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16:30:03 <bgilbert> #topic roll call
16:30:06 <slowrie> .hello2
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16:30:18 <bgilbert> .hello2
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16:33:57 <bgilbert> #info please add topics for the meeting to the Etherpad: https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/20190327-FCOS-Meeting
16:34:09 <bgilbert> #topic Action items from last meeting
16:34:24 <bgilbert> * kaeso to open a ticket for node stream introspection, manual stream switching, and forced upgrades
16:34:39 <bgilbert> #info kaeso opened https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/issues/163
16:35:04 <bgilbert> ...I'm looking at the wrong minutes :-(
16:35:08 <bgilbert> #undo
16:35:08 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: INFO by bgilbert at 16:34:39 : kaeso opened https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/issues/163
16:35:36 <bgilbert> there were no action items!
16:36:28 <bgilbert> there are no tickets with the `meeting` label
16:36:49 <bgilbert> #topic Open Floor
16:37:39 <bgilbert> anyone?  might be a light week :-)
16:38:15 <geoff-> regarding the preview release, how will it be decided when to do that release?
16:38:50 <geoff-> have you given it much thought?
16:39:13 <bgilbert> geoff-: as of right now, we don't have an explicit plan
16:39:29 <bgilbert> geoff-: I'd think it'll be based on the status of https://github.com/orgs/coreos/projects/82 and https://github.com/orgs/coreos/projects/83
16:39:39 <bgilbert> we want to ship as soon as we can, but also don't want to ship something too half-baked
16:39:49 <bgilbert> any thoughts?
16:40:48 <ksinny> agree with bgilbert
16:41:25 <geoff-> I want to try to do some testing for it on our arm64 systems, and just trying to get an idea of timing
16:42:22 <bgilbert> F30 is targeting 4/30, so certainly not before that
16:42:40 <bgilbert> and I wouldn't expect it to be immediately after F30 release either
16:43:15 <bgilbert> I'd say your best bet is to monitor these meetings.  we'll certainly be discussing the release as we get close :-)
16:44:36 <geoff-> ok
16:44:48 <bgilbert> also worth noting that "preview" and "stable" are two distinct milestones but there will be work happening in between
16:45:20 <bgilbert> e.g. if arm64 (or anything else) isn't ready by preview, we can still get it working at any time
16:45:54 <bgilbert> including compat breaks before stable, if really necessary
16:47:55 <geoff-> ok, that's fine, just wanted to get an idea
16:47:59 <bgilbert> geoff-: +1
16:48:19 <bgilbert> any other topics?  if not I'll close out and let everyone switch buffers
16:48:57 * ajeddeloh has nothing
16:49:39 <bgilbert> #endmeeting