16:00:48 <geppetto> #startmeeting fpc
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16:00:48 <geppetto> #meetingname fpc
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16:00:48 <geppetto> #topic Roll Call
16:01:37 <decathorpe> hi guys :)
16:01:44 <geppetto> #chair decathorpe
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16:02:07 <geppetto> Hey guy :)
16:02:18 <mhroncok> hey
16:02:24 <geppetto> #chair mhroncok
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16:04:25 <tibbs> Hey, folks.
16:04:40 <geppetto> #chair tibbs
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16:06:45 <geppetto> #topic Open Floor
16:06:54 <geppetto> Ok, only four of us, and there are no new tickets
16:07:06 <geppetto> Anything anyone wants to talk about?
16:07:22 <mhroncok> there ar enerw tickets
16:07:24 <mhroncok> but tnot tagged
16:07:28 <geppetto> ahh
16:07:42 <mhroncok> https://pagure.io/packaging-committee/issue/876
16:08:02 <mhroncok> and  https://pagure.io/packaging-committee/issue/878 - but that's from today
16:10:16 <geppetto> Ok, I added meeting to both of them
16:10:22 <geppetto> Should get picked up for next week
16:10:41 <geppetto> Unless you think we need to talk about either today?
16:11:40 <mhroncok> not needed
16:11:45 <mhroncok> geppetto: thanks
16:12:04 <geppetto> Ok, I'll close in a min. or two then … unless anyone speaks up.
16:12:09 <mhroncok> the python one is really long - I suggest reading it before the meeting
16:12:13 * geppetto nods
16:12:26 <tibbs> The lua one seems straightforward.
16:12:42 <tibbs> Except that I quite disagree that we should have compat-lua-anything.
16:13:55 <geppetto> :)
16:14:23 <geppetto> You want to talk about it now?
16:14:59 <geppetto> I'm fine with allowing compat lua things, but I don't care much
16:16:38 <geppetto> Ok, see you next week
16:16:40 <geppetto> #endmeeting