <smooge> OK thanks. I will ping sayan and some others to see if I can someone who can fix it
21:30:17 * jds2001 has no idea who can fix it.
21:30:21 <smooge> jds2001, we are the cloud sig.
21:30:42 <smooge> the cloud sig is now the atomic sig
21:30:43 <jds2001> smooge: that's dustymabe and friends, no?
21:31:22 <smooge> the atomic sig is the workstation sig and the workstation sig is the server sig. When the music starts up again someone's chair will be pulled and we have to find a new chair
21:31:28 <TheoSLC> smooge: thanks
21:31:31 <jds2001> anyhow, *someone* can fix that and it ain't me :)
21:31:45 <linuxmodder> .hello linuxmodder
21:31:46 <zodbot> linuxmodder: linuxmodder 'Corey W Sheldon' <sheldon.corey@openmailbox.org>
21:31:57 <linuxmodder> super late ( will read the scroll and reply if neede donML
21:32:01 <jds2001> anyhow, did we have anything else?
21:32:03 <smooge> TheoSLC, if I don't get back to you by Friday please contact smooge@fedoraproject.org
21:32:13 <smooge> jds2001, no I don't see anything
21:32:43 <smooge> linuxmodder, we are headed out. do you have anything for next weeks agenda?
21:33:11 <dustymabe> hiya. my name was called
21:33:19 <linuxmodder> justa  plug for ideas for #fedora-classroom ( looking for ideas and classroom instructors )
21:33:37 <linuxmodder> https://wiki.fedoraproject.org/Classroom
21:33:45 <linuxmodder> #link https://wiki.fedoraproject.org/Classroom
21:33:46 <jds2001> dustymabe: you already took action :)
21:33:47 <smooge> dustymabe, it was about the ticket about AMS images not being reaadbale.
21:34:17 <dustymabe> jds2001: smooge ok
21:34:26 <smooge> dustymabe, you assigned it to sayan.. I am just checking to see if it needs a bigger ping
21:34:29 <dustymabe> I assigned it to sayan hoping he would say something
21:34:41 <smooge> I have no idea who has rights to that account
21:35:04 <smooge> it hasn't been me in 6 years
21:35:24 <smooge> so I will find out, get them to look at it and get it fixed
21:35:31 <dustymabe> jds2001: ok do you mind sending a mail to the cloud list about it?
21:35:37 <dustymabe> and I'll see if I can get sayan to respond there
21:35:52 <dustymabe> cloud@lists.fedoraproject.org
21:36:18 <smooge> ok anything else Server related for this meeting?
21:37:02 <smooge> dustymabe, oh there is something for next week. I don't know what the status from last meeting was on cloud/server handoff on items. Was it concluded or does it need to be on next weeks meeting?
21:37:19 <linuxmodder> smooge,  nfm
21:37:42 <vvaldez> nope
21:39:01 * jds2001 just sent an email to sgallagh about something and got a bounce that he's on PTO.
21:39:07 <jds2001> which explains his abscence :)
21:39:20 <jds2001> though he should not get PTO :D
21:40:16 <smooge> #info we all wish sgallagh a good PTO and hope he comes back rested next week
21:40:20 <smooge> #endmeeting