14:00:54 <tflink> #startmeeting fedora-qadevel
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14:00:54 <tflink> #topic roll call
14:01:27 * mkrizek is here
14:01:57 <tflink> welcome, welcome
14:04:30 <tflink> but if it's just going to be the two of us, it seems a bit pointless :)
14:05:08 * kparal is here
14:05:11 * roshi is here
14:06:04 <tflink> #chair mkrizek roshi kparal
14:06:04 <zodbot> Current chairs: kparal mkrizek roshi tflink
14:06:52 <tflink> ok, let's get started. I expect this to be a short meeting
14:07:18 <tflink> #topic Announcements and Information
14:07:25 <tflink> #info libtaskotron docs have a new theme, and some parts were updated (not deployed yet in production) -- kparal
14:07:43 <mkrizek> #info D1195 updated to run "ansible -c local" on a minion :( - mkrizek
14:07:58 <tflink> mkrizek: :( ?
14:08:21 <mkrizek> I am sad about the inner runner :D
14:08:47 <kparal> I posted a comment about this into T939
14:09:03 * tflink just saw that comment
14:09:47 <tflink> it's a conversation we can bring up with the ci folks but there's a certain level of sense to why
14:10:21 * kparal is interested in that
14:10:30 <mkrizek> yeah, I understand the reason, just as I said, was hoping to get rid of the inner runner :)
14:12:38 * tflink understands, was also hoping to be rid of that
14:13:08 <tflink> on the bright side, the inner runner will end up being someone elses' problem :)
14:14:22 <tflink> kparal: is that something you'd like to get into now or in ticket T939?
14:14:40 <kparal> we can discuss in the ticket. I was just curious what I'm missing
14:15:27 <tflink> I don't think it's much, reading your comment
14:15:32 * tflink will get to that after the meeting
14:15:54 <tflink> ok, moving on
14:16:00 <tflink> #topic Tasking
14:16:10 <tflink> Is anyone in need of tasks or clarification around tasks?
14:16:52 * tflink suspects not but wanted to ask anyways
14:17:59 <roshi> not with Go/No-Go this week :(
14:18:50 <tflink> the little things :-P
14:18:55 <tflink> moving on
14:19:28 <tflink> #topic Test Invocation Status
14:19:47 <tflink> This is as much for keeping stuff written down as anything
14:20:10 <tflink> #info D1195 is still in progress, will support the new ansible-based standard interface when merged
14:20:52 <tflink> #info porting existing tasks to new ansible format has yet to start, will hopefully not take long
14:21:08 <tflink> anything I'm forgetting?
14:21:53 <mkrizek> rewriting directives to ansible modules
14:22:10 <kparal> are the new directives in a branch somewhere?
14:22:18 <tflink> separate repo
14:22:22 <kparal> please link
14:23:37 <tflink> #info process of porting libtaskotron directives to ansible modules is ongoing, some discussion required
14:23:40 <tflink> #link https://pagure.io/ansible-fedoraqa-modules
14:23:44 <tflink> thanks for the reminder
14:24:11 <kparal> does it make sense to have it as part of the taskotron project, or not?
14:24:20 <kparal> I just notice it's not in the namespace
14:24:31 <tflink> kparal: eventually, yes. I didn't want to get in the way of the other refactoring
14:24:47 <tflink> figured it would find a more permanent home once the dust had settled a bit more
14:24:59 <kparal> ok
14:25:30 <tflink> the questions that I have around the directives is mostly "how many of the directives really need to be ported?"
14:25:58 <tflink> the ones I came up with are koji and bodhi as the required ones
14:26:06 <mkrizek> resultsdb
14:26:31 <kparal> mash and yumrepoinfo are being used by depcheck
14:26:32 <tflink> yeah, that one as well
14:26:48 <tflink> kparal: sure but do they really need to be directives if they're used by only one check?
14:26:54 <tflink> directives/modules
14:27:09 <kparal> that's a good question
14:27:42 <tflink> other than the three listed above, I'm wondering if they can be replaced by either existing ansible modules or just cli calls
14:27:52 <kparal> how do we deal with yumrepoinfo then?
14:28:28 <mkrizek> put it as a library method in libtaskotron?
14:28:44 <kparal> can be
14:28:50 <mkrizek> method/module whatever
14:28:57 <tflink> cli tool
14:29:07 <tflink> is the first thing that comes to mind
14:29:27 <tflink> or both
14:29:42 * tflink is wondering if we want to expand the number of cli tools that come out of libtaskotron
14:29:49 <tflink> instead of having directives
14:30:05 <tflink> yumrepoinfo <koji tag>
14:30:32 <tflink> taskotron-xunit, taskotron-resultsyaml etc.
14:30:51 <tflink> as cli entry points, not additional packages
14:30:56 <kparal> I just replied to roshi how I dislike cli tools instead of api :)
14:31:05 <roshi> CLI is an API
14:31:15 <kparal> roshi: I covered that point as well
14:31:19 <roshi> that's like I dislike plants but like fruit
14:31:21 <roshi> :p
14:31:31 <tflink> kparal: I'm open to other suggestions. I'm not thinking of a better idea ATM
14:31:43 <kparal> sure, we'll think about it
14:31:57 <tflink> expecting people to only use python is a bit optimistic, I think
14:32:08 <mkrizek> fair point
14:32:17 <tflink> whether we like it or not, CLI/bash is about the most standard interface we can have
14:33:11 * roshi reads
14:33:28 * tflink needs to get to that discussion today :-/
14:34:04 <tflink> any other questions/comments on this?
14:34:09 <kparal> nop
14:34:10 <kparal> e
14:34:22 <mkrizek> not here
14:34:52 <tflink> this next one should be short
14:34:59 <tflink> #topic Testcloud and ppc
14:35:06 * roshi will respond in ticket :)
14:35:22 <tflink> is anyone working on the koji errors around ppc64 and ppc64le for testcloud?
14:35:31 <roshi> not me
14:35:35 * roshi didn't even know
14:35:48 <kparal> I noticed them, but wasn't sure what the errors were
14:35:56 <tflink> roshi: if only someone got around to being a packager ...
14:35:57 <kparal> libguestfs seems to be building on ppc
14:36:14 <roshi> lol
14:36:15 <roshi> yeah...
14:36:21 <tflink> my read is that there's a problem with libguestfs but hadn't gotten any farther
14:36:21 <roshi> in my spare cycles...
14:36:37 <tflink> it could be a transient issue, though if that is indeed building on the ppc arches
14:36:41 <kparal> tflink: add roshi to qa-tools-sig and he'll receive the emails
14:37:04 * tflink will do that after the meeting
14:37:07 <roshi> yay, moar emails!
14:37:16 <kparal> roshi: you're welcome ;)
14:37:19 <roshi> lol
14:37:30 <tflink> roshi: just what you wanted on a monday, right?
14:37:38 <tflink> we just wanted to make your day a bit brighter
14:37:52 <roshi> with friends like these, who needs spammers? :p
14:37:54 <tflink> and by brighter, I mean turn the firehose up a little more
14:38:04 <roshi> see if I can crest 200k emails in a year
14:38:09 <roshi> cron helps a lot with that
14:39:00 <tflink> something in the back of my mind says that this was a problem in previous releases
14:39:08 <tflink> but I don't remember enough details
14:39:19 <tflink> anyhow, will start a thread on qa-devel
14:39:50 <tflink> anything else on this?
14:40:03 * roshi has nothing, obviously :p
14:40:10 <tflink> if not, moving on to open floor. this has already taken longer than I had hoped :)
14:40:57 <tflink> #topic Open Floor
14:41:05 <tflink> Anything else that folks wanted to bring up?
14:41:22 <kparal> nothing here
14:41:48 * tflink assumes not
14:41:52 <tflink> thanks for coming, everyone
14:41:57 * tflink will send out minutes shortly
14:42:07 <tflink> and for last week, which I seem to have forgotten about :-/
14:42:13 <tflink> #endmeeting