05:35:43 <pmishra> #startmeeting Team Silverblue APAC
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05:36:11 <pmishra> Had got disconnected due to a network issue :)
05:36:32 <pmishra> Do we have attendance? :)
05:40:11 * pmishra proposes to cancel the meeting, since we do not have attendance :)
05:42:46 <pmishra> Anyone there? :p
05:43:00 <mzee1000> Hmm
05:43:21 <pmishra> #chair mzee1000
05:43:21 <zodbot> Current chairs: mzee1000 pmishra
05:43:47 <pmishra> What do you think? mzee1000
05:44:21 <mzee1000> Yes I have noticed drop in attendance. I guess we don't have quorum.
05:44:26 <pmishra> Unless you have something to discuss, we might have to cancel.
05:44:29 <pmishra> Yes
05:45:16 <pmishra> I was thinking of discussing the test day results but as we don't have enough attendance, we can have that discussion in the future meetings :)
05:46:01 <mzee1000> pmishra: makes sense
05:46:11 <mzee1000> We can discuss offline
05:46:38 <pmishra> Thanks for joining in mzee1000, I'm cancelling this meeting. I agreee, we can discuss offline after the meeting :)
05:46:48 <mzee1000> And have proper discuss next meeting when we will hopefully have quorum
05:47:16 <pmishra> I agree
05:47:34 <pmishra> See you, have a good day mzee1000
05:47:47 <mzee1000> Sane here
05:47:58 <pmishra> Goodbye
05:48:03 <pmishra> #endmeeting