14:00:23 <tflink> #startmeeting fedora-qadevel
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14:00:29 <tflink> #topic Roll Call
14:00:35 <jskladan> yay! meetings!
14:00:49 <tflink> jskladan: who are you and what have you done with jskladan?
14:01:45 <jskladan> tflink: he got eaten, replaced by semi-sentient blender!
14:02:09 <tflink> jskladan: that sounds ... unfortunate. can the blender code, though?
14:02:55 <tflink> jskladan: or is this one step closer to project colada?
14:03:45 <jskladan> tflink: yay, coladas! Although I prefer Salty Dogs, lately :)
14:04:26 <jskladan> sigh, pidgin is acting up a lot
14:04:37 * jskladan loves when the irc client freezes randomly
14:04:51 <jskladan> so, looks like it's just the two of us, today?
14:05:00 <tflink> huh, that's a new one on me. sounds good, though
14:05:04 <tflink> yeah, it does
14:05:13 <tflink> which makes the meeting kinda pointless, IMHO
14:05:45 <tflink> eh, I suppose go over announcements etc. since meetbot is spun up
14:05:54 <tflink> #topic Announcements and Information
14:06:03 <tflink> #info taskotron-prod upgraded to f25 - tflink, kparal, jskladan
14:06:03 <tflink> #info F27 Branched set up in Taskotron and upgradepath updated so that it should no longer crash when Bodhi doesn't know Branched yet -- kparal
14:06:03 <tflink> #link https://pagure.io/taskotron/libtaskotron/issue/328
14:06:11 <tflink> anything to add or comments?
14:06:20 <jskladan> nope
14:06:37 <tflink> #topic Open Floor
14:06:44 <tflink> shortest meeting in a long time
14:07:03 <jskladan> any fires that need extinguishing?
14:07:21 <tflink> one side note is that I'm not sure what to do about the status report wikis that we've been using
14:07:40 <jskladan> my plate is pretty empty, so it's either going through the Ansible/Docker trainings, or do anything else
14:07:44 <tflink> not that I'm aware of. the f28 issue is rather annoying but it sounds like that is a known issue
14:08:23 * tflink thinks
14:08:40 <jskladan> ad status reports - how about going with fp-wiki?
14:09:10 <tflink> the big thing is the ansiblize branch and/or working with the standard interface, I think
14:09:44 <tflink> the modularity folks are asking to run tasks from dist-git against modules which isn't part of the atomic CI effort
14:10:23 <jskladan> IIRC lbrabec is on both of the ansiblize/standard interface now, right?
14:10:37 <tflink> As far as I know, yes
14:10:57 <tflink> I've been wondering about writing a task w/ taskyaml to run standard interface tests, though
14:11:09 <tflink> considering how long it's taking to get the new branch working
14:11:46 <jskladan> might make sense, honestly - one more permanent temporary solution on the horizon! :)
14:11:57 <tflink> :)
14:12:10 * tflink is still working on the upstreamfirst monitor stuff
14:12:20 <jskladan> I can give it a go
14:12:21 <tflink> hopefully that'll get working today
14:12:38 <jskladan> OK, let me know then. I'll sync up with Lukas tomorrow
14:12:55 <tflink> see if the sti task seems sane, at least.
14:13:03 * tflink still laughs at that abbreviation
14:13:26 <jskladan> :D
14:14:07 <tflink> will do, still need to figure out timing on actually getting the thing deployed in an OK way that doesn't disrupt others
14:14:16 <tflink> on the bright side, I'm learning about docker and docker-compose
14:14:55 <jskladan> :) docker-compose is pure gold, honestly. Trying to orchestrate multiple containers at once without it was a major pita
14:14:55 <tflink> anything else for the "meeting"?
14:15:06 <jskladan> I have nothing
14:15:07 * tflink still wants to get into ansible-container
14:15:23 <tflink> it looks like a better solution than dockerfiles and docker-compose
14:16:32 <tflink> anything else?
14:16:33 <jskladan> I only had a brief look, and it sounds like it can get out of hand/pretty complicated quickly. But it depends on what you want to do, I guess
14:16:40 <tflink> true
14:17:14 <tflink> it doesn't seem like an obvious win for simple things or at least it didn't last time I used it
14:17:56 <tflink> ok, thanks for coming
14:17:59 <tflink> short meeting FTW
14:18:02 <tflink> #endmeeting