13:01:11 <bcotton> #startmeeting FPgM office hours
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13:01:23 <bcotton> #info This is an open floor meeting to discuss anything program management related (elections, changes, schedule, etc)
13:01:25 <bexelbie> o/
13:01:36 <bcotton> ohai bexelbie
13:02:05 <bcotton> #topic Announcements
13:02:17 <bcotton> #info Changes requiring infrastructure changes are due TODAY
13:02:20 <bexelbie> s/ohai/konnichiwa/ <-- fixed that for ya :P
13:02:41 <bcotton> #info Changes requiring mass rebuild and system-wide changes are due 2 July
13:02:52 <bcotton> #info Flock is 8-11 August
13:02:54 <bcotton> #link https://flocktofedora.org/
13:02:55 <bcotton> #info Flock registration is open: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/flock-to-fedora-2019-tickets-55502933769
13:02:57 <bcotton> #info Flock CfP is open: https://pagure.io/flock/new_issue
13:03:00 <bcotton> #topic Open floor
13:03:13 <bcotton> bexelbie: did you have a Thing™ or are you just saying hi?
13:07:54 <jibec[m]> hello bcotton :)
13:08:04 <bcotton> hello jibec[m]
13:08:31 <jibec[m]> I submitted a flock talk about localization: https://pagure.io/flock/issue/143
13:08:51 <jibec[m]> I'll start the talk with some translation statistics
13:09:13 <jibec[m]> as FPgM, is there some question you would like to see answered?
13:09:18 * bcotton reads
13:10:56 <bcotton> i would love to see answers to the questions you propose. i think the other thing that's missing is a review of past l10n efforts and where they have been successful or not. and for the non-successes, how to address those
13:11:37 <bcotton> and specifically to my duties as FPgM, i'd want to know how whatever comes out of this meeting would need to be tied into the schedule, etc
13:14:15 <bcotton> jibec[m]: does this answer your question?
13:14:26 <jibec[m]> i'm thinking :p
13:14:37 <bcotton> ok. i'm all in favor of thinking :-)
13:15:23 <jibec[m]> I think you didn't answer my question ,)
13:15:32 <jibec[m]> but that's interesting anyway
13:16:16 <bcotton> i'm sorry, i must have misunderstood. (i'm only on coffee number two this morning). can you try again in a different way?
13:16:22 <jibec[m]> I can probably answer the "review of past l10n efforts" because I now have the zanata database dump, and hopefully I should be able to have stats and evaluate our impact
13:16:27 <jibec[m]> but my question was about the introduction
13:17:09 <jibec[m]> in the introduction, I'll provide some statistics on current localization progress
13:17:27 <jibec[m]> using three sources
13:17:43 <jibec[m]> appdatafiles (the content used to display content in Gnome Software)
13:17:51 <jibec[m]> zanata (our current translation platform)
13:18:02 <jibec[m]> and rpms (the list of our packages)
13:18:58 <jibec[m]> the localization progress will say: the amount of translation per language, with the ability to go software per software
13:22:03 <bexelbie> just saying hi
13:23:17 <bcotton> so i'd be interested in seeing the stats over time. for example: how much has to be redone with a new release? how quickly does it happen? is the localization for atlantis at 90% because the team is big and works quickly, or is it at 90% because one person has been working on it the last 5 years
13:23:20 <bcotton> that kind of stuff
13:23:29 <bcotton> is that a better answer to your question?
13:23:38 <bcotton> bexelbie: hi! you might also be interested in this conversation
13:26:15 <jibec[m]> yes it does, but I'm unsure I have the required hardware ressources to answer all of them
13:26:37 <jibec[m]> one question I have and can't find answer: how much space do I need to download every single rpm of f30?
13:26:55 <bcotton> jibec[m]: i understand. it's easier to ask questions than to answer them :-)
13:27:03 <bcotton> jibec[m]: hm. that's a really good question
13:28:06 <bexelbie> jibec[m], rpm or spec files?
13:28:14 <bcotton> jibec[m]: this file should give you the information you need https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/DIRECTORY_SIZES.txt
13:28:26 <bcotton> you'll have to do the math, though
13:28:48 <bcotton> oh, no! nevermind. you don't
13:29:36 <bcotton> jibec[m]: looks like ~14 GB for all of F30
13:30:00 <jibec[m]> ? 165G	/pub/fedora/linux/updates/30/Everything
13:30:05 <bcotton> no, i lied again :-)
13:30:16 <bcotton> i looked at the wrong line
13:30:19 <jibec[m]> or ? 175G	/pub/fedora/linux/updates/30
13:30:31 <bcotton> jibec[m]: i'm thinking it's this: 491G	/pub/fedora/linux/releases/30
13:30:40 <jibec[m]> plus 491G	/pub/fedora/linux/releases/30?
13:30:46 <bcotton> but that also includes debug packages
13:31:23 <bcotton> you might be able to get away with this: 163G	/pub/fedora/linux/releases/30/Everything/x86_64
13:31:27 <jibec[m]> ok
13:31:37 <jibec[m]> this I can run on my machine
13:31:46 <bcotton> i suspect there aren't many packages that exist on other architectures that *don't* exist on x86_64
13:32:01 <bcotton> oh, and i guess you'd need to grab the noarch packages too
13:32:23 <bcotton> which may be in that directory anyway?
13:32:37 <bcotton> jibec[m]: i'd ask for help in #fedora-releng if you have questions
13:33:41 <jibec[m]> to have good rpm statistics, I have to download them all... current statistics I extracted only includes rpms in our Workstation Livecd: https://pagure.io/fedora-localization-statistics/blob/master/f/results/f30/3.result.csv
13:45:20 <bcotton> jibec[m]: makes sense (sorry i got distracted)
13:56:53 <bcotton> okay, time to clear the room for the Fedora Council meeting
13:57:06 <bcotton> jibec[m]: thanks for stopping by. if you have any more questions, i'm around
13:57:09 <bcotton> jibec[m]++
13:57:14 <bcotton> jibec++
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13:57:27 <bcotton> #endmeeting