14:00:33 <smooge> #startmeeting Infrastructure (2018-10-25)
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14:00:33 <smooge> #meetingname infrastructure
14:00:33 <smooge> #topic aloha
14:00:33 <smooge> #chair nirik pingou puiterwijk relrod smooge tflink threebean cverna mkonecny
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14:00:44 <aikidouke> .hello2
14:00:45 <zodbot> aikidouke: aikidouke 'Zach Villers' <zach@mailup.net>
14:00:52 <odin2016> .hello2
14:00:53 <zodbot> odin2016: odin2016 'David Shier' <davidjshier@gmail.com>
14:00:54 <clime> .hello2
14:00:55 <relrod_cld> morning
14:00:56 <zodbot> clime: clime 'clime' <clime@redhat.com>
14:00:56 <travmi> .hello2
14:00:59 <zodbot> travmi: travmi 'Mike Travis' <mike.r.travis@gmail.com>
14:01:24 <cverna> hello
14:01:24 <smooge> hello
14:01:37 <odin2016> hello?
14:01:47 <odin2016> sorry. three stooges kicked in there.
14:02:09 <aikidouke> wise guy eh?
14:02:22 <odin2016> somethin
14:02:30 <queue-tip> hello
14:04:15 <aikidouke> awkward silence?
14:05:19 <mkonecny> hi
14:06:27 <odin2016> aikidouke: blame awkward silence on the one running the meeting. also, no meeting is complete without it, so maybe just getting it out of the way from the top?
14:06:54 <smooge> #topic New folks introductions
14:06:55 <smooge> #info This is a place where people who are interested in Fedora Infrastructure can introduce themselves
14:06:55 <smooge> #info Getting Started Guide: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/GettingStarted
14:07:01 <aikidouke> well, I would, but I thought it was me. Hexchat was acting fishy..
14:07:08 <travmi> I'm new. Hello all
14:07:14 <smooge> hello travmi
14:07:17 <aikidouke> hello!
14:07:20 <creaked> .hello2
14:07:21 <zodbot> creaked: creaked 'Will Chellman' <creaked@gmail.com>
14:07:30 <smooge> what are you interested in?
14:08:07 <cverna> hi travmi and welcome
14:08:27 <echoduck> Hello!
14:08:34 <clime> travmi: welcome
14:08:35 <travmi> I'm interested in a lot. Reading through all the Infra docs for a week now.
14:08:53 <clime> echoduck: hi
14:09:13 <echoduck> Got into here because of Google Code-In
14:09:33 <echoduck> and infrastructure seems like an interesting section of the project to contribute to
14:10:03 <cverna> hi echoduck :)
14:10:23 * cverna did not know of Google Code-In
14:11:22 <smooge> I didn't either
14:11:30 <smooge> welcome echoduck
14:12:09 <smooge> travmi, as you read through the docs and see any changes you think could be done.. please offer them
14:12:12 <smooge> ok next up
14:12:24 <smooge> #topic announcements and information
14:12:24 <smooge> #info tflink is on extended PTO
14:12:24 <smooge> #info nirik is on PTO til 2018-10-29?
14:12:24 <smooge> #info Final Freeze has started 2018-10-09
14:12:36 <smooge> I don't know how much longer freeze will be going on
14:13:05 <cverna> is there a GO/NO GO meeting later today ?
14:13:42 <smooge> i think so
14:14:39 <odin2016> fedocal says it is at 1700
14:14:43 <smooge> Because we are in freeze a lot of code releases will be put in after the freeze
14:15:10 <smooge> #topic Oncall
14:15:10 <smooge> #info relrod is on call from 2018-10-18 -> 2018-10-25
14:15:10 <smooge> #info smooge is on call from 2018-10-25 -> 2018-11-01
14:15:10 <smooge> #info nirik is on call from 2018-11-01 -> 2018-11-08
14:15:11 <smooge> #info ??? is on call from 2018-11-08->2018-11-15
14:15:12 <smooge> #info ??? is on call from 2018-11-15->2018-11-22
14:15:13 <smooge> #info Summary of last week: (from relrod )
14:15:18 <smooge> relrod, anything on oncall this week?
14:16:17 <relrod> smooge: not much this week, it's been pretty quiet I think
14:16:21 <smooge> cool
14:16:27 <smooge> I have taken over on that
14:16:58 <smooge> #topic Apprentice Open office minutes
14:16:58 <smooge> #info A time where apprentices may ask for help or look at problems.
14:17:18 <smooge> Any questions on tickets and such?
14:17:45 * aikidouke will see if there are any new easyfix tix
14:20:15 <odin2016> i don't think there is anything really new floating around aikidouke.. I was looking yesterday. I did see something from dustymade in there about doing some continuous logging for the coreos channel that interested me, but waiting on some feed back to a comment I made on the ticket.
14:20:44 <odin2016> which is why I was asking about the status of meetbot yesterday in admin.. since i thinkwe could probably poke it a bit and make that work.
14:20:49 * aikidouke nods
14:21:13 <aikidouke> the meetbot plugin itself is python2
14:21:33 <aikidouke> it's one of the ones Im working on moving to py3
14:21:47 <odin2016> yeah, and probably needs to be made to work with python 3... so we might be able to kill two birds with one stone there.
14:21:56 <cverna> aikidouke: how is that going on ?
14:22:00 <aikidouke> is the box that zod runs on fedora or RHEL?
14:22:08 <smooge> it needs to be updated/worked on to make it python3.6 and it will need to have some other items like every 30 minutes publically announcing it is logging things
14:22:10 <odin2016> iirc it's rhel7
14:22:11 <aikidouke> cverna: ok
14:22:20 * smooge checks as it might be el6
14:22:31 <odin2016> its on value01
14:22:35 <odin2016> last I knoew.
14:22:37 <odin2016> *knew
14:22:44 <aikidouke> am I right in saying that this should be developed with the fedora-messaging library
14:22:47 <aikidouke> and not fedmsg?
14:23:04 <aikidouke> odin2016: sounds familiar...
14:23:12 <odin2016> smooge: yeah, I know. which seems like something I might want to poke
14:23:14 <smooge> good news it is not el6
14:23:20 <aikidouke> yay!
14:23:32 <odin2016> I know it was on value01 when I made it require a meeting name to starta  metting years ago.
14:23:34 <cverna> aikidouke: up to you but it might be easier to port it to python3 first
14:23:36 <bowlofeggs> aikidouke: yeah i would recommend using fedora-messaging
14:23:41 <smooge> aikidouke, ye sit needs to be fedora-messaging
14:23:42 <bowlofeggs> so you don't have to port it later
14:23:45 <cverna> aikidouke: then look at fedora-messaging
14:24:07 <aikidouke> ok - so all the import fedmsg stuff just needs changed out
14:24:17 <aikidouke> and probably a few other things
14:24:27 <cverna> if it was me I would do it in small iterative steps but hey up to you :)
14:24:46 <aikidouke> cverna: yeah thats the better approach :)
14:25:22 <aikidouke> I can get the generic supybot-fedora plugin to work fine, but when I include fedmsg, it starts complaining about endpoints
14:25:44 <aikidouke> so anyway....
14:25:50 <odin2016> anyway....
14:26:12 <aikidouke> if anyone wants to help/look at/etc - jcline has a vagrant environment which helps a good bit
14:26:23 <aikidouke> https://github.com/jeremycline/fedora-notifications
14:26:24 <cverna> aikidouke: is there a ticket for that ? if so do not hesitate to share the errors you have on the ticket
14:26:35 <odin2016> for the meetbot bit, or the py2 to 3 move?
14:26:47 <aikidouke> oooh - that I didn't look for cverna
14:27:01 <odin2016> ticket for which bit?
14:27:21 <cverna> porting zodbot to python3
14:27:25 <aikidouke> odin2016 for meetbot, but specifically configuring the fedmsg plugin
14:27:36 <cverna> zodbot plugins to be precise
14:27:36 <zodbot> cverna: Error: There is no command "to be precise".
14:27:41 <cverna> L)
14:27:44 <cverna> :)
14:27:52 <cverna> zodbot: thanks
14:28:03 <aikidouke> if there is no ticket for porting those plugins, should I just enter one and ask it to be assigned to me?
14:28:24 <smooge> sure
14:28:30 <aikidouke> thanks
14:28:40 <odin2016> ah, there isn't that I know of, a ticket tofr that.
14:28:51 <smooge> ok any other tickets/issues?
14:28:55 <odin2016> good ol zod, reminding us it is there.
14:28:55 <aikidouke> would it be worthwhile to grep through our python scripts and look for other py 2 things?
14:29:08 <smooge> aikidouke, yes it would
14:29:30 <aikidouke> ok thanks everyone...
14:29:40 * aikidouke hands the talking stick back to smooge
14:29:54 <smooge> #topic Open Floor
14:30:10 <smooge> So this is the part of the show where we thank our crazy guests
14:30:39 <mkonecny> What crazy guests do you have in mind?
14:31:29 <aikidouke> probably this BeOS clone I have running, maybe my HannahMontana Linux guest?
14:32:04 <bowlofeggs> #info tomorrow is the last day to submit talks for devconf.cz
14:32:56 <mkonecny> I already submitted mine
14:33:00 <aikidouke> is this meeting time changing?
14:33:59 <cverna> aikidouke: the meeting time is in UTC so you need to adapt in function of the daylight saving
14:34:15 <cverna> aikidouke: 14.00 UTC it is
14:34:18 * aikidouke nods
14:34:43 <aikidouke> ok - there was a discussion a meeting or two ago...couldnt remember
14:34:56 <aikidouke> there's a U in UTC for a reason :)
14:35:05 <cverna> :)
14:35:42 <smooge> ok that is all for this week
14:35:46 <smooge> #endmeeting