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16:30:09 <dustymabe> #topic roll call
16:30:15 <dustymabe> .hello2
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16:30:21 <davdunc> .hello2
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16:30:36 <kushal> .hellomynameis kushal
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16:32:51 <dustymabe> #chair davdunc kushal miabbott ksinny jberkus
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16:33:05 <walters> .hello walters
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16:34:02 <dustymabe> #chair walters jdoss jbrooks
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16:34:11 <jbrooks> .fas jasonbrooks
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16:34:11 <dustymabe> #topic previous meeting action items
16:34:27 <dustymabe> * jdoss to set up time with dustymabe to talk about regular releases for
16:34:29 <dustymabe> fedora cloud images
16:34:34 <dustymabe> jdoss: ^^ want to talk about that one ?
16:34:52 <jdoss> I have started a thread on the cloud SIG mailing list to open the topic up for discussion
16:35:12 <dustymabe> #link https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/cloud@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/7BFM6OBOVUNVM76LOQQYPXFLTRXHYPA2/
16:35:19 <jdoss> I need to do a change request form thing on the wiki but I was going to wait until feedback has been gathered on ^ thread.
16:35:43 <dustymabe> #info jdoss has started a thread on the cloud SIG mailing list to discuss releasing cloud images more regularly
16:35:50 <dustymabe> thanks jdoss !
16:35:52 <sanja> .hellomynameis sanja
16:35:54 <zodbot> sanja: sanja 'Sanja Bonic' <sanja@redhat.com>
16:35:56 <sanja> sorry, late
16:36:01 <dustymabe> no worries :)
16:36:06 <dustymabe> we assinged all action items to you !
16:36:13 <dustymabe> assigned*
16:36:25 <dustymabe> next action item from last meeting was:
16:36:30 <dustymabe> * dusty/ashcrow/sanja try to get community FAQ released around
16:36:32 <dustymabe> Atomic/CoreOS future
16:36:38 <dustymabe> which leads us into our first topic for the day
16:36:47 <dustymabe> #topic Fedora CoreOS Community Announcement
16:36:58 <dustymabe> #link http://www.projectatomic.io/blog/2018/06/welcome-to-fedora-coreos/
16:37:15 <dustymabe> We announced the Fedora CoreOS community today
16:37:25 <ksinny> \o/
16:37:32 <davdunc> Very cool.
16:37:33 <dustymabe> there is a FAQ located here: https://coreos.fedoraproject.org/faq
16:37:37 <jdoss> will this meeting be replaced under that new name?
16:37:38 <dustymabe> #link https://coreos.fedoraproject.org/faq
16:38:21 <dustymabe> beyond the text from the announcement. or the content of the FAQ, does anyone have any questions ?
16:38:31 <dustymabe> if you haven't read those yet don't worry
16:38:36 <dustymabe> you can still ask questions
16:39:37 <ksinny> There is one question asked by jdoss
16:39:39 <ksinny> <jdoss> will this meeting be replaced under that new name?
16:39:50 <dustymabe> oh man - missed that question
16:40:09 <rubao> srry, was in lunch
16:40:13 <dustymabe> jdoss: I'm thinking that would make sense
16:40:16 <dustymabe> rubao: hi
16:40:18 <dustymabe> #chair rubao
16:40:18 <zodbot> Current chairs: davdunc dustymabe jberkus jbrooks jdoss ksinny kushal miabbott rubao walters
16:40:34 <davdunc> What duties will be required for the transition and how can we help?
16:40:47 <jdoss> Cool. Second what davdunc just asked.
16:40:58 <dustymabe> we will need a community meeting time slot. We have not discussed if we should replace this meeting time or not with it
16:41:09 <dustymabe> OR if we should run both for some time
16:41:18 <jbrooks> +1 to replace / combine
16:41:28 <ksinny> +1 on combine
16:41:34 <jdoss> Rip the bandaid off and just combine them.
16:41:41 <davdunc> I assume that both will run through the release cycle for 29 simultaneously.
16:41:49 * jbrooks wants to get this show on the road
16:41:50 <dustymabe> jbrooks: yeah I think it is an attractive option
16:41:54 <jberkus> sanja: is there a separate SilverBlue meeting?
16:42:05 <dustymabe> davdunc: for f29 we'll definitely have atomic host
16:42:27 <dustymabe> we aren't making any promises for Fedora CoreOS for F29. We'll probably have something but it probably won't be official
16:42:44 <mclasen> jberkus: we do silverblue meetings biweekly on Mondays, alternating with the regular workstation meeting
16:42:46 * jdoss is def interested in unoffical Fedora CoreOS
16:42:52 <jbrooks> We can add a ref for fedora coreos
16:42:53 <jbrooks> ?
16:43:14 <dustymabe> maybe??
16:43:16 <dustymabe> lots TBD
16:43:41 <jbrooks> Heh, as long as we locate where the D is to happen :)
16:43:47 <jberkus> mclasen: I need to get on the calendar for that
16:43:59 <dustymabe> anyone opposed to moving on to next topic ?
16:43:59 <mclasen> it is on the atomic calendar, I believe
16:44:31 <dustymabe> oh davdunc - missed your question
16:44:49 <dustymabe> I don't have any specific asks from you for right now. I'm sure we will over time :)
16:44:57 <davdunc> :) cool.
16:45:08 <dustymabe> ok next topic
16:45:14 <dustymabe> #topic atomic working group talks/sessions for flock 2018
16:45:20 <dustymabe> #link https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/502
16:45:26 * sanja reads back
16:45:33 <dustymabe> looks like strigazi and ttomecek submitted a few talks
16:45:43 <dustymabe> now that the CoreOS announcement is out I'll submit a few as well
16:45:48 <dustymabe> anyone else want to submit one? misc ?
16:45:54 <jberkus> I have a topic for the end of the agenda
16:45:58 <jberkus> today
16:46:08 <dustymabe> i think misc was going to submit a talk on atomic workstation/silverblue
16:46:12 <misc> dustymabe: nope, i already have 2 talks proposed
16:46:23 <misc> https://pagure.io/flock/issue/59
16:46:30 <misc> https://pagure.io/flock/issue/79
16:46:37 <dustymabe> misc: do you mind adding them to https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/502 ?
16:46:48 <dustymabe> or are they not related to atomic*
16:46:56 <misc> well, one is on silverblue
16:47:00 <sanja> Ok, glad everyone covered things already. Silverblue meeting every 2 weeks, this one +1 for renaming the whole fedocal group from atomic to fedora-coreos
16:47:06 <misc> so that's maybe or maybe not atomic
16:47:07 <dustymabe> perfect. please add it
16:47:33 <dustymabe> if anyone else has anything please submit as well!
16:47:46 <dustymabe> ok moving to open floor
16:47:48 <dustymabe> #topic open floor
16:47:54 <dustymabe> jberkus: go ahead
16:48:16 <jberkus> so, strategy question for Fedora CoreOS that I know we can't answer today, but I'd like folks to think about
16:48:18 <misc> I wanted to propose one on openshift on atomic, but I will not be able to prepare and maybe not even have time to bullsh^W improvise that one
16:48:56 <jberkus> do we want Fedora CoreOS to be a platform for Kubernetes innovation (i.e. latest releases, beta, development), or do we want to just focus on Origin?
16:49:22 <sanja> good question
16:49:39 <dustymabe> jberkus: so I think we should probably discuss that question in a new setting
16:50:03 <dustymabe> discussing it at the Fedora Atomic WG meeting excludes the other community we are trying to merge with
16:50:22 <dustymabe> but it is a good question
16:50:35 <dustymabe> jberkus: does that sound reasonable ?
16:50:54 <sanja> dustymabe can you rename the atomic group in fedocal? assuming people here are ok with it? so we can also say that the meetings happen here?
16:50:57 <jberkus> like I said, we're not going to have an answer here.
16:51:11 <dustymabe> jberkus: :) yeah defnitely no answer
16:51:19 <jbrooks> jberkus, we can have multiple refs for something like this, it will depend on contributions
16:51:35 <dustymabe> jberkus: let's have that conversation very soon
16:51:39 <jberkus> other events: if you are near the UK, please consider submitting a talk to this: https://2018.container.camp/uk/
16:51:40 <dustymabe> perhaps in first Fedora CoreOS meeting
16:51:53 <jberkus> or the second
16:52:00 <jberkus> since the first will be busy]
16:52:00 <dustymabe> yeah or that
16:52:21 <dustymabe> I need to work on asking that community (in the new channels) if a space like this would be fine
16:52:38 <dustymabe> is anyone here opposed to using this meeting slot/time for that community ?
16:53:06 <kushal> Wait, means atomic as project brand is dead?
16:53:07 <dustymabe> knowing that you can always bring up atomic* related things at any time over in #atomic, but there would be no formal meeting any more
16:53:25 <kushal> Also no more atomic-wg?
16:53:38 <dustymabe> kushal: https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/launch-faq-what-happens-to-project-atomic/44
16:53:47 <kushal> dustymabe, thank you.
16:54:22 <kushal> dustymabe, what will happen to the fedora atomic images?
16:54:44 <kushal> https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/launch-faq-does-fedora-coreos-replace-fedora-atomic-host-what-happens-to-fedora-atomic-host-and-centos-atomic-host/43 this maybe
16:54:46 <dustymabe> kushal: we'll continue to have fedora atomic for f29
16:55:05 <kushal> dustymabe, Okay
16:55:16 <jdoss> How long will updates happen for Fedora Atomic F29?
16:55:28 <dustymabe> and then hopefully Fedora CoreOS can work for you just as well as Atomic Host has
16:55:38 <kushal> That puts my idea of pushing SecureDrop to Fedora Atomic into a big question mark.
16:55:55 <dustymabe> jdoss: releases. I would say 6 months (until f30)
16:56:10 <dustymabe> life support (which just means the ref gets updated in the background) until EOL
16:56:11 <sanja> jdoss did Allen get back to you about the interview thing that you volunteered to do a few weeks ago? If not - apologies for that, I made the tweet and wanted to follow up with everyone but then things got busy on other ends ;)
16:56:18 <jdoss> I have a future project that was going to use Fedora Atomic that I might have to adjust things on my end to stall for Fedora CoreOS
16:56:30 <jdoss> sanja: Not as of yet.
16:57:00 <sanja> kk I'll have to follow up with people extra on that at some point
16:57:22 <dustymabe> :)
16:57:27 <dustymabe> any other topics for the meeting here?
16:57:36 <dustymabe> open floor
16:57:46 <dustymabe> anyone with any talks accepted to devconf.us yet?
16:57:55 <dustymabe> I still haven't seen any accept/reject mails
16:58:17 * rubao did not receive a response yet
16:58:36 <sanja> haven't heard back from anyone who accepted
16:59:02 <jdoss> To be clear, will the Fedora CoreOS meeting take place of this one, same place same time?
16:59:15 <mclasen> I got a 'sorry we're late' email
16:59:24 <jdoss> I want to make sure I am avail for that. Also any news on the Fedora Server + Fedora Cloud  merger?
16:59:30 <dustymabe> jdoss: I think that is what some people were proposing
16:59:44 <dustymabe> i'm not opposed to that
16:59:46 <jdoss> OK, cool. Sorry multitasking too much.
16:59:57 <dustymabe> there are some concerns I have with that
17:00:09 <dustymabe> - does the atomic* community care that they are losing a meeting
17:00:33 <jdoss> It feels like the atomic community is merging vs losing a meeting.
17:00:47 <sanja> exactly
17:00:52 <dustymabe> - if we have overlap and people discuss atomic* things at the new meeting (because it is at the same time/place) do they care?
17:01:09 <dustymabe> i.e. does the CL community care
17:01:13 <sanja> so let's do the atomic-wg style vote, +1 for renaming the atomic-wg fedocal group and having this meeting be fedora-coreos and continue as is
17:01:27 <jdoss> I can't commit to using atomic on my end as a user with the news of just one more release with F29 and then updates to F30
17:01:33 <dustymabe> sanja: I'll make an issue and we can discuss there
17:01:39 <dustymabe> I want to have something to point to
17:01:41 <sanja> dustymabe works +1
17:01:50 <sanja> jdoss yes that makes perfect sense
17:01:50 <dustymabe> and also I want to propose it to the new community as an option
17:01:58 <jdoss> +2
17:02:01 * rubao +1
17:02:06 <jdoss> or +1 woops
17:02:06 <dustymabe> i.e. the atomic* community has said they'll be willing to give up the community time slot for use with the new community
17:02:08 <sanja> hhehe
17:02:12 <dustymabe> is that something the fedora coreos community accepts?
17:02:26 <dustymabe> blah blah
17:02:38 <jdoss> extra focus on blah blah
17:02:41 <dustymabe> #action dustymabe to open ticket to re-purpose meeting time for new community
17:02:53 <dustymabe> i'm going to ping a lot of you to vote in the ticket \
17:03:23 <dustymabe> ok - anyone else with something for open floor?
17:03:37 <dustymabe> #info lorbus posted about the progress with greenboot
17:03:48 <rubao> lorbus++
17:03:53 <sanja> yes please dustymabe
17:04:02 <dustymabe> #link https://medium.com/@c.glombek/introducing-greenboot-3246ca55432d
17:04:13 <jdoss> I gotta jet to my next meeting TTYL folks
17:04:17 <dustymabe> later jdoss
17:04:18 <sanja> thanks jdoss
17:05:35 <dustymabe> ok will close out meeting soon
17:05:43 <dustymabe> unless .moar topics
17:05:57 <sanja> no moar on my side
17:05:59 <sanja> thanks all
17:06:25 * dustymabe searches for the big red button
17:06:31 <dustymabe> #endmeeting