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15:02:08 <adamw> #topic Roll call
15:03:00 * kparal is here
15:03:15 <frantisekz> .hello2
15:03:15 * coremodule is here!
15:03:16 <zodbot> frantisekz: frantisekz 'František Zatloukal' <fzatlouk@redhat.com>
15:04:12 <adamw> ahoy frantisekz, cmurf
15:04:55 <frantisekz> hey adam :)
15:05:10 <Sumantro> Hey Adam frantisekz
15:05:11 <cmurf> Got my deck shoes on.
15:06:19 * adamw misses the joke
15:06:33 <davdunc> .hello2
15:06:34 <zodbot> davdunc: davdunc 'David Duncan' <davdunc@amazon.com>
15:06:56 <adamw> hi, david
15:07:03 <cmurf> ahoy -> boat -> slippery when wet -> deck shoes to avoid face planting
15:07:09 <Sumantro> Hey!
15:07:22 <davdunc> hey Sumantro adamw
15:07:36 <adamw> cmurf: oh wow, that was like next level man
15:07:47 * adamw cannot reason that extensively before lunch
15:08:44 <cmurf> adamw: too kind, you know me I love the obscure and invoking "WTF is he on about now?"
15:08:45 <Sumantro> Hi David!!
15:08:56 <lbrabec> .hello2
15:08:57 <zodbot> lbrabec: lbrabec 'Lukas Brabec' <lbrabec@redhat.com>
15:09:17 <adamw> alrighty then
15:09:23 <adamw> #topic Previous meeting follow up
15:10:06 <adamw> #info "adamw to send out mail about F29 Change review" - welp, I forgot this was an action item, but I did it anyway! - https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/test@lists.fedoraproject.org/message/L2W2QAPASC4CVS75KP4KJ6VH2H3PKKGB/
15:10:17 <adamw> any other follow-up from last week?
15:10:22 <adamw> er, last time
15:11:08 <coremodule> Nothing here
15:11:53 <adamw> okely dokely
15:12:01 <adamw> (i refuse to submit to the apparently-canonical spelling of that)
15:12:14 <adamw> #topic Fedora 29 general status
15:12:15 <cmurf> Simpson's version
15:12:41 <adamw> cmurf: the Simpsons apparently spells it 'okilly dokilly'
15:12:49 <adamw> which is, in my humble opinion, utterly wrong and shameful
15:12:51 <adamw> :P
15:13:02 <adamw> soooo, yeah. Fedora 29!
15:13:10 <coremodule> Woooo
15:13:24 <adamw> woop woop
15:13:26 <cmurf> adamw: obscene
15:13:28 <adamw> ....it's busted
15:13:35 <cmurf> haha
15:14:01 <cmurf> on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being busted is it a 4? Or a 6?
15:14:05 <adamw> so, yeah, overall current status: we're frozen for Beta. composes are working again (at last). we had a compose nominated for validation testing (at last). there seem to be quite a lot of blockers.
15:14:09 <adamw> i'd say we're at pantscon 2
15:14:17 <adamw> THE RETURN OF PANTSCON
15:14:49 <kparal> I can only imagine what happens at pantscon 5...
15:15:13 <adamw> #info Fedora 29 is frozen for Beta as of 2018-08-27
15:15:30 <cmurf> kparal: time to buy stain treatment
15:15:34 <adamw> that's the one
15:15:42 <adamw> time to break out the tide pods
15:16:03 <kparal> cmurf: that's what I thought. but pantscon is apparently a thing on the internet: http://www.pantscon5.com/
15:16:17 <cmurf> oh god but of course all things have a thing on the internet
15:17:02 <adamw> oh good lord
15:17:04 <cmurf> sooo I'm maybe out of the loop, or maybe i'm noticing, not all features have landed yet in 20180901 nightly?
15:17:18 <adamw> i need to sue someone for patent infringement or something
15:17:29 <adamw> cmurf: i've got F29 Change status as the next topic
15:17:32 <adamw> so can we hold it for that?
15:17:38 <cmurf> okilly dokilly
15:17:46 <cmurf> (you can shoot me now)
15:17:50 <adamw> .fire cmurf for incorrect correct spelling
15:17:50 <zodbot> adamw fires cmurf for incorrect correct spelling
15:17:57 <adamw> (or do i mean correct incorrect spelling? WHATEVER)
15:18:33 <adamw> #info Fedora 29 Beta Go/No-Go is currently scheduled for 2018-09-13, meaning we have nine days to beat it into shape
15:18:47 <cmurf> interesting time frame
15:19:13 <adamw> we have blockers and proposed blockers across the board, more or less, with a focus on dnf and GNOME
15:20:03 <adamw> #info there are critical known bugs with dbus and grub2 currently, https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1623781 and https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1624532 : note these did not reach F29 'stable' so are not technically blockers
15:20:42 <adamw> #info we have so far escalated one blocker to FESCo, https://pagure.io/fesco/issue/1974
15:22:47 <adamw> that's about what i've got for general status
15:22:55 <adamw> any other notes/thoughts outside of Change-specific things (which we'll cover next)?
15:24:08 <lruzicka> .hello2
15:24:09 <zodbot> lruzicka: lruzicka 'Lukáš Růžička' <lruzicka@redhat.com>
15:24:25 <sumantro> hii lruzicka :)
15:24:26 <lruzicka> I am sorry for being late. I was travelling.
15:26:06 <adamw> alrighty, moving along, then
15:26:24 <adamw> #topic Fedora 29 Change status
15:26:51 <adamw> so, as mentioned earlier, I sent out a mail last week asking folks to help take a look at the status of the Fedora 29 Changes: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/29/ChangeSet
15:27:01 <adamw> all those Changes are supposed to be in 'code complete' state right now
15:27:09 <adamw> so we should probably be making a noise about ones that aren't
15:27:17 <adamw> anyone looked into any of those and have thoughts?
15:27:56 <sumantro> adamw I have and I have mailed Hans for Grub Test Day and I am not sure if we should have a Dbus test day to follow.
15:28:12 * cmurf looking
15:30:21 <adamw> i mean, it can't hurt, i guess
15:30:41 <sumantro> then I will go ahead and propose one of that!
15:30:57 <cmurf> ahhh, hmm. I'm not seeing the GRUB2 change to use BLS snippets instead of grub.cfg. I only see the hide grub menu change.
15:31:15 <adamw> that's the one I know of, yeah.
15:31:44 <adamw> so, you were expecting a BLS compliance change?
15:32:01 <adamw> note for everyone else: by 'BLS' we mean https://github.com/systemd/systemd/blob/master/doc/BOOT_LOADER_SPECIFICATION.md
15:32:04 <cmurf> yeah there was a discussion about it on devel@ in the last couple months
15:32:34 <cmurf> there's a script in Fedora 28 to flip it over, and I thought it was going to be a default change in Fedora 29 but I guess I'm wrong about that
15:32:39 <cmurf> I don't see it listed in the changeset
15:32:44 <cmurf> maybe they postponed it
15:32:51 <cmurf> *shrug*
15:33:19 <adamw> who was driving that?
15:33:19 <cmurf> I'll take it up on devel@ and ask status
15:33:24 <adamw> yeah, i was gonna suggest that
15:33:25 <cmurf> pjones
15:33:35 <adamw> it'd definitely be good to know if it's suddenly going to show up post-beta and blow everything up again...
15:33:44 <cmurf> for sure
15:34:45 <sumantro> adamw i totally agree with you on this. Atleast if we have a heads up we can flag it during a test day at best.
15:35:16 <adamw> #info https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/DbusBrokerAsTheDefaultDbusImplementation is definitely not 'code complete' - the update that attempted part of its implementation is the one that caused https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1623781 (failed boots for everyone)
15:35:38 <cmurf> yeah that's kinda inconvenient
15:36:18 <cmurf> was the broken update revoked to limit the damage?
15:36:39 <lruzicka> adamw, but if you switch to dbus-broker, the system is working with no problem
15:36:55 <lruzicka> adamw, the probles is that the switch is probably not done automatically
15:37:06 <adamw> cmurf: i do see a fairly recent commit to grub2 package "Add an installkernel script for BLS configurations"
15:37:18 <adamw> lruzicka: it's...sort of that.
15:38:03 <adamw> cmurf: yeah, i yanked it, but only after it'd got out to lots of people
15:39:38 <cmurf> catch-22: need to test hidden grub menu to understand how that change causes pain and how to get out of pain when things break like dbus-borker in this case
15:40:05 <cmurf> but then that kind of pain is a high penalty which can inhibit testing
15:40:29 <adamw> #info https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/uEFIforARMv7 is also problematic: it is implemented, but with a blocker bug (#1615969); the build that aimed to fix the blocker also broke grub2 on x86_64 UEFI (#1624532)
15:40:54 <adamw> cmurf: well, the 'hidden grub menu' Change is supposed to have a feature where the grub menu *is* displayed after a 'failed' boot
15:41:08 <adamw> it seems that the dbus failure doesn't always trigger this, though, at least on the one report we have
15:41:27 <cmurf> yep
15:42:03 <cmurf> and we need to know why so the boot pass/fail trigger can get better
15:42:11 <cmurf> but learning why is hard when you can't login at all
15:42:45 <adamw> well, we have ongoing discussion around that on the lists
15:42:52 <adamw> with workarounds adn stuff
15:43:32 <adamw> so, any other Change notes?
15:44:03 <cmurf> zchunk
15:44:04 <cmurf> did that land?
15:44:15 <frantisekz> nope, and I think it won't for f29
15:44:39 <pbrobinson> adamw: rhbz 1615969 is unrelated to uEFIforARMv7 it's pure aarch64
15:45:13 <frantisekz> cmurf: source: https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/infrastructure@lists.fedoraproject.org/message/BIDYB7L4Z7NEUD4PWEHZ4NIE4DA37EQG/
15:45:32 <adamw> pbrobinson: doh, you're right, sorry
15:46:00 <adamw> #undo
15:46:00 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: INFO by adamw at 15:40:29 : https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/uEFIforARMv7 is also problematic: it is implemented, but with a blocker bug (#1615969); the build that aimed to fix the blocker also broke grub2 on x86_64 UEFI (#1624532)
15:46:22 <pbrobinson> adamw: and on SBSA/SBBR which is a blocking platform, interesting it doesn't trigger on things booting using uefi on u-boot
15:46:46 <adamw> what's an SBSA and/or SBBR?
15:46:48 <cmurf> frantisekz: ok thanks
15:46:59 <adamw> they both sound like new tennis tactics
15:47:20 <cmurf> or aviation acronyms
15:49:50 <coremodule> Speedbird 283, cleared to land runway 17 left, maintain 180 knots until 3 miles east of the SBSA/SBBR
15:49:51 <adamw> i guess we'll never know!
15:49:58 <cmurf> what's the GnuTLS->TLS1.3 status? Sounds like it landed as bugs are being filed?
15:50:12 <adamw> wait, i mean, runway 18
15:50:17 <adamw> guess i picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue
15:50:36 <cmurf> speedbird haha, BA callsign!
15:50:41 <coremodule> ;)
15:50:51 <adamw> are you thinking of https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1623471 ?
15:50:52 <sumantro> ;)
15:52:42 <cmurf> yes but I thought there was more than one
15:52:50 <adamw> might well be, that's just the one i know about...
15:53:18 <cmurf> haha i just started reading the bug
15:53:21 <adamw> #info there are also known bugs related to https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/GnuTLS-TLS1.3 , at least https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1623471
15:53:23 <cmurf> that one bug could explain multiple problems
15:53:39 <adamw> well, note that it seems to be related to both gnutls and glib-networking
15:53:45 <adamw> so it can only explain bugs that involve both of those
15:53:50 <adamw> anyhoo, we gotta move on...
15:53:53 <cmurf> gotcha
15:54:01 <adamw> #topic Test Day update
15:54:01 <kparal> hm, that could be related to the SSL errors I saw
15:54:02 <adamw> sumantro?
15:54:05 <sumantro> 2018-09-04 i18n test day
15:54:06 <sumantro> 2018-09-11 Virtualization Test day
15:54:06 <sumantro> 2018-09-20 Silverblue Test Day
15:54:06 <sumantro> 2018-09-26 Java Test Day
15:54:06 <sumantro> 2018-10-01 Cloud Test Day
15:54:06 <sumantro> Gnome should happen somewhere 1 week after beta as kalev went on a long vacation. Still waiting on DNF 3.4 to be released for DNF test day
15:54:12 <cmurf> i'm not seeing any other changes that haven't landed
15:54:30 <sumantro> adamw I was waiting when you'd ask :D
15:54:49 <adamw> #info today (2018-09-04) is i18n Test Day, we then have Virtualization (2018-09-11), Silverblue (2018-09-20), Java (2018-09-26), Cloud (2018-10-01)
15:55:15 <adamw> #info GNOME Test Day is waiting on the maintainer returning from vacation, DNF Test Day is waiting on DNF 3.4 release
15:55:18 <adamw> thansk sumantro!
15:55:27 <sumantro> np adamw!
15:55:40 <adamw> #topic Open floor
15:55:50 <adamw> ok, any other business? note blocker review starts in 4 minutes in #fedora-blocker-review
15:59:06 <adamw> ok, thanks for coming, everyone!
15:59:12 <kparal> thanks adamw
15:59:18 <lruzicka> thanks, adamw
15:59:28 <lruzicka> lets block and roll
15:59:38 <coremodule> Thanks adamw
16:00:11 <adamw> #endmeeting