13:00:19 <cverna> #startmeeting Fedora Container SIG
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13:00:30 <cverna> Hello o/
13:00:49 <jcajka> .hello
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13:00:55 <jcajka> .hello jcajka
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13:01:13 <cverna> I am travelling and using the WIFI from the train not sure reliable this is :)
13:02:42 <bhavin192> .hello2
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13:03:11 <cverna> bhavin192: o/
13:03:17 <jcajka> I can chime in if needed to chair
13:03:28 <cverna> #chair bhavin192 jcajka
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13:03:32 <bhavin192> jcajka, cverna hello o/
13:03:46 <cverna> jcajka: sure thanks :)
13:04:23 <cverna> #topic Devconf SIG meetup
13:04:50 <cverna> So we had a SIG meetup Saturday and we produced the following notes https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/fedoracontainerSIG
13:05:41 <lorbus[m]> .hello lorbus
13:05:42 <zodbot> lorbus[m]: lorbus 'Christian Glombek' <cglombek@redhat.com>
13:05:55 <jcajka> ttomecek, cverna: thanks for organizing it
13:06:38 <cverna> jcajka: ttomecek: thanks for taking the notes
13:06:39 <cverna> :)
13:07:03 <lorbus[m]> Hey all! Unfortunately I missed the SIG meeting as I've been down with a fever. hope you had a good session! :)
13:07:19 <cverna> If anybody have questions about the notes feel free to ask
13:07:32 <cverna> lorbus[m]: sorry to hear that, I hope you feel better now
13:07:43 <ttomecek> hi! we have a hackfest right now, so I won't be present much
13:08:07 <ttomecek> (I'm planning to move the notes to our wiki)
13:08:48 <cverna> ttomecek: cool thanks :)
13:09:24 <cverna> I think one of the first thing we should tackle is to improve our docs on-boarding and contribution guidelines
13:09:33 <ttomecek> ...and I could also file issues based on the notes
13:09:40 <ttomecek> +1
13:10:41 <cverna> we will have soon a taiga instance
13:10:52 <jcajka> cverna: cool
13:11:12 <cverna> so I think we will be able to use it to be better organized
13:11:37 <ttomecek> do we keep the pagure issue tracker?
13:12:12 <cverna> I don't think so, once we have taiga we can move the issues there
13:12:22 <cverna> what do you think ?
13:12:50 * wa1em lurking
13:12:56 <ttomecek> can anyone easily file cards in taiga?
13:12:59 <lorbus[m]> a question regarding the move to quay. can we do this as long as quay isn't open source?
13:14:11 * lorbus[m] is on a train, might loose connection
13:15:33 <cverna> ttomecek: good question, I am not very familiar with taiga
13:16:10 <cverna> ttomecek: I know that pingou is working on a way to sync things between taiga and pagure so that could be a good solution
13:16:46 <cverna> lorbus[m]: yes the council is in favour to move services away from our infrastructure even if it is not open source
13:17:12 <cverna> lorbus[m]: also quay will be open sourced one day :)
13:18:01 <bhavin192> cverna, :)
13:18:26 <lorbus[m]> cverna: Thanks for the clarification :)
13:18:46 <cverna> lorbus[m]: np :)
13:19:25 <cverna> the only question mark we have with quay is regarding flatpak, we need to test and make sure that it is working
13:20:37 <cverna> I don't have much more for this week
13:20:57 <cverna> I think we should look at moving the guidelines and SIG info to docs.fp.o
13:21:07 <cverna> I ll open tickets later for that
13:22:03 <lorbus[m]> cverna: A WIP of the docs is already on pagure/containers
13:22:30 <cverna> lorbus[m]: cool, does it need review or something else ?
13:22:45 * cverna lost track of a few things :P
13:23:16 <lorbus[m]> it was merged without review, so we need a new PR that reviews the merged stuff
13:23:39 <ttomecek> cverna, cool, that pagure - taiga bridge could be nice
13:23:40 <cverna> ok :P
13:24:06 <cverna> lorbus[m]: optimistic merging :)
13:24:38 <ttomecek> lorbus[m], I looked briefly at the content and it looked good
13:24:40 <jcajka> lorbus[m]: do you have link for the repo? I have had kind of hard time tracking the docs workflow changes in general
13:24:52 <lorbus[m]> https://pagure.io/fedora-docs/containers/pull-request/1
13:25:00 <jcajka> lorbus[m]: thanks
13:25:51 <cverna> haha I did the +1 on the PR
13:25:52 <cverna> :P
13:26:07 <cverna> forgot about it
13:26:22 <lorbus[m]> we'll need to rip out all mention of atomic, as that's going away
13:28:02 <cverna> yep
13:28:43 <cverna> Anything else this week ?
13:30:54 <cverna> ok closing the meeting in 1 min :)
13:31:01 <jcajka> just FYI I plan to ask FCOS folks how do they plan to do their containers, hopefully they will go for OSBS
13:31:16 <jcajka> /koji
13:32:30 <cverna> yes I ll try to attend the next few FCOS meeting :)
13:32:38 <cverna> #endmeeting