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05:00:37 <prakashmishra> Hello everyone :)
05:00:57 <prakashmishra> This time I see more attendance than previous meetings :)
05:01:15 <prakashmishra> siddharthvipul: Hi :)
05:01:21 <siddharthvipul> that was a holiday, can't complain ;)
05:01:24 <ksinny> Hi everyone!
05:01:28 <paragan> Hi
05:01:36 <bhavin192> Hello everyone
05:01:42 <prakashmishra> #topic roll call
05:01:51 <prakashmishra> paragan: hi :)
05:01:55 <ksinny> .hello sinnykumari
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05:02:00 <prakashmishra> .hello prakashmishra1598
05:02:02 <bhavin192> .hello2
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05:02:33 <prakashmishra> #chair siddharthvipul ksinny bhavin192 paragan
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05:03:11 <prakashmishra> Hello everyone, It's been quite a while since we had a meeting... Let's get back to business :P
05:03:22 <ksinny> :)
05:04:25 <prakashmishra> Since we don't have any action items from previous meetings, Let's pick up an issue from the issue tracker
05:04:29 <ksinny> which topic we are discussing today?
05:05:34 <prakashmishra> Do you wanna discuss the cloud providers issue? I found that interesting and important and it has much recent activity on the tracker
05:05:55 <prakashmishra> #topic Cloud agents
05:06:06 <prakashmishra> #link https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/issues/12
05:07:32 <prakashmishra> Also a related issue : https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/issues/41
05:08:00 <prakashmishra> How do we ship cloud provider specific bits or do we ship it at all
05:09:47 <ksinny> Hmm, I haven't looked into these issues in detail
05:10:45 <ksinny> but yes in Fedora COreOS we will try to not ship separate cloud-agents wehrever possible as per what issue#12 says
05:11:16 <bhavin192> Yes, right.
05:11:48 <prakashmishra> Yes, In the long term it might help though to have a minimal implementations to make it work with most cloud providers
05:12:27 <ksinny> also, we have some recent opened tickets like #71, #70 etc to make sure we discuss cloud agents for each clouproviders like vmware, digitalocean , aws, gce, etc dicussed
05:12:58 <bhavin192> So the tools or implementations required for specific cloud provider will be installed and shipped like other packages. This is what I understood
05:13:19 <ksinny> This is really a nice thing as we won't have to deal with these additional overhead
05:13:23 <prakashmishra> But I also agree that it must not be something we should focus much on
05:13:36 <prakashmishra> ksinny: Agreed
05:15:15 <ksinny> Anyone has any other thoughts?
05:15:27 <prakashmishra> But also, Since I run a few CoreOS machines on AWS, I find it easy when my Kubernetes cluster is running smoothly with the CoreOS image seamlessly working with AWS specific bits
05:15:52 <prakashmishra> Scaling the cluster up and down isn't much of a problem
05:16:10 <ksinny> bhavin192: yeah, whatever is required will be mostly shipped as part of OS
05:16:26 <prakashmishra> I don't know how this would appear with later versions of Fedora CoreOS
05:17:16 <prakashmishra> Everyone, Any thoughts on this?
05:17:58 <ksinny> Nothing more from me a of now :)
05:18:07 <ksinny> s/a of/as of/
05:18:23 <ksinny> <prakashmishra> I don't know how this would appear with later versions of Fedora CoreOS
05:19:02 <ksinny> we will know soon as FCOS will be in better shape or maybe solution already exist
05:19:07 <prakashmishra> Okay, Also an interesting issue is the fate of Configuration management tools with Fedora CoreOS
05:19:09 * ksinny needs to dig in
05:19:31 <prakashmishra> ksinny: Agreed. Time will tell
05:21:00 <ksinny> prakashmishra: Ticket link for the next topic?
05:21:07 <prakashmishra> #topic Docker version
05:21:35 <prakashmishra> #topic Configuration management
05:21:44 <prakashmishra> #link https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/issues/53
05:22:00 <ksinny> +1
05:22:18 <prakashmishra> Since we decided not to ship Python, How does this look for the config management tools
05:23:04 <prakashmishra> I remember having issues with getting Ansible to work with CoreOS a few months ago
05:23:33 <siddharthvipul> prakashmishra, what kind of issue?
05:23:42 <prakashmishra> Any thoughts on this? everyone
05:24:00 <prakashmishra> Since Ansible requires the python interpreter to be on the remote machine
05:24:32 <prakashmishra> siddharthvipul: Ansible needs python to execute modules on remote machine
05:24:55 <siddharthvipul> got it
05:24:56 <ksinny> I think we may go the container approach as mentioned in some of initial discussion of ticket
05:25:29 <prakashmishra> Yes, But don't you think that approach will be messy? :)
05:26:04 <bhavin192> prakashmishra, how?
05:26:13 <prakashmishra> As then, I'd have to know exactly what parts of the system will my ansible module modify and mount them onto the container
05:26:49 <prakashmishra> #link https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/issues/53#issuecomment-423729437
05:27:10 <prakashmishra> Above link throws some good light on it
05:28:05 <bhavin192> prakashmishra, yeah, right. I was thinking about the mapping of directories need to be kept in mind while doing this. That comment explains that well
05:28:18 <prakashmishra> I think we are running out of time :)... We can continue discussion on this off the meeting :)
05:28:25 <prakashmishra> +1 bhavin192
05:28:33 <prakashmishra> #topic Open floor
05:28:38 <ksinny> agreed, we don't have a simple solution of this as of now
05:28:48 <prakashmishra> Does anybody have anything to discuss?:)
05:28:58 <prakashmishra> Agreed. ksinny
05:29:11 * ksinny has nothing new to share
05:29:58 <prakashmishra> I'm ending the meeting :).. Thanks for joining in, Everyone :)
05:30:07 <ksinny> was thinking we can pick "Major release and update cycle for Fedora CoreOS" to discuss in next meeting
05:30:12 <ksinny> ISSue#22
05:30:23 <prakashmishra> Thank you ksinny and bhavin192 for your views
05:30:32 <prakashmishra> Awesome, Let's do that :)
05:30:54 <bhavin192> prakashmishra++
05:30:54 <siddharthvipul> prakashmishra, thanks for you effort and chairing the meeting
05:31:02 <prakashmishra> #endmeeting