15:00:01 <bowlofeggs> #startmeeting FESCO (2018-11-12)
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15:00:03 <bowlofeggs> #meetingname fesco
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15:00:05 <bowlofeggs> #chair nirik, maxamillion, jsmith, jforbes, zbyszek, tyll, sgallagh, contyk, bowlofeggs
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15:00:07 <bowlofeggs> #topic init process
15:00:18 <contyk> o/
15:00:22 <contyk> .hello psabata
15:00:23 <zodbot> contyk: psabata 'Petr Ĺ abata' <psabata@redhat.com>
15:00:31 <nirik> morning
15:01:52 <sgallagh> I'm about 50% here today
15:02:39 <contyk> no quorum?
15:02:51 <bowlofeggs> yeah we need one more
15:03:45 <sgallagh> bowlofeggs: If we fail quorum, I suggest we reconvene in an hour in case the time change confused people
15:03:49 <sgallagh> (Like it did for me)
15:04:00 <bowlofeggs> maxamillion, jsmith, jforbes: available for the fesco meeting?
15:04:06 <bowlofeggs> sure we could try that
15:04:30 <nirik> we could spend the next hour ranting about DST. ;)
15:04:33 <bowlofeggs> hahaha
15:04:56 <bowlofeggs> most calendar programs do let you put events in in other time zones, including utc
15:04:57 <bowlofeggs> that's what i do
15:04:58 <contyk> glad we're getting rid of that next year
15:05:49 <bowlofeggs> that way it's always correct when i switch dst
15:05:57 <mhroncok> contyk: that's going to be a mess, i can imagine a lot of state systems with the change hardcoded
15:06:07 <mhroncok> hi BTW
15:06:23 <contyk> it is, yes
15:06:51 <bowlofeggs> alright, i guess i'll call it off and i'll send a notice that we're trying again in an hour
15:06:57 <bowlofeggs> #info no quorum
15:06:59 <contyk> +1
15:07:00 <bowlofeggs> #endmeeting