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14:00:18 <smooge> #meetingname infrastructure
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14:00:18 <smooge> #topic aloha
14:00:18 <smooge> #chair nirik pingou puiterwijk relrod smooge tflink threebean
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14:00:24 <smooge> Hello all
14:00:26 <creaked> Hello everyone
14:00:31 <creaked> .hello2
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14:00:36 <tflink> .hello2
14:00:36 <contyk> .hello psabata
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14:00:40 <zodbot> contyk: psabata 'Petr Šabata' <psabata@redhat.com>
14:00:45 <nirik> morning
14:00:55 * threebean has to miss today.  cheers!
14:00:57 * pingou here
14:01:08 <pingou> o/ folks
14:01:14 <puiterwijk> .hello2
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14:01:31 <bowlofeggs> .hello2
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14:01:32 * vgolwala says "hello everyone!"
14:02:31 <smooge> #topic New folks introductions
14:02:32 <smooge> #info This is a place where people who are interested in Fedora Infrastructure can introduce themselves
14:02:40 <smooge> hello any new people this week?
14:02:45 <bexelbie> .hello bex
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14:03:30 <aikidouke> .hello aikidouke
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14:04:19 <smooge> ok then next up
14:04:22 <smooge> #topic announcements and information
14:04:22 <smooge> #info relrod PTO 9 Jun - 19 Jun # this is ongoing.
14:04:22 <smooge> #info smooge PTO 15 Jun -> 18 Jun
14:04:22 <smooge> #info Office hours relaunch 19 Jun 18:00 to 19:00 UTC
14:05:06 <smooge> anything else to announce or cover?
14:05:30 <smooge> nirik, do you have an idea when our next update/reboot cycle will be? mid july?
14:05:37 * cverna waves
14:05:56 <nirik> well, I was just thinking about that the other day...
14:06:09 * bexelbie has an item for open floor/app time
14:06:19 <nirik> some more firmware just came out the other day
14:07:00 <smooge> yeah I saw that.
14:07:13 <nirik> The next big schedule milestone is mass rebuild in july.
14:07:24 <nirik> so, we might want to do one next week or the week after
14:07:32 <smooge> so the week before that?
14:07:42 <nirik> or yeah, we could do first week in july too...
14:08:01 <nirik> cverna: you need something in it?
14:09:15 * mboddu is here
14:09:28 <smooge> so I would say that either the first week or the week around the 24th look good at the moment
14:09:50 <nirik> yeah, lets decide next week or so...
14:10:12 <smooge> I expect the weeks after rebuild is going to be the "why did you turn off the builders??!!?! why do you hate me when I need this done to deal with FTBFS and Flock"
14:10:41 <smooge> oooh there is a perfect time for reboots
14:10:43 <cverna> nirik: in the update/reboot
14:10:45 <cverna> ?
14:11:07 <nirik> cverna: well, you asked when it was... just curious? or you had some item you needed to reboot?
14:11:08 <smooge> cverna, I think nirik was asking if your wave was a "I would like to add something" or a "hello all"
14:11:25 <nirik> ah misread
14:11:26 <nirik> nevermind.
14:11:30 <cverna> ha I was saying hello :)
14:11:35 * nirik goes back to coffee.
14:11:40 <cverna> no pb
14:12:02 <smooge> #topic Oncall
14:12:02 <smooge> #info Nirik is on call from 2018-06-07->2018-06-19
14:12:02 <smooge> #info Relrod is on call from 2018-06-20->2018-06-26
14:12:02 <smooge> #info Smooge is on call from 2018-06-27->2018-07-05
14:12:03 <smooge> #info ?? is on call from 2018-07-06->2018-07-12
14:12:34 <smooge> So we will be rotating another person in from the 6th to the 12. We can decide it next meeting when everyone is back
14:12:45 <nirik> sure.
14:12:51 <aikidouke> ooh! a regex is on call!
14:12:53 <puiterwijk> smooge: bowlofeggs also was willing to take oncall :)
14:13:04 <smooge> He is on PTO then I think
14:13:12 <puiterwijk> Right
14:13:17 <puiterwijk> Just saying in general
14:13:19 <smooge> so its your time
14:13:24 <bowlofeggs> yeah i'm willing to start taking it when i get back
14:13:35 <bowlofeggs> so, mid julyish
14:13:44 <pingou> I could take up an option on that week, but would prefer confirming that next week
14:14:02 <nirik> no need to decide yet
14:14:06 <smooge> ye
14:14:09 <smooge> eyp
14:14:15 <smooge> dead god fingers.. type
14:14:54 <bowlofeggs> dead god fingers sounds like a metallica album
14:15:02 <aikidouke> sounds awesome
14:15:14 <aikidouke> may change my nick now
14:15:15 <smooge> nirik the next topic is about flock.. i didn't remember if that was a new one or last week
14:15:31 <nirik> oh oops. no, that was last week... didn't remove it
14:15:47 <smooge> #topic Tickets discussion
14:15:47 <smooge> #info https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issues?status=Open&priority=2
14:15:48 <puiterwijk> Well, still good to tell people: submit talks to Flock!
14:16:01 * puiterwijk is sure bexelbie agrees
14:16:13 * bexelbie agrees
14:16:31 <smooge> .ticket 5136
14:16:33 <zodbot> smooge: Issue #5136: Add the BackTick extention to Fedora Wiki, - fedora-infrastructure - Pagure - https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/5136
14:17:36 <nirik> so this needs: a) to know if we still want it, b) someone to package it up and get it in fedora c) profit
14:18:00 <nirik> but it was wanted still 2 months ago at least
14:19:14 <nirik> anyone interested in packaging it up? :)
14:19:30 <pingou> the submitter? :)
14:20:35 <nirik> perhaps, unclear
14:20:44 <aikidouke> Im not a proven (or even unproven packager) but I could add that to my todo list
14:20:55 <smooge> are you a packager?
14:20:59 <aikidouke> no
14:21:11 <smooge> sorry my coffee ran out 2 minutes ago so was having a hard time parsing
14:21:20 <aikidouke> I would need to go through the whole process and get sponsored, etc
14:21:23 <smooge> got it
14:21:28 <aikidouke> :)
14:21:39 <nirik> it should be a pretty easy package. Just look at one of the other mediawiki extension packages and copy it. ;)
14:21:45 <smooge> ok that sounds like a good starting package as most of the work is going to be the package
14:21:52 <smooge> spec file
14:21:56 <aikidouke> thanks nirik :) that was my thinking
14:21:58 <nirik> yeah.
14:22:13 <aikidouke> ok - will add to my list
14:22:14 <nirik> happy to review/help out with it.
14:22:26 <bowlofeggs> aikidouke: i can sponsor you :)
14:22:31 <bowlofeggs> or nirik can :)
14:22:34 <aikidouke> much appreciated sirs!
14:22:47 <aikidouke> nirik++
14:22:47 <zodbot> aikidouke: Karma for kevin changed to 20 (for the f28 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
14:22:53 <puiterwijk> Or I can. No shortage of sponsors :)
14:22:54 <aikidouke> bowlofeggs++
14:22:54 <zodbot> aikidouke: Karma for bowlofeggs changed to 15 (for the f28 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
14:23:05 <smooge> that said, I want to be clear, that the package may not get used.. we would need to enable it and then see if it broke the wiki because people are expecting ` to do something else
14:23:05 <aikidouke> :) thanks puiterwijk!
14:23:09 <pingou> or I can
14:23:14 <pingou> quite a few of us :)
14:23:20 <aikidouke> :) thanks pingou
14:23:29 <nirik> indeed. Thanks everyone. :)
14:23:36 <nirik> next bug?
14:23:39 <aikidouke> @smooge - I have no expections either way, someone will use it or not
14:23:46 <nirik> s/bug/issue/
14:24:02 <smooge> .ticket 5125
14:24:04 <zodbot> smooge: Issue #5125: make changes such that qa.fedoraproject.org is a valid MX record - fedora-infrastructure - Pagure - https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/5125
14:24:14 <smooge> bwa?
14:24:50 <nirik> yeah, I am not sure I understand this one... but can we do it and get it off our list? ;)
14:24:53 <tflink> that can be closed
14:24:56 <smooge> man I say a lot of things years ago
14:25:14 <tflink> we aren't using phab anymore
14:25:24 <nirik> easy peasy then. :)
14:25:30 <pingou> nice and easy
14:26:24 <smooge> #topic: FBOM to loopabull?
14:26:42 * nirik is liking reviewing the old tickets in meeting. Its helping moving them forward.
14:26:50 <smooge> yep
14:26:54 <nirik> FBOM?
14:27:16 <smooge> it doesn't say who put this in.. I am guessing pingou from the text color
14:27:19 <pingou> the Flag Build-o-matic :)
14:27:30 <nirik> ahhhh. ok
14:27:36 <pingou> so this is a left over from tests/test_pagure_flask_ui_app_index.py
14:27:40 <pingou> https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/6717
14:27:49 <pingou> almost the right paste at the first attempt
14:28:00 <pingou> and https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/7033 brings back the need for it
14:28:12 <pingou> at the hackfest we discussed moving fbom to be loopabull-based
14:28:24 <pingou> which is fine w/ me
14:28:33 <pingou> or we can make it something on openshift
14:28:36 <pingou> or...
14:28:41 <pingou> any preferred option?
14:28:55 <nirik> loopabull sounds fine to me... any problems/blockers there?
14:29:14 <pingou> last time I look it seemed there was basically nothing using it atm
14:29:27 <nirik> there's a 'demo' task that doesn't do anything
14:29:37 <pingou> the ansible playbook would basically install a python script and run it
14:29:44 <nirik> well, listens for something then echos it
14:29:46 <pingou> and I need to figure out secrets with it
14:30:32 * nirik nods
14:30:53 <pingou> the current repo loopabull is pointed to could also be changed
14:31:10 <pingou> do we want an infra-loopabull specific repo, on pagure or elsewhere?
14:32:10 <nirik> it's releng specific now?
14:32:31 <pingou> it contains a number of things that aren't related to loopabull
14:33:12 <nirik> ok, infra-loopabull or fedora-loopabull-data or something is fine with me.
14:34:13 <pingou> cool, thanks
14:34:20 <smooge> fedora-infra-data-loopabull
14:34:29 <pingou> I'll try to prepare things and send a recap to the list before I change anything
14:34:30 <aikidouke> fidl?
14:34:38 <smooge> rome burns
14:34:44 <aikidouke> lol
14:34:50 <smooge> while ansible fidls
14:35:31 <smooge> thank you for setting up the joke
14:35:38 <pingou> eof for me
14:35:45 <smooge> #topic Apprentice Open office minutes
14:35:45 <smooge> #info A time where apprentices may ask for help or look at problems.
14:35:58 <smooge> hello any apprentice questions towards tickets?
14:36:07 <aikidouke> .ticket 5290
14:36:10 <zodbot> aikidouke: Issue #5290: Generate infrastructure map - fedora-infrastructure - Pagure - https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/5290
14:36:36 <aikidouke> Sooo...the gist of this is, the requester wants to be better able to drill down into the nagios map
14:37:24 <aikidouke> there are a couple things we can do to solve this without creating a new app, the one idea I had was to create links to maps for hostgroups
14:37:50 <aikidouke> but in the 30 seconds of grepping i did, it looks like our nagios has 7 hostgroups?
14:38:07 <nirik> There's a number... and some of them are very large
14:38:24 <aikidouke> would it be here> roles/nagios_server/templates/nagios/hostgroups ?
14:38:59 <nirik> it's generated from ansible inventory... but yeah, the templates are there
14:39:17 <aikidouke> oh...RIGHT! cuz variables...
14:39:43 <aikidouke> anyway - my question is, do the hostgroups we have now make sense to generate custom status maps?
14:39:59 <aikidouke> or is that a $BADIDEA?
14:40:39 <aikidouke> or does that require noodling and discussion later?
14:40:41 <smooge> so the hostgroups are mainly defined from being whatever groups in ansible we have.. so some of them make a good idea and some would be bad
14:41:11 * aikidouke nods
14:41:23 <smooge> I would look at doing it with a variable.. so that the all hostgroup doesn't get one but the xyz one does
14:41:24 <nirik> yeah, the 'all' group is basically all hosts.
14:42:07 <smooge> nagios_statusmap = false by default and you can have it turned on for groups you want
14:42:26 <smooge> does that sound ok?
14:43:05 <aikidouke> do the groups we want status map have anything to do with service level expectations? or basic function of the role?
14:44:06 <nirik> I think this map was more for new folks to see what all we had where
14:44:12 <nirik> but I could be mistaken
14:44:16 <aikidouke> @smooge - if you are asking me, it sounds fine...im just making notes here
14:44:23 <smooge> ok cool
14:44:27 <smooge> any other questions?
14:44:27 <aikidouke> good point nirik
14:44:46 <aikidouke> not a question, just a reminder about the impending doom of libravatar
14:44:57 * bexelbie has a badges question
14:45:17 <aikidouke> i think someone volunteered to rewrite the app with the latest django
14:45:38 <aikidouke> I can take that to the list tho
14:45:48 <nirik> aikidouke: clime was going to run a test instance and see how much work was involved
14:46:10 <aikidouke> thanks :) I'll check with clime
14:46:52 <nirik> https://pagure.io/libravatar2 is the project/rewrite
14:47:01 <aikidouke> oh - ty
14:47:50 * pingou had missed a repo got created, cool
14:48:07 <nirik> oh, looks like another person has been working on a rewrite too
14:48:12 <nirik> https://git.linux-kernel.at/oliver/ivatar
14:49:16 <smooge> if libravatar goes away before a replacemtn have we looked at what needs to be turned off so we don't have a ton of pages waiting?
14:51:14 <nirik> it should fall back to gravatar...
14:52:12 <smooge> ok cool
14:52:23 <smooge> #topic Open Floor
14:52:34 <aikidouke> @bexelbie had a badges Q
14:52:46 <smooge> bexelbie, your up
14:52:52 <smooge> you are up
14:52:56 <bexelbie> I am working on two patches to fedbadges, one is trivial, one is a bit more complex (but still reasonably simple)
14:52:57 <bowlofeggs> in response to the "submit talks!" part of this meeting, i just filed https://pagure.io/flock/issue/36
14:52:59 <bexelbie> how can we test these?
14:53:03 <bowlofeggs> (about our use of OpenShift)
14:54:10 <aikidouke> it's been a while, but I remember that badges-staging needed refreshed or ???
14:55:00 <aikidouke> depending on what you are doing, but I think it could be tested there?
14:55:01 <nirik> bowlofeggs++
14:55:10 <bexelbie> aikidouke, I am hoping that the trivial change will be merged relatively soon - someone who I think has merge rights has commented on the issue
14:55:15 <bexelbie> s/issue/pr
14:55:22 <bexelbie> the other change is now open in an issue for feedback pending a PR
14:55:22 <nirik> yeah, we can definitely test in stg...
14:56:58 <bexelbie> nirik, that is awesome ... when the time comes it'd be nice to get some guidance on how to get the code loaded there and to put a custom yaml rulefile in as a test for the second patch, if accepted
14:57:16 <bowlofeggs> i'd love collaboration for that flock talk if it gets accepted - i think patrick might be interested in cospeaking?
14:57:28 <puiterwijk> bowlofeggs: yep
14:57:42 * nirik still hasn't decided what he wants to submit
14:57:42 <bowlofeggs> i also sent one about using fedora to free your smart phone
14:58:04 <bowlofeggs> i think i might do one about how you shouldn't run rawhide to balance out all the rawhide talks that nirik likes to do
14:58:10 <nirik> bexelbie: sayan should be able to help there... I think he's the one maintaining these days... unless I am mistaken
14:58:17 <bowlofeggs> the audience needs to hear a different perspective!
14:58:29 <pingou> nirik: bexelbie: sayan is the maintainer yes
14:58:39 <bowlofeggs> maybe i'll call it "the non-rawhide super highway" as opposed to "the rawhide trail"
14:58:41 <nirik> the truth is out there!
14:58:44 <bowlofeggs> haha
14:58:47 * bexelbie says sayan just to see if three times makes them appear
14:58:51 <smooge> ok it is coming up to the end of this meeting
14:59:14 <smooge> I would like to thank you all for coming today. please tip the waiter.. he has to hear bowlofeggs jokes all day
14:59:14 <bexelbie> +1 to the non rawhide talk ... as it goes toward our you don't need rolling or LTS story
14:59:35 <bowlofeggs> hahaha
14:59:45 <smooge> and good night
14:59:48 <smooge> #endmeeting