14:27:07 <cverna> #startmeeting Fedora Tagger - Future development
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14:27:14 <elormes[m]> alick: will you like to chair today's meeting?
14:27:22 <cverna> ok let's start it
14:27:32 <cverna> I don't mind chairing
14:27:39 <cverna> #chair elormes[m] alickm
14:27:39 <zodbot> Current chairs: alickm cverna elormes[m]
14:28:00 <cverna> Did you guys had an agenda ?
14:28:03 <elormes[m]> cverna: great
14:28:56 <alickm> * share thoughts on future plan of tagger
14:29:27 <cverna> #topic Future plan for Fedora tagger
14:29:35 <alickm> * discuss possible spitting of work
14:29:45 <cverna> #undo
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14:29:52 <cverna> #topic Future plans for Fedora tagger
14:29:56 <x3mboy> .hello2
14:29:57 <zodbot> x3mboy: x3mboy 'Eduard Lucena' <eduardlucena@gmail.com>
14:30:44 <cverna> OK so maybe everyone can do a quick intro
14:31:06 <cverna> stating what he/she would like to help with
14:32:31 <cverna> alickm: you want to start ?
14:33:29 <alickm> I'd like to help with long term maintenance of tagger on Fedora infra
14:33:49 <alickm> Mainly sys admin side
14:34:57 <x3mboy> !
14:35:34 <elormes[m]> I'll work mainly on the migration
14:35:38 <x3mboy> iirc the main issue reported is about the integration with the databases, right?
14:36:04 <elormes[m]> And also help with maintenance
14:36:40 <cverna> x3mboy: yes this is https://github.com/fedora-infra/fedora-tagger/issues/200
14:36:59 <cverna> we need to remove the dependencies to pkgdb
14:37:23 <x3mboy> Ok, it makes sense
14:37:24 <cverna> so it sounds like we have a good team between elormes[m] and alickm :)
14:37:41 <cverna> do you have more specific questions ?
14:38:25 <x3mboy> Yes, migration means what specifically?
14:39:56 <x3mboy> Moving it from pkgdb to pagure?
14:40:09 <x3mboy> Rigth?
14:40:28 <cverna> x3mboy: yes replacing the call to pkgdb to query pagure instead
14:41:04 <x3mboy> So, beyond those 2 tasks, that are HUGE! what other help is needed?
14:41:40 <cverna> actually pingou pointed out what code need to be changed https://github.com/fedora-infra/fedora-tagger/issues/200#issuecomment-377497214
14:41:51 <cverna> elormes[m]: did you look at that ?
14:42:05 <cverna> if yes do have questions ?
14:42:15 <cverna> x3mboy: I think that's all
14:43:24 <cverna> pingou: \o/
14:43:33 <pingou> o/
14:43:42 <bt0__> o/
14:44:06 <alick_laptop> In that links we have 3 points to work on migration part
14:44:20 <alick_laptop> Two are about pkgdb and one is about yum.
14:44:43 <cverna> for those who just joined we are looking at https://github.com/fedora-infra/fedora-tagger/issues/200#issuecomment-377497214
14:44:44 <elormes[m]> Are there any differences between packages on pkgdb and those on pagure? Would it affect the db schema?
14:48:31 <alick_laptop> Maybe someone can work on porting the yum part?
14:48:34 <cverna> after reading the pingou's comment, I don't think it need to talk to pagure, it needs to interface with PDC and mdapi for the first 2 points and the last point should just be a link to src.fedoraproject.org
14:49:22 <cverna> let's do this one topic at the time.
14:49:42 <pingou> +1, there is no need to talk to pagure
14:49:46 <cverna> #topic Remove pkgdb from https://github.com/fedora-infra/fedora-tagger/blob/develop/fedoratagger/lib/retired.py
14:49:54 <cverna> #link https://github.com/fedora-infra/fedora-tagger/blob/develop/fedoratagger/lib/retired.py
14:50:45 <cverna> So we need to replace the PKGDB_URL to the equivalent in PDC
14:51:27 <cverna> the PDC apis are available here --> https://pdc.fedoraproject.org/rest_api/v1/
14:51:48 <pingou> and potentially in a few months to something else, since PDC is being deprecated
14:52:04 <pingou> but that's for later :)
14:52:27 <cverna> or we could use src.fp.o json file ?
14:52:55 <cverna> https://src.fedoraproject.org/extras/pagure_poc.json
14:53:24 <cverna> that gives the full list of packages, correct ?
14:54:04 <pingou> no that includes the orphaned, not the retired packages
14:54:14 <pingou> though in this case maybe it doesn't matter :s
14:55:23 <cverna> ok so let's use PDC, pingou would you know which API to use ?
14:56:04 <cverna> elormes[m]: alick_laptop : do not hesitate to ask questions, if needed :)
14:56:27 <pingou> hm
14:57:22 <cverna> I think it should be https://pdc.fedoraproject.org/rest_api/v1/global-components/
14:57:48 <cverna> at least it is what fedora-packages is using :)
15:01:23 <pingou> for the list of all packages or the list of retired ones?
15:02:14 <cverna> the list of all packages
15:02:19 <pingou> for the retired ones I think https://pdc.fedoraproject.org/rest_api/v1/component-branches/?active=false is good
15:02:43 <pingou> https://github.com/fedora-infra/fedora-tagger/blob/develop/fedoratagger/lib/retired.py this one is about retired packages
15:02:54 <pingou> for all packages, I think the pagure_poc.json is fine
15:04:36 <cverna> yeah I think in packages there is weird code to check if it still active or not. I think https://pdc.fedoraproject.org/rest_api/v1/component-branches/?active=false is better
15:05:14 <cverna> #info investigate https://pdc.fedoraproject.org/rest_api/v1/component-branches/?active=false in order to get the list of retired packages
15:05:47 <cverna> are we good to move to the yum part ?
15:06:12 <cverna> or do you have any questions about retired.py ?
15:08:20 <cverna> #topic use mdapi instead of yum in https://github.com/fedora-infra/fedora-tagger/blob/develop/fedoratagger/lib/update.py
15:09:22 <pingou> alick_laptop: elormes[m]: any comments?
15:09:29 <pingou> are you still there?
15:10:22 <alick_laptop> I was thinking maybe x3mboy might be interested in yum -> mdapi
15:10:32 <x3mboy> Sure!
15:10:45 <pingou> so the koji part can likely remain the same
15:11:12 <pingou> the yum part, so update_summaries, can likely be simplified by simply querying mdapi
15:11:16 <pingou> https://apps.fedoraproject.org/mdapi/
15:11:25 <cverna> #link https://apps.fedoraproject.org/mdapi/
15:13:33 <x3mboy> Ok, I will take notes about it and work on it this weekend
15:13:47 <cverna> ok moving on then :)
15:14:01 <x3mboy> Right now I'm doing some marketing stuff, so, I don't have the chance to check it rn
15:14:15 <cverna> #topic replace pkgdb link in https://github.com/fedora-infra/fedora-tagger/blob/develop/fedoratagger/frontend/app.py
15:15:17 <alick_laptop> Is this just a two-line change?
15:15:30 <cverna> I think so
15:15:34 <pingou> likely
15:16:30 <cverna> so I think we have covered the code change needed
15:17:21 <cverna> elormes[m] or alick_laptop do you want to look at the retired.py script and the pkgdb links ?
15:17:33 <cverna> and x3mboy will do the mdapi
15:18:11 <elormes> cverna: ok, I'll take the retired.py script
15:18:33 <alick_laptop> I can do the two-line change lol
15:18:40 <cverna> alick_laptop: thanks :)
15:18:58 <cverna> after the application needs to be packaged
15:19:25 <cverna> pingou: is it currently running on a rhel box ?
15:19:46 <elormes> I've not really looked at the tests but would that also need to be changed?
15:20:13 <pingou> cverna: likely
15:20:38 <cverna> elormes: I guess, if the tests are running and passing currently they should still do after the change
15:20:59 <cverna> #topic packaging the application
15:21:21 <cverna> someone needs to try to build the rpm using --> https://github.com/fedora-infra/fedora-tagger/blob/develop/fedora-tagger.spec
15:21:25 * alick_laptop need to be on the go
15:22:01 <cverna> thanks alick_laptop I think we will finish soon
15:22:45 <cverna> then once we have an rpm we should be good to deploy the application :)
15:23:41 <cverna> any other questions ? or should we end the meeting ?
15:24:35 <cverna> #info x3mboy to port the yum code to mdapi
15:24:56 <cverna> #info elormes to look at using pdc in the retired.py script
15:25:45 <cverna> #info alick_laptop to update the pkgdb links in the flask app
15:25:55 <cverna> ok I think we are good then
15:25:57 <cverna> thanks
15:26:25 <cverna> #endmeeting