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05:00:19 <ksinny> #topic roll call
05:00:25 <ksinny> .hello sinnykumari
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05:00:40 <bhavin192> .hello2
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05:00:49 <ksinny> o/
05:01:21 <bhavin192> ksinny, good morning
05:01:24 <csirac2> .hello
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05:02:31 <ksinny> #chair bhavin192 csirac2
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05:03:15 <csirac2> D'oh :) I'll fix it up next time.
05:04:00 <ksinny> csirac2: no worries
05:04:32 <ksinny> csirac2: You can create FAS account if you haven't already here https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/
05:04:43 <ksinny> Ok, moving on
05:04:51 <ksinny> #topic Action items from last meeting
05:04:58 <ksinny> 1. ksinny to create an editable doc and add link to Fedora CoreOS meeting calendar so that community memebers can mark their availability for next meeting 1 day in advance. Accordingly, we will decide whether we will have nex meeting or not.
05:05:13 <ksinny> #info Email sent to Fedora coreos ML https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/coreos@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/HVCJ7JWMSQCE3HS3SDOM5BB5WCTFDWWX/
05:06:28 <ksinny> We discussed in last meeting that we will come up with some form of doc where coreos community memebers can add their name before meeting.
05:07:00 <bhavin192> ksinny, sounds good, just saw the email, I think I missed it somehow before
05:07:23 <ksinny> #info created etherpad  https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/Fedora_CoreOS_APAC_meeting where we can add our name in advance to help us decide whether we want to schedule next coreos APAC meting or cacnel it
05:08:30 <ksinny> considering less people attending APAC meeting, I will appriciate if we follow this for few weeks until we have enough memebers available during meeting
05:09:28 <ksinny> From next meeting, it will be nice if we can follow the etherpad and decide schduling next meeting accordingly
05:09:33 <ksinny> does it sound good?
05:09:57 <bhavin192> Yep
05:10:06 * csirac2 nods
05:10:21 <ksinny> cool, thanks to both of you :)
05:10:32 <ksinny> Okay, lets move to next topic
05:10:48 <ksinny> #topic Major release and update cycle for Fedora CoreOS
05:10:55 <ksinny> #link https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/issues/22
05:11:41 <ksinny> This is an important ticket about how Fedora CoreOS release will look like
05:12:01 <ksinny> See comment https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/issues/22#issuecomment-427218716 for final agreed proposal
05:13:01 <ksinny> A bit of background, Fedora CoreOS uses OSTree and hence we will have various refs for Fedora CoreOS repo
05:13:07 <ksinny> refs are like git bracnhes
05:13:21 <ksinny> For production level, we will have three refs:
05:14:36 <ksinny> 1. tetsing - This tracks current Fedora release packages along with periodic snapshot of updates packages
05:16:28 <ksinny> e.g. If Fedora 30 is curent stable release, so this ref will track Fedora 30 packages along with preioidcally picking up updates pcakges made in Fedora 30
05:17:31 <ksinny> 2. stable - We will periodcally prmotes content available in tetsing to stable
05:17:58 <ksinny> This will  give enough time to test things and then move it to stable
05:18:39 <ksinny> This will also include applying diretcly some critical fixes if needed
05:18:45 <bhavin192> ksinny, so it will be like a ref which always will point to something which is based on a release of Fedora, i.e. the stable ref will not have a version like f30-xx, right?
05:19:48 <ksinny> bhavin192: ref will be unversioned which means ref name will not contain Fedora release in its name
05:20:11 <ksinny> content inside this ref will be always latest Fedora release available
05:20:18 <sayan> .hello sayanchowdhury
05:20:19 <zodbot> sayan: sayanchowdhury 'Sayan Chowdhury' <sayan.chowdhury2012@gmail.com>
05:20:26 <sayan> sorry for being late
05:20:31 <bhavin192> ksinny, right, got it.
05:20:39 <ksinny> so, initially when Fedora 30 is alatest released then it will have Fedora 30 content, when Fedora 31 will release the it will have Fedora 31 contet
05:20:51 <sayan> lost track of time reading the emails. I should setup a calendar event for this meeting.
05:21:01 <bhavin192> sayan, o/
05:21:02 <ksinny> #chair sayan
05:21:02 <zodbot> Current chairs: bhavin192 csirac2 ksinny sayan
05:21:44 <bhavin192> ksinny, and user don't have to worry about the version of Fedora in the ref, they just have to update to that ref
05:22:31 <ksinny> bhavin192: yes, user will just always do someting like "rpm-ostree upgrade" and then should get latest stable content
05:22:58 <ksinny> They won't have to rebase to a new ref when a new Fedora release happen, unlike we currently do in Fedora Atomic Host
05:24:13 <ksinny> 3. next - This will point to testing ref until we have bodhi activated for next upcoming release
05:24:26 <ksinny> A bit confusing, let me explaing through example
05:25:10 <ksinny> suppose current Fedora release is 30, and next upcoming rlease is Fedora 31
05:25:41 <ksinny> Once Fedora 30 is released, we don't have Fedora 31 branched very soon
05:25:55 <ksinny> it takes some time, until then there is only Fedora 30 and rawhide
05:27:01 <ksinny> so, during the time when f31 is not branched and bodhi has not been activated for f31 baranch, we will tarck testing ref in next as well
05:27:55 <ksinny> once, f31 is branched and bodhi has been activated, next ref will contain content from upcoming f31 so that user can test locally and see how upcoming fcos based on f31 content looks like
05:28:06 <ksinny> figure out issues and fixes in advance
05:28:13 <ksinny> does thse makes sense?
05:28:35 <bhavin192> ksinny, yep, as we have short release cycle that would require I guess
05:28:47 <ksinny> ok
05:28:54 <ksinny> Let's move to open floor
05:28:59 <ksinny> #Open floor
05:29:07 <ksinny> #topic Open Floor
05:29:17 <ksinny> sorry, we are almost out of time
05:29:27 <ksinny> Please speak if you have something to say :)
05:29:54 * ksinny will most likely continue Release cycle topic in next week, it's not totally ginshed
05:30:03 <ksinny> finshed*
05:30:21 <bhavin192> ksinny++ great!
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05:30:21 <ksinny> ok, clsoing the meeting
05:30:25 <ksinny> #endmeeting