20:01:49 <sgallagh> #startmeeting Fedora Server SIG Weekly Meeting (2017-10-17)
20:01:49 <sgallagh> #meetingname serversig
20:01:49 <sgallagh> #topic Roll Call
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20:01:56 <sgallagh> .hello2
20:01:57 <zodbot> sgallagh: sgallagh 'Stephen Gallagher' <sgallagh@redhat.com>
20:03:07 <smooge> here
20:03:10 <smooge> .hello smooge
20:03:12 <zodbot> smooge: smooge 'Stephen J Smoogen' <smooge@gmail.com>
20:03:17 <sgallagh> Hiya smooge!
20:03:19 <sgallagh> #chair smooge
20:03:19 <zodbot> Current chairs: sgallagh smooge
20:03:49 <sgallagh> I didn't have a chance to put together a formal agenda for today, but I wanted to go over the current status of the F27 Modular Server Beta
20:04:05 <smooge> it wasn't good before I went on PTO
20:04:17 <sgallagh> I have to keep it short today (hard stop at the bottom of the hour)
20:05:56 <smooge> well I think its just you and me
20:07:00 <sgallagh> smooge: OK, well, I'll do an infodump and call it a day then
20:07:14 <sgallagh> I was going to quickly call out https://github.com/fedora-modularity/f27-content-tracking
20:07:53 <sgallagh> That's the status of modules that have been successfully *built* for F27.
20:08:04 <sgallagh> Which includes all of the blocking ones for Server Edition
20:08:36 <sgallagh> They have not been tested in a composed state yet, but each have been tested individually by their creators, at least.
20:09:18 <sgallagh> We expect to have an RC compose by the end of this week (or Monday at the latest), but we probably aren't going to have it in time to have it comfortably tested in time for the Go/No-Go on Thursday.
20:09:30 <smooge> ouch
20:10:59 <sgallagh> It's been a bit of a whack-a-mole game as we keep finding issues (both in modules and the infrastructure) that were hidden by the previous issues.
20:11:05 <nirik> morning
20:11:06 <sgallagh> We've gotten REALLY close though.
20:11:12 <sgallagh> #chair nirik
20:11:12 <zodbot> Current chairs: nirik sgallagh smooge
20:11:19 <smooge> yeah that is pretty much the case with every big change
20:11:58 <sgallagh> We should have a mostly testable nightly compose tomorrow or Thursday, depending on whether the pungi-fedora PRs I sent to rel-eng get landed.
20:12:01 <sgallagh> mboddu: ^^
20:12:27 <sgallagh> It won't have the graphical installer yet, but the TUI *should* work at this point, giving us an actual installed system to play with
20:12:37 <mjwolf> .hello mjwolf
20:12:38 <zodbot> mjwolf: mjwolf 'Michael Wolf' <mjw@linux.vnet.ibm.com>
20:13:05 <sgallagh> The graphical installer situation hit a snag with the X11 stack, but it's being worked on
20:13:08 <sgallagh> #chair mjwolf
20:13:08 <zodbot> Current chairs: mjwolf nirik sgallagh smooge
20:13:40 <smooge> that is a first in a while.. having a TUI before GUI
20:13:54 <sgallagh> So, in general I'd say we are "red" for Go/No-Go this week and "greenish-yellow" for next week.
20:14:38 <nirik> sgallagh: note that the openqa stuff expects the graphical I think...
20:14:45 <sgallagh> #info Status: Red for Go/No-Go on Thursday
20:14:48 <sgallagh> nirik: Yes
20:15:32 <sgallagh> #info Status: Greenish-yellow for Go/No-Go next week
20:15:46 <sgallagh> nirik: There's a bunch of stuff that exercises kickstart, which should hopefully start passing
20:15:57 <nirik> cool.
20:16:02 <nirik> progress being made
20:16:43 <sgallagh> Well, progress has been happening, but we just haven't had it coming *together* until very recently
20:18:45 <sgallagh> OK, that's my status update.
20:20:42 <smooge> cool
20:20:53 <sgallagh> #topic Open Floor
20:21:03 * sgallagh wishes he'd set the topic before that, but oh well
20:21:08 <sgallagh> Anything for Open Floor?
20:21:18 <smooge> nirik, do we have any place to roll out server in beta?
20:21:39 <nirik> we could test in the cloud...
20:22:19 <smooge> yeah, I just wanted to check in case there was something that would be a good candidate
20:22:57 <smooge> ok that was it
20:23:01 <smooge> nothing else for open floor
20:23:10 <nirik> yeah, not sure.
20:24:47 <sgallagh> OK, I've got a hard stop in 5, so if there's nothing else I will just close it out for this week.
20:24:55 <sgallagh> Thanks for coming, folks!
20:27:01 <sgallagh> #endmeeting