05:00:46 <prakashmishra> #startmeeting fedora_coreos_apac_meeting
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05:00:58 <prakashmishra> Hello everyone :)
05:01:25 <juhp> hi
05:01:51 <prakashmishra> juhp: Hello :)
05:02:04 <prakashmishra> #chair juhp
05:02:04 <zodbot> Current chairs: juhp prakashmishra
05:02:24 <prakashmishra> Do we have attendance for this week's meeting ? :P
05:04:01 <juhp> Few people may be away this week?
05:04:21 <prakashmishra> So far, me, juhp are here
05:04:32 <prakashmishra> Yep, ksinny is on PTO this week
05:05:27 <prakashmishra> juhp: Let's do a roll call and wait until IST 10:40 am for people to turn up. What do you say about that?
05:05:47 <juhp> 5min you mean, sure
05:05:53 <mzee1000> Sup
05:06:02 <prakashmishra> If people do not turn up till then, we can cancel
05:06:11 <prakashmishra> Hello mzee1000
05:06:23 <prakashmishra> #topic roll call
05:06:35 <mzee1000> .hello mohammmedzee1000
05:06:36 <zodbot> mzee1000: Sorry, but you don't exist
05:06:46 <prakashmishra> .hello prakashmishra1598
05:06:49 <zodbot> prakashmishra: prakashmishra1598 'Prakash Mishra' <prakashmishra1598@gmail.com>
05:06:49 <mzee1000> Oops typo.
05:06:57 <prakashmishra> haha
05:07:04 <mzee1000> .hello mohammedzee1000
05:07:05 <zodbot> mzee1000: mohammedzee1000 'Mohammed Zeeshan Ahmed' <mohammed.zee1000@gmail.com>
05:07:07 <juhp> hi
05:07:13 <juhp> .hello petersen
05:07:14 <zodbot> juhp: petersen 'Jens Petersen' <petersen@redhat.com>
05:08:41 <prakashmishra> div123: Hi
05:09:48 <prakashmishra> Do we go ahead with the meeting? Or do we cancel? What do you think? juhp mzee1000
05:10:39 <div123> Hi all
05:11:32 <mzee1000> Hi div123
05:12:51 <prakashmishra> Since a lot of members aren't present, We can cancel this meeting :)
05:13:36 <juhp> Yeah probably - unless anyone has topics they want to discuss?
05:13:56 <prakashmishra> If the members present have anything to discuss, we can discuss them now, or we cancel :)
05:14:21 <prakashmishra> juhp: Yes
05:14:44 <prakashmishra> We have a new member this week, div123
05:15:05 <prakashmishra> Can we have an introduction, div123?
05:15:14 <mzee1000> Welcome div123
05:17:08 * prakashmishra proposes to cancel the meeting, Agree? mzee1000 juhp?
05:17:08 <mzee1000> Do you want to talk about those issues you mentioned on  pm to me prakashmishra
05:17:26 <mzee1000> If not I guess we can cancel
05:17:27 <prakashmishra> Yes we could discuss them here, Great
05:17:46 <prakashmishra> #chair mzee1000
05:17:46 <zodbot> Current chairs: juhp mzee1000 prakashmishra
05:18:22 <prakashmishra> #topic Configuration management
05:18:40 <prakashmishra> #link https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/issues/53
05:20:07 <prakashmishra> As CoreOS has an immutable infrastructure, how does this look to users who want to use a configuration management tool
05:21:30 <prakashmishra> I remember I had to use ansible run some commands on coreOS and it was a pain setting it up to run as it required Python
05:22:41 <prakashmishra> And we seem to be drifting towards not shipping python with the base OS
05:23:27 <prakashmishra> Any views on this? mzee100
05:24:17 <mzee1000> Yes. So this brings up an interesting problem not just for ansible but any agent based config mgmt
05:26:02 <prakashmishra> #link https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/issues/53#issuecomment-423729437 - This comment is interesting. Having mount host directories onto containers might be more of trial and error without proper documentation
05:27:02 <mzee1000> Yes.  It might be possible to mount host files into a python container
05:28:12 <mzee1000> But this also means u might have to share the net ns of system or ssh may not be possible
05:29:12 <prakashmishra> I think we are running out of time, we can continue the discussion on the github issue as this seems to be an interesting problem whos resolution will show the way forward for working of Configuration management tools on Fedora CoreOS
05:29:24 <prakashmishra> mzee100: Yep
05:29:37 <prakashmishra> #topic Open floor
05:29:42 <mzee1000> prakashmishra: sure
05:29:47 <prakashmishra> We are mostly out of time
05:30:07 <prakashmishra> We can continue the discussion on the issues page :)
05:30:17 <mzee1000> Ack
05:30:27 <prakashmishra> Anything from anyone that needs to be discussed?
05:31:10 <prakashmishra> #endmeeting