13:01:49 <cverna> #startmeeting Container SIG
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13:02:01 <cverna> #topic Roll Call
13:02:23 <cverna> hello anybody there for the container sig meeting :)
13:10:40 <cverna> ok not much attendance this time, I wait another minute or so and close the meeting :)
13:11:47 <jcajka> sorry for being late, got bit distracted by origin in Fedora
13:12:08 <cverna> jcajka: o/
13:12:17 <cverna> no worries so far it just you and me
13:12:53 <cverna> did you want to discuss something specific ?
13:13:07 <jcajka> not really
13:13:31 <jlanda> heya
13:13:39 <jcajka> maybe the possible 3.11 rebase in f29 that is materializing today
13:13:52 <jcajka> as 3.10 is broken
13:13:56 <cverna> jlanda: hi :)
13:15:00 <cverna> ok so we are 3 \o/
13:15:17 <cverna> would you like to have a look at the tickets tagged meeting
13:15:21 <cverna> ?
13:15:35 <jlanda> well, two and a half, i just sitted down on my work chair ;)
13:15:50 <cverna> ha ha :)
13:16:10 <cverna> #topic Tickets
13:16:16 <cverna> #link https://pagure.io/ContainerSIG/container-sig/issues?status=Open&tags=meeting
13:16:45 <cverna> #topic Remove $FGC https://pagure.io/ContainerSIG/container-sig/issue/2
13:16:57 <cverna> I think it would be nice to look at this ticket ^^
13:17:29 <cverna> so currently in the registry an image is available with at the following path
13:17:49 <cverna> for example docker pull registry.fedoraproject.org/f28/origin
13:18:06 <cverna> I think it would be much nicer to remove the /f28/ part
13:18:14 <jlanda> +1
13:18:15 <jlanda> I would like to help with that boring task, but I'm not sure what containers should be updated and wich one are deprecated or unmaintained
13:18:18 <cverna> which is currently known as $FGC
13:18:32 <cverna> the only problem is that currently
13:18:55 <cverna> when a packager build an image OSBS (the build system) creates 3 tags
13:19:01 <cverna> for example
13:19:11 <cverna> origin:latest
13:19:12 <jcajka> yeah it would be great, as long we(packagers/maintainers) get more control over how the images get tagged
13:19:17 <cverna> origin:1
13:19:24 <cverna> and origin:1.0
13:19:43 <cverna> jcajka: yes I think that were the solution will be
13:20:06 <cverna> so we need the packager to control which branch should be tagged latest for example
13:20:08 <bhavin192> .hello2
13:20:09 <zodbot> bhavin192: bhavin192 'Bhavin Gandhi' <bhavin7392@gmail.com>
13:20:17 <cverna> bhavin192: o/
13:20:26 <cverna> #chair jcajka jlanda bhavin192
13:20:26 <zodbot> Current chairs: bhavin192 cverna jcajka jlanda
13:20:57 <bhavin192> cverna, sorry, just forgot about the meeting
13:21:21 <cverna> bhavin192: no problem I remembered about it 20 mins before it :P
13:21:38 <cverna> bhavin192: we are looking at https://pagure.io/ContainerSIG/container-sig/issue/2
13:21:41 <jcajka> yup or add other arbitrary tags, govern in some way by guidelines
13:21:58 <bhavin192> cverna, hehe, yes reading the logs
13:22:05 <cverna> so it is possible to control which tag will be produced by OSBS
13:22:18 <cverna> we need to add a container.yml in the distgit repo
13:22:37 <cverna> and in this container.yml the packager can define the tag OSBS should use
13:23:03 <cverna> so we could make this file mandatory for containers and have a section in the guidelines
13:23:27 * cverna does not have an example yet but he is planning to play with it this week
13:23:54 <jcajka> sounds great to me
13:24:10 <jlanda> yeag+
13:24:42 <cverna> ok I ll add these details to the ticket, and try to use the container.yml in stg
13:26:41 <cverna> #topic Non RPM tickets - https://pagure.io/ContainerSIG/container-sig/issue/10
13:26:55 <cverna> We can have a quick look at this ticket ^^
13:27:29 <cverna> Although I am not sure we can do much currently :S
13:28:43 <jcajka> As I have stated in the ticket it sounds to me more like trying to compete with docker hub/quay.io, I'm not sure if we/Fedora wants to be in such business or even have resources for such project :)
13:29:36 <jcajka> it should be easy to add non-rpm content to some RPM and then ship it that way
13:30:05 <jlanda> I think that can be positive to accept some language-depending package manager support like pip for python or npm for node but at the same time it can induce to some weird situations where a container takes a library version from rpm and another container takes an slightly different version of the same lib from pip/npm/whatever and there is a big gape to solve like the OSBS lack of internet access
13:30:05 <jcajka> and IMO packaging the whole world is not best idea
13:31:38 <cverna> yes I think I am more on jcajka point of view here, but we should encourage using the Fedora base image to make custom container
13:31:53 <cverna> and maybe we could have a COPR like registry
13:32:00 <jlanda> the copr solution could be a good one
13:32:10 <jlanda> or some fedora base images on quay and guidelines around them
13:32:29 <jcajka> jlanda: IMHO it is the same situation that we have in the Go world and IMHO Fedora is not a place to resolve that, unfortunately upstreams are
13:32:34 <cverna> or have an organization on dockerhub or quay.io like COPR container
13:32:52 <jcajka> it would be cool to have something like that
13:32:57 <bhavin192> Yep
13:33:06 <jlanda> jcajka: yeah, quay.io or dockerhub base images seems ok for me
13:33:08 <cverna> Last week I have opened https://pagure.io/releng/issue/7828
13:33:11 <cverna> #link https://pagure.io/releng/issue/7828
13:33:34 <cverna> to release our images to Quay.io, if someone is interested to work on it, I am happy to help
13:33:55 <cverna> there is a little shell/python script to modify
13:34:25 <bhavin192> cverna, would like to help :)
13:34:29 <jlanda> m, I'm interested, but dunnot if I'll have enough spare time the next to weeks
13:34:49 <jlanda> s/to/two
13:35:00 <jlanda> s/dunnot/dunno, ar, monday ;)
13:35:32 <bhavin192> jlanda, same here :(
13:35:44 <cverna> I just added a comment to the ticket
13:36:02 <cverna> first I need to create the Fedora organization in Quay.io
13:36:24 <cverna> then we need to see how to use Quay api to push an image
13:36:40 <jlanda> can we see the actual python/sh script?
13:36:59 <cverna> https://pagure.io/releng/blob/master/f/scripts/sync-latest-container-base-image.sh
13:37:03 <jlanda> ty
13:37:13 <cverna> https://pagure.io/releng/blob/master/f/scripts/generate-manifest-list.py
13:37:34 <cverna> as I understand it Quay.io does not support yet manifest-list
13:38:06 <cverna> What the script (sh) does is to get the tar images of the fedora base image build by koji
13:38:32 <cverna> then it creates a container image from this tar file, tags it and push it to registry.fp.o
13:38:51 <cverna> actually we could maybe use skopeo to push to Quay.io too
13:39:15 * cverna never used Quay
13:39:41 <jcajka> I think that we might be able to get some help at CoreOS MLs/IRC, it might be worth while mentioning that there as I would expect that they will want to have Fedora CoreOS available in quay eventually
13:40:06 <jlanda> cverna: skopeo's doc mentions quay like just another possible registry, so it should work
13:40:23 <jlanda> Docker distribution based registries... The Docker Hub, OpenShift, GCR, Artifactory, Quay ...
13:40:31 <cverna> cool
13:40:43 <cverna> so that should not be too difficult
13:41:00 <bhavin192> That sounds interesting
13:41:04 <cverna> the sh script can be run locally to, just need to change the urls in the skopeo copy
13:41:25 <cverna> I tested it using a local docker registry
13:41:58 <jlanda> I'll try to push to quay
13:42:34 * jlanda never used Quay neither, I'll signup tonight to start testing ;)
13:43:01 <cverna> ok the next tickets are from ttomecek but he is on vacation so we can leave them until he returns
13:43:27 <cverna> #Topic Open Floor
13:43:44 <cverna> Does anyone has something for the openfloor ?
13:44:19 <bhavin192> cverna, For the first ticket, does that mean maintainers have to take care of the tags like 28, 29 as well?
13:45:02 <cverna> bhavin192: I am not quite sure yet, I need to play with the container.yml to understand how that works
13:45:09 <cverna> bhavin192: but possibly
13:45:29 <cverna> also I think in the container land we should avoid having fXX tags
13:45:54 <cverna> I think for container tags should be :latest maybe :rawhide for testing
13:46:22 <cverna> and then specific version like :2.7 or :3.6 :3.7 for python
13:46:33 <bhavin192> cverna, yeah! I think same
13:47:09 <cverna> so I ll try out the container.yml and comment on the ticket with the example and the build results
13:47:20 <bhavin192> Sure.
13:47:21 <cverna> and we can discuss it again in our next meeting
13:47:23 <jcajka> and base image version will be determined by the container branch?
13:47:55 <jcajka> (instead of the fXX)
13:48:08 <cverna> base image version is in the Dockerfile so you could put what you want
13:48:27 <jcajka> so we will have fXX tags?
13:48:35 <cverna> a term we could get ride of the fxx branch
13:48:50 <cverna> and have a latest branch with FROM fedora:latest
13:49:09 <cverna> and a 3.7 branch with FROM fedora:29
13:49:21 <bhavin192> We can have 28, 29 tags for Fedora base image
13:49:29 <cverna> jcajka: I would say we don't need fxx tags
13:49:34 <bhavin192> cverna, ah! exactly.
13:49:39 <cverna> for the base image yes
13:50:21 <jcajka> make sense, as in some cases(without modules) you might care about what version of Fedora are you getting
13:50:37 <cverna> so fxx tags for base image yes, for layered image not really needed but if the maintainers wants it then can add it
13:51:14 <cverna> since the container.yml is specific per container a maintainer can customize it
13:51:30 <jcajka> it could be auto generated based on the base image
13:51:42 <cverna> we should have guidelines for the tags that we expect but then maintainer can use what they want.
13:51:49 <jcajka> or managed by the hand
13:52:24 <cverna> jcajka: for the auto generation I think that will need some change to OSBS a new plugin or something like that
13:53:05 <jlanda> cverna: on https://pagure.io/releng/issue/7828 you comment "similarly to what we are doing to for dockerhub" about the quay.io pushing... but I can't see any references to dockerhub on the script itself, just fedora registries. Is this the proper place to set the syncing to quay? or is there another workflow to sync to dockerhub and we should use that instead of the sync-latest-container-base-image.sh ?
13:53:14 <jcajka> IMO inheritance of the base image tag makes sense in some of my use cases(along with some additional "arbitrary" tags)
13:53:31 <cverna> jlanda: docker hub is weird :)
13:53:47 <jlanda> yeah, I don't like it neither :)
13:53:52 <cverna> jlanda: for docker hub we have to use a git repository and commit the tar files
13:53:54 <jcajka> s/tag/tags
13:54:05 <bhavin192> With the changes related to container.yml I feel we should also solve the issue with the ability to show the tags https://registry.fedoraproject.org/repo/fedora/tags
13:54:07 * jcajka is looking at the origin
13:54:33 <cverna> https://pagure.io/ContainerSIG/container-sig/issue/14
13:54:37 <cverna> ooops
13:54:47 <cverna> jlanda: https://github.com/fedora-cloud/docker-brew-fedora
13:54:50 <jlanda> cverna: ok, the sync-latest-container-base-images.sh is the way then. ty ;)
13:54:54 <cverna> this is what we use for docker
13:55:25 <cverna> bhavin192: yes this need a version of the registry we are using, and I think it is currently being packaged
13:55:43 <cverna> bhavin192: hopefully it will be fixed by our next meeting
13:55:53 <bhavin192> cverna, cool
13:56:54 <cverna> ok we have 4 mins left :)
13:57:39 <cverna> also feel free to ask other questions in #fedora-containers if needed
13:58:25 <jcajka> i would just like to mention that I will be trying to get origin 3.11 in to the f29 instead of origin 3.10 which seems to be broken in F29 due to the systemd changes and the bundled runc is missing the patches...
13:58:47 <jcajka> now I need to look at processes of changes accepted change proposals
14:00:03 <cverna> jcajka: good look :)
14:00:20 <cverna> ok thanks all for coming
14:00:24 <cverna> #endmeeting