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14:00:26 <mattdm> #meetingname council
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14:00:28 <mattdm> #chair jonatoni bex contyk dgilmore dperpeet langdon mattdm sumantrom tyll bcotton pbrobinson
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14:00:35 <bexelbie> .hello bex
14:00:36 <zodbot> bexelbie: bex 'Brian (bex) Exelbierd' <bexelbie@redhat.com>
14:00:51 * pbrobinson is sort of here, and sort of in the IoT meeting
14:00:53 <langdon> .hello2
14:00:54 <zodbot> langdon: langdon 'Langdon White' <langdon@redhat.com>
14:00:59 <bcotton> .hello2
14:01:00 <zodbot> bcotton: bcotton 'Ben Cotton' <bcotton@redhat.com>
14:01:10 * bexelbie hopes the sum of pbrobinson's sort of's is at least 1
14:01:29 <mattdm> hi everyone!
14:01:56 <mattdm> I'll wait few minutes for everyone to show up
14:02:18 <mattdm> this is open floor day, so I'll then begin constructing the agenda
14:02:45 * bcotton attempts to refrain from "Bob the Builder" referenes
14:03:29 <langdon> just sing the song
14:03:30 * pbrobinson LOLs
14:03:33 <mattdm> okay, let's go ahead then :)
14:03:39 <mattdm> #topic Open Floor Agenda
14:03:53 <mattdm> I have one proposal, which is: Taiga.
14:04:03 <mattdm> Council instance, next steps, etc.
14:04:46 <mattdm> anyone have anything else?
14:05:11 <bexelbie> nope
14:05:15 <mattdm> okay then :)
14:05:24 <mattdm> #topic Taiga: council plans, next steps
14:05:27 <bcotton> unless there are updates on teh various things pending w/ legal?
14:05:48 <mattdm> bcotton: I don't have any updates on anything :(
14:06:14 <dperpeet> .hello dperpeet
14:06:15 <zodbot> dperpeet: dperpeet 'None' <dperpeet@redhat.com>
14:06:18 <langdon> why would legal be involved?
14:06:54 <bexelbie> registration of the logo is a legal effort
14:06:55 <mattdm> langdon: not with taiga -- i think ben was suggesting a different agenda item
14:06:59 <bexelbie> they are scoping it
14:07:16 <langdon> oh.. was confused
14:07:16 <mattdm> i'll add an agenda item for this after taiga
14:07:30 <langdon> I have one too.. another agenda item
14:08:06 <mattdm> #undo
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14:08:14 <mattdm> okay, give me your agenda item :)
14:08:25 <langdon> ha.. update on flock
14:08:28 <mattdm> #info agenda
14:08:38 <mattdm> #info 1. Taiga status and next steps
14:08:51 <mattdm> #info 2. Various legal updates (logo & etc)
14:08:56 <mattdm> #info 3. Update on Flock
14:09:04 <mattdm> #info 4. Anything else
14:09:12 <mattdm> #topic Taiga status and next steps
14:09:30 <mattdm> So, Taiga is up and running at https://teams.fedoraproject.org/
14:09:42 <mattdm> I created a project at https://teams.fedoraproject.org/project/council/
14:09:51 <mattdm> I need to set it up and play around more.
14:10:01 <mattdm> We also then need a communication plan around this
14:10:10 <mattdm> Which I will make a taiga card for for myself maybe :)
14:10:17 <bcotton> mattdm++
14:10:18 <langdon> do we have docs and the "project overview" feature?
14:10:46 <langdon> *projects I suppose
14:10:48 <mattdm> project overview feature?
14:11:26 <langdon> maybe "teams"? the view that surfaced all the active projects/teams in fedora
14:11:39 <dgilmore> sorry I am late
14:11:58 <mattdm> https://teams.fedoraproject.org/discover
14:12:35 <mattdm> As I understand it, CPE (Fedora infra) has some docs in draft form and are waiting for some feedback. I'll ping them about getting those out from behind the red hat firewall
14:12:37 <langdon> cool
14:12:56 <mattdm> So, I think there's some "play around" work for me to do here
14:13:14 <mattdm> I think there's still a bug where you need to know people's real email addresses to invite them
14:13:19 <mattdm> unless they already have signed in
14:13:24 <mattdm> so...
14:13:37 <mattdm> #action council members please all sign into taiga with fas
14:13:41 <langdon> but fas integration is there?
14:13:43 <mattdm> so I can invite you to the project
14:14:06 <dgilmore> langdon: it is I just signed in
14:14:11 <dgilmore> click on openid connect
14:14:11 <mattdm> langdon: yes, although it is currently still using the "openid connect" button
14:14:29 <bcotton> #link https://teams.fedoraproject.org/project/council/
14:14:34 <langdon> we should probably #info a bunch of these things.. I'm on mobile so I would rather not type that much
14:14:34 <bcotton> (just for the sake of the pretty minutes)
14:14:50 <mattdm> Then we also have to decide if we want to move our council tracker from pagure to taiga
14:14:57 <mattdm> but I don't think we need to decide that now
14:15:03 <dgilmore> #info login by clicking on the "openid connect" button
14:15:10 <mattdm> dgilmore++
14:15:12 <mattdm> bcotton++
14:15:12 <langdon> the discover page and fas integration is what I was thinking.. and maybe the email addy part
14:15:35 <mattdm> #info anyone can set up a project in their own personal namespace.
14:15:41 <dperpeet> I started watching the council one
14:15:43 <dperpeet> works
14:15:55 <mattdm> #info to get it moved to the global namespace, file an infrastructure ticket
14:16:10 <dgilmore> mattdm: honestly it may make sense to move council to taigia
14:16:22 <langdon> I do wish there was a good android mobile client
14:17:40 <mattdm> langdon: yeah
14:18:32 <mattdm> here's a question: with code of conduct moved to a separate tracker for legal reasons, do we even need private tickets for the council?
14:19:05 <bcotton> i'd say we'd want them if we use them to track dinner planning and stuff
14:19:10 <bexelbie> If the council-private list is o pen email - mknow
14:19:12 <bexelbie> err no
14:19:21 <bexelbie> otherwise having the option is useful, imho, but not necessarily a blocker
14:19:29 <langdon> maybe keep pagure for just that.. if they are private it isn't like they need to be discoverable or in the same place
14:19:55 <mattdm> that's awful but maybe the way to go :)
14:20:22 <langdon> we need to keep it up to point people to the right place.. the seo is already pretty strong
14:20:34 <mattdm> ok so I have some homework here. stay tuned for updates.
14:20:38 <mattdm> let's move on to flock
14:20:48 <mattdm> #topic Flock updates
14:20:54 <mattdm> bexelbie, you're on the spot :)
14:20:56 <bexelbie> Flock is not moving as fast as we would like and it is blocked by me - I have on my list to finally get the registration unblocked and the hotel url posted this week. This has just not been able to be gotten done and I haven't been able to effectively transmit the information to others.  If someone can step up on the CfP side that would be helpful.  I can try to batch up the web updates for someone else to work on if we ahve a volunteer.
14:20:56 <bexelbie> Reg is unfortuantely locked to me.
14:21:15 <bcotton> bexelbie: what does "step up" mean?
14:21:40 <bexelbie> figure out the cfp/schedule issues - there is a skeleton that we use and we need to accept cfps that meet it
14:22:00 <bexelbie> assuming same as last year for the skeleton - it is alerting people to submit and then driving the conversations
14:22:33 <bcotton> bexelbie: if no one else is dying to do it, i'll add it to our meeting tomorrow
14:22:41 <bexelbie> ok
14:22:54 <mattdm> awesome
14:23:08 <langdon> I can ask the devconf community.. but I'm swamped with devconf.us
14:23:30 <bexelbie> we use a different CFP system and I don't forsee us changing
14:23:38 <bexelbie> so that would be a time ask, not a systems one
14:23:48 <langdon> yeah.. that's what I meant
14:24:14 <langdon> might also be easier to get help after-summit
14:24:22 <bexelbie> yep
14:24:50 <dperpeet> how much time are we talking about?
14:25:26 <dperpeet> I could probably chip in a few hours in the next couple of days
14:25:26 <bexelbie> total wag: 4-6 hours to get started; 2 hours a week; 20 hours at close (total wag)
14:25:55 <dperpeet> and make up for some away time in recent weeks :D
14:26:01 <dperpeet> I can do 4-6
14:26:03 <mattdm> dperpeet++
14:26:04 <zodbot> mattdm: Karma for dperpeet changed to 1 (for the current release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
14:26:05 <bcotton> let's come up with some concrete tasks and then get them documented somewhere so that folks can grab on
14:26:13 <bcotton> e.g. on a taiga board ;-)
14:26:15 <mattdm> bcotton: maybe on a taiga board?
14:26:18 <mattdm> yes :)
14:26:21 <bexelbie> interested parties should probably schedule a synch. convo with me to make it easy
14:26:27 * bexelbie is hoping to get the flock taiga migrated
14:26:37 <bexelbie> but it appears the taiga web host was shutdown and I didn't see a notice on it
14:26:54 <dperpeet> bexelbie, please ping me when you have something for me to do
14:26:55 <dperpeet> :)
14:27:21 <langdon> the fp.o one? nirik asked people to reach out if they need a project that was there
14:27:48 * bexelbie has replied to the email I did see on it
14:28:08 <bexelbie> from that email it appears there was a notice 2 weeks ago that I missed
14:29:38 <mattdm> so yeah. anything else on flock?
14:30:09 <stickster> Might be too low level but is the CFP scheduled yet?
14:30:50 <bexelbie> the dates are not finalized at this time
14:30:58 <mattdm> stickster: no but should be soon, see back-scroll here
14:31:13 <mattdm> (bex's long initial info-dump)
14:31:33 <mattdm> #topic Legal updates (logo and etc)
14:31:49 <mattdm> #info we're scheduling a meeting with lawyers for next steps on the trademark
14:31:59 <mattdm> I don't know of anything to add really :)
14:32:56 <mattdm> bexelbie, got anything on any of the various things you're working on?
14:33:16 <bexelbie> the conversation around CoC continues but is halting cadence during the summit leadup and for a short-time afterward
14:33:29 <bexelbie> I need to go restart the VPS conversation and the TM language conversation
14:33:47 <langdon> vps?
14:33:47 <mattdm> bexelbie: thanks for all of those
14:33:54 <mattdm> even when progress is slow
14:34:04 <mattdm> langdon: update to rules for hosting providers
14:34:19 <langdon> oh gotcha
14:34:48 <mattdm> #topic Anything else?
14:34:59 <mattdm> #info new discourse-powered Ask Fedora is up in beta state
14:35:08 <mattdm> #link https://askbeta.fedoraproject.org
14:35:33 <mattdm> looks good so far! thanks to FranciscoD and hhlp particularly
14:35:51 <mattdm> as well as a number of people who have stepped up for various languages
14:37:05 <mattdm> any questions on that?
14:37:11 <mattdm> or other topics?
14:37:21 <mattdm> if not, I'll close the meeting a bit early and we can all have 20 minutes back
14:37:34 <dperpeet> thank you :)
14:38:03 <bexelbie> thank you
14:38:08 <mattdm> thanks all!
14:38:15 <mattdm> #endmeeting