16:29:49 <rubao> #startmeeting fedora_atomic_wg
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16:30:00 <rubao> #topic roll call
16:30:06 <dustymabe> .hello2
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16:30:09 <rubao> .hello rubaoredhat
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16:30:19 <walters> .hello2
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16:30:21 <rubao> #chair dustymabe
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16:30:24 <rubao> #chair walters
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16:30:33 <jdoss> .hello jdoss
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16:30:39 <rubao> #chair jdoss
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16:30:55 <rubao> #chair jbrooks
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16:31:22 <sanja> .hellomynameis sanja
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16:31:25 <rubao> #chair sanja
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16:32:18 <rubao> wait a few more mins or start with last action items?
16:32:56 <dustymabe> we can probably just dive in
16:33:03 <rubao> #topic previous meeting action items
16:33:04 <rubao> gotcha
16:33:14 <rubao> :o
16:33:17 <rubao> that was not automatic?
16:33:47 <rubao> dusty/ashcrow/sanja try to get community FAQ released around
16:33:50 <rubao> Atomic/CoreOS future
16:34:00 <rubao> #chair rfairley
16:34:00 <zodbot> Current chairs: dustymabe jbrooks jdoss rfairley rubao sanja walters
16:34:01 <dustymabe> sanja: ^^ want to speak to that one?
16:34:27 <sayan> .hello sayanchowdhury
16:34:31 <zodbot> sayan: sayanchowdhury 'Sayan Chowdhury' <sayan.chowdhury2012@gmail.com>
16:34:32 <rubao> #chair sayan
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16:34:57 <jlebon> .hello jlebon
16:34:58 <rubao> #chair jlebon
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16:35:01 <zodbot> jlebon: jlebon 'None' <jonathan@jlebon.com>
16:35:30 * dustymabe wonders if sanja is typing or AFK
16:35:54 <sanja> here
16:36:13 <dustymabe> do you want to speak to the action item, or would you like me to?
16:36:32 <sanja> please speak as I got a kid around me right now and am happy  if you take over the speaking
16:36:37 <dustymabe> k
16:37:22 <dustymabe> update: we have made progress on a plan for community merging regarding CoreOS + Atomic Host - hoping to have something in the coming weeks
16:37:31 <dustymabe> probably not next week, but hopefully the following one
16:37:42 <dustymabe> sanja: ^^ I miss anything?
16:37:58 <sanja> nope, we might have something by Thursday or Friday, otherwise the week after for sure
16:38:19 <dustymabe> #action  dusty/ashcrow/sanja try to get community FAQ released around Atomic/CoreOS future
16:38:30 <rubao> do I info that?
16:38:43 <rubao> re: we have made progress .....
16:39:58 <dustymabe> yeah we can
16:40:04 <rubao> #info update: we have made progress on a plan for community merging regarding CoreOS + Atomic Host - hoping to have something in the coming weeks
16:40:31 <rubao> moving on to meeting items? looks like we only have one this week :)
16:40:54 <rubao> #topic #502 atomic working group talks/sessions for flock 2018
16:41:04 <rubao> #link https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/502
16:41:34 <rubao> first round reviews for flock is due by June 15th
16:42:18 <rubao> anyone going to flock or is submitting talks? :)
16:43:07 <dustymabe> rubao: yes I'll be adding a talk to that ticket
16:43:14 <rubao> dustymabe++
16:43:18 <dustymabe> is anyone else here going to flock (or going to try to?)
16:43:43 * sayan 
16:43:44 <dustymabe> i know strigazi was going to submit a talk too
16:43:55 <dustymabe> sayan: nice - could we get you to submit a talk?
16:43:57 * misc is trying
16:44:06 <sayan> dustymabe: yes, I will be submitting one
16:44:08 <rubao> I wanted to submit, but not sure what to talk about, I wonder if I can just go and visit...
16:44:12 <sayan> actually two!
16:44:21 <rubao> sayan: :o
16:44:24 <rubao> sayan++
16:44:38 <sanja> rubao the budget for just going and visiting is probably tight but if you submit a talk, wink wink :D
16:44:43 <dustymabe> rubao: yeah. "go and visit" would probably be more appropriate for devconf.us this year
16:44:46 <sanja> sayan++
16:44:46 <zodbot> sanja: Karma for sayanchowdhury changed to 4 (for the f28 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
16:44:49 <dustymabe> the flights to germany aren't cheap :(
16:45:05 <dustymabe> sayan: do you have a topic already? if not maybe work with sanja
16:45:25 <rubao> ah right, i will try my best to submit a talk then :), thanks for the info
16:45:26 <sayan> dustymabe: submitting the same as devconf.in
16:45:32 <dustymabe> sanja: since you are getting familiar with some of the coreos tooling now you could possible intro some of those tools to the fedora community
16:46:58 <sanja> to whom there? you got someone specific in mind or just Flock in general?
16:47:09 <dustymabe> oops -- meant that last message for sayan
16:47:17 <sanja> got it :D
16:47:22 <sayan> :D
16:47:22 <dustymabe> sayan: ^^
16:47:23 <rfairley> re going to Flock: would be interesting to see - possibly the year after this (2019) if I have a talk topic!
16:47:26 * rubao chuckles
16:47:33 <rubao> rfairley++
16:47:42 <sayan> I'll draft one then
16:48:14 <sayan> and share it on the IRC channel for comments
16:48:48 <rubao> can also comment on the issue too :)
16:49:54 <rubao> moving on to open floor?
16:50:33 <dustymabe> +1
16:50:46 <rubao> alrighty
16:50:51 <rubao> #topic open floor
16:50:58 <jdoss> I want to bring up something. It would be nice for users to get Fedora Cloud image updates post Fedora Release. For example the DO droplet image takes ages to boot due to a fixed bug.
16:51:42 <jdoss> Quarterly updates to these images ensures that fixed bugs are not present in images for users. I am willing to help with this as much as possible.
16:52:12 <dustymabe> jdoss: +1
16:52:26 <dustymabe> have spoke with jdoss about this before
16:52:39 <dustymabe> I'm willing to help mentor (since I know a lot of what needs to be done)
16:52:44 <dustymabe> but I can't own the process
16:52:57 <jdoss> My body and mind is ready Dusty.
16:53:08 <dustymabe> jdoss: in that case let's set up some time to talk
16:53:14 <dustymabe> that's the only blocker right now
16:53:21 <jlebon> I second that
16:53:26 <jdoss> Sounds good. Let me know.
16:53:28 * rubao +1
16:53:38 <dustymabe> jdoss: :) you let me know
16:53:40 <jlebon> there's a couple of PAPR users that end up using nightlies instead because the cloud image is so outdated
16:53:44 <jdoss> Also Fedora images on lightsail.
16:53:48 <dustymabe> invite dmabe@redhat.com to a meeting and we'll get it started
16:54:10 <jdoss> OK, will do.
16:54:23 <rubao> jdoss++
16:54:25 <dustymabe> I'll add in some other people who might be interested as well
16:54:45 <rubao> let's action that then? :)
16:54:52 <dustymabe> yep.
16:54:57 <dustymabe> go ahead rubao
16:55:06 <jdoss> Yea we do the same jlebon for our AWS images and Vagrant images. We bake a base image and update it every quarter.
16:55:50 <rubao> :o it felt hard to condense sentences into one action item
16:55:58 <dustymabe> #info There was a blocker bug for releasing FAH this week, but we got the bug squashed and should have a release out later today https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1584909
16:56:10 <dustymabe> rubao: I can action it
16:56:15 <rubao> :D
16:56:16 <sayan> I'm interested to help with whatever I can
16:56:18 <rubao> thanks :)
16:56:27 <dustymabe> #action jdoss to set up time with dustymabe to talk about regular releases for fedora cloud images
16:56:59 <rubao> dustymabe++
16:57:03 * dustymabe has to run soon
16:57:05 <rubao> sayan++
16:57:52 <sayan> quick updates: - Fedora AMIs and other AWS resources are migrated to longer resource format.
16:57:58 <sayan> #link https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/cloud@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/GHB6BGKEZ5HYNWDPXQHKCOFQVIII3Q5J/
16:58:00 <dustymabe> ahh yes
16:58:04 <dustymabe> sayan++
16:58:12 <dustymabe> the FAH that goes out today will be using the longer resource IDs
16:58:14 <dustymabe> in AWS
16:58:16 <rubao> #info Fedora AMIs and other AWS resources are migrated to longer resource format
16:58:28 <sayan> Also fedimg now support the updates and updates-testing composes
16:59:01 <rubao> #info fedimg now support the updates and updates-testing composes
16:59:08 <dustymabe> nice work sayan !
16:59:12 <rubao> sayan++
16:59:14 <jdoss> \o/
16:59:24 <sayan> thanks! \o/
16:59:29 <dustymabe> ok me has to run.. ping me over in #atomic if you need anything from me after this
16:59:49 <dustymabe> thanks rubao for running the meeting
17:00:01 <sanja> thanks rubao
17:00:03 <rubao> dustymabe: thanks for the help too =)
17:00:08 <rfairley> rubao++
17:00:14 <rubao> will close mtg in 1 min
17:00:26 <rubao> if there is no more open floors
17:00:47 * jdoss is off to his next meeting
17:00:51 <jdoss> Later folks
17:01:00 <rubao> bye
17:01:11 <rubao> #endmeeting