05:32:08 <prakashmishra> #startmeeting Team Silverblue APAC
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05:32:14 <prakashmishra> Hello everyone :)
05:32:23 <ksinny> Hi again!
05:32:35 <prakashmishra> ksinny: Hello :)
05:32:57 <siddharthvipul> Deja vu
05:33:05 <juhp> hi
05:33:10 <siddharthvipul> Hello everyone
05:33:13 <prakashmishra> siddharthvipul: Haha
05:33:19 <prakashmishra> juhp: Hello :)
05:33:37 <prakashmishra> #topic roll call
05:33:45 <bhavin192> juhp, hello
05:33:49 <prakashmishra> .hello prakashmishra1598
05:33:50 <zodbot> prakashmishra: prakashmishra1598 'Prakash Mishra' <prakashmishra1598@gmail.com>
05:33:58 <bhavin192> .hello2
05:34:01 <siddharthvipul> .hello siddharthvipul1
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05:34:04 <zodbot> siddharthvipul: siddharthvipul1 'Vipul Siddharth' <siddharthvipul1@gmail.com>
05:34:49 <ksinny> .hello sinnykumari
05:34:50 <zodbot> ksinny: sinnykumari 'Sinny Kumari' <ksinny@gmail.com>
05:35:25 <prakashmishra> I thought It'd be great to start off with discussing the test day results
05:35:43 <prakashmishra> Since we haven't discussed that yet
05:35:51 <ksinny> sure, it's a bit later but good :)
05:35:56 <ksinny> late*
05:37:49 <ksinny> It seems prakashmishra got disconnected
05:37:57 <ksinny> I will continue till he is back
05:38:07 <siddharthvipul> http://testdays.fedorainfracloud.org/events/47
05:38:12 <siddharthvipul> result page
05:38:16 <ksinny> #chair prakashmishra juhp siddharthvipul bhavin192
05:38:30 <ksinny> #topic Silverblue Test Day result
05:38:39 <ksinny> #link http://testdays.fedorainfracloud.org/events/47
05:38:44 <ksinny> Thanks siddharthvipul for the link!
05:39:07 <siddharthvipul> :}
05:39:15 <ksinny> heh, it seems only prakashmishra can chair and create topic since he satrted the meeting :)
05:39:54 <ksinny> prakashmishra159: welcome back
05:39:56 <siddharthvipul> prakashmishra, c'mon. don't ditch us midway :p
05:39:58 <bhavin192> ksinny, hehe
05:40:07 <ksinny> lol
05:40:10 <prakashmishra159> Sorry Everyone, I'd got disconnected *cries*
05:40:16 <ksinny> No worries
05:40:29 <prakashmishra159> Did i miss something?
05:40:45 <ksinny> You may need to chair us first
05:40:50 <prakashmishra159> Apart from siddharthvipul repeatedly invoking my name
05:40:52 <prakashmishra159> Yes
05:40:52 <ksinny> and then continue the topic
05:40:57 <juhp> prakashmishra159: What was the last thing said?
05:41:18 <prakashmishra159> #chair ksinny siddharthvipul juhp bhavin192
05:41:29 <prakashmishra159> Did I miss someone?
05:41:46 <ksinny> let's proceed with test results
05:41:56 <bhavin192> prakashmishra159, you need become prakashmishra
05:42:03 <prakashmishra159> juhp: ksinny: sure, it's a bit later but good :) --- This is where my network decided to surprise me
05:42:21 <bhavin192> prakashmishra159, zodbot wants prakashmishra :P
05:42:40 <prakashmishra> #chair ksinny siddharthvipul juhp bhavin192
05:42:42 <ksinny> prakashmishra159: after that I tried to coninue meeting but I couldn't set topic. Maybe becasue we were not chaired and you started the the meeting
05:43:53 <prakashmishra> #topic Rebasing from F28 Silverblue to F29 Silverblue results in booting into the initial user setup screen
05:44:11 <prakashmishra> #link https://pagure.io/teamsilverblue/issue/49
05:45:21 <prakashmishra> ksinny: Sorry, I got disconnected while attempting to chair
05:45:42 <ksinny> prakashmishra: no worries, I think we are good now :)
05:46:16 <prakashmishra> The user after rebasing from F28 to F29 is greeted with a initial user setup screen
05:46:46 <ksinny> I don't have much idea about #49, it maybe happening on few machines
05:47:22 <prakashmishra> Okay, Also a testday issue: Gnome update notif fails
05:47:43 <prakashmishra> #topic Gnome update notification failed to show up
05:48:33 <prakashmishra> I don't see an issue filed on Pagure about this :/
05:49:21 <prakashmishra> But did anyone else face this issue? I did
05:52:10 <ksinny> For me, update notification was there
05:52:28 <prakashmishra> Okay, I think that is all I wanted to out forth about. Does anyone have anything else to discuss? :)
05:52:29 <ksinny> It was showing that there is a new update of OS
05:52:49 <prakashmishra> Ohhh... Must be limited to a few machines as well
05:52:50 <ksinny> but clicking on install didn't do the install and reboot
05:53:37 <ksinny> There was another issue " Gnome update notification failed"
05:53:48 <ksinny> sorry, wrong copy paste
05:53:52 <ksinny> It was Long time for the Flathub packages to appear in Gnome Software
05:54:37 <ksinny> It was I think relate dto issue https://github.com/flatpak/flatpak/issues/2120
05:55:32 * prakashmishra is reading
05:56:45 <ksinny> I think it's a known issue, so should/will be documented in offcial release notes
05:57:22 <prakashmishra> Yes, Indeed
05:57:42 <prakashmishra> I think we are running out of time. I'd l
05:58:21 <prakashmishra> #topic Open floor
05:58:59 <prakashmishra> Does anyone have anything to discuss?:)
05:59:28 <prakashmishra> Also, I'd like to thank everyone who joined us for the test day :)
05:59:36 <ksinny> Fedora 29 RC 1.2 was declared GO on last Thursday and it is planned to get released today which will include SIlverblue too! Wait for the announcenets which should be later today
05:59:45 <ksinny> #link https://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org/compose/29/Fedora-29-20181024.1/
06:00:04 <prakashmishra> ksinny: Wow, Awesome...
06:00:21 <prakashmishra> I saw it on the mailing list
06:00:29 <bhavin192> \o/
06:00:54 <ksinny> That's all from me
06:00:58 * prakashmishra is waiting to upgrade my workstation
06:01:07 <ksinny> +1
06:01:27 <prakashmishra> ksinny: Thank you
06:01:51 <prakashmishra> Thank you everyone for attending :)
06:02:02 * prakashmishra says Bye
06:02:36 <prakashmishra> #endmeeting