15:00:46 <tflink> #startmeeting fedora-qadevel
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15:00:53 <tflink> #topic roll call
15:01:13 <kparal> hello
15:01:14 <tflink> #chair kparal
15:01:14 <zodbot> Current chairs: kparal tflink
15:03:15 <tflink> this may be a really short meeting if it's just the two of us :)
15:04:08 <kparal> I should have poked other people earlier and remind them of the meeting
15:05:30 <kparal> pinged them on IM
15:09:25 <tflink> there's one :)
15:10:32 <kparal> jskladan doesn't respond
15:11:05 <kparal> he receives A as Absent
15:12:15 <tflink> I guess we can keep going with the three of us as a sort of record and keep it shorter
15:12:26 <tflink> any objections?
15:12:51 <kparal> let's go
15:13:14 <tflink> #topic Announcements and Information
15:13:32 <tflink> #info stg redeployment is finally finished - tflink
15:13:32 <tflink> #info libvirt issue seems to be resolved - tflink
15:13:48 <tflink> any questions, comments or other items to add?
15:14:53 * tflink takes that as a no
15:14:58 <tflink> moving on
15:15:07 <tflink> #topic Ansible Branch Progress
15:15:22 <tflink> was any progress made last week now that the virthost seems to be working again?
15:15:24 * kparal was too slow, but PIDFile issues resolved as well :)
15:15:38 <tflink> #undo
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15:15:42 <kparal> no need
15:15:58 <tflink> #info PIDFile issues in buildmaster service files resolved - kparal
15:16:05 <tflink> #topic Ansible Branch Progress
15:16:36 <kparal> this is taskotron feature/ansiblized, right?
15:16:40 <tflink> yeah
15:16:42 <kparal> no progress from in last week
15:16:51 <kparal> but I intend to start working on it now
15:17:05 <kparal> *from me
15:17:34 <tflink> cool, do you need anything to continue with that work?
15:17:38 <kparal> stg is now running regular taskotron, right?
15:17:48 <tflink> yeah
15:17:57 <tflink> but stg is going away soon
15:18:07 <kparal> how soon?
15:18:25 <tflink> depends on available time or how much openqa needs another worker
15:18:51 <kparal> ok. so we should really hurry up and put ansiblized into shape
15:19:16 <kparal> people helping me convert tasks and fix rought edges is always welcome
15:19:24 <kparal> but overall I'm not aware of any blocker
15:19:27 <tflink> not sure I follow, the idea has been to get rid of stg since it's not terribly useful in its' current form, no?
15:20:03 <kparal> yes, that's true. but as long as we have it, we can test new regular taskotron releases or updated tasks in there
15:20:12 <kparal> once we don't have stg, we truly test in production :)
15:20:21 <tflink> ah, ok. I misunderstood
15:21:01 <tflink> the hope is to be able to test in other ways than an entire production-ish setup that doesn't really do anything
15:21:17 <tflink> but yeah, there's likely to be a period of time where we revert to doing that
15:22:07 <kparal> one further note, test suite is now disabled for ansiblized. it will take quite some effort to adjust it to the new code
15:22:23 <kparal> so everything going into dev right now is not covered by tests
15:22:30 <tflink> farther reversion :-/
15:22:32 <kparal> but as long as it's just dev, I don't mind that much
15:22:55 <tflink> er, reverting
15:23:21 <tflink> any guess on how much work it'll take to fix the tests?
15:23:45 <kparal> I can't really guess
15:24:05 <kparal> depends on how much we want to cover the new code :)
15:24:07 <tflink> ok, one more thing to fix on top of reworking the docs, I guess
15:24:40 <tflink> it would be nice to not lose any significant coverage that we used to have
15:25:00 <kparal> also, our linters are not run by default (Phab used to do that for us)
15:25:31 <kparal> so, lots of areas for someone to pitch in :)
15:25:33 <tflink> I had forgotten about that
15:25:57 <kparal> as a side note, frantisekz is in a military service for the next 30 days or so
15:26:13 <kparal> but he wouldn't be helping us with ansiblized anyway, rather with infra
15:26:36 <tflink> at least it's only 30-ish days
15:27:33 <tflink> #info we need to find something to run linters and tests on a more regular basis to replace what Phab used to do
15:27:57 <tflink> anything else on this?
15:28:21 <kparal> I can't think of anything
15:28:50 <tflink> ok, let's move on in the interest of keeping this short
15:29:01 <tflink> #topic Production Rebuild
15:29:09 <tflink> not a whole lot to say here
15:29:33 <tflink> with the issues we hit rebuilding stg last month, we decided to hold off on rebuilding prod until those issues could be fixed
15:29:47 <tflink> now that they are fixed, we need to rebuild production as it's still all F25
15:29:47 <kparal> are they?
15:29:53 <kparal> ok
15:29:54 <tflink> I thought they were
15:30:03 <tflink> did I miss something?
15:31:14 <kparal> I don't know, I was just asking
15:31:42 <tflink> as far as  I know, stg is working as it should be
15:31:58 <kparal> yeah, looks ok
15:32:52 <tflink> I was thinking tomorrow or wednesday for the production rebuild
15:34:26 <tflink> I guess I'll talk with jskladan when he's online to see if he is available to help
15:34:40 <kparal> sounds good
15:34:49 <tflink> that's really all I had to say about the rebuild
15:35:00 <tflink> #topic Cloud Plans
15:35:44 <tflink> Just as a small update from what was talked about before, the new cloud is still yet to be deployed but there's plenty of work to do before we're ready there
15:36:09 <kparal> talking about the openstack we might be able to use, right?
15:36:43 <tflink> there's some interest from coremodule in running cloud-ish tests on non-x86 arches which would farther point to using infra's openstack deployment
15:37:36 <tflink> as PPC instances are available and aarch64 instances should be available sometime in the next couple of months
15:38:05 <tflink> kparal: yeah, infra's new upcoming instance
15:38:20 <kparal> ok
15:39:22 <tflink> that's about all to report here
15:39:43 <tflink> eventually the question is going to be whether it makes sense to work on the cloud movement before ansiblize is in production
15:40:07 <tflink> but that's a discussion for another day, methinks
15:40:15 <kparal> agreed
15:40:28 <tflink> any other questions/comments on this?
15:40:45 <tflink> otherwise let's move on to open floor since this has already taken longer than I had hoped
15:41:04 <kparal> nothing from me
15:41:18 <tflink> #topic Open Floor
15:41:32 <tflink> if there's nothing else, I'll close out the meeting in a few minutes
15:44:06 <tflink> thanks for coming, everyone
15:44:12 * tflink will send out minutes shortly
15:44:15 <tflink> #endmeeting